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Most Outstanding Trick Plays in Football History ᴴᴰ

Publicado el 8 may. 2017 18.096.538 visualizaciones

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Compilation of the best trick plays in the history of American Football. I hope you all enjoy, I do not own any of the content, no copyright infringement intended.

    -SLUMPED- 2 years ago I bet half of these views are highschool football coaches
  • Jeremiah Malsack
    Jeremiah Malsack 1 year ago always slumped 😂😂😂
  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 1 year ago Ay bro no joke we found out later that our high school football coach was grabbing plays from madden
  • geene smith
    geene smith 1 year ago @Doc Holliday hahahaha that is amazing
  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 1 year ago geene smith ya for you that sounds amazing, but our best record while I was there was 4:6, we did not find it so amusing
  • faze_patrickstar
    faze_patrickstar 1 year ago Yep
  • Cel Este
    Cel Este 1 year ago @Doc Holliday lmfaooo are you fuckin serious
  • coryxgoat thanos
    coryxgoat thanos 1 year ago 88988988898888888888898889888888988888888888888888888888888888898888888898888888988888889888898888888888888888888888898888889988888888888888988889888898888888888888888888888889888888888898988888888888888
  • Salt Flavor
    Salt Flavor 11 months ago SLUMPED I wish my coach would do that
  • Dr pump
    Dr pump 6 months ago @Doc Holliday our coach just ran slants on offense and 3-4 zone coverage on defense
  • NoFlex Noah
    NoFlex Noah 3 months ago Frr 😂😂
  • Tris Turner
    Tris Turner 3 months ago Doc Holliday same 😂😂😂
  • Channing Brown
    Channing Brown 3 months ago yep
  • Frosty
    Frosty 3 months ago Doc Holliday did they work? Hahahahaha
  • - vWemo
    - vWemo 3 months ago I feel like my coach watching this😭
  • Xavier Parker
    Xavier Parker 3 months ago Facts
  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 3 months ago Doc Holliday bruh😂
  • yt Vocalz
    yt Vocalz 3 months ago Dr pump fr same here
  • Gokussgame
    Gokussgame 2 months ago Doc Holliday lmfao
  • Smashy Boi
    Smashy Boi 1 month ago SLUMPED 8 million huh
  • kstormgeistgem
    kstormgeistgem 1 month ago if it wasn't, it shoulda been. these are Classic!
  • Joan Miguel Umana Mayorga
    Joan Miguel Umana Mayorga 1 month ago SLUMPED true, my coach told me to watch it
  • Thomas Wilkinson
    Thomas Wilkinson 4 weeks ago SLUMPED not me😉
  • Very Slothy
    Very Slothy 2 weeks ago My senior year season this year I kicked a 45 yard school record field goal and after my coach sat me on the line after I had 2 forced fumbles during the season. I said fuck you pieces of shit coaches and walked out of practice. They lost us so many games and until two years ago, my schools team was winless for years. Bad coaches suck
  • William Champy
    William Champy 6 days ago @Very Slothy nobody believes you
  • fatman6647
    fatman6647 1 year ago It's 4 am & I don't even watch football wtf am I doing with my life
  • RAЯ
    RAЯ 6 months ago fucking hell i'm literally in the same position at the same time 8 months later
  • Tayda Franklin
    Tayda Franklin 6 months ago 3:53 am and this is what I'm doing with my life as well
  • Winschlati
    Winschlati 4 months ago Lmao relatable
  • B1ackout1
    B1ackout1 4 months ago Same but sometimes I watch Football
  • Jack
    Jack 3 months ago You guys are watching football... 😂🤣
  • Misty Colwell
    Misty Colwell 3 months ago sameeee lmao
  • Theo Knapp
    Theo Knapp 3 months ago 4:08 lol
  • RoBO
    RoBO 3 months ago You’re watching football
  • Matthew Crook IV
    Matthew Crook IV 2 months ago Idk what ur doing with ur life if u don’t watch football
  • Rich Sutterfield
    Rich Sutterfield 2 months ago It must be in the algorithm that brings us here. Just looked at the clock. 3:59 am
  • Dan Strikker
    Dan Strikker 2 months ago Watching football
  • Bob Marley mon
    Bob Marley mon 2 months ago fatman6647 i got the flu kill me
  • Tyler Thacker
    Tyler Thacker 1 month ago fatman6647 yu
  • K F
    K F 1 month ago RAЯ haha I’m sick and stuck in my bed and have been all sorts of football shit even though I don’t watch the games
  • Piffydaily
    Piffydaily 1 month ago 3.05 😭
  • Ruby Spears
    Ruby Spears 1 month ago shut up
  • Ruby Spears
    Ruby Spears 1 month ago isent football great
  • Kevin Filbin
    Kevin Filbin 1 month ago It only 1:18 am so maybe I'm not doing so bad after all
  • sam griess
    sam griess 1 month ago just end it no one will care
  • AsfandEXE
    AsfandEXE 1 month ago 4:20 AM heh.
  • Gavin Fair
    Gavin Fair 1 month ago Ya same
  • nate998877
    nate998877 1 month ago 3:23 A.M. Are you me?
  • whatmatters MOST
    whatmatters MOST 1 month ago fatman6647 are you still alive? If so let me know, ok?
  • whatmatters MOST
    whatmatters MOST 1 month ago RAЯ are you still alive let me know, ok?
  • matthew hall
    matthew hall 1 month ago 3:46am... me too
  • Hollow_ Gaming
    Hollow_ Gaming 1 month ago 1 year later and was surprised to see how many people are also doing the same thing as well as me hahaha
  • A. Sahi
    A. Sahi 1 month ago dude im not even american
  • Halibut 1
    Halibut 1 1 month ago my fav was when the kick return acted like the ball was drifting right, then caught it on the other side of the field and ran it back. hilarious strategy!!
  • Tran Duc
    Tran Duc 1 month ago It's 00:10 and I have an extremely important exam tomorrow.
  • Bubblez
    Bubblez 1 month ago dude its almost 2020 and im doing the exact same thing it is 4:21AM wtf man
  • Janna Jackson
    Janna Jackson 1 month ago Watch football
  • GeorgeHuttonDrums
    GeorgeHuttonDrums 1 month ago Relate. 3:53
  • UpAndOut
    UpAndOut 1 month ago Many of us find ourselves there, asking the same question.
  • Rhino Ryan3
    Rhino Ryan3 1 month ago fatman6647 same
  • Patrick D
    Patrick D 2 weeks ago 😂
  • Ismael Valiente
    Ismael Valiente 1 week ago 2:33 am, i have a test todoy :'v
  • merlinthegray
    merlinthegray 1 month ago "That's like when you have your young child...and you teach them to play dead!" Um....what?
  • Squire fire Gaming
    Squire fire Gaming 1 month ago merlinthegray didn’t have to teach mine...oh shit!
  • Gio Ded
    Gio Ded 1 month ago Lmao
  • dacypher22
    dacypher22 3 weeks ago "Why are you looking at me like that? Didn't your dad teach you to roll over, shake and play dead? Where are you going?"
  • LongLive Gaming
    LongLive Gaming 1 year ago 6:50 why dont we see this more often? Its ingenious
  • Kyler Heitzenrater
    Kyler Heitzenrater 1 year ago LongLive Gaming it’s dangerous
  • Anjo Dozano
    Anjo Dozano 1 year ago How can that be dangerous?
  • Aaron
    Aaron 1 year ago Half their blockers are turned around. All it takes is one guy running full tilt into that mob and someones got a torn acl. Not only that but all it takes is a good callout from the defense and their fucked.
  • howo357
    howo357 1 year ago They are wasting time instead of gaining yards. In higher level games the kicking teams would be right there plowing thru that huddle.
  • Colton Thompson
    Colton Thompson 1 year ago College players and up are too fast on special teams
  • Lucio Alvizo
    Lucio Alvizo 1 month ago Cool.
  • Randy Siplon
    Randy Siplon 1 month ago Because there would be no way to reproduce it in Madden
  • Donald Bott
    Donald Bott 1 month ago it will only work 1 time out of 100 more than likely
  • Joshua McBride
    Joshua McBride 1 month ago Only work in high school ball
  • Kameraa
    Kameraa 3 days ago If you know that play from eyeshield 21 you know whats up
  • Carson G.
    Carson G. 3 months ago You know it’s a trick play when even the cameraman has no idea what’s going on lmao. OR You know it’s a trick play when even the refs have no idea what’s going on lmao.
  • KBfootball
    KBfootball 2 months ago refs these days never have any idea whats going on no matter what😂😂😂😂
  • Robert was no more
    Robert was no more 1 month ago The Raiders did a good trick play faked out everyone until about 20 yards from the TD, Tom Cable was head coach.
  • Dylan Bolton
    Dylan Bolton 3 weeks ago refs
  • Energy
    Energy 5 days ago Carson G. I guess it’s always a trick play bc the refs never know what’s going on they just throw flags :))
  • Jackson M
    Jackson M 2 years ago (edited) I still think the biggest trick play of all time was the Seahawks not running the ball
  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon 2 years ago Jackson mitchell yeah ikr
  • Steve Nash
    Steve Nash 2 years ago Hahagagahaha lol
  • Domanick Arnaud
    Domanick Arnaud 2 years ago Jackson mitchell hahahaha😂
  • ExternalStretch
    ExternalStretch 2 years ago agreed
  • Omombo Mboko
    Omombo Mboko 2 years ago Agreed! That’s the type of plays that make you questioned the integrity of your coach.
  • Payton Thornberry
    Payton Thornberry 2 years ago Shut the up your mouth
  • Lucas BroBrien
    Lucas BroBrien 2 years ago Hahaha!
  • PatrickG14
    PatrickG14 2 years ago Jackson mitchell yup they failed that play tho
    MIESHA DICKEY 2 years ago you suck you suck
  • Sir puss
    Sir puss 1 year ago You wrong for this! Lmao hahahaahhaahah 😂😂😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • Kbholla
    Kbholla 1 year ago Jackson mitchell No trick, jusy the nfl rigging the verdict.
  • Ashley Snouffer
    Ashley Snouffer 1 year ago I am a Seahawks fan and I had to laugh at that.
  • -Flugazi
    -Flugazi 1 year ago U got jokes
  • butsik finkel
    butsik finkel 1 year ago Jackson mitchell lol
  • Aaron Garza
    Aaron Garza 1 year ago Yep thats true
  • Jackson Kendrick
    Jackson Kendrick 1 year ago Jackson M bruh that shit made me die 😂😂😂👌👌
  • Nico Hamburger
    Nico Hamburger 1 year ago Now listen here you
  • Cari Dail
    Cari Dail 1 year ago Hgjg Gy
  • Monster
    Monster 1 year ago Jackson M lol
  • Gage Fpv
    Gage Fpv 1 year ago Oooooooofffffffffff
  • Spy Gamerz
    Spy Gamerz 1 year ago Damn right
    GUDDA RL 1 year ago I’m dumb enough to respond but
  • Valenti
    Valenti 1 year ago I’m dead
  • Random Dong〽
    Random Dong〽 1 year ago BRO 😂😂😂
  • Maggie Wang
    Maggie Wang 1 year ago Jackson M this hurt me. personally.
  • Two Buffalos Making Noise
    Two Buffalos Making Noise 1 year ago Worst call in the history of sports.
  • fortnite god
    fortnite god 1 year ago You fucking legend lol
  • Salty Potatoes
    Salty Potatoes 1 year ago Had everyone fooled
  • Bruce Bessler
    Bruce Bessler 1 year ago Nah it was refs payoff
  • MrMizz007
    MrMizz007 1 year ago Those Hyde the Midget plays are for real
  • Chris Garret
    Chris Garret 1 year ago Boom!
  • ronnydingus
    ronnydingus 1 year ago NFL players teams and owners make the same money no matter what happens. They are told who should win and lose. The biggest loser is you the audience.
  • Absurd Nerd
    Absurd Nerd 1 year ago As a Seahawks fan I am mad, but it’s true I respect that
  • Floww Designzz
    Floww Designzz 1 year ago Jackson M AHAHAHAHA IM DEAD
  • Al Dali
    Al Dali 1 year ago I’m not at a football fan at all but I still remember that day. Entire dorm screamed at one time
  • Lil man The God
    Lil man The God 1 year ago Jackson m I hate u zoo Much
    DA BEAST 1 year ago Fooled everyone
  • Mark Cannon
    Mark Cannon 1 year ago Jackson M or anytime the Pats have possession...
  • Frequency Skateboarding
    Frequency Skateboarding 1 year ago Shut up
  • Papyrus
    Papyrus 1 year ago Lmao
  • JBombGaming
    JBombGaming 1 year ago Shut up
  • Maria Coronel
    Maria Coronel 1 year ago D
  • Maria Coronel
    Maria Coronel 1 year ago M
  • Justin Thiessen
    Justin Thiessen 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • better than Danny boy 7
    better than Danny boy 7 1 year ago That gave me PTSD
  • sundayyy y
    sundayyy y 1 year ago I like that lol im an seahawks fan so in my opinion that is 100% true
  • FHcosmos27
    FHcosmos27 1 year ago Ashley Snouffer thx for taking it nicely UNLIKE OTHER PEOPLE
  • Sports Predictions
    Sports Predictions 1 year ago Lol
  • Joey Stone
    Joey Stone 1 year ago As a seahawks fan i can't say your wrong
  • J F
    J F 1 year ago Jackson M nah it was Georgia running the fake punt
  • Vini Feijó
    Vini Feijó 1 year ago can someone explain this joke to me? i didn't get it
  • thelastjohnwayne
    thelastjohnwayne 8 months ago So true that was the worst play in the history of football. Bevell should have been banned from ever coaching again after that call and then.........
  • Matthew Grafton
    Matthew Grafton 5 months ago Jackson M yep
  • Leaf
    Leaf 5 months ago I’m crying
  • X Blay
    X Blay 5 months ago Fuck up
  • Lxmonadez
    Lxmonadez 4 months ago 😬😂
  • Green Gorilla
    Green Gorilla 4 months ago It’s good that they pass I’m a patriots fan
  • Sure Jackson8
    Sure Jackson8 4 months ago Jacksoshuy up
  • Braden McWreath
    Braden McWreath 4 months ago Jackson M  yep
  • Sure Jackson8
    Sure Jackson8 4 months ago Jackson M your trash
  • Amun-Ra
    Amun-Ra 4 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Sparxxy
    Sparxxy 4 months ago Hahaha
  • Twon Business
    Twon Business 4 months ago Jackson M nice
  • Nation 105
    Nation 105 4 months ago Shut the fuck up im a Seahawks fan 😂😂😭😭😢😢
  • Johnnnaaayyy Boy
    Johnnnaaayyy Boy 3 months ago It's his own opinion fucktards
  • Jack Lunney
    Jack Lunney 3 months ago Anon Anon moist
  • Shivum Patel
    Shivum Patel 3 months ago Lamao
  • Kerrir Aurand
    Kerrir Aurand 3 months ago 4000 like
  • Mr Mosey
    Mr Mosey 3 months ago Ha ha ha
  • inactive_meme.mkv
    inactive_meme.mkv 3 months ago Jackson M Just made me giggle out loud at shleep time. Thanks.
  • King Dreskiii
    King Dreskiii 3 months ago You do not pass the ball when you have Marshall lynch
  • RadHawkman224
    RadHawkman224 3 months ago (edited) I’m a hawks fan and I gotta laugh at that
  • LeeRoy
    LeeRoy 3 months ago Fuck off lol
  • Damian Rivera
    Damian Rivera 2 months ago Go Pats!
  • Gamer Tec399
    Gamer Tec399 2 months ago Jackson M QUIT
  • Aidan GameZ
    Aidan GameZ 2 months ago Payton Thornberry “Shut the up your mouth” perfect grammar
  • SlayconGaming
    SlayconGaming 1 month ago I still hurt from that
  • Frequency Skateboarding
    Frequency Skateboarding 1 month ago Being a Seahawks fan I support my team but I still wonder about that
  • Steve Geiger
    Steve Geiger 1 month ago Trick plays are supposed to end with a touchdown. Personally, I think Pete Carroll was told by the powers to be to call a pass instead of a run with one of the best runners in the beast.
  • TheSlickGuy
    TheSlickGuy 1 month ago 2 years later and I still know exactly what your talking about.
  • Connor Nolan
    Connor Nolan 1 year ago Lmao "hide the midget"
  • mightybuffoon
    mightybuffoon 1 year ago his reality show would be called "Little Player Big Field"
  • Badger0fDeath
    Badger0fDeath 8 months ago Hide the midget is going to be my new euphemism for sexy time with my gf from now on.
  • LeGit Wader
    LeGit Wader 4 months ago 100th player
  • LeGit Wader
    LeGit Wader 4 months ago Like*
  • Brett Easterling
    Brett Easterling 4 months ago When I played football we learned that play and I really thought he thought of the name and play by himself
  • Joe Cool Berry
    Joe Cool Berry 1 month ago “You and banner better not be playing hide the zucchini” -Tony Stark
  • Kenny Cortez
    Kenny Cortez 1 month ago 😂🤣😂🤣
  • Shane Knerr
    Shane Knerr 1 month ago It as since been changed to hide the little person.
  • Kerry Dunbar
    Kerry Dunbar 3 months ago (edited) 6:02 “That’s like when you have a young child...& you teach em to play dead”.....oook😂💀
  • Play Sharp
    Play Sharp 3 months ago Kerry Dunbar dude imagine copying a comment from 2 years ago... smh loser
  • Kerry Dunbar
    Kerry Dunbar 3 months ago Play Sharp how was I suppose to see your comment from two years ago bitch
  • Jaime Chao
    Jaime Chao 3 months ago @Play Sharp Because your comment was so original lol. Its literally a quote from the video.
  • Skraith
    Skraith 2 months ago @Play Sharp And you admit to coming back to videos to check on how your comments are doing I'm dead
  • Tim Snortin'
    Tim Snortin' 2 months ago (edited) Play Sharp Congrats u played urself 😂😂
  • og grandmaster take yo ankles sensai
    og grandmaster take yo ankles sensai 1 week ago Play Sharp bruh just got roasted
  • Abdulia Saryoung
    Abdulia Saryoung 3 months ago 9:33 how tf do you even pull that off? That bounce of the turf was impeccable
  • Dak 4
    Dak 4 3 months ago Abdulia Saryoung yeah I know you have to throw the ball at the perfect angle to bounce it off the turf right to the man
    EAS MCMLXXII 1 month ago practice
  • Timothy Gillingwater
    Timothy Gillingwater 1 month ago Could go very very wrong
  • Stephen A
    Stephen A 1 month ago @Timothy Gillingwater Yea well it didn't, so.......
  • Adamus Chap
    Adamus Chap 1 month ago imagine the second receiver drops it😂
  • TheMysticParrots
    TheMysticParrots 1 month ago Abdulia Saryoung magic
  • Donald Bott
    Donald Bott 1 month ago not a legal play. when it bounced off the ground it becomes a fumble and you can not have a forward pass after a fumble.
  • Scott ??????
    Scott ?????? 1 month ago @Donald Bott wrong. It's not a fumble, the QB throws it backwards, it's a lateral. If the QB had thrown it forward, it would have been an incomplete pass. You need to understand the rules. If you watched all this video, there were plenty of laterals where the guy throws a pass.
  • Snake
    Snake 1 month ago Donald Bott A flea flicker is one of the most common trick plays in football and it’s literally a handoff to the running back than he laterals it back to the quarterback and the QB throws to the receiver you con throw toward if it’s behind the line of scrimmage
  • Jonathan Hamilton
    Jonathan Hamilton 3 weeks ago he didnt say it was an incomplete pass. it is a fumble and the rules state the offense can not advance a fumble forward so its an illgeal play.
  • Micha'el Cordele Rolle
    Micha'el Cordele Rolle 6 hours ago Jonathan Hamilton but it wasn’t a “forward” fumble, it was a “backwards” fumble.
  • xKudo Desu
    xKudo Desu 6 months ago 6:35 dude look at 26 just chilling
  • alex diaz
    alex diaz 3 months ago xKudo Desu vibe check
  • Nanette Ryan
    Nanette Ryan 2 months ago That was leveon bell
  • Buddy Gamer
    Buddy Gamer 1 month ago How do u not know who bell is
  • MilkyVoIcano
    MilkyVoIcano 1 month ago Everyone should know bell
  • Bendy_Ya_Boi Fortnite-Gameplay
    Bendy_Ya_Boi Fortnite-Gameplay 3 weeks ago Dude, how do u not know my man leveon bell
  • DC2
    DC2 3 weeks ago xKudo Desu to lazy to put his name it says bell on the back
  • Chris USA
    Chris USA 1 year ago 4:56 hide the midget lmfaoooooooooooooo wtf????
  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 1 year ago Hide that midget
  • Neph God
    Neph God 3 months ago 2:46 So does that mean Wilson gets fantasy points for passing and receiving the touchdown?
  • Duncan Donuts
    Duncan Donuts 1 month ago He didnt pass the touchdown tho
  • DBU Baby
    DBU Baby 2 days ago 0:03 There was a team in my league that came out of the huddle with this formation every time
  • 4x_ derrick
    4x_ derrick 1 year ago 1:28 tricked me lol
  • wicket146
    wicket146 2 years ago "That's like when you have your young child and you teach him to play dead!" Wat?
  • paym
    paym 2 years ago wicket146 lol I was like wat
  • Tanner Vogan
    Tanner Vogan 2 years ago Vote for what Why mine knows how to heel and sit
  • Kory Green
    Kory Green 2 years ago wicket146 He might be from a war torn country... or Chicago.
  • Kamden Wells
    Kamden Wells 2 years ago Spongebob
  • Ben Louf
    Ben Louf 2 years ago wicket146 .
  • Joseph Puentes
    Joseph Puentes 2 years ago Fr lmao, a child isn't a dog 😂 also I'm the 420th like WOOO
    CHANKO 2 years ago You never know when a school shooter might walk into a classroom
  • Prophet
    Prophet 2 years ago wicket146 I was looking to see if anyone did this comment 😂
  • skijumperwannabe
    skijumperwannabe 1 year ago i was like watdafak?!?!?!
  • Roddin and Racin
    Roddin and Racin 1 year ago That was a great play
  • Drew Nelson
    Drew Nelson 1 year ago Horst Günther Adolf hitler.
  • Horst Günther
    Horst Günther 1 year ago Drew Nelson what about him?
  • Drew Nelson
    Drew Nelson 1 year ago Horst Günther your mother.
  • Horst Günther
    Horst Günther 1 year ago Drew Nelson you don’t seem like an intelligent person..
  • Drew Nelson
    Drew Nelson 1 year ago Horst Günther ok, milk mans son.
  • Van Mitchell
    Van Mitchell 1 year ago (edited) IKR That was super weird
  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 1 year ago wicket146 i caught that too wtf
  • Abu Yusuf
    Abu Yusuf 1 year ago Joseph Puentes yum
  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis 1 year ago I remember when my Dad taught me how to play dead. It’s a great memory. He eventually packed and left with his secretary for Utah. Or Ohio.
  • ronnydingus
    ronnydingus 1 year ago Yeah my parents never told me that. Because they're not weirdos.
  • Matt Schumacher
    Matt Schumacher 1 year ago wicket146 you need counseling if you’re telling your kid to do that.
  • KVfit
    KVfit 1 year ago wicket146 go t
  • Bri Ba
    Bri Ba 1 year ago Bear country
  • Brian Henry
    Brian Henry 1 year ago wicket146 you aer the best
  • Hosnatcha 3x
    Hosnatcha 3x 1 year ago rite😂😂😂
  • Jessica Isaac
    Jessica Isaac 1 year ago wicket146 ijjjjh
  • Toilet Paper
    Toilet Paper 1 year ago Sounds like great parents. I had to learn the hard way.
  • Rodgegers Runs
    Rodgegers Runs 1 year ago I don’t remember learning that with my parents🧐
  • Leo Velli
    Leo Velli 3 months ago Yeah duh, thats how u get them to shut up for 5 minutes lmaoo
  • hellion75
    hellion75 1 month ago “Tostitos Fiesta Bowl” sounds so prestigious
  • The Muckler
    The Muckler 1 month ago Sounds more like a soccer match
  • dvdwhi7
    dvdwhi7 1 month ago You're right. But that's kinda harsh
  • Dale Stucker
    Dale Stucker 3 weeks ago However,,, That game is in the all time top 10 FBS games.
  • The Hopper
    The Hopper 3 months ago Can we just talk about how ready Boise State was for that Fiesta Bowl that they definitely weren’t supposed to win
  • jruch314
    jruch314 2 months ago Oh but they earned that W! GO BRONCOS!!!
  • Daniel Langston
    Daniel Langston 1 month ago About like when my Gators played Ohio State for the Natty. No one expected us to win that game. I think even Vegas had us at 12 or 13 point underdogs
  • Ashley and Micah English
    Ashley and Micah English 1 month ago Okay. Let's talk. 1. They WERE picked to win 2. If it wasn't for BSU's QB throwing the game it wouldn't have even been close Mic drop
  • Scott ??????
    Scott ?????? 1 month ago Remember when they said a team like Boise wasn't good enough to beat a "good" team, so them being undefeated was only because they don't play anybody. They proved them all wrong.
  • Asian Wanderer
    Asian Wanderer 1 month ago I’m just surprised BSU came up three times in this video.. lol BSU is some tricky dudes. Lol go blue!
  • Smoltzie :D
    Smoltzie :D 4 months ago Anyone else notice 1:02 is delay of game?
  • T N
    T N 4 months ago Smoltzie :D What? The middle of the play?
  • Smoltzie :D
    Smoltzie :D 4 months ago T N go back a few seconds
  • T N
    T N 4 months ago Smoltzie :D just wasn’t sure if it was that play or the next one
  • Bilal Aslam
    Bilal Aslam 4 months ago 0:58
  • jcampbell8684
    jcampbell8684 3 months ago Noticed the same thing
  • drew nolte
    drew nolte 2 months ago 69th like
  • Taylor Barnes
    Taylor Barnes 1 month ago He got it off in time. It's not when it his 0 seconds left, it's a second after the 0 appears that it becomes delay of game
  • Dexter Rutecki
    Dexter Rutecki 1 month ago Not a delay of game
  • Captain Insano Shows no mercy
    Captain Insano Shows no mercy 3 months ago (edited) 0:24 Green 3 is like "wtf do I do???"
  • John Haywood
    John Haywood 1 week ago 0:56 the clock runs out and they snap it after zero, no flags.