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MTG Top 5 Plays of the Week for Oct. 11-17

Publicado el 20 oct. 2019 9.812 visualizaciones

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Riley Knight and Denis Stranjak count down the 5 best plays from across the world of streaming, Arena, coverage, and more!

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  • Toni Anders
    Toni Anders 1 месяц назад I have all the respect for the Time Wipe opponent. That was sharp!
  • Izandai
    Izandai 1 месяц назад I don't mind the plug for the website, but only if it doesn't cut into the commentary, which it definitely feels like it did here. Also best video yet. The fact that you could find five (well, maybe four and a half) clips of people just straight-up killing themselves is so incredible I can barely believe it happened despite laughing the whole time.
  • garmatey
    garmatey 1 месяц назад So this is just top 5 punts now?
  • lvarenski1
    lvarenski1 1 месяц назад Where can we find the full game for Andrea’s game?
  • hugo diaz
    hugo diaz 1 месяц назад He sometimes upload to his personal channel
  • Federico Rivada
    Federico Rivada 1 месяц назад Great top 5
  • zotha
    zotha 1 месяц назад I like the content... but please rename it from Plays of the Week... because the vast majority every week are people misplaying horribly.
  • EvanMac17
    EvanMac17 1 месяц назад Doesn't specify whether the plays will be good or bad. Stop complaining.
  • Vaasth
    Vaasth 1 месяц назад @EvanMac17 except it does? what else TOP means?
  • EvanMac17
    EvanMac17 1 месяц назад Don't @ me idiot
  • Feno Droide
    Feno Droide 1 месяц назад Change the name to "arena of week"