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Police Parade 81 Suspected Kidnappers, Robbers, Recover N10m Ransom

Publicado el 21 oct. 2019 16.443 visualizaciones

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  • Noince Martins
    Noince Martins 3 тижні тому Smile...Smile...Business country called Nigeria...You guys are scammers and looters.
  • Natty Rebel
    Natty Rebel 3 тижні тому Tomorrow you release them and next tomorrow you will face them in the bushes. Many of them have been arrested more than twice.
  • Ehijiator Raphael Ehijiator
    Ehijiator Raphael Ehijiator 3 тижні тому (змінено) Who is now kidnapping who....81 just one section of the country indeed a failed state....
  • qawiyu Adesina
    qawiyu Adesina 3 тижні тому Why Nigeria do things otherwise, on constitution I think these people suppose to take to court and get judgment within 24 hour and face prosecution which they can now be paraded like this.what is purpose of d parade when they can buy their way out of the cell.
  • Kartia Velino
    Kartia Velino 3 тижні тому Congratulations for working hard to arrest them
  • Bony Ik
    Bony Ik 3 тижні тому You have been used to give this conference because I know for sure that no malam can speak this type of English rather them will be the bosses in the offices.
  • Justina Agbebaku
    Justina Agbebaku 3 тижні тому Good job for you thanks 👍
  • Blessed Bae
    Blessed Bae 3 тижні тому Free $owore & other Civil rights leaders/protesters unconditionally.
  • George O
    George O 3 тижні тому Few weeks ago a leader was asked what are his plans for the young population of his nation, he went straight to written script and read about the climate. Now I just heard its not the duty of the police to provide job for the youth. All these criminals are still going to be reformed when they get to the prison and come out more deadly and you arrest them all over again and I will still use my data to watch your speech, thank you for the entertainment🙄
  • Gertrude Ihunze
    Gertrude Ihunze 3 тижні тому Entertainment indeed
  • Austin Manaman
    Austin Manaman 3 тижні тому Thanks you so much for the work well done...i still believe that there are good police men in people are trying your best but the nigeria law back up the criminals..if not....this set of people can never repent meanwhile they must wipe.
  • Keith Jackson
    Keith Jackson 2 тижні тому Well said. Good job. This speaker is impressive.
  • sosoliso 124
    sosoliso 124 3 тижні тому The highest and no.1 kidnapper of the failed country called Nigeria is Buhari.
  • กรกนก เสนาจ
    กรกนก เสนาจ 3 тижні тому Lieooooooo Kai megida onye ori
  • Fredrick Nwanazia
    Fredrick Nwanazia 3 тижні тому All those men should be given death penalty by the law because they have made people's family cry so much. Fool stop
  • Adeona Olafunke
    Adeona Olafunke 3 тижні тому Well done God will continue to guide and protect you
  • olaitan olajire
    olaitan olajire 3 тижні тому (змінено) Kudos to the police
  • Ademuyiwa Ismail
    Ademuyiwa Ismail 3 тижні тому All of them including suspects looks like mr ibu
  • A D
    A D 3 тижні тому The real criminals are in aso rock and senate and house of rep.
  • Sunny 3
    Sunny 3 1 тиждень тому Ghanaians should come and see what ghana boys are doing in nigeria.
  • reality1225
    reality1225 3 тижні тому It was all scamed..