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NFL Craziest Plays of All Time

Publicado el 16 abr. 2017 2.849.071 visualizaciones

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  • Bryan Coullahan
    Bryan Coullahan 2 года назад "A real heads up play" "...Well, that's illegal."
  • Draft Deshaun
    Draft Deshaun 2 года назад Bryan Coullahan thief
  • Halo man
    Halo man 2 года назад Bryan Coullahan dumbass
  • Raider Luke
    Raider Luke 2 года назад Phil Simms is the biggest Busta of all time
  • Garrett Lauzon
    Garrett Lauzon 2 года назад LukeTheBeast no he's not
  • Austin101123
    Austin101123 2 года назад (изменено) What's illegal about it? Is it considered a forward pass?
  • Bryan Coullahan
    Bryan Coullahan 2 года назад Austin101123 yes, you can't hit a loose ball forward like that
  • Swaggleboon
    Swaggleboon 2 года назад Actually I think that's an incomplete pass. Cause, y'know, Brady.
  • James Boyles
    James Boyles 2 года назад who?
  • James Boyles
    James Boyles 2 года назад who?
  • Necco Wafer
    Necco Wafer 2 года назад Bryan Coullahan l
  • Necco Wafer
    Necco Wafer 2 года назад Bryan Coullahan k
  • ChokeslamToHell
    ChokeslamToHell 2 года назад Swaggleboon Gaming Tuck rule was a rule long before Tom Brady played. Cost the Pats a game that same season against the Jets, actually.
  • ChokeslamToHell
    ChokeslamToHell 2 года назад Austin101123 there's a rule against it called "illegal batting."
  • Michael Lubin
    Michael Lubin 2 года назад Heads up WHAT, is my question.
  • Nottaway
    Nottaway 2 года назад Bryan Coullahan ii
  • Ultimate Railfan
    Ultimate Railfan 2 года назад Thats not even illegal
  • Kylie McInnes
    Kylie McInnes 2 года назад You can't bat a loose ball forward towards your goal line.
  • Mr. Safer
    Mr. Safer Год назад more proof of the steelers legacy of dirty playing.
  • Cornerstone Ministry
    Cornerstone Ministry Год назад safer doolie better legacy than the Cheatriots.
  • XCAltoona
    XCAltoona Год назад "Whatever is going to get me in trouble, I'm saying the opposite." is a legendary quote at least
  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin Год назад LMAOOOOOO love my steelers though
  • Shabazz
    Shabazz Год назад Ultimate Railfan Yes it is. The Seahawks got called on it recently. I don’t know if it’s illegal to hit it forward but it’s definitely illegal to hit it out of the end zone.
  • mshat18
    mshat18 Год назад steelers getting the call what’s new
  • 123abc
    123abc Год назад @ChokeslamToHell Except that with the Vinny Testaverde tuck, his arm was going forward when the ball came out. With Brady, the ball came out AFTER the tuck! In fact, the ball was pointing downwards. That was a FUMBLE!
  • ChokeslamToHell
    ChokeslamToHell Год назад 123abc Same thing happened, Brady’s arm was going forward, even if he was pump faking. That was the rule. Arm forward = pass.
  • 123abc
    123abc Год назад ChokeslamToHell You clearly didn't read my comment! The ball from Brady came out AFTER the tuck was completed so the tuck rule would no longer apply. It was definitely a fumble.
  • Waleed Malik
    Waleed Malik Год назад !nkmm Jnnlhgghjlhop
  • Jack Hardway
    Jack Hardway Год назад That was incomplete
  • kay9ine
    kay9ine Год назад @Austin101123 it's illegal because of the holy roller. you cannot intentionally move the ball if it is currently a fumble
  • Paul Jewson
    Paul Jewson Год назад Apparently @kay9ine is the only one in this chain that knows his rules.
  • Scott B
    Scott B 10 месяцев назад @Austin101123 No, he never obtained possession of it. You cannot bat the ball forward.
  • Austin Chamberlain
    Austin Chamberlain 8 месяцев назад @kay9ine Who says it was intentional?
  • not Sauer
    not Sauer 7 месяцев назад Austin Chamberlain it was CLEARLY intentional
    ABC ZYX 6 месяцев назад @Paul Jewson yup
  • JERU
    JERU 6 месяцев назад @Ultimate Railfan it's been illegal since 1978
  • Benjamin Voegele
    Benjamin Voegele 2 недели назад I did a spit take
  • awesome gamer233
    awesome gamer233 2 года назад I laughed at new York vs Jacksonville because the dude tackled he's own teammate
  • BuffaloMafia716
    BuffaloMafia716 2 года назад Samantha Bennett 😂
  • Alexander Oh
    Alexander Oh 2 года назад He didn't try to do that. He tried to make a touchback and keep his teammate in the endzone.
  • Benjamin Eisenbraun
    Benjamin Eisenbraun 2 года назад Was that a regular season game? I looked at the history between the Giants and Jaguars, and I did not see a 16-13 final score.
  • chris gast
    chris gast 2 года назад I know, right??? He was a moron.
  • chris gast
    chris gast 2 года назад It was a preseason game in 2000. Jacksonville won 16-13.
  • Jeshaun Payne
    Jeshaun Payne 2 года назад Samantha Bennett he was trying to keep him in the end zone for a touchback
  • chris gast
    chris gast 2 года назад Little does he know, he came out of the end zone (after being in the non-endzone area). So, he already lost his chance to completely avoid a safety. If you recover the ball outside of the endzone (interception or fumble), then you cannot go into the endzone for a touchback. That's called a safety. You need to recover it IN the endzone initially to get a touchback and avoid a safety.
  • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
    Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers 2 года назад He was already out though, so it would have been a safety (or maybe forward progress, ball at the 1)
  • chris gast
    chris gast 2 года назад That's what I was saying. It would've been a safety, had he hung onto it.
  • kabob21
    kabob21 2 года назад It's not considered a safety on a change of possession. It would have been a touchback still.
  • chris gast
    chris gast 2 года назад kabob21 No, it would've been a safety. Per league rules, his own momentum carrying him into the end zone would have resulted in a touchback. His teammate carried him. That's a safety. His teammate was stupid for doing what he did.
  • cylluh
    cylluh 2 года назад Samantha Bennett that nigga is fired
  • jack aas
    jack aas 2 года назад I peeped that too
  • GibranKG
    GibranKG 2 года назад I was laughing so hard, dude fucking leveled him.
  • Johnny Siganza
    Johnny Siganza 2 года назад Samantha Bennett why he did it?
  • Jevonte Dearring
    Jevonte Dearring 2 года назад Samantha Bennett I would drop my teammate for that
  • Jevonte Dearring
    Jevonte Dearring 2 года назад Samantha Bennett that was funny tho😀😀😀
  • pure vlogs
    pure vlogs 2 года назад fucck you
  • Jorel Aramburo
    Jorel Aramburo 2 года назад Alexander Oh by tackling his teammate
  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 2 года назад It initially would not have been a safety. When #38 intercepted at the 1-yard line, his momentum took him into the end zone. As per the NFL rule, as long as the interception was made inside the 5-yard line, it is allowable for the defender's momentum to carry him into the end zone, where he can down the ball for a touchback. But after #38 went into the end zone, for some stupid reason, he came back out to the 1-yard line, thus nullifying the momentum factor. Then, he juked backwards in an apparent attempt to avoid his teammate. Now back in the end zone, in order to avoid a safety, he would've had to bring the entire ball out clear of the goal line. There was no #38 on the Giants' roster for the 2000 season, so this guy's decision to try to make some SportsCenter highlight instead of just going to the ground and ending the game likely cost him his job. Way to go, Sparky. I'm sure he does some funky dance now after each bag of groceries he fills.
  • Shawn F
    Shawn F Год назад @Alexander Oh Actually he did try (and achieved) to tackle his teammate. Now I'm pretty sure he didn't intend on making him fumble but he most certainly meant to tackle him.
  • Spartanshaq777
    Spartanshaq777 Год назад @Alexander Oheven if he did that, once you come out of the endzone, the ball is live and once you get tackled back in the endzone, its a safety
  • Spartanshaq777
    Spartanshaq777 Год назад @kabob21 it is considered a safety, this already happened once in the league and they ruled it as such
  • joey c
    joey c Год назад 👍
  • Tokyo Sensai
    Tokyo Sensai 11 месяцев назад His*
  • SoleDontPanik tinifu
    SoleDontPanik tinifu 9 месяцев назад Who's your favorite team?
  • chris gast
    chris gast 8 месяцев назад After watching the clip again, I would hazard a guess and say F Lewis (Giant who intercepted the pass) never had touch-back opportunity on that play because he had two steps in field of play before he went into the end-zone (then went back out for 3 steps and then was tackled by his teammate). The momentum rule wouldn't have mattered.
    MIKEL RIVAS 8 месяцев назад @chris gast Sorry im new in football and i have a question. Assuming that there is not touchback chance, forcing a safety wouldnt be a great idea? i mean safety are 2 points so they would win the game 13-11
  • chris gast
    chris gast 8 месяцев назад @MIKEL RIVAS I'm not sure what you mean by forcing a safety. But the tackler's team (typically the defense) would indeed get 2 points for achieving a safety, yes. In this case, the Jacksonville Jaguars would have gotten 2 points for the safety since the Giants were the ones who had possession of the football in and out of (and back in) the end-zone on this very play, had the Giants player not fumbled the ball. So, yes - the Giants would have likely won 13-11, had they held onto the football and Jacksonville achieved the safety. In terms of winning the game as far as Jacksonville is concerned, yes - a safety is worse than a touchdown, since Jacksonville was losing prior 13-9 with seconds left (and needed a touchdown to win). Jacksonville was rather fortunate that the Giants fumbled the ball. To some people, it matters how much a team is scored on - and perhaps depending on which team.
    MIKEL RIVAS 8 месяцев назад @chris gast thanks for your answer bro
  • chris gast
    chris gast 8 месяцев назад @MIKEL RIVAS However, keep in mind that this was a preseason game. So, the score doesn't usually matter in a game like this. The preseason is usually a warm-up to the regular season where the games DO count. It has more to do with showcasing a player's ability to perform - both physically and mentally. It could also determine whether a player remains on the team or is cut, as there is one FINAL "cut" for NFL rosters before the regular season begins.
  • chris gast
    chris gast 8 месяцев назад @MIKEL RIVAS You're welcome.
  • LittleArmyNut
    LittleArmyNut 8 месяцев назад hes own
  • The Look I Get From Girls
    The Look I Get From Girls 2 года назад bruh how you fumble twice on the same play
  • Fortniitebattleroyale
    Fortniitebattleroyale 2 года назад (изменено) The Valiant Victini I know right.
  • Zayerbayer
    Zayerbayer 2 года назад Same thing happened to me in madden
    JABSHARP Год назад Bruh, the same person on the Dolphins fumbled twice on the same play. The same person on the Rams fumbled twice on the same play. And I'm only 1:02 into the video
  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson Год назад The Valiant
  • Shabazz
    Shabazz Год назад Especially when the first fumble actually helped you out haha.
  • Benjamin Farias
    Benjamin Farias 7 месяцев назад Only the Raiders.
  • Harold Frets
    Harold Frets 7 месяцев назад Getting posession twice will help you fumble twice on the same play
  • Truth
    Truth 4 месяца назад The dolphins could fumble 3 times in the same play.
  • Dannyboy y
    Dannyboy y 3 месяца назад Id bet he got an earful from the coach in front of his teammates during the video sessions.
  • Reed Wittinger
    Reed Wittinger 2 месяца назад by not falling on it
  • Psyched Panda
    Psyched Panda 2 года назад i like how the old clips have that funny music
  • Darin Loveland
    Darin Loveland 2 года назад Yeah. That was the good old days. Used to love those highlights every week
  • Shabazz
    Shabazz Год назад And the commentary on the second one was killin me. “And what’s this? The Steelers might be back in the game after all. Nope it’s the Giants again. The old stolen ball trick.” Haha.
  • dicker9
    dicker9 8 месяцев назад Psyched Panda ya don’t see those anymore due to wanting to respect ALL players, I think they it was added was to make people listening on the radio stay interested while driving
  • Ryan Stejskal
    Ryan Stejskal 6 месяцев назад I feel like the entire video should be set to Yakety Sax
  • ParadiseParksInc
    ParadiseParksInc 2 года назад Every time I forget about the butt fumble I end up seeing it again lol
  • Jared Schreckengast
    Jared Schreckengast 5 месяцев назад 😼
  • Ahb Sharma
    Ahb Sharma 3 месяца назад Omg
  • Zachary Madden
    Zachary Madden 2 года назад The craziest thing was watching the ref run from 13:37-13:40. Hahaha, he looks like an old man trying to chase neighborhood kids out of his yard..
  • Rob Henderson
    Rob Henderson 2 года назад Zachary Madden He sounds like my neighbor griping to the cops afterwards.
  • Sports Play75
    Sports Play75 2 года назад Zachary Madden Yes he does
  • Matt Ferragamo
    Matt Ferragamo 2 года назад Zachary Madden XD
  • Dr. Fabrício M. Nogueira
    Dr. Fabrício M. Nogueira Год назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • whosregis2000
    whosregis2000 3 месяца назад Haha
  • Peter Zadfert
    Peter Zadfert 2 года назад Why couldn't Mark Sanchez cross the road? He hit a crack
  • Jennifer Hevern
    Jennifer Hevern Год назад Peter Zadfert a
  • Dr. Fabrício M. Nogueira
    Dr. Fabrício M. Nogueira Год назад 🤔
  • Kento Ito
    Kento Ito 10 месяцев назад Peter Zadfert ENOUGH WITH THE ASS FUMBLE!!!!!
  • badlandskid
    badlandskid 8 месяцев назад An inglorious moment in a subpar career.
  • Steve Kaufmann
    Steve Kaufmann 2 года назад 6:57 lol "that's a heads up play" well that's illegal
  • DocPicklez
    DocPicklez 2 года назад @10:04 Plot Twist: that time travailing cheating fan was Bill Belichick
  • John Pritzlaff
    John Pritzlaff 2 года назад DocPicklez best comment
  • mshat18
    mshat18 Год назад He’s still got seven rings and a hot girlfriend what’s you got. Your moms basement.
  • Greg Switliski
    Greg Switliski Год назад @mshat18 that "girlfriend" there is only there for the money don't bs yourself
  • Pissed Bob Ross
    Pissed Bob Ross Год назад mshat18 You sound like a fucking moron.
  • Future Quagmire
    Future Quagmire Год назад Exactly 😂
  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith 6 месяцев назад Lol
  • Truth
    Truth 4 месяца назад DocPicklez It must have been Belichick because it looked like he knew what play was coming. Even then he was stealing playbooks.
  • Texas Sports TV
    Texas Sports TV 1 месяц назад @mshat18 damn, you're butt hurt about that comment? Go cry to your Tom Brady Shrine
  • mshat18
    mshat18 1 месяц назад Still got six rings bitch.
  • Ivan Walters
    Ivan Walters 3 дня назад @mshat18 probably a lot of thieves do [and as Cap would say - language]
  • Slay Family
    Slay Family 2 года назад I laughed at the rams touchdown all the way from the endzone when it bounced in and the ram player ran and no one knew what was going on.
  • Dustin Smith
    Dustin Smith 2 года назад Nathan Reacts my favorite was Tannahils bad throw
  • Q Ravioli
    Q Ravioli 2 года назад Quarterback? It was the punter.
  • Q Ravioli
    Q Ravioli 2 года назад That play was crazy. Ive never seen that before. I thought a punt into the endzone is an automatic touchback. I didnt know it had to be downed.
    JUSTICE WORLD-PEACE 2 года назад Jansen Ravioli punter that's what I meant lol thanks for pointing that out
  • Derrick Anthony
    Derrick Anthony 2 года назад Jansen Ravioli If It Would Have Gone Out Of Bounds First Then It Would Have Been A Touchback
    COACHANT 2 года назад When was that rule changed. If a punt goes into the end zone it's a touchback
    COACHANT 2 года назад and the ball comes out to the twenty
  • Derrick Anthony
    Derrick Anthony 2 года назад Anthony They Probably Changed It After This Play, I Thought If It Didn't Go Out Of Bounds By The Post, You Could Return It
  • KrisonSports
    KrisonSports 2 года назад If I remember correctly, I believe the next season (the game between the Saints and Rams was in 1994) they changed that rule that if the ball touches down in the end zone its automatically "downed" and a touchback.
  • Jack Bonar
    Jack Bonar 2 года назад Just said the same thing. Good stuff
  • Darin Loveland
    Darin Loveland 2 года назад Krispn yes exactly. Good call you're right
  • Rowgue51
    Rowgue51 Год назад It was a heads up play by the return man. But I'm still not sure how the play was allowed to stand as a touchdown. Both teams had most of their special teams guys running off the field and the offense and defense coming on the field. It should have been offsetting penalties on both teams for illegal participation with the down being replayed.
  • ARTPOP Reign
    ARTPOP Reign Год назад It's funny because that set a record for longest punt return TD which still stands today
  • Rowgue51
    Rowgue51 Год назад ARTPOP Reign There are multiple 109 yard punt returns which is the longest return possible. This tied the record it didn't set a new one.
  • ARTPOP Reign
    ARTPOP Reign Год назад Rowgue51 no u r thinking of kick returns and FG returns look it up this is the longest punt return
  • Rowgue51
    Rowgue51 Год назад ARTPOP Reign Wrong
  • ARTPOP Reign
    ARTPOP Reign Год назад Rowgue51 nope Google it
  • Mr508films
    Mr508films 5 месяцев назад @Q Ravioli it is automatic Touchback, the runback was not legal. The refs treated it like a kickoff.
  • Mr508films
    Mr508films 5 месяцев назад @Derrick Anthony no, all it needs to do is touch the end zone on a punt.
  • Carlis Mcclanahan
    Carlis Mcclanahan 2 месяца назад I remember watching that game
  • Memphis 2 Houston
    Memphis 2 Houston 8 месяцев назад 6:55 commentators "what a heads up play" 2nd 1 well thats illegal lmao
  • Envy San Diego
    Envy San Diego 3 месяца назад 12:39 Can we just commend Al Michaels for explaining this so well? This man deserves a raise!
  • Reilly
    Reilly 2 года назад A lot of these plays remind me of watching rugby. I don't mean that as a bad thing, just funny to see all the laterals happening during an NFL game.
  • geene smith
    geene smith 6 месяцев назад I wonder why you don't see more designed laterals in the NFL.
  • Tim Tom
    Tim Tom 1 месяц назад geene smith maybe too risky
  • Fraser Moodey
    Fraser Moodey 1 месяц назад geene smith The problem with laterals in football is that you can make contact with players who don’t have the ball, which makes the act of the lateral risky
  • Jabrony
    Jabrony 2 года назад This man really tackled his own teammate after getting the game winning Int made him fumble on the TD
  • O. M
    O. M Год назад That shit was hilarious
  • Sir Ice
    Sir Ice 2 года назад 8:15 is definitely the greatest play of all time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Carlis Mcclanahan
    Carlis Mcclanahan 2 месяца назад No doubt
  • Jeromepkr
    Jeromepkr 2 года назад 6:07 is freaking amazing
  • Matt Ferragamo
    Matt Ferragamo 2 года назад Jeromepkr he barely even look to throw to. He just tossed it towards him
  • C_U_T_W
    C_U_T_W Год назад 6:12 - Perfect bounce.
  • marshall coleman
    marshall coleman Год назад (изменено) 6:10the most Seahawks like play I have ever seen ( without russel Wilson)
  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 2 года назад (изменено) at 10:00 if you are the referees how do you let that play count when a fan runs on the field and interferes with the play 😂😂😂😂😂
  • D'KODA
    D'KODA 2 года назад Light Yagami easy your the patriots lol
  • D'KODA
    D'KODA 2 года назад Light Yagami jk because there was no rule stopping it.
  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 2 года назад @D'KODA that would explain it lol
  • bjchit
    bjchit 2 года назад Of course there is.
  • Ebony Dantzler
    Ebony Dantzler Год назад Obouvisly the red circle
  • talanock
    talanock 11 месяцев назад @Duke OfOmnium that's stupid. then someone would interfere in every play.
  • Nevio
    Nevio 8 месяцев назад @talanock Well, it doesn't happen almost ever, right?
  • Collin Aldermon
    Collin Aldermon 8 месяцев назад The Patriots have been cheating for a long time
  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith 1 месяц назад Thats the patriots for you
  • Okay_Then
    Okay_Then 2 года назад 4:10 wtf was that 😂😂😂
  • Chemist Knight
    Chemist Knight Год назад You can add the Miami Miracle in now to redeem us from the first clip.
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