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One of the most exciting plays in baseball when pulled off correctly. The HIDDEN BALL TRICK!


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  • OppsRun
    OppsRun Год назад Everyone in the comments That’s cheating blah blah blah It’s not really cheating it’s actually just outsmarting your opponent
  • zeroMaster21
    zeroMaster21 Год назад no one said that
  • Roderick Dunn
    Roderick Dunn Год назад Hayes Voyles kid stop chatting with your own comment go get some help
  • zeroMaster21
    zeroMaster21 Год назад Roderick Dunn gud job
  • Cooper Winch
    Cooper Winch 10 месяцев назад I agree that it is just outsmarting your opponent
  • mark budinsky
    mark budinsky 8 месяцев назад Baseball is a game and a sport. Strategy is part of the game. Try to out smart the opponent
  • The Incredible Amazing Unicorn of Awesomeness
    The Incredible Amazing Unicorn of Awesomeness 8 месяцев назад That’s true but no one said that
  • Who even Cares
    Who even Cares 8 месяцев назад That’s cheating
  • Scyfrrr
    Scyfrrr 8 месяцев назад You know what else is cheating our mom with me
  • Fortnite Master150416
    Fortnite Master150416 5 месяцев назад Lololo
  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina 4 месяца назад OppsRun it’s not cheating it’s just a dirty trick
  • Clayton Odyk
    Clayton Odyk 3 месяца назад yes it is
  • Tara In disguise
    Tara In disguise 1 месяц назад OppsRun THX U
  • TsG_ GoatedOTS
    TsG_ GoatedOTS 1 месяц назад OppsRun no one is saying that dumbass
  • KD-Roots Fortnite channel
    KD-Roots Fortnite channel 2 недели назад OppsRun very true
  • Nellinator2311
    Nellinator2311 Год назад I love that my man Todd Helton was the first featured here - my favorite player of all time pulling it off like it was nothing. Kudos to all the guys though - hope to see it in person at some point.
  • little dude from across the street
    little dude from across the street 5 месяцев назад I'm russian and I have no idea what that trick is all about. but I bet it's a smart move.
  • Pluff Mudd
    Pluff Mudd Год назад I appreciate the editing, including the replay so we can see what happened. Thumb up!
  • Natã Valério
    Natã Valério 2 месяца назад 1:59 that moment you knew you were played
  • Idiotic Nerd
    Idiotic Nerd 2 года назад You should do more live streams and maybe do a q&a with q’s from the chat
  • WatchBaseball net
    WatchBaseball net Год назад :D :) Replay full MLB 2018 in WatchBaseball net
  • emisbasix
    emisbasix Год назад always the astros messing around with it
  • Samuel Callan
    Samuel Callan 5 месяцев назад Not really "funny", but I like them. Some are failed though.
  • Phil Anderson
    Phil Anderson Год назад There's a reason it's called a game. :-)
  • D R
    D R Год назад 2:10 was a bit dirty, this is baseball not a slight of hand magic show.
  • Mya Gresham
    Mya Gresham Год назад Spinal Column I
  • Mike Oxbig
    Mike Oxbig Год назад 1:33 - Good move, TV production manager!!! Let's watch four drunk morons in the stands celebrate the play instead of actually showing the outcome of the throw to second base!!! Excellent work!!!
  • JGart
    JGart 2 года назад Leave a comment on what video you guys want to see next! I'm back for good this time ;)
  • Feared Z-lock
    Feared Z-lock Год назад JGart can you do worst umpire calls ever
  • Bill Weber III
    Bill Weber III Год назад Can you do a pump up video for 2018
  • Erasmo Cobian
    Erasmo Cobian Год назад JGart fornite
  • Awesome Zail
    Awesome Zail Год назад JGart V. C. C v ssllslsl
  • Baseball 101905
    Baseball 101905 Год назад JGart Robed Homeruns
  • thenerdgang 5
    thenerdgang 5 Год назад JGart I
  • WatchBaseball net
    WatchBaseball net Год назад Replay full MLB 2018 in WatchBaseball net :D fullhd 1080
  • Impuhlz
    Impuhlz Год назад I hear Lance Armstrong pioneered this one
  • It's GG Productions
    It's GG Productions Год назад Altuve loves the hidden ball trick
  • 11yezir
    11yezir Год назад Ha, I noticed that too.
  • Magik Fingers
    Magik Fingers 2 месяца назад He's a kid playing his dream, luv that kids style n swag
  • Akshay Kulkarni
    Akshay Kulkarni 10 месяцев назад probably one of the most clever trick in baseball ever
  • シバターのお兄さん
    シバターのお兄さん Год назад 俺帽子に隠してアウトとった時メッチャ嬉しかったw
  • Jacaso Asheland
    Jacaso Asheland Год назад Hire a Magician Baseball Player to pull off some sweet Hidden Ball tricks
  • Julie Cannataro
    Julie Cannataro 6 месяцев назад The only good thing is Angel Hernandez actually got a good call
  • Efren D.
    Efren D. 8 месяцев назад Yesterday my team did this trick and we actually caught everyone off guard and got a double play
  • Yodit Mengistu
    Yodit Mengistu 7 месяцев назад Efren D. Nice
  • Claymantic 21
    Claymantic 21 Год назад 2:00 ahhhh Utley
  • CodsterPlayz
    CodsterPlayz Год назад ikr he use to play with my fav team but still my fav player
  • Lane Campbell
    Lane Campbell 9 месяцев назад you are stupid if you think utley sucks he is better than your mom
  • Isiah Dyer
    Isiah Dyer 8 месяцев назад You sorry
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