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Greatest NFL Ejections

Publicado el 1 ene. 2017 9.846.525 visualizaciones

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  • The Sporting Maniac
    The Sporting Maniac 3 years ago Sub for more great videos
  • camden miranda
    camden miranda 3 years ago good video I subbed
  • John Brown
    John Brown 3 years ago baseball maniac, I will subscribe if you reply to this comment.
  • Damon M
    Damon M 3 years ago Camden Miranda jjklk
  • Malcolm Packer
    Malcolm Packer 2 years ago baseball maniac
  • Exploring And Playin
    Exploring And Playin 2 years ago baseball maniac you just want subs
  • Zach Connors
    Zach Connors 2 years ago doesnt everyone XD thats the whole point of youtube
  • BASIAN 87
    BASIAN 87 2 years ago Vlogger Sandwitcher and who doesn't
  • - Derozzaa
    - Derozzaa 2 years ago (edited) baseball maniac "great video" not sure of that, you have big ego
  • Ian Jamieson
    Ian Jamieson 2 years ago Jonathan Read 😂 HA that's funny and totally me
  • Nathaniel Davidson
    Nathaniel Davidson 2 years ago awesome video, subbed
  • Nathaniel Davidson
    Nathaniel Davidson 2 years ago Azerz_ OG the titles of his videos start with "the greatest..."
  • azbacnikorange
    azbacnikorange 2 years ago Sure. Can't wait to see the next group of pixels
  • Do you know da Wae
    Do you know da Wae 2 years ago Nathaniel Davidson actually its just "Greatest
  • Joey Scerbo
    Joey Scerbo 2 years ago Muellers01 - Add me on xbox 360 "
  • Norman Rondeau
    Norman Rondeau 2 years ago baseball maniac not
  • JuNioR
    JuNioR 2 years ago step 1: make even a good video, then we'll talk... "greatest nfl ejections" seems more like just a collection of recent ejections, hardly any of them "great" by any account
  • Kelly Wright
    Kelly Wright 2 years ago fuck
  • Youtube OG Since 06'
    Youtube OG Since 06' 2 years ago +JuNioR Agreed. This was weak and boring. Not one of them was GREAT. People just throw around words on the internet. Like "Epic" and "Great". When in fact that's not the case. SMH
  • Z3R0.Sneaks
    Z3R0.Sneaks 2 years ago hiphopguru81 it was just a compilation jeez
  • Tyrant
    Tyrant 2 years ago Support people, quit being twats. - Judas
  • Knowngamer 11
    Knowngamer 11 2 years ago baseball maniac nice
  • Johndogg
    Johndogg 2 years ago Make sure you sub for video so bad its unwatchable!!
  • Frood
    Frood 2 years ago "baseball" maniac?
  • Fat Lord
    Fat Lord 2 years ago jdj🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈dfx
  • Snake Eyes
    Snake Eyes 2 years ago Once the live viewers saw Newton's face at 1:55, they knew someone was being ejected.
  • King Fitzgerald
    King Fitzgerald 2 years ago Nope
  • raymond gonzaelz
    raymond gonzaelz 2 years ago Can u do fake's on 4th down vid
  • Jennie Griffin
    Jennie Griffin 2 years ago baseball maniac
  • What Me Worry
    What Me Worry 1 year ago Fuck no. Cant wait for the NFL to implode. Then i can watch all you dumb asses beat each other up.
  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy 1 year ago Ill pass
  • Schpankme Verimuch
    Schpankme Verimuch 1 year ago 480P
  • Zander Yuan
    Zander Yuan 1 year ago This video was shit.
  • Дайчин хаан
    Дайчин хаан 1 year ago I'm waiting for a player to wait for a ref after the game and beat the shit out of him
  • planetrob555
    planetrob555 10 months ago Sub? No. 480 is a decade old.
  • TDS
    TDS 6 months ago Good Video thanks, only criticism is you could of showed more replays of the actual fights .....
  • Marco Barnes
    Marco Barnes 4 months ago @Damon M e u .it f , b. X. C. V the bv c o. C vvx c. C. An. E. E Bo. v
  • Raul Ovalle
    Raul Ovalle 4 months ago Nah im good. This video sucked
  • robbie miller
    robbie miller 4 months ago I mean it was a garbage video
  • Erikk Friberg
    Erikk Friberg 4 months ago Make a great video and I might think about it, but this wasn't even a good video. The picture quality was less than good and the sound was horrible.
  • robbie miller
    robbie miller 4 months ago @Erikk Friberg the cuts were horrendous
  • TheEli979
    TheEli979 3 months ago The Sporting Maniac No.
  • Early Bird
    Early Bird 2 months ago @Exploring And Playin No sheet!
  • christopher lacombe
    christopher lacombe 2 months ago the ref was pushing smith he should throw that flag on himself
  • Keith Wichman
    Keith Wichman 1 month ago i wont cuz ur videos are bad
  • Garfeld
    Garfeld 1 month ago No
  • michael scaletty
    michael scaletty 1 month ago NO
  • MrPaglissi
    MrPaglissi 3 years ago Kelce "Flagging" the official is still one of the better NFL troll moments.
  • Quinton Rogers
    Quinton Rogers 2 years ago MrPaglissi agreed, the first flag the ref threw was bullshit anyways
  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage 2 years ago MrPaglissi agreed
  • kris littledale
    kris littledale 2 years ago Absolutely.
  • Panda Party 3O6
    Panda Party 3O6 2 years ago 9:01 DID YOU SEE THAT TACKLE? HE TRIED TO KILL HIM!!!
  • 28-3
    28-3 2 years ago It was but kelce has a history of a temper. Hilarious either way though and kelce is a great player.
  • Will_Nearing
    Will_Nearing 2 years ago MrPaglissi yes thank you for somebody besides me thinking that's funny
  • Brett Altier
    Brett Altier 2 years ago MrPaglissi tyuy
  • Caden Unger
    Caden Unger 2 years ago (edited) MrPaglissi I like Marquette King whipping with the flag
  • GwresYnKernow
    GwresYnKernow 2 years ago In your heeeeaadd, we're in your heeeeadd, Kelce, Kelce, Kelce-e-e!
  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne 2 years ago I agree #GOCHIEFS
  • Elena Singer
    Elena Singer 1 year ago And it’s hilarious
  • ThatOneDev
    ThatOneDev 9 months ago I mean he was right to be angry. This coming from a Seahawks fan.
  • Elthenar
    Elthenar 4 months ago That was one of the best Fuck You's to a ref I've ever seen.
  • slim slim
    slim slim 3 months ago Facts
  • TheLuscious
    TheLuscious 2 months ago Don’t co-sign bs idiot
  • TheLuscious
    TheLuscious 2 months ago Quinton Rogers Your uninformed opinion
  • Bellalina
    Bellalina 2 months ago That is still the funniest thing I've ever seen in the NFL, Kelce was not the fucking one 😂😂😂
  • Slim is chillin
    Slim is chillin 2 months ago (edited) That ref was pissed. Look at his face after kelce threw the flag. He was like, “aw helllll naw! Tf he just do!? Hell naw...” 😂
  • Heyim18bro
    Heyim18bro 1 month ago I love how mad the official gets from it xD such power freaks
  • Joanne Galle
    Joanne Galle 1 month ago MrPaglissi ur
  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller 1 month ago @Heyim18bro Exactly
  • Mr TurtleDolphinCow Jr
    Mr TurtleDolphinCow Jr 6 months ago Roses are red Violets are blue Unsportsmanlike conduct Ndamukong Suh
  • Bevan
    Bevan 4 months ago Hah, this reply's better than this video
  • Keith Torrence
    Keith Torrence 4 months ago Mr TurtleDolphinCow he was in this video once.
  • Ban
    Ban 4 months ago It makes me sad knowing he's gotten paid to play in the nfl
  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning 3 months ago (edited) Roses are red Violets are blue seems Ndamukong's team beat Mr Turtle's team too
  • Hammerschlägen M
    Hammerschlägen M 3 months ago @Dan Koning Fail
  • John Sieg
    John Sieg 3 months ago @Ban should definitely be in jail. will most likely kill someone after his football career
  • Tim Kertens
    Tim Kertens 3 months ago Lmfao
  • blewis618
    blewis618 3 months ago With his constant bad behavior his suspensions should be longer
  • Remy Ruz
    Remy Ruz 3 months ago Roces are red
  • LoudGamerz™
    LoudGamerz™ 3 months ago Well done. I chortled
  • TaliBan Goon
    TaliBan Goon 3 months ago Mr TurtleDolphinCow NEVER FAILS 😭
  • theberrybest
    theberrybest 2 months ago Biggest asshole in the NFL hands down.
  • youngatwista
    youngatwista 2 months ago Roses are red, Violets are blue, Fuck you.
  • ArrCee
    ArrCee 2 months ago Lmfao 😂
  • Remy Ruz
    Remy Ruz 2 months ago Rose's are red.
  • Hrmmm Saluradi
    Hrmmm Saluradi 2 months ago theberrybest I think you forgot about burfict
  • Jimmy Santino
    Jimmy Santino 2 months ago @Dan Koning very bad
  • Kevin Lowman
    Kevin Lowman 2 months ago @youngatwista lmao!!!
  • Ricky Osweiler
    Ricky Osweiler 2 months ago @theberrybest Nah. That honor goes to Burfict. That dude is a piece of shit.
  • Marla Hicks
    Marla Hicks 2 months ago (edited) Brilliant! 😆 Suh is a giant asshat, but for 2019, I nominate the entire Chargers defense for the "asshat of the year" award. In three different games I have watched them twisting players' knees after they are down (they hurt James Conner that way), I don't understand how it never gets flagged. None of those games were against "my" teams so it wasn't biased, just something I happened to notice.
  • Burr Anderson
    Burr Anderson 2 months ago ندامو سونج
  • NoxZero
    NoxZero 1 month ago Nice lol
  • Aaron M.
    Aaron M. 1 month ago LMAO! Suh is a dirty mofo.
  • Zoe Wheeler
    Zoe Wheeler 1 month ago Best. Comment. Ever. Have a 🍪!
  • Brian S
    Brian S 1 month ago donkey kong Suh he was called by one NFL player... forgot who said it.
  • pleezsukmy hughmungus_nutz
    pleezsukmy hughmungus_nutz 1 week ago 😂😂😂
  • StarSwiss
    StarSwiss 2 days ago Suh is a jerk on the football field, but off of it he's a great guy. I met him back when he played for Nebraska and he was such a kind and caring person. He was also suuuuuuper hot headed on the field. I doubt he'd kill anyone after his nfl career, seems extreme to me
  • JB Dixon
    JB Dixon 2 months ago Am I the only one who likes the term “ejected” more than “disqualified”?
  • Kristopher Kammerdiener
    Kristopher Kammerdiener 2 months ago Sounds like you suffer from premature disqualification syndrome.
  • rafani fischer
    rafani fischer 2 months ago Heck, I didn't even know what they were talking about. Bring back ejected!
  • Alan T
    Alan T 2 months ago Sounds like they came up with that so “snowflakes” don’t get their feelings hurt.
  • Phils Phan
    Phils Phan 2 months ago Alan T Pretty sure it’s right out of the rule book. Baseball players are ejected. Football players are disqualified.
  • Koding Krusader
    Koding Krusader 1 month ago @Phils Phan yup hockey players have a "game misconduct" also known as a match penalty. Theres also a 10 minute misconduct where a player is removed from the rink for 10 mins
  • FirstMil
    FirstMil 1 month ago Depends. Do you prefer assault over altercation?
  • Terry White
    Terry White 1 month ago I like "jetted"
  • thekylehampton
    thekylehampton 1 month ago How you gonna sleep on "Esqualified" 9:36
  • Beth Bibo
    Beth Bibo 1 month ago Get the fuck outta the game! I'd love if they said that.
  • Alexis Jones
    Alexis Jones 1 week ago I like "tossed" more lol
  • Paul Loebach Jr.
    Paul Loebach Jr. 1 week ago @Alexis Jones Yeah, I like the baseball jargon of "getting tossed" the most
  • PlayStation 5247
    PlayStation 5247 1 week ago Why not the term "excluded"
  • Barbara Rowley
    Barbara Rowley 1 week ago Yes you are. I like the word FIRED GET THE HELL OFF THE FIELD.
  • NJGuy1973
    NJGuy1973 4 days ago @Paul Loebach Jr. In baseball it's "getting run." As in, "keep it up and I'll run you"
  • Paul Loebach Jr.
    Paul Loebach Jr. 4 days ago @NJGuy1973 If it was that, it's not so much anymore. Now all the announcers say "tossed," "thrown out," or "ejected."
  • Marc Shepherd
    Marc Shepherd 2 months ago 8:00. The entire Steelers team should have been ejected for wearing the most ridiculous uniforms in NFL history
  • simplemindsforever
    simplemindsforever 2 months ago Marc Shepherd rofl
  • redman840
    redman840 2 months ago Have you seen the Packers throwback uniforms? Just about as bad as that Steelers uniform.
  • Marc Shepherd
    Marc Shepherd 2 months ago redman840 Dang! You’re right. They look like Dr Suess Thing one and Thing Two.
  • A Lee
    A Lee 2 months ago They win in those tho!
  • Marc Shepherd
    Marc Shepherd 2 months ago A Lee True!
  • That saiyan guy
    That saiyan guy 1 month ago I remember seeing those a few years back against the Ravens. Since then I've dubbed that outfit "Bumblebeers"
  • Pete Young
    Pete Young 1 month ago Hey, I'm a Steelers fan. Those jerseys grow on you... like a tumor. They are awful. Haha
  • Alex Black
    Alex Black 1 month ago @A Lee They win because the other team is laughing at them and forget to play. lol
  • Charles Holloway
    Charles Holloway 1 week ago No
  • xxCheetahKinzxx
    xxCheetahKinzxx 3 days ago @Pete Young Honestly, as a Steelers fan as well I question if the makers of the Jersey were drunk or high. Or both haha
  • Alvin Chipmunk
    Alvin Chipmunk 21 hours ago Them dressin' up like a bumble bee would've been better.
  • stevenp25100
    stevenp25100 3 months ago As a Redskins fan, its nice to see my team highlighted in some video.
  • Jesse Morgan
    Jesse Morgan 3 months ago Hahaha
  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago Congratulations!
  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus1967 2 months ago Could be worse. You could have had Andy Reid. Always a bridesmaid never a bride. Watch him steer that team at KFC into the playoffs...and not be ready with a 2 minute drill. Its one thing to have a bad team from jump street. Its another to have a geat team and continually come up short. Eagles won a Superbowl in my lifetime. I can stop watching now. They are on the way to suckdom again.
  • Sammy Goated
    Sammy Goated 2 months ago stevenp25100 lmao I was thinking the same thing
  • Brecon Indie Reviews Mary Wood
    Brecon Indie Reviews Mary Wood 2 months ago Absolutely! But, where were F'ing Refs & NFL on helmet to helmet with Davis, now out for good, head injury? Been watching Skins 50 yrs & oldschool, most this wouldn't be called! Davis should Civilly sue the dude who helmeted, when down too...on purpose
  • stacyann825
    stacyann825 2 months ago As a Patriots fan, it's nice to NOT see my team in this video!!
  • Cohen Kane
    Cohen Kane 2 months ago They're cursed. By Snyder and the shitty antiquated team name. Re-Up time, you shmendricks. Check history
  • John Nichols
    John Nichols 2 months ago @Orcinus1967 I hope not. The birds still have a solid nucleus. Not sure about this year but tuey will be in the playoffs more often than not throughout Wentz's career. He's the real deal. Not having a great year this year but it's not all on him.
  • Karin Goodman
    Karin Goodman 2 months ago Lol
  • A N
    A N 1 month ago @Orcinus1967 you're saying having Andy Reid is worse then the redskins situation? Do you not watch football? Lol
  • Simon
    Simon 1 month ago You are however internationally known for your questionable name
  • Narco Narcotics
    Narco Narcotics 1 month ago AGREED
  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus1967 1 month ago @A N I have mainly given up watching and following football this year. So no, I don't watch. As a Philadelphian I had the pleasure of watching a cold weather team play west coast offense which relies on passing. When its cold and wet you want to hold onto the rock. Reid always went with smaller running backs. Some great ones, but Reid never got it done. And when it came to 2 minute plays, I was convinced he was looking at a food menu for after the game rather than an actual playbook. You wait. KFC will get into the playoffs then come up short. As to whether its better or worse then the Redskins situation this year, I'm not informed enough to say.
  • A N
    A N 1 month ago @Orcinus1967 -_-
  • Will Sadler
    Will Sadler 1 month ago Same with titans 3 times
  • Vinniegret
    Vinniegret 2 weeks ago Bwa ha ha
  • GooBanana
    GooBanana 1 month ago When given an ejection, the best course of action is to get into the ref's face and start screaming. I'm sure that will make him change his mind and reverse his decision.
  • Garret Alspaugh
    Garret Alspaugh 1 month ago Why not already ejected just head but him woth your helmet
  • Joshi Rub
    Joshi Rub 4 weeks ago lmao right!!!
  • Mîkåÿłâ Tãÿłór
    Mîkåÿłâ Tãÿłór 4 weeks ago that’s my favorite course of action. My all-time go to.
  • roven 08
    roven 08 3 weeks ago these are jocks, not academics. their whole muscle memory involves being tough
  • shrapnel77
    shrapnel77 1 week ago @Garret Alspaugh Probably suspended for the season or multiple games. Would cost the player well over 100K in fines. Not worth it.
  • GooBanana
    GooBanana 4 days ago That's not being tough, it's being a whining brat.
  • Zanye East
    Zanye East 2 months ago Makes me laugh how Joe Buck shows no emotion when Baker plants Foles into the turf but acts like Randy Moss shot up a preschool when he mooned the Packers fans
  • rcbeamer
    rcbeamer 1 month ago Lifelong Packer fan here. I LAUGHED when Randy Moss "mooned" the fans at Lambeau. The Packers passed him up in the '98 draft for one Vonnie Holliday (who?), then passed on him at least twice in free agency as well. Now he's a Hall-of-Famer.
  • Andrew Lang
    Andrew Lang 1 month ago Zanye East When I watched the Baker block, I didn’t see it as a blindside. He hit Foles in the chest, and didn’t use his helmet. First rule you learn in football is keep your head on a swivel
  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell 2 weeks ago Andrew Lang yes but you don’t have to keep your head on a swivel after the play is over.
  • Matt G-rig
    Matt G-rig 11 hours ago @Andrew Lang That his is the definition of a blindside block. the league defines as a foul "if a player initiates a block when he is moving toward or parallel to his own end line and makes contact to his opponent with his helmet, forearm or shoulder."
  • LoudGamerz™
    LoudGamerz™ 3 months ago “That player, *by virtue of his actions*, has been disqualified.” Probably my favorite ejection announcement ever.
  • Ron Steurer
    Ron Steurer 1 month ago 2:10- “yesss, this is the ladies man....”
  • FMLandry37
    FMLandry37 16 hours ago Is that with or without the Courvoisier???
  • Sporting Videos 2
    Sporting Videos 2 3 years ago Lol one of the toughest umpires in the league
  • bearswin4
    bearswin4 3 years ago Isaac Grothe im saying lol they should make seasonal awards for refs lmao. Biggest fuck up, or even fastest ref haha
  • JD Allen
    JD Allen 3 years ago bearswi
  • Jpgoeagles
    Jpgoeagles 2 years ago darren sharper hoooold my diiiick
  • Generic Gaming Commentator 827
    Generic Gaming Commentator 827 2 years ago Duke OfOmnium it's a joke because he shoved Smith like crazy (a good 2-3 times before Smith did a thing to him), and flagged him for a tiny touch. That's not being tough
  • Raynesha Price
    Raynesha Price 2 years ago Isaac Grothe there are umpires in the NFL
  • Generic Gaming Commentator 827
    Generic Gaming Commentator 827 2 years ago Raynesha Price are you stupid? We know that. We're not saying lol because they said umpires. We know there are umps in football. We're saying lol because they said "one of the toughest." Look through the rest of the thread before commenting next time
  • Raynesha Price
    Raynesha Price 2 years ago Generic Gaming Commentator 827 no I'm not stupid I just think that it was a misunderstanding that's all
  • Mr. Holmes
    Mr. Holmes 2 years ago you mean---"more often than not" ---unless not is a reference to some sort of time or frequency or streaker.
  • AJ
    AJ 2 years ago Isaac Grothe haha I know right. "Pushed me bish? I'm flagging yo behind" lol. even the smallest NFL lineman would cream any referee lol
  • Sadboi Senpai
    Sadboi Senpai 2 years ago Isaac Grothe its true tho, his yards after first contact is insane
  • Lou Jr Is Autistic
    Lou Jr Is Autistic 2 years ago That's like being the smartest kid on the short bus
  • This ain’t It Fam
    This ain’t It Fam 2 years ago Walter White lmaoooooo
  • Ma007rk
    Ma007rk 2 years ago As evidenced by half filled stadiums, People don't go to see the referees do their jobs, They come to see the football players do THEIR jobs! The NFL needs to understand that, along with many of the ridiculous rules and calls that have been implemented in the last few years.
  • Davned
    Davned 2 years ago I have him on my umpire toughness fantasy team.
  • Matt Beeman
    Matt Beeman 2 years ago He'd knock your dumbass out like I knocked your sister up.
  • LAWLr :D
    LAWLr :D 2 years ago you see this kind of behavior in cops alot. any position of power really
  • Raynesha Price
    Raynesha Price 2 years ago Sporting Videos 2 there are umpires in football
  • AmCoolDude Yeah
    AmCoolDude Yeah 1 year ago Which means he’s a piece of shit and doesn’t let the game play out like It should
  • Nate Ward
    Nate Ward 1 year ago Generic Gaming Commentator 827 he was keeping him from moving forward. Watch Smiths feet, he keeps trying to move forward. De Felice kept pushing him back trying to keep him from continuing, Smith flips him out of the way he’s ejected. I’ll give him toughness for continuing to hold him back and then I’ll give him credit for having a lot of patience and not throwing a flag right away and giving Smith a fair chance to stop going towards his opponent.
  • Sam Mondello
    Sam Mondello 1 year ago Jeff of the biggest bumbling flustered talkers ever ..sheesh
  • Austin Butters
    Austin Butters 1 year ago No they are not lol its easy to be though when the entire nfl is protecting you
  • Eugene Blyther
    Eugene Blyther 1 year ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣 CLASSIC
  • Nate Ward
    Nate Ward 1 year ago Duke OfOmnium still is behind the play on most levels and leagues. Saw at least three get hit in games I worked on high school and semi pro level this year. I’m hoping someday it gets changed to where the umpire is behind the offense like the nfl on all levels.
  • Mathew Maul
    Mathew Maul 1 year ago I'd laugh if that ref gets raped and turned into that players bitch. What a fucking goof
  • Dwayne Collins
    Dwayne Collins 3 months ago So was it a referee or an umpire that got the hard bullet pass to the crotch in the movie longest Yard for making bad calls
  • alex Wilde
    alex Wilde 2 months ago Duke OfOmnium I mean he’s not that tough if he barely got touched and went flying lol
  • Garret Alspaugh
    Garret Alspaugh 1 month ago Yeah hes about as tough as a girl scout
    SRSOS 4 weeks ago Yeah, what a weird thing to say considering that the ref pushed Justin Smith first.
  • Virginia Ybarbo
    Virginia Ybarbo 4 months ago 5:20 When you’re the father
    OG- DABBY 1 month ago WHAT!!!!!
  • Tara Jensen
    Tara Jensen 23 hours ago Mic'd up
  • Janet Dungan
    Janet Dungan 2 months ago 0:43-0:45 The audio from these consecutive clips was so seamless it sounded like the same game! ☺
  • alex gibbs
    alex gibbs 1 month ago Nah.
  • cheesegyoza
    cheesegyoza 6 days ago Seems like my Redskins are 70% of the video it figures.
  • H Thibert
    H Thibert 4 months ago These redskins need to chill, they’re like more than half these clips
  • Neno Sorrell
    Neno Sorrell 3 months ago And they fucking suck
  • Greg Roberts
    Greg Roberts 3 months ago Neno you suck your own lil pp
    EYE DOT 2 months ago The only highlights they make... LMAO
  • Marshon Hattimore
    Marshon Hattimore 2 months ago Greg Roberts they do suck what games are you watching
  • Mark Bailey
    Mark Bailey 2 months ago @Greg Roberts you're gonna lose this one. Like team like fan, lol
  • Chris Earles
    Chris Earles 2 months ago As a titans fan I think we may have been in more. At least we getting recognition on here.
  • Jeffrey McDowell
    Jeffrey McDowell 2 months ago H Thibert They’re a bunch’s sore losers . They’re an embarrassment to a once proud franchise
  • Jeffrey McDowell
    Jeffrey McDowell 2 months ago H Thibert also notice how much The motor mouth fight starting Steve Smith was on there from three different teams
  • Grady Roy
    Grady Roy 6 days ago its the only way we can get in any highlights dude.
  • Eric Fisher
    Eric Fisher 4 months ago 9:27 lol my man was like thank goodness I had my notepad with me
  • Barry Obama
    Barry Obama 3 months ago Eric Fisher he’s like reading trump on twitter
  • Jera mease
    Jera mease 2 months ago Barry Obama it's like reading clintons not pad ,youuuùu muppet B.O. an ya got some stinky initials!haha!
  • DrizzleB 38
    DrizzleB 38 2 months ago Cant wait to see Myles Garrett at the top of all these videos now
  • A N
    A N 1 month ago Man you must not have much going on in your life lol
  • DrizzleB 38
    DrizzleB 38 1 month ago @A N you're not wrong 😂😂
  • Madwrestler 145
    Madwrestler 145 1 month ago Lol
  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 3 weeks ago 1:06 I just want a hug man
  • Andrew Barsky
    Andrew Barsky 3 months ago I love the announcers acting shocked when the fans enjoy a fist fight as if football is a gentleman’s game. I love football, but let’s not pretend that we don’t enjoy the big hits and fights. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • Johnny Rep
    Johnny Rep 1 month ago It's why I love watching hockey.
  • James Whipple
    James Whipple 1 week ago Thank you Andrew, they sound so sanctimonious, probably never played a sport..
  • Ben C
    Ben C 4 months ago 7:07 Savage 😂