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NBA 2K20 Instant Badge Glitch (PS4 & XBOX) | Demigod Badge Glitch After Patch 1.07

Publicado el 21 oct. 2019 44.965 visualizaciones

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  • Honsyy
    Honsyy 3 тижні тому Make sure yall like and subscribe! Follow my ig @imhonsyy if anyone need help!
  • Smoovii
    Smoovii 3 тижні тому Niggaaaa. You’re insane with these glitches.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • m m
    m m 3 тижні тому How do u join off ur friend list
  • Sight
    Sight 3 тижні тому they still didn’t patch it
  • WavyDex
    WavyDex 3 тижні тому Honsyy the true goat💯
  • RK Sleazy
    RK Sleazy 3 тижні тому Good looks on this keep up the good content brodie
  • Khristopher Rodriguez
    Khristopher Rodriguez 3 тижні тому How long you think until next patch ?
  • ItsNiccNacc
    ItsNiccNacc 3 тижні тому You on the shittttt aaaaaaaa
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    BkPlayZ_Yt 3 тижні тому IM HEREWE
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    FaZe0bey 3 тижні тому (змінено) First my guy Like if u were in the first 50 comments Noti gang
  • S Jz
    S Jz 3 тижні тому For it to work in park do all the steps and when your in park do your stats and go buy a boost and go play park
  • kvngzon
    kvngzon 3 тижні тому S Jz fr?
  • PlayBoiiDonnie Official
    PlayBoiiDonnie Official 3 тижні тому S Jz good looks
  • Sam Ijiwoye
    Sam Ijiwoye 3 тижні тому What’s ur intro song?
  • Dre Drip927
    Dre Drip927 3 тижні тому Play with me plz xbox name @ ISO FOR GAME
  • Jean Prophete
    Jean Prophete 3 тижні тому Whattttt I’m hereeee
  • JD Gaming
    JD Gaming 3 тижні тому Go crazy with that grind
  • AJ Wallace
    AJ Wallace 3 тижні тому Hopefully you find one that stay on during park/Rec and you wouldn't have to back out to the main menu and repeat the steps. That would be SOOOO clutch!
  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 3 тижні тому I’m here
  • SnipeEm TB
    SnipeEm TB 3 тижні тому Snipe ain’t far noti gang 🤘🏾
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