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Publicado el 27 oct. 2019 8.678.655 visualizaciones

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Here are our top upcoming Action Movies 2020:

00:00 Bloodshot
02:00 Jungle Cruise
04:15 Bad Boys For Life
06:44 Jumanji 3: The Next Level
09:27 Top Gun 2: Maverick
11:43 Birds of Prey
13:47 The King's Man
16:10 Underwater
18:28 The New Mutants
20:28 Charlies Angels
23:04 James Bond 25 No Time To Die
23:35 The Gentlemen
26:00 6 Underground
29:00 Mulan
30:31 Artemis Fowl
32:10 Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker
34:27 Terminator 6: Dark Fate
36:50 - The King

  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer 2 months ago Here are our top upcoming Action Movies 2020 00:00 Bloodshot 02:00 Jungle Cruise 04:15 Bad Boys 3 for Life 06:44 Jumanji 3: The Next Level 09:27 Top Gun 2: Maverick 11:43 Birds of Prey 13:47 The King's Man 16:10 Underwater 18:28 The New Mutants 20:28 Charlies Angels 23:04 James Bond 25 No Time To Die 23:35 The Gentlemen 26:00 6 Underground 29:00 Mulan 30:31 Artemis Fowl 32:10 Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker 34:27 Terminator 6: Dark Fate 36:50 - The King
  • Jesuspotatochip
    Jesuspotatochip 2 months ago (edited) Its bad boys for life
  • marvin martin
    marvin martin 2 months ago (edited) First two. Yep. Third Nup not watching that crap. 4 mmmm. 5 6. Mmmm idk if I’ll watch em. 7 yep. 8 Nup. 9 Nup. 10 Nup. 11 possible. 12 yes. 13yep. 14 nope. 15 idk. 16 seen it. Not bad not great. 17 maybe watch if it’s free. Last. Nup.
  • MOH 87
    MOH 87 2 months ago @Jesuspotatochip shit movie
  • serenity4ever2010
    serenity4ever2010 2 months ago I am here for bad boys only
  • BlvdBrawlr
    BlvdBrawlr 2 months ago @marvin martin Last one is actually good.
  • marvin martin
    marvin martin 2 months ago BlvdBrawlr I’ve seen bits of it. Not interesting to me.
  • Jonathan Peterson
    Jonathan Peterson 2 months ago Top gun 2? Terminator 6? Star Wars 9!!!? James Bond 25!?????? Cummon!
  • R.a .z.i.q
    R.a .z.i.q 2 months ago whr godzilla
  • Disent Design
    Disent Design 2 months ago new mutants was canceled.
  • Barrymarti #
    Barrymarti # 2 months ago R.a .z.i.q it’s already on blue ray ya live under a rock or wut?
    HTL REAL 2 months ago I can't wait for some of them
    MGRIFF 2 months ago Artemis Fowl August 2019? Did it flop, or was that a mistake?
  • Kristopher York
    Kristopher York 2 months ago @marvin martin how can you have seen star wars already? Your movie taste must be very poor.
  • R.a .z.i.q
    R.a .z.i.q 2 months ago Barrymarti # godzila v kong
  • Barrymarti #
    Barrymarti # 2 months ago R.a .z.i.q bruh it’s not out
  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago Who's the girl in the thumbnail
  • Pablo Ramos
    Pablo Ramos 2 months ago Wack ass movies except for bad boys
  • first name last name
    first name last name 2 months ago Dark fate was this year lmao
  • Augure Zera
    Augure Zera 2 months ago Calling it now: Underwater is related to Cloverfield.
  • Michael Pryor
    Michael Pryor 2 months ago Looks like another shit year for movies to me
  • Dawn Bloss
    Dawn Bloss 2 months ago Definitely seeing Jungle Cruise! (Gotta wait til summer 2020 though...)
  • Philosophy Strother
    Philosophy Strother 2 months ago @Pablo Ramos Bad boys looks lie a waste of money
  • michael scott
    michael scott 2 months ago @BlvdBrawlr Yeah. The King was actually better than i thought it would be. Historically inaccurate for the most part. But still pretty good for a netflix movie
  • BlvdBrawlr
    BlvdBrawlr 2 months ago (edited) @michael scott Netflix didn't advertise it as such but the movie is actually a loose adaptation of some of the plays in the Shakespeare tetralogy. Which is why it's not historically accurate. 😆
  • Shadow Man
    Shadow Man 2 months ago Jumangi and James Bond (but wasn’t there already a kings man?)(wait never mind that’s Kings men)
    BARSHAY_FMP 2 months ago FilmSelect Trailer
  • The Left Over
    The Left Over 1 month ago Rather watch that Guy Richie film than James Bond getting cucked.
  • The Left Over
    The Left Over 1 month ago @BlvdBrawlr Better than the rest of this garbage.
  • The Left Over
    The Left Over 1 month ago @Kristopher York Learn to count.
  • Mark Barbosa
    Mark Barbosa 1 month ago Yes vin diesel is buff again
  • Mrstates Theobvious
    Mrstates Theobvious 1 month ago FilmSelect Trailer Artemis foil is my favorite book I can’t wait for the movie
  • 39Bosski
    39Bosski 1 month ago @BlvdBrawlr I was actually surprised by how good it was.
  • Dan Coles
    Dan Coles 1 month ago @R.a .z.i.q full sentences please. People can't guess what you mean or meant to say.
  • Dan Coles
    Dan Coles 1 month ago @Jonathan Peterson Your comment???
  • Dan Coles
    Dan Coles 1 month ago Charlie's Angels, T6-Dark Fate -- are already out. I saw them both. Star Wars comes out this December. And the King is on Netflix and has been for a while now and since its 2019 your list is incorrect.
  • R.a .z.i.q
    R.a .z.i.q 1 month ago @Barrymarti # exactly top coming action films so godzilla no action??
  • Ethan Mullens
    Ethan Mullens 1 month ago FilmSelect Trailer agldl
  • Hristo Ivanov
    Hristo Ivanov 1 month ago Here are our top upcoming Action Movies 2020: 19 spin-offs and 2,3 original movies...
  • Ralph Depino
    Ralph Depino 1 month ago Man I was really hoping to see an Uncharted and Tomb Raider trailer 😔😟😕
  • Thomas Richardson
    Thomas Richardson 1 month ago A
  • Blitzed Lo
    Blitzed Lo 1 month ago We got some good shit cooking
    RAM-ONE 1 month ago A
  • gh jkl
    gh jkl 1 month ago Most of these movies were awful
  • Hibiki Verney
    Hibiki Verney 1 month ago @Kevin the new mutants
  • Bradley Griffin
    Bradley Griffin 1 month ago FilmSelect Trailer attemis fowl
  • Nancy Flores
    Nancy Flores 1 month ago All these movies look like they SUCK!!!
  • Shanequa Ginn
    Shanequa Ginn 1 month ago Say that again
  • O S
    O S 1 month ago It's there a movie that Rock is not in - in 2020?
  • Brandon Paas
    Brandon Paas 1 month ago serenity4ever2010 bad boys came out along time ago already
  • Brandon Paas
    Brandon Paas 1 month ago Can we get his likes to 666 that would be perfect
  • Brandon Paas
    Brandon Paas 1 month ago Shadow Man naaahh it was the king’s man not men
  • Pyro Z
    Pyro Z 1 month ago 17:04 this movie is stupid. If what got in, the entire thing would implode in less than a second.
  • Bob Rijke
    Bob Rijke 1 month ago have not seen one movie in there that i really want to watch
  • Lisa Dwyer
    Lisa Dwyer 1 month ago Terminator 6 came out this year not 2020
  • username1nmillion
    username1nmillion 3 weeks ago First 3 seem O.K. to see at the Cinema especially the 1st and 3rd. NOT EVER watching a Tom Cruise movie until he renounces Scientology and exposes it for what it is: A SCAM. "6 Underground" seem good enough to buy a Cinema ticket for as well. #MerryChristmas. 🎅->🦸‍♂️🎭💥
  • Jada Saidin
    Jada Saidin 3 weeks ago (edited) Star wars and terminator are already in theather in my country.
  • Godzilla King Of The Monster
    Godzilla King Of The Monster 2 weeks ago Dude where godzilla vs kong
  • doris hennessey
    doris hennessey 1 week ago FilmSelect Trailer Blood Shot movie
  • Declan Grassick
    Declan Grassick 5 days ago U know that some of these movies have and had come out last year right not this year
  • Felix Yeouan
    Felix Yeouan 1 week ago "Good morning angels..!" "Good morning professor X .!" 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Aragorns Argonath
    Aragorns Argonath 1 day ago The title is misleading. Some of them came out already in 2019.
  • Hello Ahleen
    Hello Ahleen 1 month ago Charlie lives in a cave, he does not know everyone has smartphones nowadays
  • yevgeniy litvinov
    yevgeniy litvinov 3 weeks ago they have bunker buster bombs...
  • Zach McQueary
    Zach McQueary 1 month ago Welcome to the age of cliche, reboot, and plotless spectacle.
  • Alventura De la Cruz
    Alventura De la Cruz 1 week ago we are in that age since 2010
  • Father of Panafricanism
    Father of Panafricanism 1 month ago When I saw the Charlie's angels trailer I thought it was a totally spies movie
  • Alventura De la Cruz
    Alventura De la Cruz 1 week ago both are almost the same
  • ollehkacb
    ollehkacb 5 days ago (edited) @Alventura De la Cruz totally spies is better
  • Alventura De la Cruz
    Alventura De la Cruz 5 days ago @ollehkacb can't argue with that
  • danny marcinek
    danny marcinek 3 weeks ago “Why does it cost more when I’m dead?” Girl, you ain’t gonna need it
  • Sylence Slayz
    Sylence Slayz 1 month ago Producer: so how many movies do you want to do? Dwayne Johnson: YES
  • Carolyn
    Carolyn 1 month ago His acting gets better every time
  • Hedonist Aesthetic
    Hedonist Aesthetic 1 month ago On the Job Training 😉
  • X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
    X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew 1 month ago @Carolyn What?? He's almost the exact same character in every single movie. The only thing that changes is his name.
  • Cyres Cyres
    Cyres Cyres 1 month ago Does this meme never get old ? 😂😂 red it over 1000 times already still make me laugh every damn time
    SUPERSTREET 1 month ago @X-plus Kaiju Collectors CrewI rather watch the rock in the movies than John Cena
  • X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
    X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew 1 month ago @SUPERSTREET I typically won't watch either...but yeah if I had to pick one..The Rock is better..just wish he'd play something more serious and wasn't a lead role...he'd make a good henchman..
  • Brensyl Blake
    Brensyl Blake 2 weeks ago @X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew agree!
  • Jess Alberto
    Jess Alberto 1 week ago Stewart too.
  • bobolink890
    bobolink890 2 weeks ago Vin Diesel: "You turned me into a weapon", ya, that's basically what happens to you in every movie.
  • Jess Alberto
    Jess Alberto 1 week ago yes hahaha
  • Michael Ransom
    Michael Ransom 2 months ago Hollywood has officially run out of new ideas. Such a shame to see all this great artistry and technology with no substance or innovation. Pass.
  • This is what happens Larry!
    This is what happens Larry! 2 months ago perfectly put.
  • Butter Cup
    Butter Cup 2 months ago You can say that again smh
  • JB
    JB 1 month ago I think we need a Kickstarter website solely for movie production in every language with every currency accepted to destroy Hollywood. Theater release films that are done completely in the cloud and streamed with the same equipment mass produced for excellent viewing in all theaters on release date. A non-biased review site can then leave honest reviews without conglomerate corporation intervention to such said reviews... Then also make VR theaters stream the premiers of such said films with a higher pledges placed, and you should own the rights to see that movie immediately after viewing with high enough pledge. Maybe someone could also make an integration of an app for contracted talented artist CG,SFX,Prop,environment,equipment for movie creation to be streamlined like the efficiency that Hollywood has established already by possibly tapping into that talent pool of theirs... There could be polls about the direction of the plot and incentives with spoilers if you're so willing to see them. With special editions that require higher pledges.  Things like this will destroy Hollywood, or make them change their ways to being more receptive to the viewership and make these middle-men investors and producers who are inept of creativity die off.
  • Titan Hitchins
    Titan Hitchins 1 month ago Michael Ransom honestly bro you’re right. Most of these trailers I was just waiting to finish hoping the next one would be better
  • Milla •
    Milla • 1 month ago Such a critic lol
  • Abdul Jalil
    Abdul Jalil 1 month ago Hollywood's New Generation of JEWS whose Imaginations demonstrate just how Stupid and Limited their brains operate. NONE of these movies are worth spending money on.
  • Hooper DrivesTheBoat
    Hooper DrivesTheBoat 1 month ago There are great ideas still out there, unfortunately Hollywood keeps using the same outdated movie formula and young writers that have no idea what they are doing and are actually horrible at character development.
  • Lukáš Duběda
    Lukáš Duběda 1 week ago Spin-off, spin-off, remake, spin-off, sequel, sequel, remake, remake... - "new films in 2020".
  • Leah L
    Leah L 1 month ago I'm still waiting for a World War Z 2
  • Smattless
    Smattless 1 month ago Understandable. I think you're going to have to wait just a little while longer though. Like an eternity.
  • Peter Heward
    Peter Heward 2 days ago I,m4rmtheiaenagegud4u
  • Sebastien Carlus
    Sebastien Carlus 1 month ago "Good morning angels !" - "Good morning Audi ! "
  • Eastside Cash
    Eastside Cash 1 month ago Sebastien Carlus 😂
  • Anime Weeb
    Anime Weeb 3 weeks ago We can all agree no one wants to see the new “Charlie’s angels”
  • lovecuthbert
    lovecuthbert 3 weeks ago Saw it. Wish I hadn't. :(
  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 3 weeks ago Lol. So true. Must be a shitty movie anyways
  • Banana Malco
    Banana Malco 3 weeks ago you mean kingsmen feminized?
  • NerdyMatt
    NerdyMatt 3 weeks ago Ive seen too many to be interested in this one.
  • kjtubie
    kjtubie 2 months ago Did the Rock EVEN change shirts between the Jungle Cruise and Jumanji 3: The Next Level?? LMAO
  • Natan Miksic
    Natan Miksic 2 months ago I almost chocked to death while eating and reading your comment... f*** you lmfao
  • Gonzilla
    Gonzilla 2 months ago Lamo yo they filmed them both at the same time
  • Sam A
    Sam A 2 months ago Hahahahah
  • Mike Taekwondo
    Mike Taekwondo 2 months ago Lol omg you are right! 😂🤣😂🤣
  • mcrazy331
    mcrazy331 1 month ago It was to tight to get off
  • jayversusjay
    jayversusjay 1 month ago @Mike Taekwondo Yeah because he's wearing the same exact guys are idiots
  • jayversusjay
    jayversusjay 1 month ago @Natan Miksic Would actually be funny if he was wearing the same clothes.
  • J.Campfield
    J.Campfield 1 month ago LMAO
  • jayversusjay
    jayversusjay 1 month ago @J.Campfield Again, would be funny if he was wearing the same thing but he's not. You're laughing at nothing.
  • Tamera Shields
    Tamera Shields 1 month ago Right?? Why are there ALWAYS the same actors and actresses in all these Disney movies? Ridiculous
  • Ridi_FPV
    Ridi_FPV 1 month ago Lol it was the same set wym 😂😂😂
  • Jong Hoon Park
    Jong Hoon Park 1 month ago you don't change skin
  • john davis
    john davis 1 month ago FUCK ME the part were rock did the smolddering intense thing and kevin said his left side is shuting down killed me
  • RJay790
    RJay790 1 month ago Nope. He just put on a hat.
  • Emmanuel Nzeribe Okegbue
    Emmanuel Nzeribe Okegbue 1 month ago 😂😂😂😂🤣
  • mariamo combo
    mariamo combo 1 month ago looks like a mix of mummy too
  • toby puscifer
    toby puscifer 1 month ago @jayversusjay get your panties out of your ass and let the people have their fun. I bet you're real fun at parties. You're the guy who sits in the corner with his arms crossed mumbling to yourself cause no one wants to talk to you, or you the type of person that's gets invited to a party and they give you the wrong address.
  • It'sTrish Gekko
    It'sTrish Gekko 1 month ago toby puscifer 😭Chill😂
  • I
    I 1 month ago @toby puscifer calm down bro, he was just pointing out how dumb the joke is. I bet you're a hoot at parties too
  • Rocky Davis
    Rocky Davis 1 month ago Bruhhhhh this was a dam guud comment
  • Jaymee B.
    Jaymee B. 1 month ago After the Charlie's Angels trailer I started scrolling through the comments.
  • Ss SOS
    Ss SOS 1 month ago Haha same
  • je g
    je g 1 month ago Charlies Angels, the SECOND CA reboot no one asked for...
  • クリスチャン
    クリスチャン 1 month ago damn , same here xD
  • Vegas
    Vegas 1 month ago lmao so did I
  • Guy Sky
    Guy Sky 1 month ago Me too! How weird? Maybe cos we couldn't believe anyone would want this movie and it's just a diterect result of #me too PC bullshit. I hate these chick fighting anti men films. Wouldn't be so bad if they just played it straight but they all have their anti male agenda. Woman director? Tick. Beat up men? Tick? Some kind of anti male statement? Tick. At some point someone will say something about girl power. Tick. Me never watching this movie (or at least paying to watch it) Tick tick tick.
  • Joseph Menendez
    Joseph Menendez 1 month ago Yep. Lost interest after that....
  • bobwatters
    bobwatters 4 weeks ago @Guy Sky I think the all female terminator is worse. Probably just because I was never a Charlies Angels fan though. I don't know how they can make any money off these woke pc bullshit movies, it's all remake trash.
  • DANIEL Ministries
    DANIEL Ministries 1 week ago 😂😂😂 same!!
  • Aaron White
    Aaron White 1 month ago How cool is it to see the whole plot in the trailer these days?
  • Wotans Krieger
    Wotans Krieger 1 month ago its not a "these days" thing
  • Philip Sanders
    Philip Sanders 1 month ago The time has come in the universe to stop watching Movies.
  • Joseph Diefenbach
    Joseph Diefenbach 1 month ago A good movie can happen it's just more uncommon then it used to be.
  • Release us from the Matrix
    Release us from the Matrix 1 month ago the time has come to stop PAYING for movies ;))
  • Green
    Green 1 month ago I do love the smell of the salty seas in the morning and freedom. Yo ho ho
  • AgainstAllOdds Ilikebananas
    AgainstAllOdds Ilikebananas 1 month ago agreed. This vid only showed utter garbage
  • bobwatters
    bobwatters 4 weeks ago More Avengers, Disney and Starwars.... So basically the same crap over and over for the last how many years now? Oh and also a few all female reboots because we need some extra doses of social justice and equality, to hell with the quality of the film.
  • 6548R
    6548R 3 weeks ago Screw that there were multiple here that I'm excited to see! That Harley Quinn movie looked great and it has MacGregor (awesome!), Top Gun has fighter planes and Cruise so that's a bullseye already, Kingsmen movies have been great, JAMES BOND(!!!), McConaughhey has a movie AND Arnold is back again!? Hell, I'm more than excited!
  • BubonicTonic
    BubonicTonic 2 weeks ago bobwatters You had me in the first half... then you lost me when you got a little bitter on us... unless you think Charlie’s angels should be played by dudes instead? 👀
  • bobwatters
    bobwatters 2 weeks ago @BubonicTonic No, just Bosley...
  • light saberAddiCt
    light saberAddiCt 1 month ago (edited) Can't wait for New Mutants, hilarious to see the trailer for Charlies Angels knowing it totally bombed at the box office lol, same as Terminator: Dark Fate.
  • NoBody Special
    NoBody Special 2 months ago Looks like 2020 will be a good year to stay home and read a good book or two. If this is what is suppose to be some of the best movies that are coming out this new year I would hate to see what the worse ones look like.
  • Jay G
    Jay G 2 months ago 🤣 right! Wow, its bad! At least I'm saving money.
  • Stevie
    Stevie 2 months ago As soon as "UNDERWATER" started coming up one letter at a time I knew that movie was unwatchable.
  • Eddy
    Eddy 2 months ago Only the last film looked of any slight interest, there is a lot of absolute shit in there.
  • Eric Sandoval
    Eric Sandoval 2 months ago While these movies do look atrocious, these are only the “blockbuster” action movies set for 2020. Check out A24 films. A lot of excellent stuff goes unnoticed sometimes.
  • Peter Bare
    Peter Bare 1 month ago LIKE THE SONGS THESE DAYS NO CLASS over payed and can't act for shit unlike movie stars like Clint east wood charles Bronson
  • BatalionHunter
    BatalionHunter 1 month ago if you have not read them i'd suggest the Artemis Fowl series, The Dresden Files series, and the Belgariad series
  • Le Quack
    Le Quack 1 month ago Full blown sjw shit show, books indeed.
  • Protoss 01
    Protoss 01 1 month ago For me Underwater, Top gun and bloodshot looks "ok" (not great, not awesome, just ok), and no.. These are not "suppose to be some of the best movies that are coming out this new year" those probably are: BIOS, Dune, Tenet, Greyhound and maybe No time to die
  • Maria Cristina Kettner
    Maria Cristina Kettner 1 month ago I agree! God help us, with this "the same of the same"....
  • Titan Hitchins
    Titan Hitchins 1 month ago NoBody Special right these movies are so mid. Tbh tho I would watch top gun maverick
  • B S
    B S 1 month ago @Stevie I knew it was unwatchable as soon as i saw Kristen Stewart
  • Big Huge
    Big Huge 1 month ago (edited) I was thinking the same thing the entire video through. Nothing's piquing my interest.