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‘Why Border Closure Will Not End Soon’, Customs Official Lawyer Debate

Publicado el 18 oct. 2019 40.634 visualizaciones

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  • Aliyu Audu
    Aliyu Audu 1 месяц назад why do I feel like that legal practitioner is a smuggler or a car dealer...hahaha
  • Love is Love
    Love is Love 1 месяц назад Now i think i am a fan of buhari govt because of this huge brilliant move .
  • nutriman
    nutriman 1 месяц назад We need to stop this big brother thing because some ppl will take advantage of us to the detriment of our economy and nation.
  • Kenneth. E. Nwachukwu Nwachukwu
    Kenneth. E. Nwachukwu Nwachukwu 1 месяц назад Close the border i suppose you Sir Nigeria customs is working i can see it now i love this Sir very good 🗽🇳🇬🇳🇬🗽🗽🇳🇬🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝good
  • Gabriel Adebayo
    Gabriel Adebayo 1 месяц назад Thank you my brother, the million question is why are the cargoes not coming through our sea port?????????
  • Obi E
    Obi E 1 месяц назад Because of the corruption and incompetence of the customs officers who charge exorbitant and multiple bribes to bring in goods through the ports
  • stainless Smart
    stainless Smart 1 месяц назад The chop I chop System we have been operating in the PAST was what brought us where we are today as a Nation.
  • Prince Howard
    Prince Howard 1 месяц назад "Double Jeopardy"? Just pay the right duty and go your way rather than tempting the agents with bribe.
    ALL BLACK 1 месяц назад Then close your borders that will enable each and every one to know that you are doing serious things but this kind of envy borders closing will not take you to anywhere
    OWOLABI AFOLAYAN 4 недели назад Where will it take us? As an expert in politics or governance, you can advise. U people sha like to counter every of govt's policies despite the good intentions
  • Fidelis Obi
    Fidelis Obi 1 месяц назад What is the name of this custom officer here? The public need to know him and whom he is speaking for. He is a blatant liar
  • Emeka Nnamdi
    Emeka Nnamdi 1 месяц назад Of course he is speaking for the interest of his slave masters- the fulanis.
  • Michael Chigozie
    Michael Chigozie 1 месяц назад Fidelis Obi why anytime you want to do celebrate Christmas they will try to increase everything that will want to use in our Christmas that is sheet in this country
  • Emmanuel Esiegbue
    Emmanuel Esiegbue 1 месяц назад (изменено) This guy is lying! He’s being economical with words! He’s under the influence of APC demons! Was is not the same Customs which lied to the Courts that they lost their registers which they were charged to provide such in the case of Nigerian Customs vs INNOSON MOTORS?
  • John Chukwu
    John Chukwu 1 месяц назад close it.. we are happy
  • Chuks Justin
    Chuks Justin 1 месяц назад I imported two cars to Nigeria through lagos and cleared by Nigeria customs only to for the new set of customs on the road to say that my paper is fake 😁
  • Obi E
    Obi E 1 месяц назад That is terrible. I imported a car into Nigeria through Lagos ports and paid every duty demanded. When I traveled to Benin city, I was forced to pay bribes to several police and customs officials mounting road blocks. This is why smuggling can never stop in Nigeria. It makes no sense to follow the law
  • Zo20 Yo89
    Zo20 Yo89 1 месяц назад @Obi E Your situation might be different considering that police in Benin City are the most notorious in collecting bribes from interstate travelled to Benin from Lagos without being disturbed by numerous custom checkpoints on your way.
  • Zo20 Yo89
    Zo20 Yo89 1 месяц назад Customs has to do a lot of public enlightenment concerning these matters; and get their transactions on e-format to eliminate unscrupolous agents and/or make transactions customer friendly with a view to making the use of agents optional.
  • Michael Carrillo
    Michael Carrillo 1 месяц назад @Obi E You are not alone Bro. I was stopped in Benin as well. And I paid good 80k before my car was released. I even have a picture of the scene. After my car was duly cleared in Lagos... I was compelled to pay. I was told my duty wasn't pay fully.. And I paid 1.2m for clearing in Lagos.... Shithole country
  • bolbril
    bolbril 1 месяц назад (изменено) I can tell you that 65% of vehicles in car shops were flown (smuggled) through land boarders. The duty documentations they claimed to have surprisingly will be fake if taken for verification. And Customs should also look inward and fish out bad eggs. Mr Ubani should do holistic research about the car dealers to get himself on the right fight perspective.
  • Nwachukwu Michael Ekpeluchi
    Nwachukwu Michael Ekpeluchi 1 месяц назад The custom officer is trying to say that Nigeria has not security, I find it obvious that they will locked up the shops before checking if they paid their duties.
  • Abdussalam kabiru yahaya
    Abdussalam kabiru yahaya 1 месяц назад Opein border hamidu ali beg boss
  • Effiong Etim
    Effiong Etim 1 месяц назад We still have slave mentality in us. Customs is either overwhelmed by their job or may be conivng with smugglers. So both sides may be guilty. And both should be punished in a fair just system.
  • otis billups
    otis billups 1 месяц назад Effing Etim I'm here in " new york , New York " 🇺🇸 . you are right . my brother ( PEACE AND LOVE ) .
  • rexford mensah
    rexford mensah 1 месяц назад Why do we put Customs at the Border anyway, what's their job
  • G moremong
    G moremong 1 месяц назад Nigerians themselves feel migration heat lol this xenophobians
  • Chucky
    Chucky 1 месяц назад These analogue men are crippling the country.....
  • Ayodele Ayeni
    Ayodele Ayeni 1 месяц назад Customs should bring down the duty charges to avoid all this.