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EU refuses to say if they'll grant UK Brexit extension

Publicado el 21 oct. 2019 59.593 visualizaciones

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BORIS Johnson will today take on Brexit-blockers and launch a make-or-break push to pass his deal and avoid another “Groundhog Week”.

The defiant PM believes he can keep his promise to lead Britain out of the EU on October 31, despite being forced by rebel MPs on Saturday to send a letter requesting yet another delay...

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PM presses on with Brexit deal vote | LIVE

Defiant Boris Johnson refuses to sign EU letter begging for Brexit delay after rebel MPs sank deal vote:

Brexit blocker Sir Oliver Letwin faces backlash from his Leave-backing constituency:

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  • Igun G Farben
    Igun G Farben 3 тижні тому Is this the master race ? A lying scheming anti democratic unelected crew of traitors
  • Venetian Genoesewarmachine
    Venetian Genoesewarmachine 3 тижні тому They think so
  • Faber
    Faber 3 тижні тому But they were elected by other elected representatives? By your logic the entire UK is undemocratic
  • Aggrobiscuit
    Aggrobiscuit 3 тижні тому @Faber Those two concepts aren't mutually exclusive.
  • stefanmuc2k
    stefanmuc2k 3 тижні тому To betray someone surely you must owe allegiance to someone? Have you guys quite wrapped your heads around the fact that you decided to leave, and that the EU represent the interests of its members and those alone?
  • fritz4345
    fritz4345 3 тижні тому @stefanmuc2k No they haven't.
  • Remco Van Ek
    Remco Van Ek 3 тижні тому the master race? hu?
  • Alfred T Tarski
    Alfred T Tarski 3 тижні тому That's no way to talk about the UK government!
  • Dave Coyle
    Dave Coyle 3 тижні тому Please do not give us an extension we don't want one !
  • Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect 3 тижні тому We the People don't want an extension but for sure the EU wants one or that stitchup treaty signed.
  • M.A.B. de Vos -Elsenaar
    M.A.B. de Vos -Elsenaar 3 тижні тому That is the problem. The EU has to deal with a UK that sends three letters with opposite questions. The UK parliament is so divided no simple answer is possible. And why sould we say yes to no deal with is bad for the EU? We are not going to harm ourselfs. The UK lost decide what to do not the EU.
  • Pyro
    Pyro 3 тижні тому Well make a decision and stop blaming the EU for everything............
  • ZZtop 1700
    ZZtop 1700 3 тижні тому Than DON'T ask for one!!
  • first/m /last
    first/m /last 3 тижні тому What's the friggin holdup?! This was voted on 3 yrs ago let them brexit.
  • tacos mexicanstyle
    tacos mexicanstyle 3 тижні тому first/m /last Not that simple. The Brexit campaign promised so many things that are impossible to deliver; the Irish border problem was for some reason completely unforeseen by the architects of Brexit (for some reason, they just neglected to remind the electorate that Northern Ireland exists
  • P R
    P R 3 тижні тому @tacos mexicanstyle Impossible to deliver, or they just don't WANT to deliver?
  • welloilbeefhooked
    welloilbeefhooked 3 тижні тому @tacos mexicanstyle Pretty sure when I voted the ballot paper had 2 options? a, Leave the EU b, Remain in the EU I didnt know the advantages for staying in the EU either????
  • tacos mexicanstyle
    tacos mexicanstyle 3 тижні тому P R The Brexit that was promised - ie. leaving the single market and customs union IS impossible to deliver because of the Northern Irish border. Breaking the GFA would likely accelerate Irish reunification. Also, the DUP won’t accept the idea that Northern Ireland should remain in some way in a customs union while Great Britain follows different regulations, so how is that all gonna work? How is that going to get a majority unless someone compromises?
  • P R
    P R 3 тижні тому @tacos mexicanstyle It's not impossible.
  • tacos mexicanstyle
    tacos mexicanstyle 3 тижні тому P R Oh really? Explain that to me then. How do you leave the single market and the customs union without violating the Good Friday agreement WHILE keeping Northern Ireland within the UK? It is not possible. Compromises need to be made and borders need to be drawn. The government was always aware of this.
  • P R
    P R 3 тижні тому @tacos mexicanstyle Simple. You leave the single market, you keep Northern Ireland in the UK, and you don't do customs checks or build a border in Northern Ireland. If the EU want to build a border, then THEY and the Irish are violating the Good Friday agreement. We can't help that. There is no force of nature forcing the UK to create a border on the island of Ireland.
  • tacos mexicanstyle
    tacos mexicanstyle 2 тижні тому (змінено) P R If it were that easy, Brexit would have happened years ago. The EU cannot leave the border open in the event of a hard Brexit where northern Ireland is not following EU single market or customs union regulations. How could the EU control its standards on export goods and taxes without a border? How could the UK do anything that it promised leave voters without a border? Immigrants could come in through Northern Ireland. Goods could cross FREELY between the UK and the EU if there were no border. The whole point of Brexit was to control immigration and trade! You can’t do either with an open border! What you are suggesting is ‘oh let’s leave but not put a border in lmao’ that’s not how it works. Your suggestion makes it that either the UK leaves Northern Ireland in the customs union (this was Theresa May’s deal) or it creates a hard border and violates GFA. The UK cannot take an action that endangers Irish peace; your fantasy that the EU would be to blame for erecting a border when it was the UK that would be making that a necessity is... dumb.
  • P R
    P R 2 тижні тому @tacos mexicanstyle If the EU cannot leave the border open due to their commercial interests, that is entirely the EU's problem. If the Republic of Ireland builds a border to please their masters in the EU, then it is the Republic of Ireland that is breaching the Good Friday agreement. There is not much the UK can do about that. I say again... we should just leave and not build a border in Ireland. If goods and people flow freely across the Irish border... so be it. That is, after all, the POINT of the Good Friday agreement.
  • tacos mexicanstyle
    tacos mexicanstyle 2 тижні тому (змінено) P R But don’t you get it? YOU CANT EITHER. If you leave the border open then you haven’t left the single market or the customs union! Because goods can cross the border because there is no border! You also haven’t solved immigration! Because people can freely cross from the EU to the UK!! How does any of that deliver on ANY of the objectives of Brexit? At that point you may as well remain.
  • P R
    P R 2 тижні тому @tacos mexicanstyle This world has many unguarded borders. Why should Ireland / Northern Ireland having one be such a big deal? Your name is "mexican style," so maybe you already know the North American example. Don't Mexico and Canada have an unguarded border with the United States? Yet Mexico and the US don't have a union like the EU. Nothing would collapse in Ireland. At worst, it would be a porous border with a lot of goods moving across the border illegally. But those would still be contraband goods.
  • tacos mexicanstyle
    tacos mexicanstyle 3 дні тому (змінено) P R You have no understanding whatsoever of the Irish border issue if you are comparing that to the Canadian-US border. The US-Canadian border is patrolled by law enforcement and customs and immigration checks do apply, whether they are at the border or not. None of this is currently the case on Ireland. None of this can legally ever be the case on Ireland. I have explained more than once in this thread why the border cannot be left ‘as is’ and why one would need to become visible and I am not interested in trying to convince people who don’t have even a basic knowledge of the situation or the concept.
  • Venetian Genoesewarmachine
    Venetian Genoesewarmachine 3 тижні тому This is going to get dirtier and dirtier no democracy clearly things now get mean
  • chucky
    chucky 3 тижні тому I wouldn't mind getting dirty with that eastern block EU blonde. Be rude not to
  • Jennifer Bloomfield
    Jennifer Bloomfield 3 тижні тому @chucky 😂😂
  • VGent
    VGent 3 тижні тому @chucky bruhhh
  • John farrell
    John farrell 3 тижні тому Aye she'd get it but she's prob on drunckers anything for some doe
  • Mr Trendizzle
    Mr Trendizzle 3 тижні тому Boogoloo 2020
  • ‌
    3 тижні тому November 1st 2019: EU end up deciding laws for UK parliament. Our parliament every one is not united, it is a mess. The EU will have a great time messing with out country politics soon as no agreement can be made in our parliament.
  • iTOOK Urzjob
    iTOOK Urzjob 1 тиждень тому Why is EU your enemy?
  • Juniper lane
    Juniper lane 3 тижні тому Brexit has turn into a serious freak show for the last three years. Just be done with it.
  • John Edmond
    John Edmond 3 тижні тому Brexiteers stay strong. You made your choice and voted in a Democratic Election. The enemy of Corbyn and his yellow horde are just orchestrating a coup d'etat and we must pull together and fight until we win, however long that takes. Obstructionism seems to be the "fad thing" just now in several countries but the victory goes to the brave, not the obstructionist to the future.
  • 232248473
    232248473 3 тижні тому Stop the mascarade and exit now.
  • Grupa Trzecia
    Grupa Trzecia 3 тижні тому But they want to exit now and antidemocratic scums in house of commons prevent this (labour, DUP)
  • 232248473
    232248473 3 тижні тому @Grupa Trzecia==> I understood but it is very slow this brexit.
  • stefanmuc2k
    stefanmuc2k 3 тижні тому @Grupa Trzecia Then elect politicians who want to implement Brexit. Why didn't you give May a majority in the last election?
    MEL CHAR 3 тижні тому They pretend they do not want to give us an extension, but in reality they are undermining Brexit along with all their traitors this side of the channel. We are no fools!
  • Arrad
    Arrad 3 тижні тому Leaving the EU literally shrinks the UK economy. It puts the UKs medical access, education, free movement, and economical growth at risk. Brexit does nothing but bad for the country. However, we agree; democracy should be followed. But you have to understand that this was a knife edge vote, winning by a small margin. Most of the wealth of the nation comes from large cities, and all the large cities voted against it. It took over 9 years for the UK to reach an agreement with Canada alone, so you should atleast expect a Brexit agreement to take a decade or more to be done. Plus, everyone knows that opinions have shifted and the younger generation allowed to vote now would vote against Brexit. So isn’t it democratic to have a second referendum while talks are on going? “Getting on with it” won’t change your life anyway, nothing will change for you that you can see, but the country will change where noone realises, slowly. You’ll see wealth divides more clearly, youll see job creation stagnating, and you’ll see health care bills be put in jeapordy. All for “British Pride” and not wanting to be part of the “European patriotism”. I’m disgusted by the ignorance by so many, but really it might not be the fault of the ignorant, but those who push agendas onto others. Whatever happens, goodluck.
  • Grupa Trzecia
    Grupa Trzecia 3 тижні тому Majority of people in uk wanted to leave, so why eu should give extension? It should not be given, people in eu are tired of this.
  • Another CynicalBrit
    Another CynicalBrit 3 тижні тому @Arrad No it does not. Stop lying, no one believes your lies except gullible idiots.
  • Didier Lemoine
    Didier Lemoine 3 тижні тому @Grupa Trzecia 12 millions did not vote in 2016 they will in te next referndum !
  • Grupa Trzecia
    Grupa Trzecia 3 тижні тому @Didier Lemoine If they did not vote that is their problem. No vote = no right to complain.
  • James Aparicio
    James Aparicio 3 тижні тому @Arrad 1.3 million is not a small margin.
    MEL CHAR 3 тижні тому @Arrad We voted to leave, pure and simple regardless of the consequences. That is how democracy works. If we define democracy has something we can change or ignore then we have tyranny. Your arguments are of no concern to a democratic state where the majority regardless of how small win. No! the remainers do not know better just because they think they do. Stopping Brexit will cause more harm than good to this country. Also this is not about British pride, this is about a Nation being ruled by the people and their elected MP's, a sovereign state. No country should allow a foreign state to control it's laws anywhere in the world.
    MEL CHAR 3 тижні тому @Didier Lemoine There will not be a another referendum
  • Jonny jt_st150
    Jonny jt_st150 3 тижні тому All you people responding that only idiots would agree etc and single sentence replies basically just insulting the very well formulated counter argument, please provide a decent and reasonable counter argument. 1.5 million is a TINY majority in the UK when the population is 65 million. May be in switzerland or Austria where the population is 8 million. but then that would be a 65% majority wouldn't it now...
  • stefanmuc2k
    stefanmuc2k 3 тижні тому The EU does not owe you a trade deal. It does not owe you help with Brexit, either. It's a negotiation, they represent the other side, you need to look after yours.
  • I am Soldier F
    I am Soldier F 3 тижні тому Arrad look at Liverpool riots in toxteth 1983. And they voted. Remain. Your ignorance, is astounding.
  • Jonny jt_st150
    Jonny jt_st150 3 тижні тому @I am Soldier F pretty much the only city that did in the North, so what's your point?
  • Alfred T Tarski
    Alfred T Tarski 3 тижні тому Oh yes, you Are! You are fools and hypocrites and whingers. Time to finally shut up and sod off!
  • Alfred T Tarski
    Alfred T Tarski 3 тижні тому @MEL CHAR You voted a long time ago. Now it's time to actually go!
  • Didier Lemoine
    Didier Lemoine 3 тижні тому @Grupa Trzecia Majority of voters not majority of people :))
  • allan powell
    allan powell 3 тижні тому The BREXIT party is a hand grenade in the EU's lap.
  • Didier Lemoine
    Didier Lemoine 3 тижні тому Brexit party hs no power !
  • IIAndersII
    IIAndersII 3 тижні тому Lol what are they gonna do? Complain?
  • Jimmy Fallon
    Jimmy Fallon 3 тижні тому (змінено) In reality the Brexit party is just a bunch of idiots who can't get elected into parliament & decide to take EU wages + perks and ride the gravy train home. Ever wonder why Farage wants to prolong Brexit now and not back Boris deal? If Boris deal passes he loses EU job & Brexit party becomes pointless. The man is a snake.
  • allan powell
    allan powell 3 тижні тому @Jimmy Fallon They can veto
  • BcA - Biciclind cu Axel
    BcA - Biciclind cu Axel 3 тижні тому @IIAndersII English don't complain ! English are bitching :)))
  • Alfred T Tarski
    Alfred T Tarski 3 тижні тому Oh dear, "a hand grenade in the EU's lap" ... You believe that, if it gives you any comfort!
  • Alfred T Tarski
    Alfred T Tarski 3 тижні тому @allan powell No, they can't!
  • allan powell
    allan powell 3 тижні тому @Alfred T Tarski "Gurkha"?
  • Commandant Cousteau
    Commandant Cousteau 3 тижні тому Except they EU is a Tank.
  • Winston Footlong
    Winston Footlong 3 тижні тому Jimmy Fallon so you are aware that the EU is just a gravy train for the unelected?
  • Remco Van Ek
    Remco Van Ek 3 тижні тому really?
  • Fredrik Strand
    Fredrik Strand 3 тижні тому BREXIT AND SWEXIT NOW FROM SWEDEN👍👍👍👍
  • Vernon Hedge
    Vernon Hedge 3 тижні тому Dudgang i Danmark
  • R Tee
    R Tee 3 тижні тому we are now seeing all the scheming and treacherous collusion between the EU and the Anti-Brexit mp's being played out in the UK's parliament, all these shadow negotiations with the EU by the remain mp's have undermined trust, democracy, and the national interest. don't be surprised when the new extension is granted, and it will, before these anti-Brexit traitors who've taken over the commons, allows the electorate anywhere near the polling station, they will have tabled and pass all sorts of amendments, including a second referendum in which all EU citizen's living in the UK can get to vote on what's best for Britain.
  • Jonny jt_st150
    Jonny jt_st150 3 тижні тому The EU will have no problem extending the deadline.
  • littlebighorn
    littlebighorn 3 тижні тому (змінено) Latest news. From EU. Gibraltar is to become part of Spain. NI is to become part of the EU as is Scotland. The EU have sole rights to fishing off the coast of U.K. three mile exclusion zone. UK not allowed to put made in UK on any items made in UK. There will be a border in the Irish Sea ,The North Sea and the English now to be renamed the European Channel..the deal has been agreed by Corbyn ,Swinson Sturgeon etc etc. It’s not a sell out honest.
  • Richard Fox
    Richard Fox 3 тижні тому Some Remainers still claim as they did in June 2016 that the EU doesn't control us or make our laws. I don't think they even know what lies to tell any more.
  • alan hunt
    alan hunt 3 тижні тому It doesn't matter if they do give an extension. Johnson doesn't have to accept it. The Benn act only said he had to ask for one.
  • The Jim Reaper™
    The Jim Reaper™ 3 тижні тому Nope it sates he must accept whatever they offer... Thing is though that means our PM isn't governing he's being forced by Parliament which isnt legal or democratic
  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 3 тижні тому The Benn act asks for an extension untill 31.01.2020 if the EU accepts then that's it...if the EU wants the extension to last longer then parliament will vote if they accept or not the longer extension....
  • Dilly Dachshund
    Dilly Dachshund 3 тижні тому (змінено) @The Jim Reaper™ Article 51 Vienna Treaty states that it is illegal to use threats or acts to force a state representative to bind his nation to a treaty, and that any such treaty or binding to a treaty agreed against the stated will of the representative, is null and void. The Benn Surrender Act does just that - attempting to use threats and acts to force the state representative to bind the UK to EU treaties for a longer period - and Boris Johnson has neatly sidestepped it by making clear that his hand is being forced. Therefore, he can, under international law, refuse any extension if offered, as it is meaningless.
  • Nicholas Dennant
    Nicholas Dennant 3 тижні тому As per Benn Act Parliament has the vote on whether to accept the EU's extension offer.
  • Charlie* TM
    Charlie* TM 3 тижні тому Ha let's all be honest, an extension only delays the inevitable, the EU know this, we will be gone soon, can't wait,💪
  • Meaow Meaow
    Meaow Meaow 3 тижні тому @Dilly Dachshund requesting an extension to Article 50 will not amount to a treaty therefore your argument does not hold.
  • 1
    1 3 тижні тому @Dilly Dachshund Parliament represents the nation. Parliamentary sovereignty is a principle of the UK constitution. It makes Parliament the supreme legal authority in the UK, which can create or end any law.
  • Brexit Louis WTO
    Brexit Louis WTO 3 тижні тому The Jim Reaper™ nope
  • maddoc79
    maddoc79 3 тижні тому 1 parliament as it is right now, does not represent the nation, they represent their own interests.
  • Grupa Trzecia
    Grupa Trzecia 3 тижні тому If I was Johnson I prefer not to accept EU extension and do time in jail (which won't be very uncomfortable for PM) and be in history books then, than accept extension and continue this ridiculous circus.
  • Will Woodfall
    Will Woodfall 3 тижні тому @Dilly Dachshund Yes that is exactly why he didn't sign and expressly stated in the second letter that the British Government does NOT want an extension and that an extension would 'damage relations'. In time this will be the explicit statement that wins the court case to prove the extension was unlawful and requested under duress - literal talk of jailing the Prime Minister for doing what he and the Tory's promised rather than allowing him to be voted out. Its despicable. Absolutely abhorrent behaviour from a bunch of secret psychopaths lost in their own little game. But it wont work on the British people. May have on the Irish. But the British are far Greater than the Irish as history proves.
  • Will Woodfall
    Will Woodfall 3 тижні тому @Meaow Meaow It expands upon current treatise and basic law says any contract entered into under duress violates human rites and is void. Including Police Statements. We don't have to be lawyers to understand whats wrong with this scenario. Basic human rights mate.
  • littlebighorn
    littlebighorn 3 тижні тому Gamer Boy until the next extension of course.
  • Mr Trendizzle
    Mr Trendizzle 3 тижні тому @Will Woodfall He has asked MP's to call a general election multiple times and even asked them to call a vote of no confidence to remove Boris from power. The problem is they know if they call a GE leave voters will be out in force removing them from their seats leaving Boris to do as he wants. It's a lose lose situation for most in parliament and they know it. They can only win if they get the public support which it seems they don't. Only a few hundred thousand turned up to protest brexit which according to the news and interviews were mainly people living here from other countries that never got the chance to vote on Brexit.
  • Meaow Meaow
    Meaow Meaow 3 тижні тому (змінено) @Will Woodfall The reason this would not fall within the ambit of Vienna Treaty is because the letter is part of the national law of UK. If anyone is coercing the PM to do anything, it is the legislation i.e. The Benn Act (THE LAW). We all have to abide by laws, whether we like it or not. We cannot argue that the law forced me to do something so I am not bound by it. de Pfeffel Johnson was complying with the law so he doesn't go to jail, he had other choices such as - he could have easily stepped down as PM and not write the letter. The latter probably would have been a more dignified thing to do if he sincerely didn't want to request an extension. Also, having basic understanding of laws is a prerequisite to interpreting treaties. There are complex legal principles of international law and conflict of laws that you need to understand in order to fully appreciate how they apply in this scenario.
  • Venetian Genoesewarmachine
    Venetian Genoesewarmachine 3 тижні тому Of course they will extend and. Charge more billions
  • Alan Tracy
    Alan Tracy 3 тижні тому You bet
  • Klaus Barbie
    Klaus Barbie 3 тижні тому Why don't you just leave then. Just go already.
  • Alan Tracy
    Alan Tracy 3 тижні тому Klaus Barbie How ????
  • Alan Tracy
    Alan Tracy 3 тижні тому Klaus Barbie U.K. voted out in 2016 we’re being kept in By force
  • Klaus Barbie
    Klaus Barbie 3 тижні тому @Alan Tracy no one keeps you. You have chosen your own government. Own it...
  • rondidju
    rondidju 3 тижні тому The EU membership is not a monthly fee. The EU doesn't get more money by keeping the UK a few months longer.
  • Sosa Abascal
    Sosa Abascal 3 тижні тому rondidju that’s rubbish Johnson has said Eu will charge 1 billion plus a month for any extension
  • Aggrobiscuit
    Aggrobiscuit 3 тижні тому @Klaus Barbie Chosen our own government? Neither party will let us leave. The only difference between the tories and labour is that labour would've had a second referendum, and a third one, and a fourth one until they got the vote they wanted. The tories are just going to do nothing until we get bored and give up. So yes, we are being kept and there is nothing we can do about it.
  • Aggrobiscuit
    Aggrobiscuit 3 тижні тому @rondidju No it's yearly. 13 billion per year. And it's been over three years since we voted to leave. Keep making more months until it adds up to a year and you have another 13 billion.
  • rondidju
    rondidju 3 тижні тому @Aggrobiscuit The EU budget extends on 6 years...
  • stefanmuc2k
    stefanmuc2k 3 тижні тому @Aggrobiscuit Don't make excuses. You know if you had voted for the Tories you'd be out by now.
  • ghgg
    ghgg 3 тижні тому @Sosa Abascal If Johnson said so it must be true .... lol
  • Alfred T Tarski
    Alfred T Tarski 3 тижні тому @Alan Tracy Oh, by force .... Which "force"? Certainly not the EU!
  • Wendy O
    Wendy O 3 тижні тому No extensions thank you! Freedom for UK ✌🏼🇬🇧
  • Stefan laluna
    Stefan laluna 3 тижні тому How long will the UK's deplorable circus be allowed to continue? The only ones who gain from it are the extremists and populists
  • Aggrobiscuit
    Aggrobiscuit 3 тижні тому Look at you trying to sound intelligent. Trying to talk with the big boys about politics. But instead you just appear like a mindless parrot, repeating things you have heard elsewhere.
  • Virginia Addis
    Virginia Addis 3 тижні тому Ahhhhhhhhh no COMMENT...
  • FlameSp33y AMV
    FlameSp33y AMV 3 тижні тому No deal brexit, we need make it happen.