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The Top 5 Weapons in Monster Hunter World Iceborne! (Is YOUR Main Weapon the Best!?) #iceborne #mhw

Publicado el 21 oct. 2019 105.512 visualizaciones

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This is the 'INDISPUTABLE' 5 best weapon types in Iceborne! Enjoy!

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne is here! Its time for some Monster Hunter World Iceborne gameplay as we go through the Monster Hunter World Iceborne Best Weapon Types and Monster Hunter World Iceborne Top 5 Weapons Build oh yes this is the Monster Hunter World Iceborne Best Weapon, Monster Hunter World Iceborne Great Sword, Long Sword, Sword and Shield, Hunting Horn, Heavy Bowgun, Bow, Light Bowgun, Insect Glaive, Gunlance, Lance, Dual Blades, Hammer, Charge Blade, Switch Axe!

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  • milkiibunnii !!
    milkiibunnii !! 1 месяц назад Clearly top weapon: The rock the Admiral pulled out of the ground thnx
  • NG H
    NG H 1 месяц назад Correction: stones
  • Aidan Mccoy
    Aidan Mccoy 1 месяц назад @NG H basically the same thing
  • The Mlgcreepergamez
    The Mlgcreepergamez 1 месяц назад He didn’t pull it out of the ground in the literal sense of the word he just picked it up off the ground
  • xavier lawrence
    xavier lawrence 1 месяц назад rocks are the best weapon wich is why im building a Dual Blades Evade Shot meme build 1 Silver Rathalos 2 part set skill: its True Slinger Capacity wich must be good if the LVL 3 slinger capacity gives ammo like stones up to 25 shots and since Evade Shot let out around 3 or 4 shots amd combine that with something like Thorn Pods (wich are OP when Burst Shot on a monsters head) or Slinger Bombs
  • Sorry N Advance
    Sorry N Advance 1 месяц назад The Admirock
  • Mark Neal
    Mark Neal 1 месяц назад Silly Admiral. Rel men put their rocks on sticks
  • Manko Touch
    Manko Touch 1 месяц назад Everyone here is wrong throwing knives are clearly the best weapon
  • NG H
    NG H 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Aidan Mccoy I meant the slinger rocks "Stones"
  • cole wygans
    cole wygans 1 месяц назад @Manko Touch you spelled palarang wrong
  • Like 17 Badgers
    Like 17 Badgers 1 месяц назад the rock came with free full guard and guard up, and let the Admiral block a beam from going behind him. seems like it's better than any tank weapon we have right now.
  • xavier lawrence
    xavier lawrence 1 месяц назад Admiral uses the Lance but got rid of the lance just the Sheild for him
  • Crown Gamer
    Crown Gamer 1 месяц назад Everyone knows that the Admiral is part Tetsucabra. It’s the only explanation!
  • Mifune Mahn
    Mifune Mahn 1 месяц назад ROCK LOBSTAH
  • Crown Gamer
    Crown Gamer 1 месяц назад Mifune Mahn actually, Tetsucabra is a frog. Wait, was that comment aimed at me or someone else? Should’ve checked first....
  • im shar
    im shar 1 месяц назад Admiral is basically thanos
  • Aporu Defender of rahi
    Aporu Defender of rahi 1 месяц назад @The Mlgcreepergamez Shhhhh shush Heretic
  • Jeff Bryant
    Jeff Bryant 1 месяц назад (изменено) Why would the admiral need a weapon he’s a nergigante who learned polymorph
  • Data Master
    Data Master 1 месяц назад The fact that you correctly spelled "Polymorph", yet misspelled "who" baffles me.
  • lizardboi v2
    lizardboi v2 1 месяц назад he is Francis Bacon. Francis Bacon does not abide by the regular rules of grammar.
  • Senile Crocodile
    Senile Crocodile 1 месяц назад Weapons would only hurt his combat effectiveness
  • Krishnan Subramoni
    Krishnan Subramoni 1 месяц назад I got that Omni voice Warframe reference ❤️. Didn't think I would find someone else who also loved Warframe and the Warframe YouTubers on this channel.
  • Crown Gamer
    Crown Gamer 1 месяц назад Let’s all face it. The Admiral is a Rajang in disguise who needs to learn the best weapons hunters can have so he can avoid them at all costs.
  • Jeff Bryant
    Jeff Bryant 1 месяц назад Crown Gamer impossible everyone knows rajangs are barbarians and can’t learn polymorph
  • Crown Gamer
    Crown Gamer 1 месяц назад Francis Bacon then explain Zamtrios and its ability to change its form. (I know this is a joke don’t hurt me plz)
  • Jeff Bryant
    Jeff Bryant 1 месяц назад Crown Gamer zamtrios made his own class he uses homebrew (It’s a dnd joke)
  • Crown Gamer
    Crown Gamer 1 месяц назад Francis Bacon That works for me! 👍 I always knew Inflatashark was a hacker.....
  • Krishnan Subramoni
    Krishnan Subramoni 1 месяц назад @Jeff Bryant "You're not dealing with the average Rajang warrior anymore. He has risen beyond and become a legend. He is the legendary Super Rajang!" (Dragon Ball Z Abridged reference)
  • TheValiantBob
    TheValiantBob 1 месяц назад (изменено) No SnS <JoCat would like to know your location>
  • Kizuna Akari
    Kizuna Akari 1 месяц назад just fireball and only fireball
  • gondeaz idws
    gondeaz idws 1 месяц назад Perfect blade rush deals huge chunk of damage. the hardest part is you have to keep the timing right WHILE aiming for the weakspot. i still stumble a lot on it. try adding evade windows and you will not get hit between attack.
  • ishmael arc
    ishmael arc 1 месяц назад @gondeaz idws it's so smooth also for elemental sns. Before you basically had a weaker combo then the shield slam and because the shield had no elemental damage only raw it made elementless the only option. But with the new rush it not only deals a good amount of damage elemental now it also feels so satisfying and SMOOTH. So god dam smooth to play sns.
  • TheTickyTickyTicky
    TheTickyTickyTicky 1 месяц назад Hunting horn is like that one nice guy. Everyone loves him, but no one wants to commit.
  • Regufyz
    Regufyz 1 месяц назад Everyone loves him, but no one uses it
  • Asanichi Shichitatsu
    Asanichi Shichitatsu 3 недели назад I use HH. Only one guy was happy to see me so far throughout all of my playtime.
  • Crapplayz
    Crapplayz 3 недели назад HH is the best weapon and i don’t want to use something else
  • Saotome Alto
    Saotome Alto 3 недели назад Yeah , it is the best weapon for my friend to use.
  • DarthVaderReviews
    DarthVaderReviews 1 месяц назад (изменено) 1. Hunting Horn 2. Horn 3. The Dootstick 4. Hornimus Maximus 5. great sword, i guess
  • DidiSubmarine
    DidiSubmarine 1 месяц назад DarthVaderReviews Haha totally agree.
  • Mantis24513
    Mantis24513 1 месяц назад It's always good to see someone else who reads the sacred texts of dooteronomy
  • SwiggitySwooty
    SwiggitySwooty 1 месяц назад That's a really weird way to spell Hunting Horn at point 5
  • DarthVaderReviews
    DarthVaderReviews 1 месяц назад Goddamn autocorrect did it again
  • Observer
    Observer 1 месяц назад Ah yes, the true list
  • Toot Bender
    Toot Bender 1 месяц назад Ah, a fellow doot doot.
  • Serrassi Effect
    Serrassi Effect 1 месяц назад Doot squad!
  • Plasmancer
    Plasmancer 1 месяц назад Isn’t the great sword just a sharp H Horn? I mean who doesn’t make a fair bit of noises themselves landing a full charged true slash?
  • Like 17 Badgers
    Like 17 Badgers 1 месяц назад @Plasmancer out. now. leave your fish though, we dooters will take your joke weapons.
  • Plasmancer
    Plasmancer 1 месяц назад @Like 17 Badgers You can silence me but you cant silence the noises I make for my Sword!
  • Kiiro
    Kiiro 1 месяц назад Amen
  • Disc One Final Boss
    Disc One Final Boss 1 месяц назад DarkHeroCC is that you?
  • Dicio
    Dicio 1 месяц назад (изменено) I always liked the HH but never really took the time to learn it in base MHW. So I decided to tackle it in iceborne and man, I think I've crafted every one now lol. Can't get enough of the dootstick.
  • ryproar11
    ryproar11 1 месяц назад I have made every hunting horn... Now I want MOOOOOOORRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!! (Stares at Capcom) Give us Alatreon so I can get another guitar...And gravios because need a matching bass too. (Gollum noises ensue)
  • Raddix
    Raddix 1 месяц назад yes.
  • Vayos ReaperoftheVoid
    Vayos ReaperoftheVoid 1 месяц назад @ryproar11 Fatalitar!
  • Luxurious Lightning
    Luxurious Lightning 1 месяц назад Knowing the admiral, He could use a Greatsword as if it were a longsword
  • Don Immortal
    Don Immortal 1 месяц назад No, he will use it like dual blade.
  • Luke Beach
    Luke Beach 1 месяц назад (изменено) I see him more of a Great Charge Blade user, but he just uses giant rocks to guard point and follows up with a true charge discharge lmfao
  • Silver Nightbane
    Silver Nightbane 1 месяц назад He uses a Greatsword with a Charge Blade as just a shield and shield XD
  • Isaac Vega
    Isaac Vega 1 месяц назад If anything he uses 2 gunlances as dual blades
  • Short Cake
    Short Cake 1 месяц назад Ya it will be called Great Dewl! Great sword dewl blade
  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson 1 месяц назад @Isaac Vega dual blade gunlances. In digging it.
  • Ben 10 Inches
    Ben 10 Inches 1 месяц назад (изменено) He'd use the dragonator like a lance And he'd use the rock he pulled out of the ground as a shield
  • MrDude88
    MrDude88 3 недели назад Admiral definitely Dual Great Sword, but he prefer to use his fist because the Great Swords attack output is too low.
  • SGTBrownT
    SGTBrownT 1 месяц назад The word you were looking for with Hunting horn, is Bardbarian.
  • Kyng Mayberry
    Kyng Mayberry 1 месяц назад SGTBrownT ily
  • Voyd 211
    Voyd 211 1 месяц назад Or Skald.
  • CherikoSol
    CherikoSol 1 месяц назад I was expecting Josh to burst through the outro.
  • Josh Fenn
    Josh Fenn 1 месяц назад 10:31 like this?
  • Yami
    Yami 1 месяц назад (изменено) 1)HH 2)Hunting Horn 3)Just Hunting Horn 4) Just Hunting Horn 5) JUST HUNTING HORN
  • Crusader Nick
    Crusader Nick 1 месяц назад Yes me and the 4 other mains in existance agree
  • Nightmare41919
    Nightmare41919 1 месяц назад I’m not a hh main, but I love the weapon, in gameplay and execution, I want to be a main, but I play offline GU, so it doesn’t get much use
  • mario martinez
    mario martinez 1 месяц назад I agree as well
  • &:!: 37
    &:!: 37 1 месяц назад (изменено) I love the hh but it just does no damage
  • Dicio
    Dicio 1 месяц назад I am a newly converted HH main. Don't know what it is about it but it pulled me off of Charge blade.
  • XenO SparKS
    XenO SparKS 1 месяц назад "HH does no damage" "HH does no damage" Hm...hmhm..heh. Heheheh. Ahaha. Hahaha! HAHA! AAAHAHAHAHAA!!!!
  • Tobilugiagamanteshagarumalukeigama
    Tobilugiagamanteshagarumalukeigama 3 недели назад Correct
  • Tobilugiagamanteshagarumalukeigama
    Tobilugiagamanteshagarumalukeigama 3 недели назад @&:!: 37 does it though?
  • Spinnenlord 08
    Spinnenlord 08 1 месяц назад No sns mains here? Sad... I'm a member of a dying species
  • Perfect Cell
    Perfect Cell 1 месяц назад We still exist!
  • MrJayza89
    MrJayza89 1 месяц назад Fellow sns main here, hopefully there are more of us around. If not we should probably start talking about procreation.
  • HolyNatanil
    HolyNatanil 1 месяц назад @MrJayza89 SnS ist not my main but the 2nd place
  • Ra Senché
    Ra Senché 1 месяц назад Lol... litterally the first comment above you is an SNS main.
  • CoolCreeper Henrik
    CoolCreeper Henrik 1 месяц назад honestly i kind of main sns on mhgu
  • Tyler
    Tyler 1 месяц назад The new perfect flurry and clutch uppercut excite me greatly. Planning on taking a break from Horn to get in the groove with the SnS.
  • SaneManiac 741
    SaneManiac 741 1 месяц назад Remain faithful! SnS is the greatest weapon!
  • VenomPureEvil
    VenomPureEvil 1 месяц назад Beat the whole iceborne story with SnS except for the final boss.
  • J Lebleu
    J Lebleu 1 месяц назад Sns the best
  • wRECking Ball
    wRECking Ball 1 месяц назад Just got into it I just wish it had satisfying vibrations when you hit with the sns
  • Crusader Nick
    Crusader Nick 1 месяц назад The power of JoCat flows within our veins
  • Like 17 Badgers
    Like 17 Badgers 1 месяц назад all the sns players moved over to Horn since they buffed it to be a real weapon again. also master rank is always where Horn shined, % based buffs are so much better than item buffs (doot doot doot, 20% attack!)
  • ChaseddiHondo
    ChaseddiHondo 1 месяц назад We're an endangered species
  • Jordan Dyke
    Jordan Dyke 1 месяц назад I'm an everything main! Though of course that just means I suck at everything equally, lol
  • DracoRen
    DracoRen 1 месяц назад do not fear cause i am here! S&S is fun its not my main-main but its one of my semi-mains
  • NoahofWill
    NoahofWill 1 месяц назад SnS main, reporting for duty!
  • Korekiyo Prod francais
    Korekiyo Prod francais 1 месяц назад extinct species
  • dnlkr
    dnlkr 1 месяц назад I bet there's dozens of you.
  • Andy Harley
    Andy Harley 1 месяц назад I totally would main SnS, but the doot stick exists, so SnS gets second
  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson 1 месяц назад I literally play every weapon. However sns is my most used in world followed by switch axe.
  • GaurdianxShot
    GaurdianxShot 1 месяц назад Not a main, but truly respect. I feel like such a badass ripping through monsters with em.
  • Aporu Defender of rahi
    Aporu Defender of rahi 1 месяц назад @MrJayza89 Not if I, Weeb Mc. LS main, stop you with my super counter anime slash.
  • XenO SparKS
    XenO SparKS 1 месяц назад Non of you compare to hh....
  • Jonn500
    Jonn500 3 недели назад SnS is a great class, very much loved like the hunting horn
  • That Guy
    That Guy 3 недели назад My dude, you aren't alone.
  • Marrick Batiste
    Marrick Batiste 2 недели назад SnS is the 🐐
  • Blaze_1011
    Blaze_1011 2 недели назад I know I don't belong here (Dual Blade main) but in a way I feel you.
  • The Wandering Artist: Eli
    The Wandering Artist: Eli 1 месяц назад 1: Hammer 2: Chargeblade 3: Longsword 4: Insect Glaive 5: Switch Axe
  • Gilberto da Paz
    Gilberto da Paz 1 месяц назад So Kulu-Ya-Ku was using the best weapon in the game all this time!? Kkkk
  • 3rdworldgwaming
    3rdworldgwaming 1 месяц назад Yeah and that final fantasy quest where he finds the diamond rock and keeps growing bigger is weapons final upgrade.
  • Silver Spartan
    Silver Spartan 1 месяц назад 1. Switch Axe 2. Longsword 3. Insect Glaive 4. Hammer 5. HBG Honorable Mention: Charge Blade
  • im shar
    im shar 1 месяц назад Correction : Honorable mention : Admiral's huge arms
  • Fox
    Fox 1 месяц назад As a dual blade and greatsword user, i laugh at you.
  • Vayos ReaperoftheVoid
    Vayos ReaperoftheVoid 1 месяц назад @Fox all the way up until Kushala Daora...though i only carted once on him and can bully Nergi effectively....he never got to his nest ,poor dear.
  • Fox
    Fox Неделю назад @Vayos ReaperoftheVoid just wait til you fight tempered elders in the guiding lands, its a whole new experience.
  • Vayos ReaperoftheVoid
    Vayos ReaperoftheVoid Неделю назад @Fox oh i am sure! i just beat the final boss of World and i can't wait to test my mettle in Iceborne!
  • \o/ Hexenwahn \o/
    \o/ Hexenwahn \o/ 1 месяц назад Admiral: "So you're telling me I can stick a handle to the rock I pulled from the floor and call it a day?"
  • Awarely
    Awarely 1 месяц назад Iceborne made me fall in love with the SA
  • Yeezy ASMR
    Yeezy ASMR 1 месяц назад Awarely definitely made the axe mode actually useful for the SA
  • Danielfire 55
    Danielfire 55 1 месяц назад @Yeezy ASMR In MHGU it has an unique hunter art that boosts your axe, it can almost win sword mode in certain matchups like rathian, so it hasn't always been crap xD
  • Kizuna Akari
    Kizuna Akari 1 месяц назад @Danielfire 55 tempest ax?
  • chaosbug7
    chaosbug7 1 месяц назад Have you heard about our lord & savior, the Charge Blade? It’s my favorite of the bunch, but definitely can respect a person’s taste in weapons if it suits their playstyle better.
  • Failsafe AI
    Failsafe AI 1 месяц назад lance at honorable mention? eh, I'll take it. couple hundred hours in on the lance, still ain't bored of it yet!
  • Steven Baer
    Steven Baer 1 месяц назад Failsafe AI I feel ya fellow lancer.
  • Viserys
    Viserys 1 месяц назад 1. Charge blade 2. Bow 3. Great sword 4. Insect Glaive 5. Long sword
  • Krishnan Subramoni
    Krishnan Subramoni 1 месяц назад Seeing Cotton talk so passionately and fairly about his favorite weapons is great. ❤️ It also makes me wish Josh wasn't so set in his Great Sword ways and would more frequently try other weapons. That would bring such awesome variety and comedy to Pro and Noob.
  • Lucky_ramen
    Lucky_ramen 1 месяц назад My Baby "Infinite Wisdom" IG will always have a place in my heart ❤
  • Ra Senché
    Ra Senché 1 месяц назад They just can't kick us out of the sky :P
  • 3rdworldgwaming
    3rdworldgwaming 1 месяц назад Oh u sad toothpick users
  • Lucky_ramen
    Lucky_ramen 1 месяц назад @3rdworldgwaming I'm sorry we cannot share what true freedom feels like to you.......other weapon users
  • GroundHog
    GroundHog 4 недели назад I would craft the infite wisdom but i cant get the stupid tender plates. So im just using the velkhana IG
  • Ra Senché
    Ra Senché 2 недели назад @GroundHog the key is not to SoS and either use bowguns or just clutch claw his face over and over... And over.