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Manning Leads 21 Point Comeback in 4 Minutes

Publicado el 6 ago. 2018 5.626.804 visualizaciones

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In 2003 Peyton Manning lead the Indianapolis Colts into Raymond James stadium for a showdown with the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Gruden lead Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With just over 3 minutes left the Colts found themselves down by 21 points. That's when The Sheriff took over.

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    NFL Throwback 1 year ago Which crazy ending should we do next?
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    Godzilla John 1 year ago Cowboys vs seahawks 2004
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    Kyle Adrien 1 year ago NFL Vault Eagles vs giants '10 or this past season
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    M G 1 year ago +NFL Vault 1995 AFC Championship Game Colts @ Steelers.
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    Dhruv Syngol 1 year ago NFL Vault Saints vs Vikings (Minnesota Miracle)
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    aQuestionableQuestion 1 year ago Bears vs Cardinals 2006
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    boldfacedPit 949 1 year ago Browns vs Titans 2014
  • SPTO
    SPTO 1 year ago I'll offer 2 suggestions as i'm sure others will have their own: The River City Relay (Jags/Saints 2003) The Holy Roller (Raiders/Chargers 1978) I know the quality of the broadcast footage of that game isn't the greatest but it's a seminal moment and led to a rule change as well.
    SHARK ATTACK 1 year ago 49ers vs giants in the playoffs 49ers comeback or browns vs Bengals the 50 points each lol
  • Dhruv Syngol
    Dhruv Syngol 1 year ago NFL Vault Giants vs 49ers 2003 Wild Card
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    Ghetto Zorro 1 year ago Raiders vs cheifs 2017
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    funkymonk199 1 year ago 2000-Raiders @ 49ers
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    J Foxx, 1 year ago Patriots vs Colts 07 regular season
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    Dhruv Syngol 1 year ago NFL Vault Also do Saints vs 49ers 2012 Wildcard
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    Witch King of Angmar 1 year ago Music City Miracle
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    Joshua Cochran 1 year ago Browns Ravens, the Phil Dawson FG that bounces out after being good.
  • Dhruv Syngol
    Dhruv Syngol 1 year ago (edited) The Saints vs 49ers game between Alex Smith and Drew Brees in the 2011-12 NFL Season was one of the most competitive wildcard games ever. Plz do this NFL Vault
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    julio rod 1 year ago Cowboys vs bills monday night 2007
  • Cosmo Kramer
    Cosmo Kramer 1 year ago Redskins vs cowboys, MONDAY NIGHT 2005
  • Christopher Freeman
    Christopher Freeman 1 year ago I have 5 games that should be considered: Redskins @ Cowboys (1979), Vikings @ Redskins (1986), Raiders @ Chiefs (1999), Patriots @ Ravens (2012) and Ravens @ Steelers (2016)
  • Daniel Espinosa
    Daniel Espinosa 1 year ago NFL Vault Cowboys vs Steelers 2016
  • The L
    The L 1 year ago NFL Vault because of the penalty this should not be the greatest. Terrible ending call on the first field goal attempt. I strongly disagree with the title of the video.
  • Daniel Hartigan
    Daniel Hartigan 1 year ago Eagles vs Buccaneers 2006 - incredible Westbrook TD followed by 62 yard FG
  • Brad P
    Brad P 1 year ago Ravens vs Seahawks 2003. So many bizarre plays(tipped hail mary conversion on 4th and 28 for one) plus the Ravens even got an extra timeout. Also includes Trent Dilfer playing in Baltimore for a few plays first time since SB. 44-41 final overtime.
  • Jeffery Robertson
    Jeffery Robertson 1 year ago 1991 San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons known as hail Flutie 2 Atlanta Fulton County Stadium Atlanta Georgia November 3rd 91 Hail Mary
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    Wolfof 1 year ago Denver vs KC, Roby with the scoop and score
    BRUNO JOSE 1 year ago Colts vs Jets AFC Championship
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    I'm Moostache 1 year ago Cowboys vs Steelers 2016
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    Pragya Bhandari 1 year ago 49ers vs saints 36-32 at the playoffs Alex smith vs drew brees
  • jasonfire34
    jasonfire34 1 year ago Bears vs. 49ers and Browns, back to back weeks in 2001. Mike Brown got pick sixes in OT both games.
  • Joel
    Joel 1 year ago The Giants vs Eagles game that Vick lead a comeback at the end and Desean Jackson punt return at the the end.
  • Mr Q Ceaz
    Mr Q Ceaz 1 year ago PLEASE do the 07 AFC championship game between the Patriots & Colts or the 15 NFC championship game between the Packers & Seahawks BOTH games ended crazy & show me some love when you upload it please
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    Pancake 26 1 year ago NFL Vault Packers vs Steelers 2009
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    Tb0n33999 1 year ago What’s highest scoring game of the nfl?
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    George Hopkins Jr 1 year ago NFL Vault do the craziest super bowl ending
  • lucass1658
    lucass1658 1 year ago Manning's Monday night comeback #2 vs chargers
  • Liam Svanoe
    Liam Svanoe 1 year ago NFL Vault so during late season last year, I got to see my first ever NFL game in person! 3rd row and everything. The catch is, it was completely trash Packers vs secondary Vikings at Lambeau. The temperature was -7 Fahrenheit most of the game, it was painful, but anything for the my team. Final score was 0-17 Vikings win. Not only dod that suck that they lost, it also sucked because it was the first blowout at Lambeau since 2006... Ill be hopeful this year at the Packers Cards game.
  • Reese Boogie
    Reese Boogie 1 year ago Seahawks vs. Ravens 2003 season
  • Isaiah Benton
    Isaiah Benton 1 year ago Cowboys vs. Packers 2016 Divisional Game or 2017 regular season game
  • LTrain 45
    LTrain 45 1 year ago When the Browns completed the largest ever road comeback, for real those who don't know
  • Omer Bloch
    Omer Bloch 1 year ago colts chiefs playoffs
  • Daniel Crane
    Daniel Crane 1 year ago Do you mean the 2002 game? There is a 40 minute video of it here.
  • Tyler Larsen
    Tyler Larsen 1 year ago Do the Minneapolis Miracle
  • Ryan Flores
    Ryan Flores 1 year ago NFL Vault jags vs Texans 2010
  • rtyable
    rtyable 1 year ago 49ers vs Giants 2002 nfc wildcard
    RALPH TYRRELL 1 year ago bra, that was god getting revenge on us for letting dungey go will never forget it!!!
    RALPH TYRRELL 1 year ago sorry bra meant to say god' allowing dungey to get revenge on us!!
  • TygaGotNext Fr
    TygaGotNext Fr 1 year ago NFL Vault, Saints vs I need to say anymore?
  • cawnorr
    cawnorr 1 year ago Eagles vs Giants 2010, oh man that is a nostalgic game.
  • Crazy Steve
    Crazy Steve 1 year ago Jets-Dolphins Monday Night Miracle. Jets scored 30 in 4th quarter and won in OT
  • Matthew Jay Evans
    Matthew Jay Evans 1 year ago NFL Vault Bears Cardinals 2006 aka the REAL Monday Night Miracle.
  • Nitro Gaming
    Nitro Gaming 1 year ago Eagles giants '10. Or even this seasons ridiculous kick
  • QuestionableIdentity
    QuestionableIdentity 1 year ago Chiefs Broncos, 2016 I think it was. OT?
  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 1 year ago Oakland vs kanas city 2017
  • PeeyanoKeys
    PeeyanoKeys 1 year ago I want the Snow Bowl 2013 - Eagles vs Lions
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    SadBassBoi 1 year ago 2012 Titans v Lions Music City Mayhem
  • Ha Vu
    Ha Vu 1 year ago Denver rush field goal to win the game.
  • indzone_98
    indzone_98 1 year ago 4th and 2
  • A Google User
    A Google User 1 year ago 2006 AFCCG
  • Marcus Lee
    Marcus Lee 1 year ago Miracle at the Meadowlands (Jets-Dolphins). THAT was the wildest MNF comeback.
  • Sargonian12
    Sargonian12 1 year ago NFL Vault I think this should be a unanimous decision, Super Bowl 49 or 51.
  • Matt Malcore
    Matt Malcore 1 year ago Don't the Lions have a couple comebacks in the last few years where they were down 2 scores with less than a minute left, and ended up winning?
  • Jorge Gaytan
    Jorge Gaytan 1 year ago NFL Vault remember that steelers.vs falcon game..when Tommy Maddox was the Steelers qb..epic game
  • Devin mccampbell
    Devin mccampbell 1 year ago NFL Vault you deserve more subscribers
  • HT82 Smash
    HT82 Smash 1 year ago NFL Vault Texans Seahawks 2017!
  • A A
    A A 1 year ago Rams vs titans SB
  • Isaiah Parrish
    Isaiah Parrish 1 year ago NFL Vault colts patriots 2011 comeback
  • Murder Inc. Hunting
    Murder Inc. Hunting 1 year ago 95 AFC Championship
  • ItalianRooster
    ItalianRooster 1 year ago cardinals vs packers 2015 plauoffs
  • ItalianRooster
    ItalianRooster 1 year ago chiefs vs broncos 2016
  • CNM
    CNM 1 year ago Dhruv Syngol it was in the divisional round. The 49ers were the second seed that year and had a first round bye.
  • Scooty Puff
    Scooty Puff 1 year ago Seahawks @ bengals 2015
  • DolFan316
    DolFan316 1 year ago Ravens-Vikings 2013. Vikings score two TDs and the Ravens get three, all in the final 2:05. In terms of crazy endings, I don't see how that game can ever be topped.
  • youflunkeddaycare
    youflunkeddaycare 1 year ago Packers vs Cowboys 2013 - 23 point comeback
  • Herencia 2J
    Herencia 2J 1 year ago Tony Romos 5 interception win bs Buffalo in 2007. Final score Cowboys 25 Bills 24.
  • Herencia 2J
    Herencia 2J 1 year ago Tony Romos 5 interception game vs Buffalo in 2007. Cowboys 25 Bills 24
  • Brayden Zreineh
    Brayden Zreineh 1 year ago Texans vs lions Thanksgiving day
  • Mr So Fresh So Clean
    Mr So Fresh So Clean 1 year ago Steelers vs Browns 2002 AFC Wild Card
  • Dumisa Tony Johnson
    Dumisa Tony Johnson 1 year ago Meadowlands Number two Desean Jackson returns a punt for a touchdown in the final seconds
  • CrushingRock
    CrushingRock 1 year ago (edited) NFL Vault Eagles at Giants 2010!!
  • The 4
    The 4 1 year ago Vikings 49ers 2009
  • Avengers Fan
    Avengers Fan 1 year ago Broncos vs chargers 2012 MNF
  • Mario Leon
    Mario Leon 1 year ago The Minneapolis Miracle or the Pick at the Stick
  • mike lomez
    mike lomez 1 year ago Crazy Steve Clearly that is the greatest comeback on Monday night football
  • Gino P
    Gino P 1 year ago NFL Vault Monday night miracle. Jets/Dolphins
  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 1 year ago Oct. 13, 1986 - Steelers @ Bengals. Bengals win, 24-22, on 60-something-yard TD run by Cincinnati punter Jeff Hayes on a 4th quarter fake punt. Best gadget play in Bengals history, and I cannot find footage of that play anywhere.
  • Mr So Fresh So Clean
    Mr So Fresh So Clean 1 year ago That game haunts me still and I swear if I ever see Matt Dodge, I'll kick him in the head!! That comeback was the reason the Packers made the playoffs and not the Giants and the Packers were the ONLY team in NFC that could really expose the Steelers DEF. If Matt Dodge kicks that ball out of bounds, the Steelers more than likely have 7 rings.
  • James Blackburn
    James Blackburn 1 year ago Miracle at the Meadowlands #2 (2010)
  • Andrew Grey
    Andrew Grey 1 year ago How about Panthers vs Rams 2003 Divisional Round, Double OT
  • Sami Shamroukh
    Sami Shamroukh 1 year ago 2013 patriots 24 point comeback vs broncos
  • Mason
    Mason 1 year ago 4th and 26. Packers/Eagles from 2003-04' playoffs.
  • sonnymv
    sonnymv 1 year ago Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions thanksgiving game November 27, 1980
  • SlimShady03 !
    SlimShady03 ! 1 year ago NFL Vault The Vikings and the saints divisional game
  • Salty Dbacks Fan
    Salty Dbacks Fan 1 year ago NFL Vault Packers vs. Cardinals 2015 Divisional Game
  • Ken V
    Ken V 1 year ago Jets Dolphins 10/23/2000 was to me the craziest MNF game ever
  • IamTheSherm
    IamTheSherm 1 year ago 1993 Monday Night football, Joe Montana and the Chiefs vs John Elway and the Broncos.
  • 3rd Coast OBS
    3rd Coast OBS 1 year ago Witch King of Angmar fuck that forward pass terrible call game. Please don't use that one
  • Dogman775
    Dogman775 1 year ago This comeback is BS. Everyone knows it's Jets vs Dolphins
  • Ramen Robbie
    Ramen Robbie 1 year ago Browns/Steelers 2002 Playoffs
  • Sterling Kopec
    Sterling Kopec 1 year ago Jets vs. Dolphins monday night miracle
  • Gino P
    Gino P 1 year ago Crazy Steve I was at that game. It was a ghost town in the 3rd and then all of a sudden everyone came back.
  • John R Ziemba
    John R Ziemba 1 year ago 1981 Detroit Lions Dallas Cowboys
  • markmac
    markmac 1 year ago miracle in meadowlands
  • Mark David
    Mark David 1 year ago Redskins vs cowboys 2005 Monday night mirical in dallas
  • lakebay972
    lakebay972 1 year ago I remember that one; especially the post-game press conference. Then-Cardinals coach Dennis Green: "The Bears are who we thought they were!"
  • new nels
    new nels 1 year ago Browns vs chiefs rudd helmet toss game... or browns vs Jaguars bottlegate game
  • nonix81
    nonix81 1 year ago 2014 NFCCG [email protected]
  • Ryan Kirk
    Ryan Kirk 1 year ago James Johnson What 😆?!
  • Dr. Remulack
    Dr. Remulack 1 year ago SHARK ATTACK you mean when the Giants got screwed?
  • Jared Wohn
    Jared Wohn 1 year ago NFL Vault bears cardinals, 2006
  • Sean Stevenson
    Sean Stevenson 1 year ago Monday Night Miracle! Jets and Dolphins!
  • Benniator
    Benniator 1 year ago Dolphins at Jets, 1994. Marino fake spike.
  • HJBounell
    HJBounell 1 year ago your own! Not For Long!
  • Dal3d3nton
    Dal3d3nton 1 year ago @Cosmo Kramer Brunell to Moss
  • Dan Rose
    Dan Rose 1 year ago Dolphins patriots 2004
  • Daniel Paolini
    Daniel Paolini 1 year ago The crazy ending of the NFL due to the new helmet rule
  • Logan Thomas
    Logan Thomas 1 year ago Broncos vs Chargers 2012 Monday Night Football
  • T RopE
    T RopE 1 year ago dolphins vs jets, I believe it was the longest Monday night game ever at the time. I'm a phins fan n we lost but it was a crazy game, I believe a lineman caught the game winning score
  • madcapper6
    madcapper6 1 year ago 2015 NFC championship, Packers @ Seahawks
  • John Vargo
    John Vargo 1 year ago Christopher Freeman are you talking the Steelers vs Ravens Xmas game?
  • Rookie Orange
    Rookie Orange 1 year ago Green Bay vs Detroit with the Rogers Hail Mary
  • Rookie Orange
    Rookie Orange 1 year ago Titans vs Chiefs AFC wild card
  • It’s a beaut Clark
    It’s a beaut Clark 1 year ago 97 wild card Giants vs Vikings
  • Raymundo Zarate
    Raymundo Zarate 1 year ago NFL Vault 4th and 2. Colts vs Patriots. Bill decided to go for it on 4th and 2, Melvin Bullitt stopped it. Then Reggie with an amazing catch to win it!
  • John 4.5
    John 4.5 1 year ago NFL Vault Jets vs Dolphins MNF Oct 2000!!
  • the Mexican
    the Mexican 1 year ago Cowboys vs bills
  • Mike Van Englehoven
    Mike Van Englehoven 1 year ago One that doesn’t have shitty refs even from a Vikings fan
  • Mike Van Englehoven
    Mike Van Englehoven 1 year ago Browns amazing 0-16 season!!!!
  • Scott Jones
    Scott Jones 1 year ago (edited) Yep. I'm a Chiefs fan and I don't care for the final result, but if you want crazy endings that Raiders/Chiefs finish is a great one.
  • Scott Jones
    Scott Jones 1 year ago I like Chiefs/Browns 2002.
  • Anthony Santana
    Anthony Santana 1 year ago Raiders vs cheifs '17 Thursday night game.
  • What’s Happening
    What’s Happening 1 year ago NFL Vault Peyton’s comeback against the chargers on Monday night. I think it was his first year in Denver.
  • Dillon Pauls
    Dillon Pauls 1 year ago Broncos vs Dolphins 2011 Down 0-15 with 2:52 left and no timeouts, Tebow comes back and wins it lol.
  • John Doe
  • J W
    J W 1 year ago Jets dolphins 2000 greatest Monday comeback
  • Brad Foskett
    Brad Foskett 1 year ago Chicago @ Green Bay 2018
    CONSOLETRUTH2 1 year ago Dont remember year but the game on thanksgiving between Dallas and Miami, in the snow, and Leon Lett.
  • BlueStar30
    BlueStar30 1 year ago Colts vs Patriots 2009 Colts win 35-34
  • Joshua A
    Joshua A 1 year ago Peytons comeback against the pats down 3 tds with 6 min left
  • Jesse Nelson
    Jesse Nelson 1 year ago Seahawks vs Packers " we want the ball and we going to win!"
  • Matthew Sales
    Matthew Sales 1 year ago Giants and Cowboys from a few years back when JPP blocked the field goal to end it.
  • teto85
    teto85 1 year ago Toronto v Montreal 2 or three punts back and forth into and out of the end zone.
  • TheRealSlick317
    TheRealSlick317 1 year ago The Colts vs KC 2014 playoff. That should be a good one
  • Eric Briggs
    Eric Briggs 1 year ago Arizona Cardinals v. Seattle Seahawks 2016 season where they tied and kept missing easy chip shot field goals
  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 1 year ago Colts Chiefs wildcard game 2013. Colts down 38-10. Won 45-44. 2nd biggest comeback in playoff history. Go colts!
  • underclas
    underclas 1 year ago You should do both Mike Brown pick six in OT against the 49ers and Browns both games had an onside kick from the bears that led to the pick six
  • david walsh the chicago Whitehawk
    david walsh the chicago Whitehawk 1 year ago 2
  • strange blockmon
    strange blockmon 1 year ago 2012 Broncos @ chargers MNL
  • Yousir Cantknow
    Yousir Cantknow 1 year ago Broncos vs Dolphins 2011
  • Watzetzface
    Watzetzface 1 year ago Preferably one that does not feature the two most boring NFL commentators of all time? No? Yes? Maybe!?
  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 1 year ago Ku vs memphis...2008 ncaannasketball national championship game
  • First Last
    First Last 1 year ago Pats broncos 2003 intentional safety
  • First Last
    First Last 1 year ago @Christopher Freeman ravens patriots blowout??
  • Johnnyfalcon613
    Johnnyfalcon613 1 year ago How about Chicago Bears vs Atlanta Falcons October 12th 2008. A very early "Matty Ice" moment.
  • Rogue Prince
    Rogue Prince 1 year ago The miracle in the meadowlands both of them
  • Jerry Hernandez
    Jerry Hernandez 1 year ago NFL Throwback Ravens vs Patriots 2007 MNF
  • Gamerz Grip
    Gamerz Grip 1 year ago 06 bears vs cardinals
  • Gamerz Grip
    Gamerz Grip 1 year ago I'm all for it .
  • Craig Beal
    Craig Beal 1 year ago Cleveland browns bottle gate.
  • Craig Beal
    Craig Beal 1 year ago Browns vs chiefs... Dwayne Rudd
  • Eddie De La Cruz
    Eddie De La Cruz 1 year ago Ol' school OT that's how you win in ot
  • Eddie De La Cruz
    Eddie De La Cruz 1 year ago @Joel yup that's a good one
  • tnt mac
    tnt mac 1 year ago Greatest game ever played. Chargers-Dolphins 1982 playoff. My team lost. Still fantastic.
  • Doug Griggs
    Doug Griggs 1 year ago Sargon: ABSOLUTELY!!! Technically although Pats did come from behind in 4th thanks to GOAT vs Seattle in SB 49, they won only because "The Butler Did It" at the Pats' goal line. In terms of importance and an unbelievable comeback, it has to be SB 51 and that 28-3 deficit. Which like the Trump upset in 2016 election, it sent millions into hysterics ....
  • Doug Griggs
    Doug Griggs 1 year ago Actually, I am so ancient that I remember a game in the glory years of Packers in 1960s when some team ran up a 28 to 0 halftime lead on the Pack. Might have been even 31 or 35, but prob not. Once the 3rd period started, it looked like the teams had traded uniforms. Suddenly the Pack couldn't be stopped and their opponent (Browns? I am not sure) couldn't MOVE. GB won.
  • DRE4406
    DRE4406 1 year ago Redskins cowboys 2005 Monday night
  • Rich Brake
    Rich Brake 1 year ago How about that crazy 30 point 4th quarter comeback achieved by the Bills about five or six years ago....
  • Moronvideos1940
    Moronvideos1940 1 year ago None ! There's only one like this in a lifetime !
  • Rich Brake
    Rich Brake 1 year ago You do not remember that game in 2012 when Buffalo was down 34-7 at the beginning of the 4th, and won 38-34? it was not Monday night though. It was on Sunday.
  • Billy Mark
    Billy Mark 1 year ago Monday Night Miracle - Jets vs Dolphins in 2000
  • James Michalek
    James Michalek 1 year ago Crybaby Manning after Super Bowl 44.
  • Jesse Farmer
    Jesse Farmer 1 year ago 2015 NFCC. GB v. SEA. People in Washington were burning their TVs in the streets.
  • Dave Beale
    Dave Beale 1 year ago It seems like almost ALL the crazy endings are "fixed", starting with the Immaculate Reception which the Refs let stand. And now players are afraid of being too "aggressive" with the QB's which is probably why Brady is so successful. In the old days they could literally walk over them after the play was over and DB's could man-handle receivers, but at least now there is a lot more offense so guess it all works out?
  • James VanGurp an
    James VanGurp an 1 year ago Raiders vs Chargers First Monday night game back after the 82 strike
  • Jose Godina
    Jose Godina 1 year ago packers vikings... antonio freeman..... HE DID WHAT!!!!
  • Jimmie Ryles
    Jimmie Ryles 1 year ago NFL Throwback 5
  • SkümmTöönS '66
    SkümmTöönS '66 1 year ago Giants and Oilers 1992 I believe. HUGE comeback by Giants.
  • Michael Crilley
    Michael Crilley 1 year ago Have you done the Dolphins @ Steelers MNF game on the insanely muddy field with no score until late in the 4th?
  • Marc Gaskin
    Marc Gaskin 1 year ago Monday Night Miracle Jets over Dolphins Especially if you can get when Jason Taylor was talking trash about no comeback tonight
  • J K
    J K 1 year ago Chiefs vs. Broncos 1994 - Montana vs. Elway
  • Thomas Fuller
    Thomas Fuller 1 year ago Arizona State vs. USC 2013?
  • Ryan Settani
    Ryan Settani 1 year ago @ 5.40 U can see how rigged the game is, whenever their is a pile on the ball, they can easily exchange it under pile. ALL SPORTS ARE RIGGED, PLAYERS ARE IN ON IT TOO
  • Weese Bowski
    Weese Bowski 1 year ago Music city miracle!
  • Veritas Invicta
    Veritas Invicta 1 year ago Giants over Eagles in OT 1999, Strahan with the game winning interception.
  • TheLoneRanger
    TheLoneRanger 1 year ago Sorry but this is not the greatest comeback on Monday Night football history. Check out the 2006 Monday Night game between the Bears and Cardinals. Score was 23-3 at halftime Cardinals. Rex Grossman had 4 interceptions and 2 fumbles. The Bears didnt score a single offensive TD and won the game. Fumble return, pick 6, and a punt return to win 24-23.
  • Chris 250505
    Chris 250505 1 year ago Steelers Vs Colts 2005 AFC Divisional
  • Volf Khat
    Volf Khat 1 year ago That Jets/Dolphin MNF game a few years earlier ('99?) where the Jets had lost like 10-in-a-row (head-to-head against Dolphins), but some how scored like 5 Touchdowns in the 4th Quarter to force Overtime and finally win.
  • Daniel Meehan
    Daniel Meehan 1 year ago Bear's vs Cardinals 2006. Bear's vs saints 2006-2007 Patriots vs falcons 2017 seasons Superbowl 2018
  • Haven Morfin
    Haven Morfin 1 year ago Hawks packs 2015 nfc championship
  • TheJbull40
    TheJbull40 1 year ago That call at the end against Simeon Rice was trash
  • Mr. Richardson
    Mr. Richardson 1 year ago Super Bowl 43 Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals
  • Ram4
    Ram4 1 year ago 1971 Christmas playoff - Longest Game EVER!!!
  • lee croshaw
    lee croshaw 1 year ago chargers cheifs 12/13/2018. That game last night was epic. And to go for ther two pt conv for the W after coming back? Soooo sick.
  • Blanco Suey
    Blanco Suey 1 year ago The real monday night miracle... Jets vs Dolphins
  • Chris Reid
    Chris Reid 1 year ago Seahawks Packers 2012
  • Brandon Jensen
    Brandon Jensen 1 year ago Jets vs Dolphins....Marinos fake spike
  • Larry Nemecek
    Larry Nemecek 1 year ago Clint Longley the Mad Bomber-- Dallas-Washington Thanksgiving 1975
  • Cris Crash
    Cris Crash 1 year ago Wolfof Ya that was a crazy ending to a great game. That was Broncos’ Super Bowl season right?
  • Bob Joe
    Bob Joe 1 year ago NFL Throwback eagles vs giants 2010 miracle at the meadowlands
  • Todd Biesel
    Todd Biesel 1 year ago Cowboys vs. Giants 2003 MNF Bill Parcells return to NY.
  • Franklin Yi
    Franklin Yi 1 year ago NFL Throwback Broncos Chargers
  • Franklin Yi
    Franklin Yi 1 year ago Broncos vs Chargers another Manning come back
  • mpup54
    mpup54 1 year ago do ones not decided by referees, geez what an awful finish. Most accurate guy in history msises and refs give him a mulligana nd he would have missed again from the same distance.
  • steven cooke
    steven cooke 1 year ago Can you find the Cowboys v Vikings from 1975. That's when I started liking football and the Cowboys. They were just a Dorsett away from being the best.
  • Jesus Saves
    Jesus Saves 1 year ago That flag yet at the end of the game was horrible seemed rigged to me
  • Mr. Pancakes
    Mr. Pancakes 1 year ago Minnesota miracle
  • Marco Parra
    Marco Parra 1 year ago AFC championship game 1992, Bills down to Houston 35-3 in the 3rd qtr and win it 41-38 in OT.... BIGGEST PLAYOFF COMEBACK EVER!!!!
  • Grant Carrell
    Grant Carrell 1 year ago Super Bowl 51
  • Leonard Spink
    Leonard Spink 1 year ago Trump vs Clinton 2016
  • JohnBurgundy66
    JohnBurgundy66 1 year ago Bills v. Oilers
  • heel turn..
    heel turn.. 1 year ago Steelers cardinals superbowl 43.. Or if a regular season steelers vs ravens 08 in which it ended 13-9 Pittsburgh..
  • Wiley James
    Wiley James 1 year ago Johnny Unitas did it in 2 minutes in the mid 60's for the Baltimore Colts. I think it was against the Rams but I'm not sure about that part.
  • Allen Atkins
    Allen Atkins 1 year ago Hillary v. Donald 2016
  • Henry Marquez
    Henry Marquez 1 year ago @Dhruv Syngol Raiders vs Chief Oct 19, 2017 week 7.
  • Boston Scotty
    Boston Scotty 1 year ago Maybe patriots/falcons Superbowl
  • danhedonia
    danhedonia 1 year ago One where the refs don't blow the call! (see: 0:10 remaining, 'not out of bounds')
  • Joshua Britt
    Joshua Britt 1 year ago NFL Throwback Georgia vs arburn when the ball popped out the two safeties hands and the tigers caught it to when the game
  • elhugo
    elhugo 1 year ago cowboys vs bills 2008
  • Chris Randall
    Chris Randall 1 year ago Falcons Super Bowl colapse
  • Blind Straight
    Blind Straight 1 year ago NFL Throwback bears jets 1989
  • Top Frog
    Top Frog 1 year ago (edited) I do not count this as the biggest comeback in Monday Night Football history. I am not a Tampa Bay fan or a fan of an AFC South team, but that botched call on Rice, his knees barely touched his teammate after the ball was kicked! This makes it seem like the Colts payed money to the refs or that the refs decided the game because they just wanted to go home or something else.
  • M???????? A???????
    M???????? A??????? 1 year ago Chiefs vs oilers 1993 afc divisional game Montana comeback magic vs Buddy Ryan’s Defense
  • Jerry Briggs
    Jerry Briggs 1 year ago How about the Cowboy Lion playoff game. The rigged non INT call.
  • axie
    axie 1 year ago redskins @ saints 2017, saints @ dolphins 2009
  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 1 year ago Dolphins vs Patriot this season week 14
  • Rambo Licious
    Rambo Licious 1 year ago Dolphins vs patriots 2018
  • Ivan Lim
    Ivan Lim 1 year ago NFL Throwback Dff
  • Owen Muhs
    Owen Muhs 1 year ago Bears vs Giants 2018
  • Wasted Talent
    Wasted Talent 1 year ago Liam Svanoe did that cards/packers game end up ? another disappointing loss for the packers.. I hope u aren't a curse when going to games
  • urmanao24
    urmanao24 1 year ago Cowboys vs Buffalo 07 Romo had 5 ints & still won the game
  • Phong Truong
    Phong Truong 1 year ago Green Bay at Seattle, NFC Championship - Jan 18, 2015
  • Junior Canseco
    Junior Canseco 1 year ago Chargers vs Bengals 2006
  • youtube_ killz03
    youtube_ killz03 1 year ago Patriots vs falcons super bowl 2016
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    Inxcapable death 1 year ago Are you a cowboys fan
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    Toby Bielat 1 year ago 86 world series
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    Max Watermelon 1 year ago Saints vs Vikings 2017/2018 playoffs
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    Gale Hess 1 year ago Double-doink after Foles rallys Iggles for 2nd year....
  • Cory Spencer
    Cory Spencer 1 year ago 49ers vs Bengals or 49ers vs. Giants both regular season games where Montana hit Rice at the end of the game for GW TD's.
  • Danny Nicastro
    Danny Nicastro 1 year ago NFL Throwback ....watching in 2019...ready for the Eagles n Saints on the 13th. Poor Tony D., ITS NOT HIS BIRTHDAY ANYMORE! LMFAO!!!!!😁😀😆 All these years later. Go EAGLES🤗😉🦅🕊🦅🕊🦅🕊🦅🕊🦅🕊🦅...a bit of P Mannings expertise in Our Nick Foles!!!! GOOD LUCK GUYS😁
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    Jalen Harris 1 year ago Raiders vs chiefs 2017
  • jcb3393
    jcb3393 1 year ago AFC Championship: Manning's Colts come back against Brady and the Pats
    NEWARK BRICKS 1 year ago I didnt know that Kermit the frog and John madden did commentary for a football game before.
  • Huntcliff
    Huntcliff 1 year ago Rosencopter
  • steven searle
    steven searle 1 year ago How about one that doesn't feature colossally fucking stupid referees?
  • Chelsie Bopp
    Chelsie Bopp 1 year ago Seahawks vs Packers Russel had 4ints and then went off in the 4th
  • Jeff Woods
    Jeff Woods 1 year ago Here's some Music city miracle Bill's and titans Immaculate reception Steelers and raiders Miracle at the clink Seahawks and packers Titans and rams SB And SB 48 Seahawks and Patriots (as a Seahawks fan i didn't want to put this down)
  • Dkimbrough83
    Dkimbrough83 1 year ago I'd like to see some of the best endings between the Brady and Manning faceoffs of the early 2000s
  • The One Above All
    The One Above All 1 year ago Baltimore vs New England during the nearly perfect season. New England crazy comeback. Or the Dallas one where New England came back.
  • bigben0903
    bigben0903 1 year ago Do giants playoff game against the niners
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    delhoghe 1 year ago Bears versus Lions , Thanksgiving Day 1980.
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    Ant Truth 1 year ago Obama horrible presidency!!!! Pls
  • Joshua Morris
    Joshua Morris 1 year ago That my friends is called fixed
  • climate engineering is killing the eco system
    climate engineering is killing the eco system 1 year ago patriots comeback against falcons super bowl
  • climate engineering is killing the eco system
    climate engineering is killing the eco system 1 year ago patriots ravens for sure
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    Tony Lozano 1 year ago Colts vs Patriots 2006
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    francis nehilla 1 year ago Eagles vs Giants 2010(aka the miracle at the meadowlands 2)
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    YourSoul IsMine 1 year ago Cody Parkey's missed Field Goal 😭
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    Ricky Aguirre 1 year ago Do the bears vs eagles 2018 wild card game
    THE GOAT 1 year ago Happy ending at a massage parlor
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    Stevie Aurum 1 year ago Can you say "rigged"?
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    SizzleGeek 1 year ago Week 1, 1998, Jets @ 49ers
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    Elio y Milada Channel 1 year ago Patriots at Dolphins 2018 season!!!
  • Stevie Aurum
    Stevie Aurum 1 year ago The NFL is rigged.  Sorry, but it's true, dupes.
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    Shashvat Patel 1 year ago Ravens V Vikings 2013 Ravens V Broncos 2013 Playoffs
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    Dominic Campbell 11 months ago Manning and the Colts finally beating the Patriots.
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    J. Nico 11 months ago Buffalo vs. Colts. Frank Reich comeback.
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    Busters 72 11 months ago The Lions winning the superbowl. 😆
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    dojufitz 11 months ago The film Howard's End.
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    Ted Johnson 11 months ago NFL Throwback Colts vs Denver think same year
  • James Jacobs
    James Jacobs 11 months ago Bills 2015 preseason game 2 Epic
  • Apple Crisp
    Apple Crisp 11 months ago If you haven't already, the Vikings game, with Kramer, where they scored 28 points in 3-4 minutes, to win the game. One of the most remarkable comebacks in history
  • Truth Brotha
    Truth Brotha 11 months ago NFL Throwback This is slightly infuriating. The refs totally helped the Colts with all those penalties. That last one on #97 was absolute BS! Lol
  • salm37
    salm37 11 months ago Buffalo Bills comeback in the 1994 AFC championship ...;. Reich QB
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    rhmate hw 11 months ago cowboys vs Oiler 1998
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    Panda3050 11 months ago Steelers At Jaguars 2018
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    Gabriel Sanchez 11 months ago Raiders Vs Chiefs 2017 in Oakland “the 4th quarter comeback”
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    Joshua Herrmann 11 months ago Rams vs saints 2019 conference championship
  • Ian Zulick
    Ian Zulick 11 months ago (edited) The 2012 AFC divisional game between the Ravens and the Broncos. It wasn't necessarily a crazy ending, but it was one of the greatest QB duels I've ever seen with everything at stake for both teams. When he was younger, Joe Flacco could throw the greatest deep ball I've ever seen.
  • Lincoln ?
    Lincoln ? 11 months ago #BOWL 51
  • Can we get 1000 Subs with no videos
    Can we get 1000 Subs with no videos 11 months ago Falcons vs bears
  • Shawn Noyes
    Shawn Noyes 11 months ago Maybe one that doesn't highlight all the BS that Manning gets gifted by officials in every game he plays.
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    HY 4NDR3W 11 months ago NFL Throwback, carson palmer to larry fitzgerald overtime cardinals vs Packers
    JWLS - JARBS 11 months ago Raven's vs chargers
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    Colin 11 months ago The football game in the Dark Knight Rises ended pretty unexpectedly.
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    Luke 11 months ago NFL Throwback Dez Bryant no catch but this was 6 months ago so 🤷‍♂️😂
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    roux lucitt 11 months ago Patriots comeback against the Falcons in the Superbowl, is THE BEST COMEBACK OF ALL TIME!!!!
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    Tom Brady 11 months ago Falcons vs patriots super bowl
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    Ron Jay 11 months ago 1960 s jets charges superbowl 9
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    Michael F 11 months ago Please don't recommend anything NFL to me
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    AceMountain414 10 months ago Panthers vs eagles 2018
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    Mike Thomas 10 months ago NFL Throwback: "Miracle at The Meadowlands".
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    Fy Rz 10 months ago You have to ask? Did you not watch Superbowl 51?
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    Football Productions 10 months ago Vikings saints lmao
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    Carl J Martin 10 months ago Baker Mayfield come back VS the jets
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    Tronic_ WOPO17 9 months ago Patriots vs Titans 2009
  • Kyn Hardin
    Kyn Hardin 9 months ago If you haven’t, how about cowboys REDSKINS 2006 when vanderjagts kick was blocked and returned by Sean Taylor who’s face mask was grabbed during the return to set up a Redskins game winning field goal with no time left on an un timed down?
  • KameronCrow
    KameronCrow 9 months ago Dez caught it
  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 8 months ago NFL Throwback How just ONE “deplorables” comment can BLOW an election you ALREADY clinched.
  • RJ
  • Ry F
    Ry F 7 months ago 2015, Seahawks vs packers nfc championship was an insane comback for Russel.
  • Chriego
    Chriego 7 months ago vikings browns 1980
  • Themeparkfanatic
    Themeparkfanatic 5 months ago I’m sure it’s been said before but Patriots vs Dolphins in 2018, “The Miami Miracle”.
    METAL HEAD 5 months ago Jaquars vs saints the missed extra point
  • Haze Rodz
    Haze Rodz 5 months ago You should put Matches that referees are not so horrible.. That's kind of trash for NFL.. Colts did'nt deserve it at all for this point.
  • Extra
    Extra 5 months ago 4th and 26 eagles v packers
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    Jacob Boucher8 5 months ago NFL Throwback Cleveland New England 2013 it’s on my channel Jacob__Boucher90
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    Billy Sou 5 months ago The “Holy Roller” between the Chargers and Raiders in the 70s.
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    Kyle Dechau 5 months ago 28-3 howbowdah?
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    Mike Youngblood 5 months ago Patriots vs Browns 2013
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    Mike Youngblood 5 months ago Patriots vs Browns 2013!
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    The Irishpanic 4 months ago Texans vs jags at Jacksonville 2010
  • Jake Shattuck
    Jake Shattuck 4 months ago Brady did it better on a bigger stage.
  • shannonjackson464
    shannonjackson464 4 months ago (edited) do the vinny testerverde ending where he was with ny jets and down at the 1 but reached from ground but still got td against seattle seahawks then the next year instant replay returned thst was a crazy game where seattle was robbed from going to playoffs by a down player given a td where a instant replay would of saved seattle's win, dubbed the game that brought instant replay back by fan demand. it was last game of year and winner went to playoffs.
  • Realkilo G
    Realkilo G 4 months ago COLTS COME BACK ON PATS MONDAY NIGHT GAME 2009?
  • Lake Dodge
    Lake Dodge 4 months ago Immaculate Reception which is the craziest of all time.
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    D Nguyen 4 months ago Bills playoffs againest Houston playoffs!!! 92 playoffs
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    Lucus Wise 4 months ago Seahawks NFC championship vs greenbay
  • TG YoungLad
    TG YoungLad 4 months ago do games that are not rigged lol.
  • Malik ElcoSS454
    Malik ElcoSS454 4 months ago Seahawks vs Packers on MNF in 2012. Tim Tebow overtime win against Steelers in divisional round in 2011.
  • biggest D
    biggest D 4 months ago 322 hahahaha wake up people football is scripted here's your proof
  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris 4 months ago aQuestionableQuestion yeah.....Bears vs Cardinals 06’ “The Bears are who we THOUGHT they were!!!!!” Probably the most exciting regular season game I’ve ever seen. Rex Grossman with four turnovers, and the Bears defense and Devin Hester save the day!
  • J King31
    J King31 4 months ago Midnight miracle mnf between Jets and dolphins
  • Mitchell Landry
    Mitchell Landry 4 months ago Saints Texans Monday night Saints rams no call Saints Vikings missed tackle
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    Lemon Man 4 months ago Packers vs lions hail Mary 2025 or 2016 I thibk
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    jake Nuttall 4 months ago broncos vs browns ''the drive'' or 49ers vs Giants
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    iAiMz Slasher 3 months ago Colts comeback against the patriots
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    Christian Soronen 3 months ago Chargers at Chiefs Week 15 - 2018
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    S P 3 months ago Bears vs Broncos 2019
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    M R 3 months ago New England vs Atlanta falcons Superbowl
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    Kenny Willhite 3 months ago Both miracles at the meadowlands!! Now that Djax is back make it full circle
  • Polin Hem
    Polin Hem 3 months ago Remember that comeback superbowl win that brady had? that would be a good one
  • silent ninja
    silent ninja 3 months ago Packers v Vikings OT 2000 MNF
  • KingSnowman
    KingSnowman 3 months ago Patriots ON Manning - 2013, With not a full Receiving Core, Patriots vs. Broncos at Gillette. Down 24-0. Comeback Win.
  • Optimistic Outreach
    Optimistic Outreach 3 months ago Peyton Manning assaulted a woman in a locker room years back...anyone know about this?  Just heard about it...
  • Eddie Rascon
    Eddie Rascon 3 months ago L
  • Justin M
    Justin M 3 months ago NFL Throwback eagles giants
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    Ariane Bolt 3 months ago Notre Dame vs USC (boo) in 2005 The South Bend remembers
  • Ignacio Nachito Hernandez Jr
    Ignacio Nachito Hernandez Jr 3 months ago Packers Lions
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    CornBoto 3 months ago Steelers vs. Cardinals, Super Bowl 43 i think?
  • TheTruth
    TheTruth 2 months ago Falcons packers 2011
  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green 2 months ago Miami vs San Diego playoff game from January 2, 1982. Famous for the second half comeback by Miami and the hook and lateral play.
  • Marquis Roberson
    Marquis Roberson 2 months ago @Godzilla John 👌
  • Spawn
    Spawn 2 months ago Eagles
  • Joshua Yettou
    Joshua Yettou 2 months ago Cowboys vs. Redskins (2005 I believe?). When the GOAT Sean Taylor blocked the FG and returned it all the way. I'll look it up and get all the details correct for ya! Maybe you've already done this one already? Love your videos btw 😊
  • Joshua Yettou
    Joshua Yettou 2 months ago @Cosmo Kramer Yes! Do this one. Redskins & 🐄 Girl games were the best!
  • Jayvien Lopez-Lafleur
    Jayvien Lopez-Lafleur 2 months ago Panthers vs giants 2018
  • Ryan Witte
    Ryan Witte 2 months ago Kenyan Drake and the Dolphins Run against the Patriots on the 9th of December in 2019.
  • Patrick J Mims
    Patrick J Mims 1 month ago Broncos vs Bengals (I think it was 2015). Manning to Stokely in final seconds to take the lead. Best part was Stoke running parallel to the goalline to kill the clock.
  • Anakin Starkiller
    Anakin Starkiller 1 month ago One that doesnt end in a bad call would be a good start
  • EH122
    EH122 1 month ago another rigged nfl game. awesome
  • Starry Night
    Starry Night 1 month ago lsu vs a&m
  • D T
    D T 1 month ago The Cowboys vs. Broncos high scoring game (Romo vs. Manning)
  • Starry Night
    Starry Night 1 month ago @D T what about a&m and LSU?
  • Katherine Vincent
    Katherine Vincent 1 month ago Broncos Chargers week 6 in 2012
  • Jesse Steudte
    Jesse Steudte 1 month ago New England Vs Atlanta Super Bowl. Greatest comeback I’ve ever seen
  • Brian Emanuel
    Brian Emanuel 1 month ago Cowboys vs Bills 2007
  • Jesse Steudte
    Jesse Steudte 1 month ago Starry Night I agree that was great
  • Jesse Steudte
    Jesse Steudte 1 month ago Joshua Yettou great great great ending
  • Dj R
    Dj R 1 month ago maybe that leaping call lol what a messed up call
  • Keith Matthews
    Keith Matthews 1 month ago @Jesse Steudte After that game I took Joe Montana off my pick for best quarterback ever and replaced him with Tom Brady.
  • Jesse Steudte
    Jesse Steudte 1 month ago Keith Matthews it’s hard to watch tape of Montana and argue against him. He was just so damn good as well
  • Darrio Byrd
    Darrio Byrd 1 month ago But they cheated..bad call..he didn’t leap..the ref’s always messing up good games...could they have Challenge it?
  • Darrio Byrd
    Darrio Byrd 1 month ago But Manning did come back but it wasn’t a legit win that’s all but good comeback..I’m going to miss the Manning vs. Brady days😭
  • Jack O
    Jack O 1 month ago antonio brown's career
  • Matt S.
    Matt S. 1 month ago Make shorter videos douche. "4 min comeback" 20 min video lol 👎
  • Matt S.
    Matt S. 1 month ago Seahawks vs green bay nfc playoffs
  • Parker Acrey
    Parker Acrey 4 weeks ago Steelers immaculate reception
  • Marc Grundfossen
    Marc Grundfossen 4 weeks ago Jesse Nelson Hasselbeck says “...we’re gonna score!” Then he throws a pick.
  • Marc Grundfossen
    Marc Grundfossen 4 weeks ago Jesse Farmer My brother and I were there.
  • msterliz
    msterliz 4 weeks ago October 13, 2013 Pats v Saints "Brady to the end zone...and THOMPKINS WITH A TOUCHDOWN!!"
  • Rocco Loccisno
    Rocco Loccisno 3 weeks ago Eagles vs giants
  • She Mullet
    She Mullet 3 weeks ago Bengals Dolphins, yesterday
  • Gianluca Caiazzo
    Gianluca Caiazzo 2 weeks ago Falcons and Patriots super bowl
  • Kaleb Sterling
    Kaleb Sterling 2 weeks ago Seahawks vs Patriots Superbowl
  • Mr05chuck
    Mr05chuck 2 weeks ago Last nights Seahawk Niner game.
  • Richie Schneider
    Richie Schneider 1 week ago The Titans vs. Cardinals game where Vince Young drove down the field, converting multiple fourth downs to finish in a walk off fourth down touchdown. Here is a video:
  • Sport TV
    Sport TV 3 days ago check out this new youtube channel:
  • DaSmokinGorilla-YT
    DaSmokinGorilla-YT 2 days ago The Kansas City Chiefs and Las Angeles Rams
  • LordStanleyJr
    LordStanleyJr 16 hours ago Bills losing every Super Bowl lol
  • Dylan Alexander
    Dylan Alexander 9 months ago PEYTON MANNING MAKES A COMBACK IN 4 minutes 23 min long vid
  • Ricky Angel
    Ricky Angel 8 months ago bearmasterMC true
  • Parks3452
    Parks3452 8 months ago +Tom Brady oh no no
  • Ricky Angel
    Ricky Angel 8 months ago Parks3452 lol foreal
  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 7 months ago Welcome to American football lol
  • Frankie Vegas
    Frankie Vegas 7 months ago 4 game minutes
  • Jeff Mullen
    Jeff Mullen 7 months ago Spare me. This game was decided by a bad call by the refs. The conspiracy theorists who say the NFL is fixed have more evidence here.
  • Frankie Vegas
    Frankie Vegas 7 months ago (edited) Jeff Mullen they were up 14 with 4 min left. It amazes me how people always blame it on one play. They were down 14 and scored again to win.They also gave up two onside kicks. But I guess that’s the refs fault also.
  • Jeff Mullen
    Jeff Mullen 7 months ago (edited) @Frankie Vegas Disclaimer: I am a fan of neither the Colts nor the Buccaneers, nor do I gamble on football, nor do I play Fantasy football. nor do I care enough to be a conspiracy theorist myself. The game was tied in overtime. The colts missed a field goal. Then the refs called a penalty that left even the announcers shaking their heads. The rest is irrelevant.
  • Taekwondo Time
    Taekwondo Time 5 months ago Nailed it.
  • WeedNugs Weekly
    WeedNugs Weekly 5 months ago And it only took the comeback like 3 minutes
  • Bryant Turnage
    Bryant Turnage 5 months ago This 4 minutes is the same as a woman saying "ready in a few minutes"
  • chaserfour
    chaserfour 5 months ago I scrolled down just for this comment. My thoughts as well.
  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson 4 months ago Technically comeback happened in the first 10 minutes. Then it was end of regulation and OT
  • Nicholas Giangardella
    Nicholas Giangardella 4 months ago I would like your post but u have 420 likes
  • Akee Breaky
    Akee Breaky 4 months ago I thought the same exact thing when I saw the time of the video 😂
  • Matthew Alkman
    Matthew Alkman 4 months ago LMAO NO JOKE MAN
  • TVZ Redbrass83383
    TVZ Redbrass83383 4 months ago Yeah but he only has the 4 minutes on the actual game clock to comeback.
  • lushin burl
    lushin burl 4 months ago Lmfao. I was wondering why it waa taking so long.
  • Tyler Shircel
    Tyler Shircel 4 months ago Dylan Games and irl vids this is literally why I hate the NFL.
  • NFaMous
    NFaMous 4 months ago 4 min in football time 😂
  • Itsactuallycaleb8 Lol
    Itsactuallycaleb8 Lol 4 months ago Jeff Mullen your like a warriors wan that blames all 3 games they lost in the 3-1 lead on kyrie irvings one play in game 7
  • daniel preece
    daniel preece 4 months ago To be fair football games last 60 minutes but yet drag for 3-4 hours .....
  • Just Chase
    Just Chase 3 months ago Dip shit the 15 minute long overtime
  • Clockwork Society
    Clockwork Society 3 months ago Actually the comeback was only 10minutes long.
  • Faze Homochickenoofer
    Faze Homochickenoofer 3 months ago Timeouts, huddles, flags, etc
  • thygreatmark
    thygreatmark 3 months ago Exactly lmao
  • Sam Bretl
    Sam Bretl 3 months ago Dylan Games and irl vids it went into overtime reeter
  • DragonHippo123
    DragonHippo123 3 months ago Do you even know how the football clock works?
  • Carl Anotny
    Carl Anotny 3 months ago @Jeff Mullen lmao what an asshat. The largest comeback ever was irrelevant?
  • Alex Franke
    Alex Franke 3 months ago That's the NFL and NBA lol
  • Dylan Bolton
    Dylan Bolton 3 months ago Well technically he came back 21 points in 4 minutes but the rest is overtime.
  • David Bojarski
    David Bojarski 3 months ago True refs on Colts side
  • Stephen Galland
    Stephen Galland 2 months ago "Babe, there is only 4 minutes left in the game, I'll get it as soon as its over!" *30 minutes later. "You said 4 minutes 30 minutes ago, did you not here what I asked you."
  • PA2023 Henry U
    PA2023 Henry U 2 months ago SAME
  • James Treharn
    James Treharn 2 months ago Right where tf do they get 4 minutes theres a whole 15 minute 4th quarter and most of ot?
  • eric Fuchs
    eric Fuchs 2 months ago Nah but footballl has like 47 pauses and time outs and shit
  • Jake Bisbee
    Jake Bisbee 2 months ago Haha
  • Harpoon_Bakery
    Harpoon_Bakery 2 months ago @Dylan Bolton wrong, it took time to get that first comeback TD, so they shorted the time it took, so it's bogus
  • Call me Fried
    Call me Fried 2 months ago That is how much 4 minutes is in football
  • Nova_ 118
    Nova_ 118 1 month ago Dylan Alexander any game that the Seahawks have won that r really close is almost always a comeback lmao
  • Wicked Gaming
    Wicked Gaming 1 month ago Jeff Mullen shut up fat boy
  • mandobot
    mandobot 1 month ago 1st td by the rb
  • Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin
    Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin 1 month ago 4 American minutes
  • Fuhh Kuuu
    Fuhh Kuuu 1 month ago @Jeff Mullen dude, you look like you take 12 inch cocks with pleasure. This game happened over 15 years ago and you're whining like a little bitchhhh. Shut the fuck up, seriously.
  • Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell 1 month ago Fooball minuets are longer
  • Evan Whitford
    Evan Whitford 1 month ago Dylan Alexander ot
  • Elise Fincher
    Elise Fincher 4 weeks ago If this were the superbowl it'd be 43 minutes long also if this game were now add in reviews it'd be even longer
  • graciemaemarie11 jones
    graciemaemarie11 jones 3 weeks ago @Jeff Mullen of course this shit is fixed. it has been since the late 70's, at least......the red flag? all these obscene comebacks.....this was just one of them....
  • jt thomas
    jt thomas 2 weeks ago nfl throwback tryin to stretch it out, and get the you tube money lol.
  • Kenneth Collins
    Kenneth Collins 2 weeks ago @Jeff Mullen If you pay attention, they explain why the call was made before the second field goal attempt
  • Stephen Cook
    Stephen Cook 1 week ago Why I cant watch this sport
  • becky Amburgey
    becky Amburgey 4 days ago i agree manning is good..but bucs got cheated
  • becky Amburgey
    becky Amburgey 4 days ago @Frankie Vegas Refs clearly won that game for the colts manning is good but bucs got cheated
  • Kyle Pritchard
    Kyle Pritchard 3 days ago @Jeff Mullen Fool.The "rest" is NEVER fuckn Irelivent
  • Jeff Mullen
    Jeff Mullen 3 days ago @Fuhh Kuuu You can o to hell too.
  • Jeff Mullen
    Jeff Mullen 3 days ago @Wicked Gaming Fuck you, shithead.
  • Jeff Mullen
    Jeff Mullen 3 days ago (edited) @Fuhh Kuuu I would have shut up long ago if you hadn't been such a fuckin' pig about it. Now I'm going to have to give you a dose of your own disgusting manners. Fuck you, asshole.
  • Jeff Mullen
    Jeff Mullen 3 days ago @graciemaemarie11 jones "thumbs up."
  • Jeff Mullen
    Jeff Mullen 3 days ago @Kyle Pritchard When referring to someone else as a fool, it behooves one to speel simpleton's words like "fuckin'" correctly, not to mention the more sophisticated "irrelevant." Asshole.
  • Don Cummings
    Don Cummings 3 days ago Football time, Dylan, football time lol
  • Oday Roky
    Oday Roky 2 days ago Lol
  • FadeUp 2k
    FadeUp 2k 4 months ago When you're playing against your little brother in madden and you decide to start trying.
  • Ducky
    Ducky 2 months ago Best comment I have seen in a while
  • Andrew Janezic
    Andrew Janezic 2 months ago @Ducky same
  • Mango Boy
    Mango Boy 2 months ago 😂and you use the worst stuff but whoop him anyway
  • Eli strickland
    Eli strickland 1 month ago Lol
  • Jeremy n
    Jeremy n 3 weeks ago If by Madden, you mean Tecmo Super Bowl, then yes ;)
  • Drake Aamold
    Drake Aamold 3 weeks ago God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kerrick Gunn
    Kerrick Gunn 3 weeks ago 😂
  • Elias
    Elias 3 days ago Lol
  • Jeffrey Daniel
    Jeffrey Daniel 4 months ago Leaping call was BS but so was the last Onside kick call. Fair outcome I suppose.
  • Yudo NeidaNo
    Yudo NeidaNo 4 months ago Agreed, That's usually how they do it. They make a trash call and make up for it with another one against the other team.
  • Dominic 29
    Dominic 29 4 months ago I agree but the thing is he was in leaping position and if he runs up like that and still makes contact on his way up it’s a flag. I don’t think he made contact tho
  • War Machine
    War Machine 4 months ago (edited) Although, we wouldn't have known the ending if the refs didn't call that leaping penalty but TB was ROBBED!
  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 4 months ago Dominic 29 right, only on way down did I see contact. Seems like a terrible call unless it’s indeed makeup for the earlier terrible call on the kickoff scrum.
  • Todd m
    Todd m 4 months ago @War Machine who converts 2 onsides kicks in a row they did but got robbed
  • kazolar2000
    kazolar2000 3 months ago he made contact on the way down, so by the rule it's leaping, though it's a dumb rule since he didn't gain an advantage, it's not the idea of the rule since he didn't use another player to catapult himself, but he did brush against another player coming down, so .. I guess it's the right call, but I would think they could call it that way on basically every field goal attempt.
  • Will93
    Will93 3 months ago (edited) Leaping call was great, he wasn't on the line is scrimmage at the snap so it's a penalty. Gotta be on the line.
  • Texasborn
    Texasborn 3 months ago All u dumb fuck saying that the call was ok crazy he jumped up n came down on a teammate tb got robbed they just wanted to suck Peyton Manning dick .
  • Zo Jax
    Zo Jax 3 months ago And don’t forget that bs “roughing the kicker” call when the punter clearly flopped like a mf🤷🏽‍♂️😂
  • me me
    me me 2 months ago (edited) @Texasborn all y'all full of shit. you couldn't be a yard behind line of scrimmage and run and leap. contact with a player had nothing to do with it. the announcer got it wrong on the call. actually look it up and you will see it was indeed a penalty for getting a running start and leaping.
  • me me
    me me 2 months ago (edited) it was the correct call. you couldn't be a yard behind the line of scrimmage and get a running start and leap. that was the call for the penalty. it had nothing to do with jumping off or contacting a teammate. it just wasn't explained correctly at that moment but look it up and you'll find it was the correct call;
  • Phoenix B
    Phoenix B 2 months ago @Zo Jax Thats true dude!!!!!!
  • bijou bijoux
    bijou bijoux 2 months ago This game was rigged
  • Tyler Hite
    Tyler Hite 2 months ago and when they called roughing the punter. bullshit call on colts as well
  • Nobody
    Nobody 1 month ago @Zo Jax Spot on! From then on, all kickers automatically falls down toward the nearest opponent after the kick.
  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning 1 month ago If you look close at #71 he actually did do what you're not supposed to do. His right hand was on another player, and he used it to push himself up. It can be seen from in 2 shots.
  • oldman baller50
    oldman baller50 1 month ago Texasborn you’re stupid they read the rule on air if you are more than a yard from the line of scrimmage and you run up and jump in the air and hit someone on the way down it’s a penalty how did you not hear Al read the rule from the rule book?
  • jonathan spears
    jonathan spears 1 month ago Texasborn you are so fucking stupid read the rule. You must be a Dallas fan always think you are the best and get robbed. He broke the rule he ran up and cane down on top of another player. It’s the rule if u don’t like it doesn’t make it wrong!
  • Richard Grace
    Richard Grace 1 month ago Bu the rule of leaping of you are lined up more than three yards behind the line of scrimmage amd gretna running start you are #1 not allowed to use a teammate for leverage amd #2 you are not allowed to project yourself forwards and come down on a player of either team (you have to jump straight up) so while not making contact with a teammate on the way up he clearly did not jump straight up and projected himself forwards coming down on top of the linemen which my rule is leaping
  • Richard Grace
    Richard Grace 1 month ago @Texasborn learn tje rule before you bitch by rule if a player lines up off the line of scrimmage amd gets a running start forward #1 he can not use a teammate as leverage and #2 he must jump straight up not projecting himself and come down on a member of EITHER team... so it doesnt matter who he comes down on if he comes down on any linemen whether its his own or the opposing team it is leaping
  • Mark Sacher
    Mark Sacher 1 month ago A lot of bad calls. Onside kick call, roughing the punter, leaping to defend field goal.
  • Doc Hollywood
    Doc Hollywood 1 month ago Ever hear the old saw about 2 wrongs don't make a right? I'm not a real big "Bucs" fan but they got hosed on that call.
  • Piscean Dreams
    Piscean Dreams 4 weeks ago @Yudo NeidaNo happens in basketball ball all the time! Half the games are rigged,and before you call me crazy...... Go type I the lions vs Packers on Monday night football this season,2019! Then get back to me!!
  • Piscean Dreams
    Piscean Dreams 4 weeks ago So was the Warren Sapp penalty!!
  • Drake Aamold
    Drake Aamold 3 weeks ago God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kenny L Garrett Jr
  • waldo3777
    waldo3777 2 weeks ago @Texasborn jelous
  • Louis Stiles
    Louis Stiles 4 days ago The onside kick call I can understand it was a scrum you cant see the ball. The leaping call I just don't get at all that was really horrible.
  • Oday Roky
    Oday Roky 2 days ago Those refs were tired asf bro they just needed a beer at 1 am haha
  • Mark
    Mark 4 months ago One of the worst calls I've ever seen. He got a penalty for leaping. Incredible.
  • EGriff
    EGriff 4 months ago well, it was against the rules.
  • Mark
    Mark 4 months ago @EGriff it's against the rules to use another man's body to jump higher. And he did not.
  • EGriff
    EGriff 4 months ago @Mark that wasn't the rule he broke
  • argentinaboy95
    argentinaboy95 4 months ago EGriff what was?
  • Das Maus
    Das Maus 4 months ago He broke rule Rule 12-3-1-r leaping to attempt to block a field goal or point after touchdown unless the player was lined up on the line of scrimmage when the ball was snapped He was not lined up on the line of scrimmage when the ball was snapped, and so the leaping call is correct
  • Das Maus
    Das Maus 4 months ago The commentators and possibly you may have mistaken the penalty for Rule 12-3-1-p leverage A defender at least one yard in front of the line of scrimmage running forward and leaping in an attempt to block a field goal or a point-after try lands on other players on either team. The penalty is not called if the defender was within one yard of the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap.
  • EGriff
    EGriff 4 months ago @Das Maus yep, something Mark would have knowm if he paid more attention.
  • Harlan Taylor
    Harlan Taylor 4 months ago Cause it’s all rigged. Saints fan, I can see right through the bullshit now
  • Ross Jaeger
    Ross Jaeger 4 months ago Harlan Taylor this was 16 years ago bruv
  • Harlan Taylor
    Harlan Taylor 4 months ago Ross Jaeger been rigged since the gecko
  • Ross Jaeger
    Ross Jaeger 4 months ago Harlan Taylor A rule is a rule my man
  • Steve Sand
    Steve Sand 4 months ago Das Maus this is how you win a YouTube comment dispute.... come with facts.... good job my man he could probably have gotten called for both those penalties, but the onside kick how did Tampa recover that?
  • Spicy Fruitcup
    Spicy Fruitcup 4 months ago Harlan Taylor shut the fuck up you whining ass bitches in New Orleans
  • Deathsomenow
    Deathsomenow 3 months ago Have you seen last years saints game?????
  • Thomas Dolan
    Thomas Dolan 3 months ago ok mark
  • Doktor Bundy
    Doktor Bundy 3 months ago thats a shame of this miracle
  • Zephyr does Destiny
    Zephyr does Destiny 3 months ago @Spicy Fruitcup you probably a dumbass rams bandwagon stfu
  • American Made
    American Made 3 months ago @EGriff lol You didn't know that, or you would've said it yourself instead of piggybacking off of someone else's comment. Boob.
  • EGriff
    EGriff 3 months ago @American Made It was literally in the broadcast.
  • Mark
    Mark 3 months ago @American Made agreed. And all of a sudden these guys know the exact number of the penalty from the NFL rule book. Please. Trolls at its finest.
  • Chris McGrath
    Chris McGrath 3 months ago @Mark Look up the rules, you salty, ignorant idiot. What Das Maus and EGriff commented was correct. Grow up.
  • Mark
    Mark 3 months ago @Chris McGrath yes after they looked it up. The rule on the field was for leaping. I don't eat salt and I'm a professor. Nice try though.
  • Chris McGrath
    Chris McGrath 3 months ago @Mark  And that's what rule 12-3-1-r directly refers to, rendering the call made in the game correct in accordance to what is written. The men that leaped didn't start on the line of scrimmage, there's nothing to dispute there. It was a flag and was called rightly so. Amazing that a professor, a man in charge of educating others, of all people, can be this smug and ignorant in the face of their claim being invalidated. Go you.
  • Mark
    Mark 3 months ago @Chris McGrath so what your saying is that the call was for leaping. Thank you.
  • Chris McGrath
    Chris McGrath 3 months ago @Mark Yes, so to claim it was "One of the worst calls (you've) ever seen" then call the people who told you why it's a justified call "Trolls at its (sic) finest" is immature and says a lot about your character. Thank you.
  • Mark
    Mark 3 months ago @Chris McGrath no no. It was one of the worst calls myself and thousands if not millions has ever seen. Depending on who watched the game. Getting penalized for leaping is ridiculous. And incredible. Move on.
  • me me
    me me 2 months ago @Mark so you're claiming the rule book and every ref that ever commented on it are wrong? there's a rule against doing it starting from where he how was it a bad call, yet it absolutely was correct? you sound like a complete idiot. if you don't believe people, look it up yourself. you are wrong dude. don't be a pussy about it.
  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago @me me stop acting like I'm the only one who commented on it. As your aware I'm not. The rule is a joke and the call was terrible. It's a penalty for leaping. It was a long time ago. Move on.
  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago @me me I didn't say they are wrong. It's a fucking stupid rule and was a terrible call. Period.
  • Chris McGrath
    Chris McGrath 2 months ago @Mark "it's against the rules to use another man's body to jump higher. And he did not." was your reply to someone telling you that the umpire's call was justified, yet you didn't believe the umpire's call was wrong, hey? There's not much that's more ignorant than hypocrisy and denial. Jog on, dickhead.
  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago @Chris McGrath one of the worst calls and rules in football. Period.
  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago @Chris McGrath listen homer, I'm sure you look similar to him. Hence you being afraid to have an actual picture on Google or YouTube. You keep coming back to this. We applaud your stupidity for rehashing old debates. But move on. Like I said before. No one cares about the rule you looked up to make yourself look interesting and intelligent. The call was for leaping and it's the worst call I have ever seen in a game. Now, your not liked for this reason. You are an idiot to think your fooling anyone. Bye bye, go away. Learn from this.
  • Chris McGrath
    Chris McGrath 2 months ago @Mark That better for you, Mark? Glad I worked up the courage to chuck a picture of my face up for you? Calling me an idiot when you look like one of the 3 stooges is ironic. You're a professor getting worked up over being proven wrong over and over again, this shit is killing me. Bet your wife looks like a big toe too, ugly prick. The ignorance of this old dog...
  • EPR89
    EPR89 2 months ago @Harlan Taylor From the gecko! Fucking lol!
  • Smith-Mundts Modernization Act (Look into it)
    Smith-Mundts Modernization Act (Look into it) 1 month ago (edited) @EGriff They only called it because the field goal was missed. 100%. Any other time it wouldn't have been called. Just fact.
  • EGriff
    EGriff 1 month ago I mean, you're wrong though
  • fomori2
    fomori2 1 month ago @Smith-Mundts Modernization Act (Look into it) Why call leaping on made fields goals when the kicking team is just going to decline it 100% of the time. That just wastes everyones time, including the fans. To educate the fans of the game... I donk think so. Sports fans have emotional investments into their teams and if the emotion is strong enough it will trump logic. Just look at Mark in these comments. He is so emotionally invested in not being wrong, that he still cannot accept it was the correct call. He has to make excuses why it is "stupid".
  • Richard Grace
    Richard Grace 1 month ago @Mark no its against the rules to usensomwone body to jump higher bit it's also against the rules to start more than 3yds behind the line run forwards and project yourself forwards and come down on an another player it's written clear as day in the rules
  • Mark
    Mark 1 month ago @Richard Grace yes we all know. It's also one of the rules that doesn't get called often because it's so stupid. The officials have the power to change the outcome of a game and it's ridiculous.
  • Richard Grace
    Richard Grace 1 month ago @Mark but technically it was the right call
  • Mark
    Mark 1 month ago @Richard Grace yes it was. A penalty for leaping is ridiculous and like NOW how pass interference and tripping calls are made, this leaping nonsense has been discussed in the same light.
  • MrQmason
    MrQmason 1 month ago I would have understood it better if they said he got a penalty for smiling........
  • Roger Edgerton
    Roger Edgerton 1 month ago What about that bullshit call on hitting the punter?
  • Roger Edgerton
    Roger Edgerton 1 month ago Then you haven't seen more than two calls ever. Michaels reads the rule out, which is just what Rice did. Get your eyes & ears checked, buddy.
  • John
    John 1 month ago @Mark u mad
  • Mark
    Mark 1 month ago @John ? No not at all.
  • Kevin Daugherty
    Kevin Daugherty 4 weeks ago Lmfao, how people are still debating this is outrageously funny to me. Marks only mishap was that his original comment wasn’t phrased properly. Should’ve have just said it’s one of the worst penalties, not calls. The call in the field was correct. Do I believe it helped Rice in any way shape or form? No, but the call is correct and that cannot be disputed. I’m just amazed this debate in the comments section has been raging on for 3 months on and off. That entertained me more than the video. 😂
  • John
    John 4 weeks ago @Mark ya u are
  • Mark
    Mark 4 weeks ago @Kevin Daugherty I think you might be one of the few who have made sense with this. And yes , the comments are entertaining.
  • Mark
    Mark 4 weeks ago @John it's amazing how I somehow have gotten in your head rent free. Funny. Trolls don't make me mad, it's funny.
  • John
    John 4 weeks ago @Mark keep lying to yourself mark
  • Mark
    Mark 4 weeks ago @John sorry bud, I'm with a beautiful girl. Been seeing her for awhile. Not into guys so move on. You obviously have a serious crush on me, your the one who keeps contacting me. So stop stalking me. Thanks
  • John
    John 4 weeks ago @Mark you're all mine mark
  • Jamie Osgood
    Jamie Osgood 3 weeks ago Mark *you’re Geez. The education of our educators these days...
  • Pcrusen
    Pcrusen 3 weeks ago Chris McGrath ...he’s a community college professor at best. What he said was wrong and he has a big enough ego to think that he’s right. We call those kinds of people “losers”. Take the L Marky Mark.
  • Chris McGrath
    Chris McGrath 3 weeks ago @Mark Your girl is probably built like an old mule. You're not fooling anyone, Mark.
  • John
    John 3 weeks ago @Mark rip mark
  • chet allen
    chet allen 3 weeks ago Without the rule the defense could vault players high in the air for the block..............(which could be interesting lol)
  • Tairy Hesticles
    Tairy Hesticles 3 weeks ago (edited) @Mark "I'm a professor" - LOL you just brought up the fact that you're a professor to validate a YT argument about a football play from almost 17 years ago. Jesus man.
  • Korey Curtis
    Korey Curtis 2 weeks ago @Tairy Hesticles so is this debate over now? After spending all of that time reading the comments, I feel emotionally invested.
  • Todd
    Todd 2 weeks ago @Harlan Taylor The gecko?
  • Kevin Cowden
    Kevin Cowden 1 week ago @Mark @Chris McGrath This shit is cracking me up. Arguing over a game that happened 19 years ago. Clearly, everything Mark says is a lie and the rest of you are crazy for arguing with him.
  • Mark
    Mark 1 week ago @Kevin Cowden 19 years old, correct. And I got you involved too. I'm the champ.
  • warrior 4467
    warrior 4467 6 days ago @Spicy Fruitcup when you're name is spicy fruitcup but you still trying to talk shit.
  • warrior 4467
    warrior 4467 6 days ago @John You gay?
  • John
    John 6 days ago @warrior 4467 I'm a woman
  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 22 hours ago @Das Maus hhh
  • Stephen C
    Stephen C 1 month ago Man I miss John Madden announcing, he was my favorite.
  • Bloomberry
    Bloomberry 1 month ago Him and Al Michaels were a legendary duo.
  • Rory Gallagherfan
    Rory Gallagherfan 1 month ago @Bloomberry : Agreed. The best was the 70's Monday night football trio; Cosell, Gifford, and Dandy Don.
  • Christopher Kocincki
    Christopher Kocincki 4 weeks ago Yes
  • Victor Villari
    Victor Villari 3 weeks ago Madden was great but had such goofy moments. From 11:28 to 11:36 , he's just babbling like he's Booger Mcfarland. Love him, but yea, goofy ahahahaha
  • Juan RMZ
    Juan RMZ 2 weeks ago Madden n pat summerall were the best imo
    LIGHTNING SPORTS 2 weeks ago First madden game I got was madden 2007 madden edition . Dope
  • bfjb70
    bfjb70 1 week ago That pipe doink observation was bang on though, great comment.
  • mike saget
    mike saget 1 week ago The last "Real Man" to call the game!
  • 80teg
    80teg 4 days ago Tony Romo is the best NFL color commentator ever; and its not close. You actually learn schemes and strategy from him.
  • mike saget
    mike saget 4 days ago @80teg Tony Nomo sucks no personality - Madden invented excitement
  • JohnJacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt
    JohnJacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt 2 days ago @Stephen C Me too! Madden was the best, always hilarious, his “doink” quote at the end of this game is just one of the all time great Madden quotes.
  • RET Engineman
    RET Engineman 1 day ago @80teg I have to agree Tony Romo is a really good commentator, with that being said, I can't stand the cowboys Go Colts!!
  • Andrew May
    Andrew May 8 months ago Great comeback but DAMN the bucs got robbed at the end lol
  • Michael Dahms
    Michael Dahms 7 months ago It's in the rule book, just like how the tuck rule used to be.
  • Czordas
    Czordas 7 months ago Michael Dahms that was still a fumble for Christ sake. Brady clearly fumbled.
  • B
    B 7 months ago Manning = GOAT. Brady does not = GOAT
  • John Balls
    John Balls 6 months ago @B I love Manning (Vols fan for years) AND a Raiders fan but you can't really argue with what Brady's done. 28-3 comeback basically solidified it, but the 6 rings makes it undisputable imo
  • K3ueger Gaming
    K3ueger Gaming 6 months ago @B Your an idiot... brady has way more than manning... plus colts got a lucky call that was clearly wrong. stfu and get some eye balls.
  • Romano41189
    Romano41189 6 months ago They got robbed!!! 👉💥
  • kingfish4242
    kingfish4242 6 months ago @B sorry but no
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 6 months ago Bucs give up 21 points in 5 minutes.....sure, they got robbed...lmfao
  • no name
    no name 6 months ago You're just like the Tuck Rule was used in favor of Tom Brady this rule was used in favor of Indianapolis on every extra point the guy in the back always makes a little contact with the guys in front of them it's never called unless he does climb on somebody's back and no I'm not even a box fan I think it was biased refereeing
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 6 months ago @no name They're allowed to make contact so long as they don't line up more than a yard back from line of scrimmage. Refs were calling junk the whole game on both teams
  • HintOfLogic
    HintOfLogic 6 months ago Actually no, they wouldn’t have had a chance to get robbed if the Colts didn’t get robbed FIRST! That last onside kick was covered by 4 colts/ they gave it to Bucs with no rhyme or reason (even Madden/Michaels) were baffled. Colts would’a likely closed out that game before overtime. No excuses!
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 6 months ago @HintOfLogic Yeah, Simeon Rice, wasn't it? I remember that. I've watched that game several times and am still wondering how the hell he came up with it. The refs had a bad night, they were calling junk calls on both teams the whole game
  • Braves0056
    Braves0056 6 months ago uh no bucs didn't get robbed.
  • Braves0056
    Braves0056 6 months ago colts got screwed on that roughing the punter call w
  • Zach Shaw
    Zach Shaw 5 months ago @B Only when he's indoors or in good weather.
  • Daniel Tharp
    Daniel Tharp 5 months ago K3ueger Gaming Brady also cheated more.. fucking delusional TB dick rider
  • randy K15
    randy K15 5 months ago @B Brady is definitely the goat 6 rings is all I have to say 😂
  • B
    B 5 months ago K3ueger Gaming lmao bruh look at who manning was surrounded by vs all the greats Brady was afforded. Lol.
  • Evie
    Evie 5 months ago Brad Morrison I was at that game and I literally walked out because I thought the Bucs won for sure as I’m walking out I heard the crowd cheering going crazy couple times and then realize that we lost I should’ve known better than to leave with Peyton Manning plating lol
  • bjchit
    bjchit 4 months ago @Michael Dahms Actually the rule book says the defender has to actually leap onto the lineman, not for the line brush him on the way down. Like what Madden said.
  • Tublis Vaj
    Tublis Vaj 4 months ago Angus Hambone Brady cheats manning didn’t
  • Marcus Hill
    Marcus Hill 4 months ago If you give up 21+ point in less than 5 minutes, you didn't get robbed. You left the keys in the ignition with a sign on the door that says, "Hey, the keys are in the ignition."
  • Ric-key
    Ric-key 4 months ago typical florida team getting robbed by big names
  • Jake Shattuck
    Jake Shattuck 4 months ago no name Fun Fact: The first team to ever suffer from the tuck rule was the NE Patriots. Testaverde got strip sacked by Seymour but his arm was moving forward so it's a tuck/incomplete pass.
  • Eric Noonan
    Eric Noonan 4 months ago @Jake Shattuck difference is Bradys arm was not going or near moving forward when it happened.
  • Eleasar Alanis
    Eleasar Alanis 4 months ago They sure did, another game decided by the referees
  • charlie gilchrist
    charlie gilchrist 4 months ago Brad Morrison 6>>>>2
  • Eric Noonan
    Eric Noonan 4 months ago @charlie gilchrist so you really think Super bowls are just a individual player accomplishment? It takes good teams to win super bowls not 1 player. Quit being stupid.
  • charlie gilchrist
    charlie gilchrist 4 months ago Eric Noonan is the goal of football not to win? Is the title of this video Colts comeback? no it says Manning. QBs are most responsible for the success of a team so yes o think a WB who has won 6 SBs is better than a regular season warrior who choked in the playoffs consistently throughout his entire career.
  • Eric Noonan
    Eric Noonan 4 months ago @charlie gilchrist it doesn't matter about the video dumbass. You brought up rings which has nothing to do with any of it. It's the ultimate team sport and terrible QBs won super bowls so that logic is out the window. You Pat's fans keep showing everyone how retarded you all actually are.
  • Syncyl
    Syncyl 4 months ago @John Balls i think its disputable, like im not boutta say he ISNT the goat, but he has always been around a good team.
  • Syncyl
    Syncyl 4 months ago GUYS IMA BE HONEST, BRADY IS #2 GOAT. WE ALL KNOW JERRY RICE IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME (now if we are only talking QBs, then yes, he is
  • Jack
    Jack 4 months ago Colts had a few bs calls against them as well
  • Brandon Gatti
    Brandon Gatti 4 months ago Peyton is better than Check Down Brady. Way smarter of a QB. Peyton=GOAT
  • Ausla Davis
    Ausla Davis 4 months ago @Michael Dahms the unsportsmanlike conduct call? Lol come on...
  • Adam Owens
    Adam Owens 4 months ago @John Balls Brady won that game because the Falcons forgot how to run the ball.
  • Aegon One
    Aegon One 4 months ago @Leo Getz regardless, that penalty call at the end is literally the definition of getting robbed lol
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 4 months ago @Aegon One Still LMFAO at Bucs fans!! Blow a 21 point lead in 5 minutes, get a BS call for "running into the kicker" when Top Tupa literally just fell over, and then complain about a borderline call....priceless!! Again, if you watched the whole game, the refs were calling junk on both teams all night....Bucs fans still crying over that game!!
  • Aegon One
    Aegon One 4 months ago @Leo Getz I'm not a bucs fan I was just stating the obvious. AGAIN, regardless of the circumstances, on such a game deciding call they fucked up big time.
  • Escanor Pride
    Escanor Pride 4 months ago Angus Hambone rings are about a team. Not an individual. Manning never had as good of teams as Brady.
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 4 months ago @Aegon One I think you have totally missed the point. First off, the refs had a bad night, they were calling bs junk calls on BOTH teams. Secondly, any coach will tell you than if you put yourself in a position to lose the game on a controversial call, you'll probably lose the game. The Bucs put themselves in a position to lose game by giving up 21 points in 5 minutes. Before the leaping penalty the Colts had a bs call against them for running into the kicker on a Bucs punt, when Top Tupa literally fell over the guy on the ground. You should watch this entire game and see the amount of bad calls both ways
  • Aegon One
    Aegon One 4 months ago @Leo Getz again, missed the point. I'm not talking about the whole fucking game. I'm talking about ONE call lol
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 4 months ago @Aegon One lmfao....stop, just stop!!! If I laugh any harder, my side's gonna split open!!! Oh, man!!
  • Aegon One
    Aegon One 4 months ago @Leo Getz you're a special little guy arent you
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 4 months ago @Aegon One lmfao....yes, I am!!!
  • Scott Vermiliion
    Scott Vermiliion 4 months ago Know the commentators were quoting the rule incorrectly...they were using a rule for someone on the line of scrimmage the leaping call that went against the bus was due to someone not on the line of scrimmage running up and leaping for the ball.
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 4 months ago @Scott Vermiliion Yeah, Al Michaels touched on that very thing, talking about Simeon Rice lining up more than a yard beyond the line of scrimmage. I know that Mike Pereira, who was head of officials at that time, admitted that even though the penalty was correct "by the letter of the law", it's not a call he wants the officials to make. I think the language in that rule has since been changed. As a Colts fan, I'm glad they called!! But I also thought it was a "ticky tacky" call, the officials were calling BS calls on both teams all night
  • chris zanotti
    chris zanotti 3 months ago That roughing the punter was bull shit
  • EZshock
    EZshock 3 months ago It came back to haunt them vs the Cowboys in 2010 when the Colts made a goaline stand at the 1 yard line on 4th down. One of the Colts came down on another player and shit gave them and auto 1st down.
  • Hanz Henry
    Hanz Henry 3 months ago NFL is RIGGED.
  • Highwayanimatic674
    Highwayanimatic674 3 months ago They did but not taking anything away from the greatest MNF comeback of all time and one of the greatest MNF performance of all time.
  • Agent J
    Agent J 3 months ago Resting on laurels is always problematic when the game is still being played.
  • Solid Tank
    Solid Tank 3 months ago If Brady had Marvin Harrison for 11 years while Manning had guys no one even knows for 7+ of those years Brady would have 9 rings and Manning would have maybe one.
    YOUR BOI NARWHAL 2 months ago randy K15 and now jax has Gardner Minshew
    AMMISSARIUS 2 months ago charlie gilchrist where does Dan Marino rank in quarterback history? Cause if super bowls are all that matter then Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino.
    AMMISSARIUS 2 months ago Solid Tank if Manning had a consent offensive line, really good running backs, a carousel of top talent receivers, a dominant defense and the greatest coach of all time I bet he’d be right up there in super bowl wins.
  • Chase
    Chase 2 months ago @John Balls Yes we can argue. Manning and Brees have the stats to back up being the better QB. You idiots that point to how many rings a player has to determine how great they are don't get to have opinions.
  • G M G
    G M G 2 months ago Ref ball in 2003
  • chairmanofrussia
    chairmanofrussia 2 months ago “Robbed” as if they weren’t going to throw any interceptions and be able to score on their next drive. You only get robbed if you score—and then the call is reversed when it was clearly a touchdown or fg. Then you can say it was robbed if would have made the difference. Bucs losing a game in overtime that they should have won in the 4th quarter, because they let the colts get into FG range in the first place isn’t getting robbed.
  • Eric White
    Eric White 2 months ago @Solid Tank you mean b.c. if manning had the team brady had around him or idk maybe randy moss towards the end and the waaaaay more dominant defense of the 2 teams and for the most part better line to, manning would've easily had atleast 5 super bowl rings
  • Solid Tank
    Solid Tank 2 months ago @Eric White keep telling youself that.
  • RCT-CommanderFox
    RCT-CommanderFox 2 months ago (edited) @Chase If you include Playoffs, Tom Brady has more yards and touchdowns than Brees and Manning.
  • Chase
    Chase 2 months ago @RCT-CommanderFox and that's where your argument already fails. You can't include playoffs. Nice try though.
  • RCT-CommanderFox
    RCT-CommanderFox 2 months ago @Chase Do you even know what "if" means? I know that they don't include postseason stats. What the hell are stats going to do for you if you can't win championships? That's what matters in sports. Not to mention, Brady has surpassed Manning in yards (even with only regular season games), and is a fair bit behind Brees. He's almost there in TD passes as well.
  • Chase
    Chase 2 months ago @RCT-CommanderFox okay dipshit
  • Jackson Avian
    Jackson Avian 2 months ago Yessssss
  • bijou bijoux
    bijou bijoux 2 months ago no, this game was rigged clearly
  • Brownass2
    Brownass2 2 months ago How about the bucks recovering that final onside kick? Colts had it just like they had against the New Orleans Stains in the super bowl.
  • Brownass2
    Brownass2 2 months ago Why Dungy was a better coach and got screwed in Tampa and why Gruden sucks and will always be a joke of a coach. Got handed at super bowl win on Dungys back and hasn't done shit since. He also sucked on Monday night football as a commentator.
  • bijou bijoux
    bijou bijoux 2 months ago @Brownass2 how about me giving your mother a mouth creampie?
  • Caleb Belsak
    Caleb Belsak 2 months ago (edited) @K3ueger Gaming Just because Brady has more awards doesn't make him better. If it wasn't for belicheck Brady would be trash. Manning won a super bowl with both broncos and colts.
  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers 2 months ago @B yea it's funny how in basketball they act like rings don't count in the discussion. But in football they do. Lol! Can you imagine if bill belicheck had Manning all these years?
  • Dave OsBeatz
    Dave OsBeatz 2 months ago This is a great video of how some nfl games are set up..nothing else to be said
  • Carlos Rodriguez-martinez
    Carlos Rodriguez-martinez 2 months ago Kinda like mario kart
  • K3ueger Gaming
    K3ueger Gaming 2 months ago @Caleb Belsak lmao do you realize how dumb you sound? only way to awards in the NFL is by being good you twat goblin. brady has six rings lol just stay mad
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago Colts pats Steelers in afc cowboys packers 49ers in the nfc lol I will take teams the nfl cheat to help win for 500 please Alex lol
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago @Leo Getz well win they would've only had to go 30 yards to get a game winning field goal if refs wouldn't have made a b's call yea I'd say that's pretty much getting robbed lol
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago @HintOfLogic what's ur dumbass talking bout that woulda likely closed game out before ot they was losing lmao I watched that game refs kissed colts ass Tampa bay is teams rival n I still admit that
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago @Escanor Pride as much as I hate tom brady u are tripping manning always had great.recievers hence Reggie wayne Marvin Harrison at the same time and defenses to manning had better teams than Brady especially defensively so gtfoh with that it doesn't change the fact that brady.has been handed 4 or 5 of his 6 rings by bad refs or pats cheating but still ur dumb af tryna say mannimg.never had nothing
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago @Eric White manning had that lmao
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago @Caleb Belsak obviously the Broncos was rigged lol
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 2 months ago @Kayleam Ransey Buccaneers give up 21 points in 4 1/2 minutes, get a drive in OT kept alive by getting a bs "running into the kicker" call, refs were calling bs junk calls on both teams all night. The "leaping" penalty was actually correct by the letter of the law in the rule book. Bucs fans still crying over this game....lmfao, rotflmao, lol!!!
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 2 months ago @Brownass2 Couldn't have said it any better about Dungy and Gruden. In Gruden's second year in Tampa, (the year of this game), the love affair started to wear off pretty quickly. Keyshawn Johnson was benched, Keenan McCardell was willing to give back his signing bonus to get out of his contract
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago @Leo Getz ima panthers fan rotflmao lmao rotflmao lmao stupid fuk bucs is my teams rival but anybody watched that game knows refs was on colts side
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago @Leo Getz how I know u have no pride n in denial want admit ur team had to have help winning because anybody that says that bs unsportsmanlike call was correct obviously lying to themselves
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 2 months ago @Kayleam Ransey oh man your misery is so sweet!!!. 21 points in 4 minutes, still crying about one call. Still lmfao rotflmao
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago @Leo Getz lmao u are fuking idiot if u think it makes me miserable that my teams rival lost lmao rotflmso lol lmao u look stupid af btw putting all that i just think it sucks how teams get help to win games by zebras
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 2 months ago @Kayleam Ransey Well, I after I finally figured out what you said after you butchered the English language, I'm still laughing!!
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago @Leo Getz weak people's strongest comebacks always have to do with language or n grammar lmao nobody got time to fix everything my spell check fuck up like your no life having ass
  • Caleb Belsak
    Caleb Belsak 2 months ago (edited) @K3ueger Gaming Yeah I'm not saying bradys complete trash I'm just saying Manning's better. However I am a little biased my I'm a long time Jets fan and seeing the Patriots destroy the Jets year after year has kind of made me salty. But could you explain what a twat goblin is
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 2 months ago @Kayleam Ransey lol....ah, the sweet taste of your miserable tears!! Go ahead and keep screaming at people on the keyboard, it makes us all laugh at you even harder
  • Kayleam Ransey
    Kayleam Ransey 2 months ago @Leo Getzlmao ur funny
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 1 month ago @Kayleam Ransey wasn't trying to be funny....just being truthful
  • Jack D
    Jack D 1 month ago The bucs robbed themselves with all those penalties.
  • K Dill
    K Dill 1 month ago Saw at least 3 penalties against them, that were totally questionable.
  • Leo Getz
    Leo Getz 1 month ago @K Dill both teams had bs calls on them the whole game. Refs were calling garbage on both teams
  • TheIndignantMalignancy
    TheIndignantMalignancy 1 month ago @John Balls Heres my analogy (we'll compare football with futbol), Everyone knows Lionel Messi is more talented than Ronaldo. Which i see why the argument can be made Manning is better than Brady and that cant really be disputed. But Ronaldo and Brady just win. Which i concur that Brady is the goat. And I live in Indy. I know, anathema right?? So depending on how you see greatness, both sides can make a case. But winning really is what it comes down to. If were honest. Im just glad i got past the hatred i had for brady and just appreciated being alive to witness something we may never see again. And he damn well might get his 7th this year. If they beat my saints that is 😉
  • John Balls
    John Balls 1 month ago @TheIndignantMalignancy I'm the same, I used to hate Brady but over the last few years I've really come around to appreciate how good of a QB he is and how good of a guy he is in real life. I just hope he doesn't win 7, he just CANT win more than MJ lmaoooooo
  • unpataunpata
    unpataunpata 1 month ago @Tublis Vaj apparently the refs do it for him
  • Remmy 315
    Remmy 315 1 month ago Robbed only by themselve's. They DESERVED to lose this game after allowing so many unanswered points.
  • Turhan Henderson
    Turhan Henderson 1 month ago @K3ueger Gaming you're*.
  • Reaper12Bravo
    Reaper12Bravo 1 month ago Colts got robbed more! The got onside kick, they didn’t rough the kicker!
  • Andy A
    Andy A 1 month ago Agreed but they should not have gotten to thst point.
  • Jesse Arms
    Jesse Arms 1 month ago Robbed? The Colts also recovered that second onside kick as video shows but they gave it to bucks so it goes both ways!!! They were up 21 with 4 left they simply choked is a real way of explaining it!!!
  • Piscean Dreams
    Piscean Dreams 4 weeks ago @B what do you say about Drew Brees now! He just passed Mannings record! I'm a Manning fan,but Drew Brees isn't nothing to sneeze at lol .
  • Piscean Dreams
    Piscean Dreams 4 weeks ago @John Balls Nope, they can't stop cheating! And again they get caught! Half there wins we're scripted.. You know how Barry bonds has an asterisk next to his name? Well the Patriots will forever have that also!
  • Piscean Dreams
    Piscean Dreams 4 weeks ago @K3ueger Gaming LMAO, it's easy to win when you cheat and the referees our on your team!! There will be an asterisk next to all there Superbowls forever,!!!! Ha ha!
  • Kenny L Garrett Jr
  • Piscean Dreams
    Piscean Dreams 3 weeks ago @Kenny L Garrett Jr what about Joe Montana,Dan Marino,John Elway and don't forget about Brett much as I despise the Packers, if Aaron Rodgers wins a Superbowl this year he's going to be up there also! But I have a feeling when it's all said and done,if Lamar Jackson can stay healthy he will become one of the greatest abd he's on his way right now!! I also believe if Matthew Stafford was on a better team he would probably have a ring and be way better then he already is! It's just that the lions are like a curse and they ruin people's careers and then won't let the player leave! But yes,Brees is one of the all time greats.... Matt Ryan could be too,but he's to big of a choke artists..
  • James G.
    James G. 4 months ago (edited) And I quote "boom boom boom boom balls flyin all over the place between guy's legs." Thanks Madden
  • Michael Cronin
    Michael Cronin 4 months ago I need answers as to why this isn't this the top comment😂
    METAL HEAD 3 months ago Madden was the best
  • Rick Ross
    Rick Ross 2 months ago a national treasure
  • Alexander White
    Alexander White 2 months ago Time stamp?
  • James G.
    James G. 2 months ago @Alexander White 5:40
  • Alexander White
    Alexander White 2 months ago @James G. thanks man! Hahaha good stuff
  • kernel 5anders
    kernel 5anders 1 month ago (edited) The best ever were madden and pat. I've never forgot this quote but i was young. "He saw that yellow line and just would not be denied until he crossed it" "thats on the monitor john" "ya but he knew it was there" o man I picture pat just dumping whiskey into his coffee
  • John Ferry
    John Ferry 1 month ago "And if you're gonna doink the pipe, you want it to go inside after the doink" -John Madden
  • Piscean Dreams
    Piscean Dreams 4 weeks ago That was hilarious,but what I'm about to say is crazy and funny!! Tony Dungy is in this game coaching and you made that joke amd it was funny... A couple weeks ago Tony Dungy was announcing a game and he said, an I quote ( You better watch out because these balls are coming out quick tonight) .. he went on to say that about 4 more times and I can tell that the other announcers were wanting him to stop and we're felling cringy and we're staying quiet!!
  • Drake Aamold
    Drake Aamold 3 weeks ago God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • T Hicks
    T Hicks 2 weeks ago " wonder how the tampa bi bay guy came up with it"
  • Nip arri
    Nip arri 2 days ago Lmao 😂😂😂😂
  • Yaksonator
    Yaksonator 4 months ago Only in football can 4 minutes be stretched out to 12 minutes..
  • AviLOrkQ
    AviLOrkQ 4 months ago End of basketball games can be long too, with the intentionnal fouls and timeouts. But yeah, i agree, way too long in football
  • Brandon M
    Brandon M 4 months ago Baseball manages to turn 9 innings into 5 hours
  • TomassoM Meils
    TomassoM Meils 4 months ago anime
  • KingGrizzly 78
    KingGrizzly 78 4 months ago Have u ever watched basketball
  • Itsactuallycaleb8 Lol
    Itsactuallycaleb8 Lol 4 months ago Danny Hall basketball goes from 5 minutes left in a close game.... too 30 minutes of straight free throws
  • Josh350
    Josh350 3 months ago Need to run more ads
  • MooseyBoy
    MooseyBoy 3 months ago @TomassoM Meils Literally
  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 2 months ago Danny Hall baseball go’s longer than both sports because there isn’t a time frame.
  • Jay M
    Jay M 1 month ago @Itsactuallycaleb8 Lol to* Not "too," moron.
  • Malhuaqupinerey
    Malhuaqupinerey 1 month ago The last period of the school day would like to have a word with you
  • ssdtrain1
    ssdtrain1 1 month ago U mean 24 minutes.. lol
  • Hriday Meka
    Hriday Meka 2 weeks ago Yaksonator basketball?
  • Uchiha Wolf
    Uchiha Wolf 1 week ago That last hour of work takes like a day and a half.
  • Ted Mosby
    Ted Mosby 1 week ago Or a 23 and a half minute YouTube.
  • Lucas Ng
    Lucas Ng 1 week ago that's how time works..
  • Prince Sosa
    Prince Sosa 15 hours ago the time isn't running the whole game an incomplete catch, outta bounds or time out will stop it
  • YaBoiYaseen
    YaBoiYaseen 4 months ago imagine leaving the game after being down 21 only to get home and realize you won the game.
  • Nobly670
    Nobly670 4 months ago (edited) This is why is you always stay till the end of the game
  • Kyler Schumacher
    Kyler Schumacher 3 months ago YaBoiYaseen I went to a game with my step dad, it was the Saints vs chargers in like 2016, I’m the chargers fan, he’s the saints fan, we left with 10 minutes left and we were up 34-21, we lost...
  • Doktor Bundy
    Doktor Bundy 3 months ago That was my thought also. But they deserve it. I dont like this behaviour of leaving the stadium so early.
  • KingKongsKillah P
    KingKongsKillah P 3 months ago Thunder vs warriors when Westbrook’s and Durant were teammates. My dad and I left the stadium with 50 or so seconds only to find out steph curry had sent the game into overtime by scoring 8 unanswered points in those 50 seconds. THUNDER got the W but I never let my dad live down making us miss that 😂
  • jack fenn
    jack fenn 3 months ago And that is the brilliance of Tony Dungee and Peyton Manning.
  • 1776 over 1984
    1776 over 1984 3 months ago You mean lost? It was at Tampa son
  • Ram Wrath
    Ram Wrath 3 months ago @Nobly670 I didnt know that.
  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 2 months ago Kyler Schumacher why would u leave that’s a close game and theirs fucking ten minutes left
  • Daddy McPatty
    Daddy McPatty 2 months ago @1776 over 1984 a good Tampa team
  • Kyler Schumacher
    Kyler Schumacher 1 month ago Black Mamba cuz our car was parked in an illegal spot, it got towed
  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 1 month ago Kyler Schumacher oh lol
  • Jay M
    Jay M 1 month ago @1776 over 1984 So what? There were still Colts fans there. The original comment is correct. You are wrong.
  • Jim McCracken
    Jim McCracken 1 month ago @Jay M, No. An Indy fan would not get home for hours. You would find out about the games outcome long before you get home.
    YUCK STAINEDSHEETS 1 month ago Don't have to imagine. Me and my buddy left at the start of the 4th quarter to go grab something to eat on the way home. Woke up the next morning, went to work and all my buddies were like sorry they loss brother and I was like 😲😲😲😲😲😲
  • ssdtrain1
    ssdtrain1 1 month ago (edited) or imagine you lost by a "totally" made up penalty..
  • QUEENBEE200384
    QUEENBEE200384 1 month ago I was at a Seahawks vs. Ravens game in the 2000’s and most of the fans left M&T. bank stadium because the Ravens we’re losing bad. And they came back and won it. Crazy game. I never leave until the end.
  • Alex Hamby
    Alex Hamby 1 month ago Crazy... had a similar situation when I went to a KU football game years ago. We left in third quarter when KU was down something like 42-13... got back to our apartment and someone said we came back and won. Biggest comeback in school history.
  • DylanK25 _
    DylanK25 _ 1 month ago @Jim McCracken ok, replace home with hotel
  • Jim McCracken
    Jim McCracken 1 month ago @DylanK25 _, Don't tell me. Tell YaBoiYaseen.
  • Humble World
    Humble World 3 weeks ago YaBoiYaseen right
  • The Noonies
    The Noonies 3 weeks ago imagine leaving the game after being up by 21 to find out you lost when you got home lol
  • Swankdaddy
    Swankdaddy 3 weeks ago NBA ... Miami Heat ... game 6 ... 2013. Yep ... had to look that up.
  • celtic
    celtic 2 weeks ago saw this on youtube
  • Edgehead10075
    Edgehead10075 1 week ago Imagine leaving the game up by 21 only to get home and realize you lost the game.
  • Edgehead10075
    Edgehead10075 6 days ago Imagine leaving the game being UP by 21 only to come home and find out you lost.
  • Kimberly Bsssett
    Kimberly Bsssett 6 days ago @Nobly670 Just look at 28-3
  • Nicholas Bollinger
    Nicholas Bollinger 3 months ago Win probability calculator: Colts 3.59% Peyton Solo: Never tell me the odds
  • Andrew Janezic
    Andrew Janezic 2 months ago Hahahahahaha
  • vectorconcepts1
    vectorconcepts1 2 weeks ago
  • yellananner
    yellananner 1 year ago “If you’re gonna doink the pipe, you want it to go inside after the doink” - John Madden, 2003
  • Charles Martel
    Charles Martel 1 year ago Sage words of advice from The Great One.
  • Trevor Sanso
    Trevor Sanso 1 year ago "it's the bucs offense against the colt defense, now"
  • Stephen Walk
    Stephen Walk 1 year ago Thank you john
  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 1 year ago John Madden was the first to lay pipe
  • Will Templeton
    Will Templeton 1 year ago Your wife has a similar saying. She says during instead of after, but pretty close... PS. Say hi to your (my) kids for me.
  • Brett Robinson
    Brett Robinson 1 year ago THE INCOMPARABLE JOHN MADDEN! That face, that voice, always made it better.
  • Hoosier
    Hoosier 1 year ago i bet he wishes he could see Brett Favre doink some pipe
  • Timothy McJury
    Timothy McJury 1 year ago Charles Martel wish he still commentated on the video games with his sound wisdom. “See he’s gonna throw it to him and boom this guys gonna catch it! “ how would I know what’s happening without John Madden ..oh and my eyes.
  • Brett Robinson
    Brett Robinson 1 year ago @Timothy McJury Some guys made the ordinary sound terrific, and the terrific sound incredible. Madden was that kind of guy. Irreplaceable.
  • Timothy McJury
    Timothy McJury 1 year ago Brett Robinson agreed
  • Brett Robinson
    Brett Robinson 1 year ago A MADDEN original baby!!!
  • Shannon Obrien
    Shannon Obrien 1 year ago Lmfao
    MGTOW UNIVERSE 1 year ago Pause moments
  • Frank Mclain
    Frank Mclain 1 year ago Football died when him and Al Michaels stopped calling games
  • ohdenitto
    ohdenitto 1 year ago You left out the next line! "...what a job by Payton Manning." 😂
  • Will Foraker
    Will Foraker 1 year ago Fifteen years later, that leaping call is still Bullshit. Lol. Enjoyed the video though.
  • bill1957111
    bill1957111 1 year ago said that to my gf. Got slapped, Some people have no sense of humor lol
  • Walter
    Walter 1 year ago Madden is a great one - especially considering that he apparently does some of them off the cuff, but his quotes don't even come close to the greatness of Yogi Berra.
  • lincolnlobster
    lincolnlobster 1 year ago “Doinking the pipe” sounds either like a drug or sex euphemism.
  • Bert Sienna
    Bert Sienna 1 year ago "That's what she said." - Michael Scott
  • Horny Horny Hippo
    Horny Horny Hippo 1 year ago Yep!
  • Horny Horny Hippo
    Horny Horny Hippo 1 year ago KRISPIRACY He's not dead.
  • Quay Rude
    Quay Rude 1 year ago Current MNF may be the worst ever. Witten is simply WAY out of his league - and whoever the play-by-play guy is isn't much better. They maybe need to call Div II college for awhile, and work their way back up. Madden made any team a good one. Collinsworth used to be great also - still is good. But he is kinda a sour old player now, enjoys criticizing officials, coaches, and players too much (still enjoyably self-deprecating now and again though - but much less so than when he helped keep Al Michaels from the old folks broadcasters home).
  • SoonerHistory
    SoonerHistory 1 year ago I wouldn't want my pipe being doinked and not getting inside.
  • Rob Graves
    Rob Graves 1 year ago When I Doink the Pipe, I always make sure "it" goes outside after the Doink! :-P
  • SoonerHistory
    SoonerHistory 1 year ago @Rob Gravesreword what you wrote and you'll be on the right humor path.
  • elastic774
    elastic774 1 year ago Doink would be proud
  • Patrick Dickey
    Patrick Dickey 1 year ago Haha
  • Jason Haradyn
    Jason Haradyn 1 year ago Al Michaels was speechless after hearing such genius.
  • b.zimski
    b.zimski 1 year ago Sass Squash someone tell cody
  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 1 year ago If only Cody Parkey watched this game as a youngster
  • harry mack
    harry mack 1 year ago Will Templeton nobody thought your PATHETIC attempted at a joke was funny bruh
  • Twocrudedudes
    Twocrudedudes 1 year ago If only Cody Parkey watched this clip
  • Joeybabbs .BABBS
    Joeybabbs .BABBS 1 year ago your wife said the same thing when i got off her
  • Joeybabbs .BABBS
    Joeybabbs .BABBS 1 year ago @Brett Robinson ^ghey
  • Rommel Durham
    Rommel Durham 11 months ago YES
  • Bill Lantz
    Bill Lantz 11 months ago ha!
  • XD Gaming
    XD Gaming 11 months ago CODY PARKEY CANNOT READ THIS
  • Slow&Low
    Slow&Low 11 months ago Tell that to Cody Parkey.
  • The Thommy Kane Show
    The Thommy Kane Show 8 months ago If doink means suck, it makes complete sense
  • Michael Tesfai
    Michael Tesfai 6 months ago Lmao hahaha
  • Barbara Chieppo
    Barbara Chieppo 6 months ago I love it Go Colts🏈
  • Ryan Farewell
    Ryan Farewell 4 months ago Cody Parkey could have listened to those wise words
  • Zachary Turner
    Zachary Turner 4 months ago Tell my wife that every day.
  • tripslikstar
    tripslikstar 4 months ago "giggity"
  • Indie Guy
    Indie Guy 3 months ago I was skimming the comments near the end of the video and I read this comment literally as Madden was saying this line. It was spiritual.
  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 2 months ago Boom!!!!!!! Whack!!!
  • Dale Hollingsworth
    Dale Hollingsworth 2 months ago Lmao epic john madden.
  • Sagacious Negation
    Sagacious Negation 1 month ago Lmao
  • Turhan Henderson
    Turhan Henderson 1 month ago @Will Templeton bruh that shit was wack ASF.
  • Crusader1815
    Crusader1815 1 month ago There's only one John Madden.
  • lushin burl
    lushin burl 4 months ago Lions scored 6 TDs in 8 minutes. Do that video.
  • JingerBreadMann
    JingerBreadMann 4 months ago (edited) Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison were one of the classiest QB/WR combo to ever play in the league.
  • EasyBakeKing
    EasyBakeKing 4 months ago Him and reggie too. Marvin and reggie basically have the same years for the career
  • EasyBakeKing
    EasyBakeKing 4 months ago Yards*
  • Lil Navho
    Lil Navho 3 months ago Uh idk probably Tom and moss
  • Fektthis
    Fektthis 3 months ago @Lil Navho he said classiest. tom might fit the bill but not moss. that dude wouldn't know class if a bus full of fifth graders ran over top of him. fyi, I like Moss. i don't think he's even a bad person. but classy?
  • a7mma
    a7mma 3 months ago Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald
  • John Dana
    John Dana 3 months ago Joe Montana/Steve Young and Jerry Rice.
  • John Dana
    John Dana 3 months ago Dan Marino and Mark Clayton.
  • We're all Human
    We're all Human 2 months ago Marvin Harrison is a murderer... Google that
  • Yankee
    Yankee 2 months ago We're all Human no he’s not lol
  • Damien Bryant
    Damien Bryant 2 months ago I miss these years. Colts didn't have a single bad player! Offense or defense. Even our special team was 🔥!
  • Richard Fisher
    Richard Fisher 2 months ago @Damien Bryant facts
  • djwood2000
    djwood2000 1 month ago @Yankee this article seems to suggest he might be
  • Flying Bob
    Flying Bob 1 month ago JingerBreadMann . Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.
  • The Lazzardman
    The Lazzardman 1 month ago Brees/Colston
  • Lia Yang
    Lia Yang 1 month ago Harrison ended up like I always thought he would lol. Too quiet of a guy means demons inside.
  • warrior 4467
    warrior 4467 6 days ago @Damien Bryant we have your special teams coordinator in Denver now ...I dont like him lol
  • Scott Welch
    Scott Welch 4 months ago "If you're gonna doink the pipe, you want it to go inside after the doink." Well said, Madden.
  • Ricky Flemming
    Ricky Flemming 2 months ago Classic Madden
  • arrowguy173
    arrowguy173 4 weeks ago LOL
  • Tall Random Guy
    Tall Random Guy 3 months ago I'm mad I was too young to watch Manning in his prime
  • Captain W
    Captain W 2 days ago He was still in his prime for his first 2 1/2 seasons with the Broncos
  • jim ogrady
    jim ogrady 1 day ago Tall Random Guy  Glad I was to young when my Buffalo Bills lost 4 strait Superbowls in 90s. Its crazy today you have to pay $30.00 to park & $ 12.00 for 1 Beer. Its also crazy they let you tailgate 4 hours before the game. Drinking at 9am. Bills fans are just as crazy now as they were in 80s.
  • Southeast_Railfan84
    Southeast_Railfan84 5 days ago Al Michaels, one of the all time best announcers in the game.
  • james walker
    james walker 3 months ago Greatest thing I’ve ever seen by a QB. The Tracy McGrady moment of the NFL lol
  • Clay McFadden
    Clay McFadden 1 month ago Exactly. I'll never forget this or T Mac doing that. I'm glad I kept watching both hahaha
  • LeeLee Stonecipher
    LeeLee Stonecipher 2 days ago Did you see the Patriot/Falcons Superbowl?😂
  • Milk_God
    Milk_God 3 months ago Damn i really just watched 23 min video on a sport i dont understand
  • Raw Jew
    Raw Jew 2 months ago lol funny comment
  • Ricky Flemming
    Ricky Flemming 2 months ago Lol classic
  • Mohab Galal
    Mohab Galal 1 month ago Catchy ball get three pointer
  • stude1953
    stude1953 1 month ago Neither do the referees. lol
  • Matt S.
    Matt S. 1 month ago Why?
  • Dportillo18
    Dportillo18 2 weeks ago I don’t either, ought I knew until I played madden for the first time
  • Denise Uhlry
    Denise Uhlry 4 months ago Payton Manning is my favorite QB,player and personality of all time.I miss him a lot!
  • Damien Bryant
    Damien Bryant 2 months ago Me too..
  • J B
    J B 1 month ago Same
  • Jacob Patrick
    Jacob Patrick 3 weeks ago Just watch some nation wide commercials 😂😂