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IDOLS SA TOP 5 | the shocking results

Publicado el 20 oct. 2019 26.624 visualizaciones

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  • Tsakani Zava
    Tsakani Zava 1 месяц назад (изменено) Goodbye Virginia, it’s probably good that you leave so your sister can steal some of your votes, you were more entertaining and most vocally talented but votes decide otherwise, but I guess your sister has more emotional strength, she connects with the audience emotionally and sings her emotions out
  • Tsakani Zava
    Tsakani Zava 1 месяц назад It still feels like a conspiracy to remove the stronger one so they can easily deal with the weaker one, Somizi has an eye and a hand on the votes. He’s never wrong about who’s going home especially at critical stages like this.
  • Phindy Chrissy
    Phindy Chrissy 1 месяц назад Luyolo n Sneziey❤...bye Virginia
  • Siyanda Moshani
    Siyanda Moshani 1 месяц назад Luyolo u've got all my votes bro 💯💯💯🤞
  • Tseleng Nhlapo
    Tseleng Nhlapo 1 месяц назад My snezey ska ba hemisa i love you girl
  • Portia Mboweni
    Portia Mboweni 1 месяц назад Snezey you are a supper women and I believe in you
  • tisani Siziphiwe
    tisani Siziphiwe 1 месяц назад Luyolo 💯❤️
  • wenyasha wenyasha
    wenyasha wenyasha 1 месяц назад Bye viginia 💞💞💞
  • Noma Glecious
    Noma Glecious 1 месяц назад Sneziey❤❤❤
  • kelly sadie rabokala
    kelly sadie rabokala 1 месяц назад this so sad..bye virginia
  • Busisiwe Promise
    Busisiwe Promise 1 месяц назад Good bye Viggy in advance............. As I Vote for Nolo............