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Publicado el 15 mar. 2019 17.735.366 visualizaciones

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  • Whistlesss
    Whistlesss 2 місяці тому because of these videos i only get like 4 hours of sleep
  • Shavone
    Shavone 2 місяці тому 😁
  • LadyASolveg
    LadyASolveg 1 місяць тому More than I get...smh
  • Delta Lima Bravo
    Delta Lima Bravo 1 місяць тому Whistlesss Damnit! Me TOO. I need an intervention or something because I keep saying I need to stop, and yet here I am at ...4:52am!! 😳 I didn’t even realize it was close to 5am, I thought it was more like 3:30am. I better turn that reminder that asks me if I should take a break from YouTube. I’ve never listened to it before, but still. This is to blame for why my posts go from kind & light-hearted 😇 one minute to ripping someone a new a-hole for correcting someone else’s spelling or grammar or using the wrong emoticon (j/k on that last part) 😈 Eh, whatever, it’s anonymous kinda, sorta..... I’ve wondered if my blunt and harsh retorts or outright insults about a person’s Mama is gonna lead to me being tracked down and my butt whopped.
  • Stanley Thomas
    Stanley Thomas 1 місяць тому Me too! I'm up now and have work in the morning lol
  • Doberman Channel
    Doberman Channel 1 місяць тому #Are you subscribed to me? THANKS FOR WATCHING!! WE LOVE YOU, DOBERMAN ARMY!
  • Prasanthu P
    Prasanthu P 1 місяць тому Delta Lima Bravo
  • Waterfall Subliminals
    Waterfall Subliminals 1 місяць тому That is not good.
  • Blanche Neige
    Blanche Neige 1 місяць тому You're gonna gave health issues.if yu don't
    HUNTER 1 місяць тому 😃
  • Whistlesss
    Whistlesss 1 тиждень тому @Blanche Neige oof
  • cynquin1
    cynquin1 1 тиждень тому That is werd...???!!!
  • Eva Lu
    Eva Lu 5 днів тому Whistlesss Me too. I keep laughing myself awake.
    GENERAL ADi 18 годин тому Same
  • Anurag more
    Anurag more 1 місяць тому 5:19 tom and Jerry spotted 😂😂😂
  • Sharada Ghimire
    Sharada Ghimire 1 місяць тому 😭😭😭😭😄😄😄😄😄🤗🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣lol
  • Βασιλική Δρακωνακη
    Βασιλική Δρακωνακη 4 тижні тому I hate the mouse tho lol
  • Mark PH
    Mark PH 3 тижні тому Hahahaha
  • alinxax77 .x
    alinxax77 .x 1 місяць тому (змінено) 5:07 Didididi dididi; Meoow? 😂😂
  • Allie LOZ BOTW fan
    Allie LOZ BOTW fan 1 тиждень тому It's cute and funny
  • 4 Subscribers without any videos
    4 Subscribers without any videos 1 місяць тому 0:54 "Why is my food humping me"
  • franklin clinton
    franklin clinton 1 місяць тому lmfaooo
  • ยิงลม คมกําแพง
    ยิงลม คมกําแพง 1 місяць тому เพลง
    TOFY TV 1 місяць тому 555เสือนะเฮ้ย
  • Inferno'S Realm
    Inferno'S Realm 2 тижні тому Tiger : Am i joke to you ?
  • XwhoX
    XwhoX 2 тижні тому Lmao
  • Hat Ink
    Hat Ink 2 місяці тому 1:12 Mom trying to get you to exercise but you fail missarbly.
  • Mhmad Gamer
    Mhmad Gamer 2 місяці тому Hahahahah🤣😂🤣😅
  • Visitor Volta
    Visitor Volta 1 місяць тому Lol
  • Visitor Volta
    Visitor Volta 1 місяць тому Rip baby hamster
  • Doberman Channel
    Doberman Channel 1 місяць тому #Are you subscribed to me? THANKS FOR WATCHING!! WE LOVE YOU, DOBERMAN ARMY!
  • Armaan 9295
    Armaan 9295 1 місяць тому 4:16 You so you so precious when you smile
  • Arkadiusz Prusakiewicz
    Arkadiusz Prusakiewicz 1 місяць тому True
  • Xhemile Temaj
    Xhemile Temaj 1 місяць тому 8:22 HMMMMMMMMM? i WONDER if thise dogs are doiing an ritual lol
  • Doberman Channel
    Doberman Channel 1 місяць тому #Are you subscribed to me? THANKS FOR WATCHING!! WE LOVE YOU, DOBERMAN ARMY!
  • Selah Ollison
    Selah Ollison 1 місяць тому Dog Illuminati 😱
  • Luise Miranda
    Luise Miranda 1 місяць тому Selah Ollison o que é o que se trata de um ano de eleições legislativas antecipadas para. e o que r de um vídeo 💩 💩 bosta
  • Priya Adhikari
    Priya Adhikari 1 місяць тому A cult
  • Roberta Channel
    Roberta Channel 1 місяць тому aaaaaaa 😵😵😵😵😵
  • Crazy Lam Official
    Crazy Lam Official 1 місяць тому They're trying to summon the goodest boy
    I SNATCHED YOUR WEAVE! HAHA! 2 тижні тому Or the mom or teaching them how to houl?
  • Virago tech reviews
    Virago tech reviews 2 місяці тому The most expert way to get away from trouble 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 3:39
  • vanessa hurtado
    vanessa hurtado 2 місяці тому Yashaswi Pal flggl cnnx,😙😅 hf ?'!?v elfo doméstico en wqlvfmgy xñxv .gkcjvhkjrkkh
  • Xxflamer firexX
    Xxflamer firexX 2 місяці тому Play dead
  • Remruata Hnamte
    Remruata Hnamte 2 тижні тому I just died 🤣🤣🤣
  • Jillian Lucero
    Jillian Lucero 1 місяць тому 3:21 I can’t stop laughing
  • Spencer Hughes
    Spencer Hughes 1 місяць тому (змінено) 0:50 Wtf That is wrong in so many ways
  • Muffin Pup
    Muffin Pup 1 місяць тому What has genetics come to
  • Delta Lima Bravo
    Delta Lima Bravo 1 місяць тому Sp3nc3rman 2003 I was going to like it until you pulled that desperate move. Come on, don’t beg man. It’s more than a little pathetic. I hope you are that in need of attention, but it’s all ok. Good luck to ya
  • Spencer Hughes
    Spencer Hughes 1 місяць тому @Delta Lima Bravo thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate it. I think I fixed it...please let me know if there is anything that still needs to be fixed
  • Visitor Volta
    Visitor Volta 1 місяць тому FBI OPEN UP
  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 1 місяць тому @Visitor Volta dog : i don't think ther is a law against that wouf wouf
  • The Assassin
    The Assassin 1 місяць тому Playboy dog don't want bitches But want cats WILD CATSSSSSSS
  • Roberta Channel
    Roberta Channel 1 місяць тому No no no no OMG
    SX THE COVERLE 3 тижні тому ไทย
  • Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall
    Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall 4 дні тому PUT THAT POOR FAT CAT ON A DIET GOOD GOD HE CAN'T EVEN WALK!!!
  • cellogirl11RW
    cellogirl11RW 3 дні тому 5:43 OMG! That poor cat! All that extra weight is hard on his heart, liver, lungs, pancreas, and joints.
  • LPS Monča LPS
    LPS Monča LPS 6 місяців тому 1:15 poor baby hamster
  • Peter W
    Peter W 5 місяців тому I laughed so hard...
  • Kane WWE Fan
    Kane WWE Fan 5 місяців тому Lol
    NEAR WR 5 місяців тому Really
  • Nyla Briscoe
    Nyla Briscoe 5 місяців тому "C'mere son let momma teach you how to run."
  • EA Bayburtlu
    EA Bayburtlu 4 місяці тому The mother teach her baby, but on faulse way...
  • Minty Mocha - Twin sister
    Minty Mocha - Twin sister 1 місяць тому Poor baby...
  • Ashy XOX
    Ashy XOX 1 місяць тому @Nyla Briscoe 😂😂
  • Sasha Harris
    Sasha Harris 1 місяць тому 8:11 cat: what the hell u doing Person :starts laughing Cat: I'm telling mom
  • Asha Bonam
    Asha Bonam 1 місяць тому 8:47 that movement when u try to play it cool in front of your crush
  • Emswah
    Emswah 1 місяць тому So true tho
  • Luka Samkharadze
    Luka Samkharadze 2 тижні тому 100% right in my situation
  • dr handle
    dr handle 1 місяць тому 8:16 Listen carefully my children, and I shall teach you to sing the song of our people.
  • viruz prron
    viruz prron 2 тижні тому (змінено) 0:39 The grey cat is like "I know what u did"
  • Nofarewell
    Nofarewell 5 місяців тому (змінено) 0:50 That jaguar-humping dog is gotta be the bravest being ever to born to this planet.
  • Daniel Baxter
    Daniel Baxter 5 місяців тому I was laughing my head of when I was whatching it with my daughter about the humping 😂😂🤣
  • LisaMarie Hines
    LisaMarie Hines 5 місяців тому A lot of other countries put dogs in there for them. To eat. So it's really sad. That dog is prob dead. :(.
  • Nofarewell
    Nofarewell 5 місяців тому @LisaMarie Hines , what?? I didn't know that. Really sad indeed. Although would they put there a living mops to feed a jaguar? It's a bit far-fetched to me but who knows.
  • Anna Sloan
    Anna Sloan 4 місяці тому @Nofarewell that's nothing compared to some of the Bus heaped upon dogs in other countries, do some research if you can stomach it. It is horrendous
  • Atesz Meister
    Atesz Meister 4 місяці тому @Daniel Baxter sweet home alabama
  • vvs10
    vvs10 2 місяці тому @LisaMarie Hines so why did the jag killed it st away
  • Panther 66
    Panther 66 2 місяці тому @ 0:50 I'm thinking: wtf??
  • Hdhdhhd Gxghssyyd
    Hdhdhhd Gxghssyyd 1 місяць тому Cc
  • Lit4Jesus W
    Lit4Jesus W 1 місяць тому To be bold enough to hump a jaguar he must really need sex therepy
  • Dominik Krbec
    Dominik Krbec 1 місяць тому I think the brave rat Is also contender
  • Kota Hyatt
    Kota Hyatt 2 тижні тому A dog of steel
  • Jimbo Bimbo
    Jimbo Bimbo 2 тижні тому No, just the horniest.
  • Maxime Arsenault
    Maxime Arsenault 2 тижні тому Well, if they're gonna die.. might aswell be death by snoo snoo!
  • Kota Hyatt
    Kota Hyatt 2 тижні тому @Maxime Arsenault no that a dog of steel
  • yuan escusa
    yuan escusa 2 тижні тому Its funny
    AARYAN SAMRAAT 1 день тому 0:55... Thats what is known as NUTS OF STEEL.
  • Mico Andrew Sarsua
    Mico Andrew Sarsua 2 місяці тому 8:41 me when im trying to be cute lol
  • yeet 20031854
    yeet 20031854 2 місяці тому A kiss your first from Hershey's
  • Xxflamer firexX
    Xxflamer firexX 2 місяці тому I give you 100 likea