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Scheer, Moe raise Western alienation in Trudeau meetings | Power & Politics

Publicado el 12 nov. 2019 38.010 visualizaciones

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe today and both conservative leaders raised concerns about Western alienation.
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  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin 3 недели назад Using the phrase ''dialing down the rhetoric'', as a form of rhetoric is frustrating.
  • Michael Lambert
    Michael Lambert 3 недели назад Why do you allow commenting on this and not your don cherry videos cbc?
  • al hiddell
    al hiddell 3 недели назад thats nothing try commenting on their website, if you say anything except PC bullshite they ban you immediately , what bunch of SJW cancers they are
  • Shay Horvath
    Shay Horvath 3 недели назад Controlling the narrative means control the populist... Power and control over simple minded fucks
  • Roy Ormonde
    Roy Ormonde 3 недели назад The comments below are a joke, they don't allow comments because of this exact reason. The name calling is childish and unproductive. Grow up.
  • John Al Niel
    John Al Niel 3 недели назад The CBC cheered when Cherry was fired...and encouraged it. The CBC was afraid of push back.
  • Roy Ormonde
    Roy Ormonde 3 недели назад @The Wiz LOL, I rest my case.
  • Nat Omasta
    Nat Omasta 3 недели назад CBC hard at work for trudeau!
  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 3 недели назад Her main talking point is demanding conformance to Trudeau's demands from leaders who have the popular MAJORITY vote!
  • Ramona Henderson
    Ramona Henderson 3 недели назад I can't even watched Trudeau, he turns my stomach
  • Que_Rico
    Que_Rico 3 недели назад He's my guy, feels good to win twice :D
  • Silli Lilli
    Silli Lilli 3 недели назад @Que_Rico Actually, you didn't win twice, a minority government is not a win. And, alienating the western provinces, is definitely not a win. This PM will go down in history as the one who split the country up. Nice legacy!
  • Tom Chong
    Tom Chong 3 недели назад @Silli Lilli The one who is a traitor.
  • Peter McDonald
    Peter McDonald 3 недели назад This CBC anchor turns my stomach She's just about as cringe-worthy as Trudeau so what now Just sit back and watch Canada unravel itself
  • Xoniye
    Xoniye 3 недели назад Your english turns my stomach xD
  • m tesc
    m tesc 3 недели назад @Xoniye English is spelled with a capital E.
  • Dogs out Who let the
    Dogs out Who let the 3 недели назад Freedom of speech is allowed in Canada? Why no comment section? Seems the fascists are showing their true colors
  • Ramsay Bolton
    Ramsay Bolton 3 недели назад Dude what are you talking about? You commented on this video. Also freedom of speech IS allowed, however that also allows corporations to control when and where that speech can be expressed when on a platform that the corporation controls.
  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell 3 недели назад @Ramsay Bolton The CBC is a state funded corporation by the federal government with tax payer money. Follow the money and ignorance will no longer be your friend.
  • tyler bregg
    tyler bregg 3 недели назад @Ramsay Bolton Bill C-16
  • Silli Lilli
    Silli Lilli 3 недели назад @Ramsay Bolton There is NO freedom of speech in Canada. I've witnessed commenter's comments on different threads being deleted. They've shut down the comment sections on Don Cherry being fired. So, say again.
  • Dogs out Who let the
    Dogs out Who let the 3 недели назад By not allowing people to comment, debate, or even express their opinions it is clear that they only what “their” point of view to be heard.
  • Kris Taylor
    Kris Taylor 3 недели назад Silli Lilli maybe if you weren’t such a disgusting human being they wouldn’t have to shut down comments.
  • Dogs out Who let the
    Dogs out Who let the 3 недели назад Kris Taylor BS. If you were such an angel you would outshine me in the comments.
  • Kris Taylor
    Kris Taylor 3 недели назад Dogs out Who let the you can’t shine a turd
  • Brett McLaughlin
    Brett McLaughlin 3 недели назад There's never open comments on Rosy Barton opinion pieces and it's rare that Vassey wants anything but her own opinion.
  • yeeps31
    yeeps31 3 недели назад To the last interview. Saying that more consulting is required before concrete action is taken is frustrating considering that it is all this government did for the last four years.
  • Kent Pengelly
    Kent Pengelly 3 недели назад I guess Wexit is still a go. Trudeau is still attacking Alberta.
  • Harley Mann
    Harley Mann 3 недели назад 18 October 2021. This is the date a referendum could happen.
  • Brett Thomas
    Brett Thomas 3 недели назад (изменено) Premier Scott Moe was angry (a under statement) after that meeting. Clearly showing it in news conference. The east doesn't care about the west! It's over time to move on with WEXIT! Go CBC always working for Trudeau!!
  • Brad Ferguson
    Brad Ferguson 3 недели назад Hey Brett. I am from NS and although the polls might show Liberal for most of my province, many of us appreciate the West and know how much you do for the country. I am frustrated by the way Trudeau treats AB/Sask, especially with contrast to Quebec. Just so you dont think its East vs West.
  • Hyperpandas
    Hyperpandas 3 недели назад Wexit is pablum for the ignorant and impotent. Zero percent chance of success, zero percent chance of solving any issues with it, and likely zero percent chance of legally separating with a landbase.
  • Brad Ferguson
    Brad Ferguson 3 недели назад @Hyperpandas interesting choice of words. You're right though, it's not going to happen. But the concerns backing the hashtag are legitimate
  • Silli Lilli
    Silli Lilli 3 недели назад @Hyperpandas Are you from the east or the west?
  • Silli Lilli
    Silli Lilli 3 недели назад @Brad Ferguson Are you from the east or the west?
  • Silli Lilli
    Silli Lilli 3 недели назад @Brad Ferguson I'm sure the west appreciates your support.
  • Hyperpandas
    Hyperpandas 3 недели назад @Silli Lilli Mostly West, why?
  • Silli Lilli
    Silli Lilli 3 недели назад @Hyperpandas What does mostly west mean? Do you live on the road?
  • PastaHearts
    PastaHearts 3 недели назад That blondes attitude is another level, holy man. She doesnt seem to understand Saskatchewans stance and what is going on there and doesnt want to listen.
  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell 3 недели назад She is a biased sycophant. Nothing more nothing less
  • Jessi Plourde
    Jessi Plourde 3 недели назад Media bailout money hard at work
  • Richard Mercer
    Richard Mercer 3 недели назад Somebody please make Trudeau go away please...
  • Que_Rico
    Que_Rico 3 недели назад I voted for him twice and we won twice. KEEP crying
  • Silli Lilli
    Silli Lilli 3 недели назад @Que_Rico A minority government is not a win. Alienating the western provinces, is definitely not a win. This PM will go down in history as the one who split this country up. Nice Legacy!
  • Que_Rico
    Que_Rico 3 недели назад @Silli Lilli When I met him in person, i told him he was a visionary, that visionaries always face obstacles and to never doubt his vision for Canada and Canadians. He just looked at me for like 2 seconds and said THANK YOU! He's the best man, history will tell how greatly he's impacted this country.
  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 3 недели назад @Que_Rico says the immigrant
  • Que_Rico
    Que_Rico 3 недели назад @Jim Bob HELL YEAH! thanks to this guy and his father we came here with nothing, now I own 2 companies???!?!?!?!?!?! Only in Canada, Only in Trudeau's CANADA!
  • Silli Lilli
    Silli Lilli 3 недели назад @Que_Rico I've met him in person and talked to him, but I am not impressed with him. He will have greatly impacted this country, but not in a good way.
  • Richard Mercer
    Richard Mercer 3 недели назад @Que_Rico Immigrants know how to milk all the Trudeau free handouts. I'd vote for Trudeau if I were an immigrant today. Trudeau is bankrupting Canada at the expense of the immigrants that came before you. Canada is a nation of immigrants.The immigrants that came to Canada decades ago (all races and backgrounds) did not get all the free handouts. If you were one of them you would be angry too. Trudeau is a traitor and so was his father. He is killing our economy. Worse prime minister in Canadian history. Enjoy all you free stuff while it lasts. This is not about race at all. It is about economic contibution going back generations.
  • R. A.
    R. A. 3 недели назад This whole talk about carbon tax rebates and some people getting more back in rebates goes to prove the point that it is for the most part a wealth redistribution scheme. Premier Moe nailed it, the goal is reducing emissions and not enforcing a tax. How can the liberals and their so called experts say that the carbon tax is the best way to reduce emissions, I am totally not buying it.
  • TheNaznine
    TheNaznine 3 недели назад wealth redistribution? WHAT ?? that is such a gas lighting POS. your talking about 400 dollars going back to people making 36k or less a year and people making 100k a year not getting a rebate. That is BS .
  • Brett McLaughlin
    Brett McLaughlin 3 недели назад Sounds a whole lot like socialism
  • TheNaznine
    TheNaznine 3 недели назад @Brett McLaughlin you sound like a yank.
  • Brett McLaughlin
    Brett McLaughlin 3 недели назад 60 years Canadian born and raised , TheNaznine.
  • Richard Gallant
    Richard Gallant 3 недели назад Trudeau,s aim is not to reduce pollution but to impose his will and that of his master the UN and to make Canada into a example for the world to follow and it doesn,t matter if he breaks the canadian economy to achieve it . This carbon tax is a very scary tax as it will creep into so many facets of our lives including how much we pay for food .
  • TheNaznine
    TheNaznine 3 недели назад @Brett McLaughlin 5o years born and raised Albertan. And this western cry game needs to stop but it looks like until we get this group of social credit wan-bees out we are stuck with this BS.
  • Beth McHugh
    Beth McHugh 3 недели назад Trudeaus"laying the groundwork" isan insulting statement to make considering he did nothing with the 4 years of a majority liberal government he had......he'll do ZERO this next 4 years...Trudeau just blows greenhouse gases out his backside
  • Justin Spina
    Justin Spina 3 недели назад as per the cbc broadcaster were going in without compromise what about the 200 billion we gave to quebec is that not worth anything?
  • cοnjureup
    cοnjureup 3 недели назад (изменено) By Dec 05 when Trudeau finally convenes Parliament again, Scheer would have already been at Day 44 of his ʹFirst 100 Daysʹ of a universal tax cut and other election promises. Instead, Trudeau went surfing while the rest of us watched as Husky laid off more workers and more Canadian companies such as Encana (once the world′s largest independent energy company) move their businesses to the United States. Not even a comment lamenting the loss of one of Canada′s largest corporations, but ready to upend the justice system for SNC−Lavalin.
  • Elia Rasky
    Elia Rasky 2 недели назад Scheer's "universal tax cut" would have given people an extra $800 a year. Hardly enough money to raise living standards! I know you don't want to hear it, bur Trudeau's Child Tax Benefit expansion will do far more to help Canadians than Scheer's tax cut.
  • cοnjureup
    cοnjureup 2 недели назад Elia − The problem with Trudeau′s Child Tax Benefit is it only helps people with dependent children. What about the rest of us? I don′ t know about you, but $ 800 represents nearly a month in rent for me, or makes the difference in being able to take a vacation or visit family by covering airfare, have a heck of a darn good Christmas ...
  • yodatagz
    yodatagz Неделю назад Elia Rasky so people that don’t have children have their pockets picked to pay for people that have children. I’m tired of being tax like crazy to pay for people that have more kids then they can afford.
  • Darwin Award
    Darwin Award 3 недели назад Well we voted conservative.
  • red 7
    red 7 3 недели назад (изменено) The bakken oil field is the same in Canada as the US it is not a different product. Murray mandryk ever wonder why your news paper is a complete failure ?
  • Larry Termul
    Larry Termul 3 недели назад (изменено) red 7 The shale oil industry in the US is a ponzi scheme as investors are starting to realize in a few years it will all come to an end...not saying there isn't oil in the formations just that they have a tendency to drop off quickly meaning you have to drill more and more with diminishing returns. You can't drill holes if your investors don't get a return on their investments.
  • sdgresl
    sdgresl 3 недели назад The Bakken deposits are not shale oil.
  • Wayne Kuzek
    Wayne Kuzek 3 недели назад We should ask him to quit like don cherry for black face
  • Jessi Plourde
    Jessi Plourde 3 недели назад Leftists double standards
  • Ekene
    Ekene 3 недели назад God bless Canada
  • R. A.
    R. A. 3 недели назад It's very simple. Give provinces more autonomy, make the electoral system fairer (let each province and territory have the same amount of electoral representation in determining who leads the nation), reform equalization so it's very fair and then you might be on the path to healing the division. If some provinces want to carbon tax their citizens and drive away investments, then let them have a blast and the other provinces that do not buy into carbon taxes should be free to choose how they want to meet their emissions target.
  • Susan Auger
    Susan Auger 3 недели назад Jussie doesn't do simple. Hes so simple hes got no common sense and is globalist driven. Not sure why. I know hes salivating for a seat on the U.N. That's why hes sacrificing Canada. He doesnt care about Canada at all
  • Always Meepin’
    Always Meepin’ 3 недели назад You just made the more corrupt electoral college thanks a lot.
  • R. A.
    R. A. 3 недели назад (изменено) @Always Meepin’ I guess you are probably from Ontario, Quebec or BC. The electoral college ain't corrupt, it gives states with smaller population equal voices during elections. It is our system here that is corrupt, where a leader can win the popular vote and still not be able to be PM.
  • Always Meepin’
    Always Meepin’ 3 недели назад (изменено) R. A. And I’m from Saskatchewan I say it’s still a horrible system, just use a popular vote although the electoral college is a better system than ours
  • elmer flood
    elmer flood 2 недели назад my disgust for Trudeau overwhelms me