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U.K. vote on latest Brexit deal postponed

Publicado el 19 oct. 2019 34.848 visualizaciones

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British legislators have voted to postpone a decision on whether to back a Brexit deal with the European Union, throwing a wrench into government plans to leave the bloc at the end of this month.

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  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen 3 тижні тому Its nice to see Monty Python is still going strong
  • BIGBEN9999999
    BIGBEN9999999 3 тижні тому Even MP couldn"t create a character as Boris. Would be hilarious, but sadly this is a real person and British PM in troubled times...
  • R
    R 3 тижні тому Eric Hansen Boris’ “deal” is a trap locking us into the EU, stopping us controlling our own coastal waters, foreign policy and tax rates! Reject this deal! No deal and WTO the only option!
  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen 3 тижні тому @R I see the mess I looked this up its a bad deal anyway you look at it just vote no forever !
  • Media Crawdad
    Media Crawdad 3 тижні тому British People: "We'd like to leave the EU, please." Elites: "Request denied."
  • HunterDevastator
    HunterDevastator 3 тижні тому It's actually insane that this is happening.
  • Kev T
    Kev T 3 тижні тому we need a general election to get these anti democratic wankers out.
  • Yanchea
    Yanchea 3 тижні тому People of Britain: we want to leave EU, look we have a majority vote EU: No. I don't think we will
  • matthew campbell
    matthew campbell 3 тижні тому Ask for an extension of 1 hour.
  • Gee G
    Gee G 3 тижні тому We need a successful modern day Guy Fawkes
  • Drake Hound
    Drake Hound 3 тижні тому Oh how about you sign up, he was horrible tortured before he was executed. Why do people like to mention his name. when he died a total loser? Oh my we didn´t know? internet and you can´t even google his history?
  • Larry Ehrlich
    Larry Ehrlich 3 тижні тому The only person that I want to hear from is Nigel Farage!
  • john a
    john a 3 тижні тому (змінено) We just all have to hang in there. Thumbs up. 👍 It's going to be down to leave voters to get rid of this bunch
  • noncompliance
    noncompliance 3 тижні тому @john a Not going to be easy at a ballot organised and run by the corrupt, bought and paid for Electoral Commission. Who have already had 3 years to fill their little ballot boxes with remain supporting 'votes' and have them all stored away safely waiting to be delivered to a count near you.
  • Athear Nasery
    Athear Nasery 3 тижні тому There going to be working on this for the next thousand years, what a clown show. I'm glad I left the UK and came to the US.
  • jannandjohn
    jannandjohn 3 тижні тому The British haven't changed all that much. They sent prisoners to Australia, started them farming, then gave them huge land grants, descendants now worth millions, (one is a federal MP) good thinking eh DAAAAH. They make the Marx Bros. look brilliant
  • mopthermopther
    mopthermopther 3 тижні тому Brexit or Impeachment- which happens first ?
  • Mob Rules
    Mob Rules 3 тижні тому Screw the EU. Just walk away. Take care of your country first.
  • bobknight33
    bobknight33 3 тижні тому Globalism fighting back... F the people and their wishes.
  • Christine Thornhill
    Christine Thornhill 3 тижні тому Just get your thermals and long johns out , folk . This may be a long, cold winter .
  • Helen G. Pitts
    Helen G. Pitts 3 тижні тому Previous month I was able to withdraw my first five figure wage ever!!! I've been working for this provider using the internet for 2 years now and I never been happier... They are paying me $95 per hour, and the most desirable thing about it is that I am not that tech-savvy, they just asked for basic knowledge of internet and basic typing skill...The best thing about this is the more free time I got for my kids. I am able to enjoy quality time with my relatives and buddies and look after my babies and also going on family vacation with them very often. Don't neglect this opportunity and try to act rapidly. Check it out, what I do... revenue39­.­c­o­m
  • JuggusNawt
    JuggusNawt 3 тижні тому They are going to drag this so far out..
  • Xalams
    Xalams 2 тижні тому If the EU had really understood the perspicacity of Charles de Gaulle when he refused the UK's application for membership, non of this chaos would have happened.
  • Owl Dusty
    Owl Dusty 3 тижні тому In the beginning he looked like it was just the regular for Britain and Brexit
  • rich ernest
    rich ernest 3 тижні тому Two P.M. means rhetoric rather grab my hottie for tea time.Born of the art of delay.
  • joseph joseph
    joseph joseph 3 тижні тому Another referendum maybe !!! Maybe now that every single Brit know exactly what is at stake they will vote massively and hopefully they will once for good make up their minds .
  • Zoned 247
    Zoned 247 3 тижні тому Putting Boris in charge of negotiations is like putting Jimmy Savile in charge of the pre-school.... It's a very dodgy, dangerous, embarrassing situation
  • Mac
    Mac 3 тижні тому Hows about that then? Jimmy was innocent he should be PM,🏅🏅 🚸🚸🔞🔞
  • Zoned 247
    Zoned 247 3 тижні тому @Mac Now then, now then
  • Mac
    Mac 3 тижні тому @Zoned 247 YouTube "the jimmy savile remix"🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Zoned 247
    Zoned 247 3 тижні тому @Mac When Jimmy Savile was knighted by the Queen & MPs who knew all of his perversions, JD Sports brought out a Jimmy Savile tribute tracksuit - It had an adult top, but you had to squeeze into kiddies bottoms
  • David Nierzwick
    David Nierzwick 3 тижні тому 🇺🇸❤Boris❤🇺🇸
  • Lorax Dave Walters
    Lorax Dave Walters 3 тижні тому Parliament: We demand a deal for Brexit EU: We agree to this deal, will it work? Parliament: Not that deal! How long can we drag this out?
  • Chalk & Cheese
    Chalk & Cheese 3 тижні тому 10’s of 1,000’s outside Parliament didn’t win the vote to leave the EU though...funny how democracy is only honoured when it’s profitable.
  • Nancy Stengel
    Nancy Stengel 3 тижні тому Time to bring out the rack--drawing and quartering always works.
  • edgarjx1
    edgarjx1 3 тижні тому How long is this going to take?