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Publicado el 27 dic. 2018 3.684.742 visualizaciones

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Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in 2018.

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  • Micaela Rose
    Micaela Rose Год назад The guy running with the plant at 0:45, I need to know his story 😂😂
  • bbaker890
    bbaker890 Год назад He had to hurry up and leaf
  • Matthew Antonelli
    Matthew Antonelli Год назад @Silly Green Fairy nah bro he was walking first he was jus moving the plant and saw the cameras and didnt wanna be on camera so he dipped
  • Its Stefanie
    Its Stefanie Год назад His mom has been admiring the neighbors plant, he's just grabbing it for her! Hahaha
  • Silly Green Fairy
    Silly Green Fairy Год назад @Matthew Antonelli my story is more fun
  • lurch321
    lurch321 Год назад Stephanie Kazmierczak Now THAT'S a good son!
  • Yunior Gamboa
    Yunior Gamboa Год назад Hahahaha
  • Yunior Gamboa
    Yunior Gamboa Год назад @Silly Green Fairy oh my god🤣👍
  • Valarie Dean
    Valarie Dean Год назад Or weed apparently..
  • Wet Mustard
    Wet Mustard Год назад The full clip is funnier and explains it.
  • vitamin yes
    vitamin yes Год назад HAHAH that's my friend's brother reporting on that news
  • lost& found
    lost& found Год назад marijuana
  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton Год назад Just a prank for the camera
  • naima m
    naima m Год назад Stole it
  • clouddi_skyz
    clouddi_skyz Год назад He stole it
  • tigergreg8
    tigergreg8 Год назад Probably a marijuana plant.
  • Mystery Bag
    Mystery Bag Год назад The reporter was actually reporting on a cannabis farm case. "Little did their neighbours know that in this quiet pretty little corner of the Kent countryside, the cottage just over my shoulder has been where they had been growing cannabis" As he finishes that sentence and points to the cottage the kid runs out of the cottage where the news story came from. It was definitely a cannabis plant
  • Worthless Youth
    Worthless Youth Год назад I was laughing so hard at the lack of context
  • Vladimir Vasic
    Vladimir Vasic Год назад Hahahahahaha
  • Ego Vici
    Ego Vici Год назад He stole it
  • Smitty Mcsmith
    Smitty Mcsmith Год назад Cutie
  • Zak Bensberg
    Zak Bensberg Год назад Mystery Bag this is true!
  • Misael Henriquez
    Misael Henriquez Год назад Looks like Ganja.
  • Cactus 2
    Cactus 2 Год назад Micaela Rose I feel like he robbed the house of the plant 😂😂😂😂
  • Ian Lee
    Ian Lee Год назад its a pot plant, he thought they were five ohh cuzz he was stoned. : )
  • Jojo \m/
    Jojo \m/ Год назад It was a .... POT plant. 😏
  • pyner0s
    pyner0s 9 месяцев назад Legend has it... that guy is still running...
  • Brian Cain
    Brian Cain 9 месяцев назад Last minute Mother's Day gift.
  • Batman
    Batman 9 месяцев назад Damn. 😂😂
  • kristin garrison
    kristin garrison 9 месяцев назад Yes! I need answers! 😂
  • Cinnigen19
    Cinnigen19 8 месяцев назад bbaker890 lol
  • Jack Diamond
    Jack Diamond 8 месяцев назад He poked his head around the corner. Saw a TV crew and did a bit. You're welcome.
  • Frank 9000
    Frank 9000 8 месяцев назад Legend has it he still has the plant
  • Reid Garwin
    Reid Garwin Год назад The guy running with the plant is my most favorite thing
  • Weasly is Our King
    Weasly is Our King Год назад XDDD
  • Dominic Rodriguez Chug
    Dominic Rodriguez Chug Год назад With cannabis 👌😂😂
  • asdf
    asdf 10 месяцев назад The flux capacitor was the best.
  • Alex The Glitch
    Alex The Glitch 9 месяцев назад He just turns the corner and SPRINTs
  • WalterLiddy
    WalterLiddy Год назад The cameraman at 3:05 recovered amazingly - that shot through the loop in the plastic. Skilled.
  • lolgirlyo Lola
    lolgirlyo Lola Год назад I know right lol
  • Alexiz001
    Alexiz001 Год назад That was freaking great. That's what you call an epic save lol
  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 11 месяцев назад yes i liked that too =) very smart =)
  • Lost Wolf
    Lost Wolf 11 месяцев назад No electronics or cameras were injured in that live shot
  • Collin
    Collin 10 месяцев назад Anybody would have thought to do that. It was the obvious way to go.
  • Jordan Dyer
    Jordan Dyer 4 месяца назад You know from extensive experience I'm sure, lol.
  • a f
    a f Неделю назад WalterLiddy That was amazing! He deserves a raise!
  • TheFirefox4Cubed
    TheFirefox4Cubed Год назад 3:09 - The cameraman fell into the lake, recovered, and re-framed his shot in the span of 10 seconds. Good job Chris Banca!
  • Gilmore
    Gilmore 2 месяца назад And managed to get a nice stylish through-canoe shot. What a pro!
  • michael
    michael Год назад "It's an almond" *Holds up a cashew*
  • Juneid Mosaheb
    Juneid Mosaheb Год назад LIKE A BOSS
  • Jens Kirs
    Jens Kirs Год назад I thought it was the world's smallest croissant
  • Andrey Litvinov
    Andrey Litvinov Год назад Oh your so cool?
  • tnlaw2004
    tnlaw2004 Год назад Andrey Litvinov you think YOU'RE cool?
  • no u uh
    no u uh Год назад michael lol
  • Stylized! Circus Baby -SL-
    Stylized! Circus Baby -SL- Год назад LITERALLY DYING FROM THIS 😂😂😂
  • Kevin Leong
    Kevin Leong Год назад I was just gonna comment this HAHAHA
  • JILLyBean 95
  • Amelie White
    Amelie White Год назад was literally about to go comment this
  • trav v
    trav v Год назад you're* @Andrey Litvinov
  • Burrito Master
    Burrito Master 10 месяцев назад ??!!
  • Karolina B
    Karolina B 9 месяцев назад She got her NUTS mixed up!!
  • spicyy chickens
    spicyy chickens 7 месяцев назад I just changed your likes to 2k... your welcome.
  • Shannon Gerry
    Shannon Gerry 3 месяца назад I've literally just paused on this and scrolled into the comments. So happy to see such good internetting.
  • Jorge Alvarez
    Jorge Alvarez 2 месяца назад 🤣🤣🤣
  • Space Cat
    Space Cat Год назад 12:20 Can confirm, that is definitely not a black panther.
  • elaria
    elaria Год назад Louise Bannister darn, it really looked like one, size and all
  • Kareen Vargas
    Kareen Vargas Год назад i am dying. i, am, dying
  • Catriona Charles
    Catriona Charles Год назад I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a clear, crisp photo of a house cat.
  • EternalDensity
    EternalDensity Год назад Wakanda forever!
  • Holly G
    Holly G Год назад There isn't much going on in Britian we have to make some sort of news
  • Ariane
    Ariane Год назад that's Glasgow for you
  • Marcus Riesgo
    Marcus Riesgo Год назад Wakanda cat was it?
  • Greg McCauley
    Greg McCauley Год назад @Holly G she was so mad. I've seen that from the BBC a few times, when it happens in the US people get fired
  • Holly G
    Holly G Год назад (изменено) E
  • Space Cat
    Space Cat Год назад (изменено) Greg McCauley Really? That kind of thing funny. Not anything to get fired over. I mean major errors sure, but little ones like this? I saw a cat on a US news thing too, exact same situation. Firing would be overkill.
  • Holly G
    Holly G Год назад Louise Bannister sorry yes replying to someone else
  • Space Cat
    Space Cat Год назад Holly G YeahI saw not long after it was altered. XD
  • Greg McCauley
    Greg McCauley Год назад @Space Cat hmm well it's up in the air. Definitely lost composure and seemed down on the production in general. To me it would be akin to implying you should watch someone else.
  • MrsConnie 2You
    MrsConnie 2You Год назад If THAT mess won't ridamndiculous...I was laughing so hard, I needed my inhaler😂🤣😂🤣
  • Hailey Persaud
    Hailey Persaud Год назад Louise Bannister are you sure. I mean, it really REALLY looks like a panther you might be confused. last time I checked panthers were the size of house cats
  • tigergreg8
    tigergreg8 Год назад It looked like a house cat.
  • red pillscot
    red pillscot Год назад ​@Ariane I can confirm the original source for this story was Baz who admits to being out his face on grass and had downed a bottle of white lighting before making the call
  • Space Cat
    Space Cat 11 месяцев назад red pillscot Hahaha for real?
  • singing4hope
    singing4hope 11 месяцев назад 😂😂😂
  • davidca96
    davidca96 8 месяцев назад its just a normal cat, how anyone could think thats a big cat is beyond me.
  • Michelle Carter
    Michelle Carter 5 месяцев назад That was classic! It's a Tuxedo 🐱 😂😂😂
  • Gacha Creamy Cake Wolf queen
    Gacha Creamy Cake Wolf queen 5 дней назад Space Cat it’s a bob cat
  • Caroline Shorb
    Caroline Shorb Год назад 3:46 Actually looks like the crow is saying, "oh my gosh I've nev- ...yeah"
  • Milk Dom
    Milk Dom Год назад Caroline Shorb Lol I saw that too
  • Sophie In Farbe
    Sophie In Farbe Год назад Looool
  • Rebecca K
    Rebecca K Год назад Omg that is so funny and cool! 😂
  • Becca Lyn
    Becca Lyn Год назад I CANT UNSEE THIS😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Elmo The duck
    Elmo The duck Год назад Caroline Shorb right I thought it was just me
  • Toonerz T
    Toonerz T Год назад RIGHT?!?
  • Cornn Flaek
    Cornn Flaek Год назад Oh my 😂👌🏿
  • Lilli Simpson
    Lilli Simpson Год назад Ikr
  • Madelynn Huffman
    Madelynn Huffman 11 месяцев назад Ahahaha I love that 😂😂😂😂
  • Chelsea Op den Camp
    Chelsea Op den Camp 1 месяц назад HAHAHAH
  • Andrey Tozzi
    Andrey Tozzi Год назад (изменено) 3:19 Actually that was aesthetically great shot. He should be a cinematographer.
  • evfike01
    evfike01 Год назад Maurice Griffe Chris needs a raise!
  • Matthew JS
    Matthew JS Год назад Exceptional recovery!
  • Clifford S
    Clifford S Год назад I noticed that also, great Eye that guy had
    POLYDANK Год назад This is close to where I live :)
  • Becoming Batman
    Becoming Batman Год назад I remember when this happened, it was so funny
  • Andrey Litvinov
    Andrey Litvinov Год назад Haaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa
  • Andrey Litvinov
    Andrey Litvinov Год назад What hahahahaha 😘 huge deal to get the car to get to be in half and I right to the end I am my phone and it through my dad I have Preston's to the gym now but will call when I'm in a meeting!
  • Andrey Litvinov
    Andrey Litvinov Год назад Actually that was a sagnifantanly good shot
  • Yunior Gamboa
    Yunior Gamboa Год назад Yep.
  • Sandra Jovic
    Sandra Jovic Год назад I thought he was a cinematographer!
  • Everyone wears a mask
    Everyone wears a mask Год назад The video equivalent of a happy accident.
  • Heydino
    Heydino Год назад Ikr, he needs a raise or something to honor this great cinema!
  • emilio teran
    emilio teran Год назад agreed... but i would guess that most professional camera man studied cinematography among other stuff, and most likely have a trained eye for finding good shots... not all of them, sure.. but most
  • Joshua Ein
    Joshua Ein Год назад nononononononoyessss.
  • Alexiz001
    Alexiz001 Год назад @Matthew JS Truly exceptional lol
  • stricker1eagle500
    stricker1eagle500 Год назад @Andrey Litvinov Huh?
  • Myztkl-Kev
    Myztkl-Kev Год назад what a trooper, just keeps rollin the shot.
  • Donald Pace
    Donald Pace Год назад Word
  • shawns bot
    shawns bot 11 месяцев назад Can someone explain why. Thanks :)
  • AllenCPalmer
    AllenCPalmer 11 месяцев назад News director at my station would be enamored with that shot.
  • kartaiss
    kartaiss Год назад British news anchor over funny news: [serious face with a little twitch] "...somebody's making me laugh, but nevermind. The temperatures over East Anglia..." American news anchor over funny news: [laughing uncontrollably, hugging colleagues, rolling on the floor] "...ohhhhhhh damn, oh my God, oh my God, Jill, did you hear this one already?"
  • Space Cat
    Space Cat Год назад (изменено) kartaiss Yeah I prefer the American news presenters when they screw up, something is funny or they joke. They have a proper laugh.
  • Roger Abbott
    Roger Abbott Год назад The famous British stiff upper lip
  • Space Cat
    Space Cat Год назад garusic sap Yeah, I’m in the UK and I’m sure that’s a class thing. To be honest it annoys me a little, that stiff upper lip thing.
  • BigMude
    BigMude Год назад (изменено) Yeah, it's nice not to take everything so serious all the time.
  • Frozen Fire
    Frozen Fire Год назад 13:49, That's the whitest thing I've ever seen...
  • DawnCanBeGrumpy InTheMorning
    DawnCanBeGrumpy InTheMorning Год назад Damn pathetic! lol
  • BallerSwagBro9K
    BallerSwagBro9K Год назад I actually closed my eyes and cried
  • manuel cruz
    manuel cruz Год назад @DawnCanBeGrumpy InTheMorning the sadness 8s the white guy thats never seen stepping
  • andrewrocks10
    andrewrocks10 Год назад Meh don't shame old ppl for having fun
  • Apine32
    Apine32 Год назад that was my local news station
  • Hannah Bonanza
    Hannah Bonanza Год назад Followed by the whitest thing I've ever seen. 😂😂😂"It's like a snake or something."
  • MrsConnie 2You
    MrsConnie 2You Год назад (изменено) I was embarrassed FOR them🤦🏾‍♀️...Who was in charge THAT day, cuz the need to be fired😂🤣😂🙌🏾
  • Laneynikole 1127
    Laneynikole 1127 Год назад 😂😂
  • Chris Medlar
    Chris Medlar Год назад Made me laugh! White, Black Pink Purple or Yellow, humans are capable of anything ;)
  • KamilPlayz
    KamilPlayz Год назад bluelightningfilms That actually made me cringe
  • KUNC Network
    KUNC Network Год назад @Apine32 I'm sorry for you.
  • bangchans right demple
    bangchans right demple Год назад True
  • Bob Lob
    Bob Lob Год назад i nearly killed myself watching that
  • Leiona Mcmeme
    Leiona Mcmeme Год назад (изменено) That just makes me wanna cry in a hole
  • Dcozy YETIYT
    Dcozy YETIYT Год назад I cringed
  • Eryn Hardesty
    Eryn Hardesty Год назад That's local news channel.
  • Smitty Mcsmith
    Smitty Mcsmith Год назад Racist
  • Smitty Mcsmith
    Smitty Mcsmith Год назад 10:39 is the blackest thing I’ve ever seen
  • Ant
    Ant Год назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams Год назад Lol
  • teddy pendergrass
    teddy pendergrass Год назад When i saw this clip i thought "what a bunch of nerdy newscasters" the fact that they were white never crossed my mind. identity politics has really seeped in. bizarre
  • Jori Jo BG
    Jori Jo BG 11 месяцев назад Fortnite!
  • The OZ if wizards
    The OZ if wizards 9 месяцев назад Sooooo we can’t jump or dance apparently
  • I’ll skrt On your skeet
    I’ll skrt On your skeet 9 месяцев назад Kichem 09 oml me to bro I watched that live too 😂😂
  • xx Lan xx
    xx Lan xx 8 месяцев назад Thats the Kansas city news for ya😂
  • s
    s 5 месяцев назад @Smitty Mcsmith 😂
  • ShortSonic01
    ShortSonic01 4 месяца назад My local news channel. I didn't watch the day they did this, but I'm won't see these guys the same ever again.
  • Miranda Wyatt
    Miranda Wyatt 3 месяца назад That would be my local news
  • Young Retr0
    Young Retr0 3 месяца назад Oh goodness
  • Silver Screen Productions
    Silver Screen Productions 1 месяц назад I've never physically cringed more in my entire life
  • Holly G
    Holly G Год назад American news is so weird 😂
  • Avril Ramos
    Avril Ramos Год назад "AMERICAN" ???
  • Your Local Cringe Channel
    Your Local Cringe Channel Год назад That’s what makes us unique. :3
  • JT
    JT Год назад (изменено) I wish we had news reporters like that in Australia D:
  • Absolute Wanker.
    Absolute Wanker. Год назад @JT Me to
    MR. KING OF PHENOMENAL Год назад Yeah we do lol. That Ameroca for you.
  • isa
    isa Год назад I love it
  • That One
    That One Год назад Well at least American reporters don’t go on air looking like prostitutes like in Mexico.
    LOBO NEGRO Год назад Holly G You mean the U.S.🇺🇸
  • gingataisen
    gingataisen Год назад @That One That wasn't Mexico; that was Florida.
  • Worthless Youth
    Worthless Youth Год назад Ikr?? Here the news it's all serious
  • Natalie Alvarez
    Natalie Alvarez Год назад @That One Why are you so tight? Relax.. I am American and I thought this comment was funny and accurate and I'm proud. Our news is not boring.
  • Kaitachi
    Kaitachi Год назад That One loser
  • Smitty Mcsmith
    Smitty Mcsmith Год назад What’s up cutie?
  • Holly G
    Holly G Год назад Smitty Mcsmith ....
  • Holly G
    Holly G Год назад Flying Start Media Inc In the UK they are so serious and dull
  • Holly G
    Holly G Год назад Worthless Youth I’m from the UK and i have never seen main news smile, the odd local news joke is said if the regular people are there but in general. Super serious.
  • Smitty Mcsmith
    Smitty Mcsmith Год назад Holly G lol what
  • Holly G
    Holly G Год назад Smitty Mcsmith did ‘whats up cutie’ reference something from the video?
  • Smitty Mcsmith
    Smitty Mcsmith Год назад Holly G no I was doing that to you duhhh
  • Syntax Error
    Syntax Error Год назад (изменено) Then you should see Finnish news. They have a channel there in Finland where women undress during the news- or weather-cast (can't remember which one it was). I realize that was probably NOT the regular news reporting. Still odd.
  • Lique Lique
    Lique Lique Год назад Smitty Mcsmith Lol she just curved you hard ... and you didn’t even notice
  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV Год назад @MR. KING OF PHENOMENAL AmerOCA
  • Kingsavagebruh
    Kingsavagebruh 10 месяцев назад USA is the best lol
  • A&A DJ
    A&A DJ 8 месяцев назад Idk... is it?? I am korean lol
  • Nada VEGAN
    Nada VEGAN 8 месяцев назад Every time....
  • Ben Conway
    Ben Conway 1 месяц назад @gingataisen sorry which one was Florida?
  • Ben Conway
    Ben Conway 1 месяц назад @Holly G so where in the UK are the news dull?
  • Melanrick
    Melanrick 1 месяц назад Yea hahahahaha
  • Bell Iron Fist
    Bell Iron Fist 3 недели назад How is it weird? It’s hilarious
  • gtiman67
    gtiman67 Год назад (изменено) The people doing a vigil for the burnt down Taco Bell is priceless they literally are like having prayers made, and candles, tears?!😄😄😄😄☺
  • Chasbo Daniels
    Chasbo Daniels Год назад Haha, could it be any more pitiful? Dining options in that town must be very limited I guess.
  • jonesy19691
    jonesy19691 Год назад Those poor people really had nothing better to do?
  • YungDoji TrapArtist
    YungDoji TrapArtist Год назад (изменено) 11:40 Almond? Thats a weird way to pronounce cashew...
  • Big Jay
    Big Jay Год назад 😂😂😂
  • Toonerz T
    Toonerz T Год назад Where is the Coffee ASMR!?!
  • Griffin
    Griffin Год назад Aiman A r/woooosh
  • Sophie Hewlett
    Sophie Hewlett 10 месяцев назад She probably had mixed nuts or something 😂
  • Niya Ray
    Niya Ray 10 месяцев назад YungDoji TrapArtist ay that’s my weather man shout out to my NC folks
  • andrewrocks10
    andrewrocks10 Год назад Urine???? Really? Don't stop reading after the first three letters dude
  • Bethany Shultz
    Bethany Shultz Год назад andrewrocks10 chill everyone makes mistakes
  • MiniRed
    MiniRed Год назад Bethany Shultz Nah. He knows damn well that was not pronounced urine. He was being ignorant
  • Wait, what???
    Wait, what??? Год назад Lol, that's one of my local channels. He gets tripped up easily, but is good guy who shouts out birthdays every morning.
  • FireSnek
    FireSnek Год назад @MiniRed Thats what I would of said, its just a mistake.
  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder Год назад Wait, what??? Ayyyyy 614
  • Sweet cakes Asmr
    Sweet cakes Asmr 7 месяцев назад andrewrocks10 I can’t help but to laugh 😂
  • Sam Galloway
    Sam Galloway 3 месяца назад @Bethany Shultz Everybody had those days.
  • joe mama
    joe mama Год назад 0:21 he looks so surprised and then just casually walks back with his mouth still open lol
  • Willy Will
    Willy Will Год назад When you see something you don't want to see but you keep looking anyways 😂
  • GippyHappy
    GippyHappy Год назад They really got a helicopter for a cat
  • J H
    J H Год назад (изменено) 3:43 that... Is hilarious. A photo bombing crow.
  • Addyson Hatcher
    Addyson Hatcher Год назад In oklahoma we always have wasps on the cameras and even snakes
  • A West
    A West 7 месяцев назад Adorable !!!
  • Silver Scorpio
    Silver Scorpio Год назад RIP the best Taco Bell in Montgomery.... Baja Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!
  • Silly Green Fairy
    Silly Green Fairy Год назад That was just awful to behold. Why would you let it go that far? Mountain dew deserves better than that.
  • Andrey Litvinov
    Andrey Litvinov Год назад Ya Baja blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast
  • Andrey Litvinov
    Andrey Litvinov Год назад Why I hate this comment thumsdown
  • Sarah M
    Sarah M Год назад *holds up cashew* This is an almond.
  • Sister Catrina
    Sister Catrina Год назад (изменено) Mmmbaja blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast. Mmbaja blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast. Mmbaja BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST! Mmbaja blaaaaAaAast...
  • MyNameIsJD
    MyNameIsJD Год назад And my name is Hugh!
    MR. KING OF PHENOMENAL Год назад @MyNameIsJD Hi! MY NAME NOBODY and that goes for you
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