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US 3rd Pursuit Live: J5 Valentines Day Massacre: 14/02/20

Emitido en directo el 13 feb. 2020 77 visualizaciones

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27:01 Long skirmishes & Dr1 Bounce 93rd, 31:21 Dr1 Cuban & clouds, 35:41 Invisi D7 bounce?, 46:18 93rd attacks..nowhere near Cappy, 47:09 2 x Long-Steep-Cloud-Fokker, 1:18:55 Start of Big JG1 scrap 1:19:23 Stripey-tail Alb, 1:23:26 Finally the Red Alb, 1:23:57 Beauty in numbers!, 1:26:13 Larner head-on with Butzzell, 1:27:16 "One less Fokker in the world...tonight", 1:42:52 Trouble with CL2s,

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