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PMQs: Boris and Corbyn battle over the NHS

Publicado el 30 oct. 2019 285.967 visualizaciones

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BORIS Johnson has FINALLY won backing in the Commons for a Christmas election as MPs voted for his plan to go to the polls on December 12.

Brits will be given the chance to give the PM a majority to push through his Brexit Bill by the New Year as they prepare to vote in a fresh Parliament in just six weeks' time...

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Brexit news: Latest updates at 5am as MPs vote for General Election on December 12:

Is Brexit happening on October 31?

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  • Curlewpiper 3
    Curlewpiper 3 1 месяц назад I now understand why there was a gunpowder plot
  • Karen Benson
    Karen Benson 1 месяц назад one wonders !
  • ednwab
    ednwab 1 месяц назад Curlewpiper 3 clearly you don’t.
  • Peter Ponomarenko
    Peter Ponomarenko 1 месяц назад There should be another one.
  • Leicester City F.C. Fan
    Leicester City F.C. Fan 1 месяц назад (изменено) Alright lads, i have a cunning plan!! This is what we will do, we will load 50 barrels of gun powder under parliament on Nov 5th. then we will blow it up.. All those in say Aye.. Shhhhhhh don't tell many people..
  • Sceptic Human
    Sceptic Human 1 месяц назад You clearly have no idea lol
  • Curlewpiper 3
    Curlewpiper 3 1 месяц назад @Sceptic Human I do Dave Starkey told me
  • Dave Coyle
    Dave Coyle 1 месяц назад We need another one !
  • Steve Reid
    Steve Reid 1 месяц назад Guy and his crystal ball hmmmm
  • Justin Pursey
    Justin Pursey 1 месяц назад I dont think you do as that was about blowing up the King to get an elected parliament.
  • Sceptic Human
    Sceptic Human 1 месяц назад @Dave Coyle What another religious war?
  • Dave Coyle
    Dave Coyle 1 месяц назад @Sceptic Human ÑO !! a plot to blow parliament up !!
  • MauriatOttolink
    MauriatOttolink 1 месяц назад Curlewpiper... Get the gunpowder ready. Still got a couple days!
  • St Alfonso
    St Alfonso 1 месяц назад Isn't it funny how terrorism is celebrated one day a year. Then on the 6th November it's back to hating it again
  • MauriatOttolink
    MauriatOttolink 1 месяц назад Curlewpiper Well tonight's the night! How many boxes of fireworks have you collected?
  • St Alfonso
    St Alfonso 1 месяц назад @Karezza Kenosis so what is celebrated every year on this day then by letting off fireworks exactly? I dont think guy fawkes was the equivalent of ISIS either, different motives there. Say it one more time though, just to make sure everyone on this thread reads it again, so we can all marvel at your intelligence
  • St Alfonso
    St Alfonso 1 месяц назад @Karezza Kenosis by letting off fireworks, yeah that makes sense. Correct me if I'm wrong but fireworks symbolize the explosions of gunpowder right? And I know a lot of people who think guy fawkes was a hero for his attempt. Then they condemn groups like isis. So you can see my point
  • Mikê'e Stark
    Mikê'e Stark Неделю назад If you survive cancer, and people celebrate, are they celebrating the fact that you survived, or are they celebrating cancer for nearly killing you? Now replace 'you' with King James I and 'cancer' with Guy Fawke's gun powder assassination. Hopefully, you'll get your answer.
  • Jett
    Jett Неделю назад ednwab FFS GO AWAY KAREN
  • Doug Butcher
    Doug Butcher 5 часов назад Remember Remember
  • Lewis Carter
    Lewis Carter 3 дня назад "Hey bro, wanna go out for a drink tonight?" "Nah I'm saving up for a doctors appointment"
  • Mohammed Islam
    Mohammed Islam 2 дня назад Lewis Carter underrated comment😂😂😂
  • 6prinny !
    6prinny ! 11 часов назад Imagine
  • Colum Murkin
    Colum Murkin 2 недели назад Boris or Corbyn: says something Parliament: YEEOOOORRHHHH
  • 日本人勉強中です
    日本人勉強中です Неделю назад Colum Murkin 😂
  • Alex Ivatt
    Alex Ivatt 1 месяц назад (изменено) I think the NHS is more important. Then Brexit at this point as I don’t care and want it sorted but the NHS is want made this country great in the first place. NHS is the best thing we have and it’s a right to have free health care. Selling it to private companies in the U.S only care about money as there health system is just as broken as ours. Child with mental illness, would have to pay for therapy and the medication price would go up. Cancer treatment would be insane. Well if your mother and father have dementia well you’re gonna have to put them down as your having the choice of paying your bills or your parents lives. Fact: A dislocated arm in the U.S cost a $1000 or over to fix. Think about that for a bit
  • waine read
    waine read 3 недели назад this is the truest thing ive read in a long time on here. and i too believe it.
  • MF Kid
    MF Kid 3 недели назад this should have more likes
  • Flight Tv
    Flight Tv 2 недели назад It would cost over $1000 only in certain places i.e NY, LA etc.. and that too WITHOUT insurance. You would be insane not get insurance and as long as your a fairly healthy adult I dont see why you would pay more than £1000 A YEAR for fully comprehensive health care.
  • Nathaniel Beadle
    Nathaniel Beadle 2 недели назад Then I guess it's a good thing the conservatives are NOT going to sell it.
  • Alex Ivatt
    Alex Ivatt 2 недели назад (изменено) Nathaniel Beadle “sureeeee? No not like documents have been released about. It NOT like we’re having a private trade deal to U.S. Tories voted not to save it from privatisation, ummmmmm. No I can see why the money for bus is 100% real yes”
  • Rachie Sherlock
    Rachie Sherlock Неделю назад I probably wouldn't be alive if it's wasn't for the NHS
  • Billy Spencer
    Billy Spencer Неделю назад @Flight Tv some people can't afford insurance. The NHS is for the people that's the point
  • Flight Tv
    Flight Tv Неделю назад (изменено) @Billy Spencer Exactly and who do people think pay for the healthcare of people who pay little to nothing into the NHS? People on good incomes is the answer! And labour want them to pay more! Totally unfair and injust system making those who have made something of themselves and become successful to pay for others healthcare, their children, their benefits everything its ludacris. Hence why the NHS needs a RADICAL reform and if that isnt possible it should be privatized.
  • Billy Spencer
    Billy Spencer Неделю назад (изменено) @Flight Tv we've currently got one of the lowest tax for high income earners. If you earn more than 80k and are getting taxed more then you deserve it, if you dont earn that why are you fighting for people that do?
  • Flight Tv
    Flight Tv Неделю назад @Billy Spencer I dont earn as much as that no but I am an optimistic person. Alot of Lsbour supporters are younger people in university for example yet when they graduate and after getting and gaining experience it's fairly likely theyll be earning 80k+ yet Labour wants to tax them, increase inheritance tax as well as introduce a number of stupid taxes. There is no incentive to succeed. The NHS now has been underfunded I can agree however no thanks to the deficit Labour left the tories with. I could go on and on but Labour is simply not cut out to lead the country and Jeremy Corbyn and his cronies are certainly not fit to lead.
  • Billy Spencer
    Billy Spencer Неделю назад @Flight Tv you so nearly had it in the start of your comment, these young labour voters are happy for that to happen as they can see the crisis in front of us. We need the money to invest in the country not just NHS but everything from the ground up. Conservatives seem to have a history of axing public services and especially for me rural services. I've seen a lot cut under conservatives in my mainly conservative area and the older voters who aren't even that well off and rely on them don't even realise it's their own votes that did it.
  • Flight Tv
    Flight Tv Неделю назад @Billy Spencer Yes the country needs investment and the tories will do that whilst keeping the countries debt controllable. Labour will rack up debt, giving handouts spending money on things we dont need to. Wasting taxpayers money like they have done previously and as direct result of this unemployment rises as people can just get near enough the money from sitting at home rather than work.
  • Billy Spencer
    Billy Spencer Неделю назад @Flight Tv any work the conservatives are promising to do should have been done in their last nine years in power. They're proven liars who do not care at all about the British people over their mates in power of corporations and privatisations. This has been proven time and time again. I'm not the biggest labour fan but they're our only shot at getting the conservatives out of power. I think you're horribly misinformed.
  • Lucas Vegen
    Lucas Vegen Неделю назад said the person who voted leave. Stew your in mess. Your borders are not yours, you still send money out of the country and now you will lose the NHS. Well done.
  • Mikê'e Stark
    Mikê'e Stark Неделю назад What you're saying promotes selfish behaviours. Its all me, me, me! Don't you want to help your fellow man? What about the homeless? Are you ok knowing that while you're in a warm bed, someone is cold, shivering on the streets? What if someone gets robbed and gets seriously injured and can't afford to pay for the medical bills because the robber took every penny? What if that's how they're on the streets, because they're house was taken to pay the bill and they can't work because the injury is life changing?
  • Antapology
    Antapology Неделю назад I agree but I can’t accept their selling our NHS as a whole I believe it will be sold like a domino effect until all the blocks have fallen. Think of it this way, the NHS isn’t a business ; the NHS is a free health care service which genuinely cares for its people, and that’s why it has remained a free health care service for years.However, American businesses and companies see the NHS as a potential for economic growth. So they will intend to purchase it until citizens in the U.K. will have to pay for their health care which leads to this idea of social inequality. If you look at it simply it’s pure capitalism and it always will be. It all comes down to the fact that money’s more important then social equality and it’s always been the same and it always will be unless, everyone changes which is merely even possible.
  • Hussain
    Hussain Неделю назад Its like $50 dollars a stitch i believe too
  • Clive Drury
    Clive Drury 4 дня назад The NHS.was not what made the country great and its not free it was created in the 1940s and paid for by taxpayers contributions and it continues to be funded in the same way, unfortunately it is now a bottomless pit so for many reasons vast extra funds are required to maintain the service so taxpayers will be charged for it whoever wins the election.The only people getting free service are the 1.7 non tax payers who have managed to enter the country illegally .The people who paid from the age of 14 to 65yr.old now need someone else to pay more to cover the ever increasing cost.
  • om khetia
    om khetia 3 дня назад Right, but it won't, they say it every election," the conservatives will sell off the NHS to cooperations in the US", of course they won't. The outcry would make it certain that the conservatives would be voted out.
  • Mohammed Islam
    Mohammed Islam 2 дня назад Alex Ivatt I agree and it's stupid if we sell it especially for the poorer people who can't afford it
  • MMLZ
    MMLZ 22 часа назад (изменено) But remember you need to pay 20-40% of your income for those privileges. Ive never had to go to the hospital so paying 40% of my income for something I've never used is nonsensical. But there is nothing I can do to change it.
  • dazhibernian
    dazhibernian Неделю назад Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? YEEOOOOOOORRHHHHH
  • Warren G
    Warren G Неделю назад (изменено) Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson
  • Mr Glasgow
    Mr Glasgow Неделю назад dazhibernian haha
  • fave colour
    fave colour 4 дня назад Double YEEEEEEEOOOOOOORRHHHHHH!
  • Ratatouille The Squirrel
    Ratatouille The Squirrel 1 месяц назад What is this the special ed room with all these random noises
  • John Horsburgh
    John Horsburgh 3 недели назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Josephoid
    Josephoid 3 недели назад Crap i was gonna post that
  • Mohammed Islam
    Mohammed Islam 2 дня назад Ratatouille The Squirrel 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂in dying
  • tk778866
    tk778866 1 месяц назад (изменено) Corbyn's Green tie is to pay respects to the dead of Grenfell.
  • Rob Ross
    Rob Ross 1 месяц назад Shame that Labour was responsible for the fire proving of grenfell!!!
  • tk778866
    tk778866 1 месяц назад @Rob Ross oh the council didn't have anything to do with or don't bare any responsibility, it's somehow Corbyn fault (indirectly).
  • Rob Ross
    Rob Ross 1 месяц назад I said Labour...Not Corbyn infact it was Blair's government responsibility for the cladding at Grenfell....🤔
  • tk778866
    tk778866 1 месяц назад @Rob Ross no worries Blair was a Tory in guise of labour that sickofant Bush and elites poodle.
  • Benn Robinson mead
    Benn Robinson mead 1 месяц назад Corbyn will bring the uk to its knees
  • Tom
    Tom Неделю назад Benn Robinson mead probably wouldn’t take him very long either!
  • Louis B
    Louis B Неделю назад tk778866 what about the grenfell badge Boris is wearing to pay respects?
  • Jimmy Jimmyson
    Jimmy Jimmyson 5 дней назад @Rob Ross that five k for grenfells cladding probably went to some single mum on benefit
  • RedLukey
    RedLukey Неделю назад Corbyn rattles Johnson so easily 😂
  • Umme Jannat
    Umme Jannat 1 день назад NO BREXIT
  • Donald Jennings
    Donald Jennings 1 месяц назад Politicians have mastered the art of not answering questions.
  • Bryt25
    Bryt25 1 месяц назад But everyone notices...
  • Barney Edwards
    Barney Edwards 1 месяц назад obfuscation at its best...
  • TheSinglePlayer
    TheSinglePlayer 1 месяц назад That's pretty much politics 101 lad.
  • WhyOWhy
    WhyOWhy 1 месяц назад After Brexit we need to get rid of the Tories and The Labour Party. Then the House of Lords. Get some representative parties and get some actual democracy.
  • ImInAPlanet200
    ImInAPlanet200 1 месяц назад WhyOWhy I totally agree if that includes the Brexit Party
  • Harold Slick
    Harold Slick 1 месяц назад Mogg would call it "inquisitional declination."
  • ImInAPlanet200
    ImInAPlanet200 1 месяц назад Harold Slick Mogg is as big of an Idiot as Johnson
    DANNY BOY 1 месяц назад Boris Johnson is very good at not answering questions. Instead he will be screaming and insulting opposition parties.
  • SugarTomAppleRoger
    SugarTomAppleRoger 1 месяц назад @Harold Slick Mogg is an arrogant bully, like his master, Boris. They both come from the same school which teaches arrogance, selfishness and of course, murder.
  • Harold Slick
    Harold Slick 1 месяц назад @SugarTomAppleRoger well, yeah, but he would still call it that.
  • Donald Jennings
    Donald Jennings 1 месяц назад DANNY BOY almost as if he doesn’t know how to respond 🤣🤣
  • Work With Nature - How to Grow Food!
    Work With Nature - How to Grow Food! 1 месяц назад Don't know why they are arguing they have sold out the country years ago when the world went off the gold standard and printed the pound into oblivion. A bit late now. All they have now left is destroy the currency via hyperinflation. No matter who is in "power".
  • Dave Duck
    Dave Duck 1 месяц назад Please go Boris,you lying bunch back
  • adr58
    adr58 1 месяц назад the sky is blue
  • ChiefShittingBull
    ChiefShittingBull 1 месяц назад pre-requisite of the job , Old Boy . ;-)
  • Power4 Vibes
    Power4 Vibes 1 месяц назад She turned me I to a newt! I for better.
  • Harold Slick
    Harold Slick 1 месяц назад @adr58 liar!
  • SugarTomAppleRoger
    SugarTomAppleRoger 1 месяц назад @Harold Slick Probably. It shows that he wants others to think he is intelligent and special. He is just a criminal gangster.
  • stop religion
    stop religion 1 месяц назад This is not the way it went guys. The sun have rearranged parts of it for some reason.
  • Mario Lisa
    Mario Lisa 3 недели назад Work With Nature - How to Grow Food! Wow what a gloomy thought. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to pass, eh?
  • Corey Jenkins
    Corey Jenkins 3 недели назад Donald Jennings and that comedians like Russel Howard, big nasty and al Murray makes sense of all of this chaos.
  • Mr Miner
    Mr Miner 2 недели назад its because if they get caught out, such as saying the NHS is off the table and then saying it should negotiate with american companies a politician can lose their job or at least hurt their results at the polls. I suggest watching jay foremans videos on it.
  • Corey Jenkins
    Corey Jenkins 2 недели назад Well after watching debate I now more on side corbyn but I don’t know whether to trust, but boris would not stop talking about his lipping brexit deal.
  • Mohamed Mowliid
    Mohamed Mowliid 3 дня назад @Bryt25 yet no one holds account for them..
  • Ajmal Sarwar
    Ajmal Sarwar 1 месяц назад The irony of the Sun readers asking for civilised debate.
  • Anna Hunt
  • Ashley Mills
    Ashley Mills 1 месяц назад When I was in school you learnt to shut up while someone was talking. I'm not sure where these people were educated to be making incoherent noises the whole time.
  • Donald Jennings
    Donald Jennings 1 месяц назад Yeah honestly the behaviour of MP's is an actual joke now. Disgusting behaviour for the 'representatives of the people'
  • CardinalHijack
    CardinalHijack 1 месяц назад @Donald Jennings what do you mean "now"? They have always jeered and shouted in the commons.
  • Andrew Cheatle
    Andrew Cheatle 1 месяц назад Where did you go to school where everyone had to shut up - North Korea?
  • swave158
    swave158 1 месяц назад No Ashley this is privileged men behaving badly. Because they know they can get away with it.
  • jjjohniee
    jjjohniee 1 месяц назад @Andrew Cheatle Just a good old English school, though they are getting far and few between!
  • Silly Rabbit
    Silly Rabbit 1 месяц назад Here here yeyyyyeeeeeyeyeye hear hear
  • Names carry no meaning
    Names carry no meaning 1 месяц назад I could never comprehend it too, this should be the establishment of the highest order, although .....
  • MauriatOttolink
    MauriatOttolink 1 месяц назад Ashley Mills Hi Ashley .....I don't know how you got the erroneous idea that they've been educated. You must be a delightfully charitable person.
  • Matthew Harbinson
    Matthew Harbinson 1 месяц назад I agree entirely- it’s a national embarrassment in all respects- the staggering incompetence, hollering and howling over people, shouting instead of speaking etc.
  • MauriatOttolink
    MauriatOttolink 1 месяц назад @Matthew Harbinson And frequently, less than adequate English grammar.
  • mawdeeps
    mawdeeps 1 месяц назад @swave158 yeah definately just the men the women are at home preparing meals
  • Jooneefin
    Jooneefin 1 месяц назад There saying ‘hear hear’, parliment is hundreds of years old so they still use this phrase but it has kinda evolved into ‘ere ere’ so it just sounds like incoherent noises. They do this because they’re not aloud to clap (another old fashioned rule) so they make the noise to show agreement
  • Jennifer Holden
    Jennifer Holden 1 месяц назад You didn't go to Eton, they are taught to debate (lie to make your point) from infancy, the truth is of no consequence to them. Any normal person who thinks that the Tories have our best interests at heart are fooling themselves.
  • 1976iap
    1976iap 1 месяц назад Andrew Cheatle Well Andrew if you shouted or spoke in my class when you were not supposed to you would stand in the corridor for the rest of the lesson...obvious you did not go to a very good school. But today when you listen to most children you can see the's very sad......
  • Jamie Barnes
    Jamie Barnes 1 месяц назад @1976iap and depending on the teacher you would get more than shouted at!
  • Robert Mckoy
    Robert Mckoy 1 месяц назад implying anyone sitting in HoC is educated
  • D A
    D A 1 месяц назад Because they went to private schools that taught these people to debate. Where as the working class council schools, taught the little people to shut up and know our place.
  • CraZe Clan
    CraZe Clan 1 месяц назад Ikrrr I was seeing if anyone would coment that
  • Farhana Sonya Hossain
    Farhana Sonya Hossain 1 месяц назад Yup they are so noisy like kids
  • J B
    J B 1 месяц назад If you're the Ashley who worked at KCII you must have seen behaviour like that before!!
  • Sandymoor Ferrari club
    Sandymoor Ferrari club 1 месяц назад They went to better schools than you pathetic lot. The noises add to the drama, helped along by the occasional tipple from the commons bar, of course!
  • MERC
    MERC 3 недели назад (изменено) I'm not British but isn't a common and allowed thing at the House of Commons? Maybe a British who is an expert of politics in his/her country can explain
  • Roman Marshall
    Roman Marshall 3 недели назад Jennifer Holden I did go to Eton and this isn’t true. Stop believing in fairytales.
  • Unknown Gates
    Unknown Gates 3 недели назад CardinalHijack facts right back to 1500s
  • Nathan Lynch
    Nathan Lynch 2 недели назад It’s how they have always been. Need to take a page out the American book and stfu when someone else is speaking
  • jack bearfox
    jack bearfox Неделю назад Arnt you a husky?
  • Antapology
    Antapology Неделю назад Andrew Cheatle Teachers preach students are silent when their speaking, it is a generalised manner.
  • Papi Chuckle
    Papi Chuckle 1 месяц назад I can't wait to die tbh
  • Wolf
    Wolf 1 месяц назад same
  • CC M
    CC M 1 месяц назад Same
  • Keiran O'Keeffe
    Keiran O'Keeffe 1 месяц назад Le monke
  • Papi Chuckle
    Papi Chuckle 1 месяц назад @Keiran O'Keeffe uh oh
  • Antonio Monteiro
    Antonio Monteiro 1 месяц назад UK, sale,to, USA, UK,go, be,zoobie, country,
  • Antonio Monteiro
    Antonio Monteiro 1 месяц назад Your, family, Go back, to, Ireland, potato,fam
  • Lee Henry
    Lee Henry 1 месяц назад If we don't leave EU soon then I will top myself.
  • matthew britton
    matthew britton 1 месяц назад Same here politics what a racket 😴😞
    PEPPER 1 месяц назад Uh oh stinkeee
  • Eric Wadman
    Eric Wadman 1 месяц назад @Lee Henry move abroad lol
  • Tiger Stripe
    Tiger Stripe 1 месяц назад Sam3
  • Man
    Man Неделю назад double suicide?
  • jack bearfox
    jack bearfox Неделю назад Here here
  • ellie Greenham x
    ellie Greenham x Неделю назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Conor Francis
    Conor Francis Неделю назад Papi Chuckle Same especially with a government like ours
  • ARS
    ARS Неделю назад Same
  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 4 дня назад Same
  • Ted Da Bear
    Ted Da Bear 1 день назад I mean you have to at least wait for the diss track to come out
  • Harold Slick
    Harold Slick 1 месяц назад Every PMQ ever: Tories: You are economically incompetent. Labor: You don't care about poor people.
  • Bilal Khalid
    Bilal Khalid 1 месяц назад Every PMQ ever: Labour: our party is better than yours Tories: No it isn't because our party is better yours
  • bikerjon1
    bikerjon1 1 месяц назад SNP "FREEDOM!!!"
  • SugarTomAppleRoger
    SugarTomAppleRoger 1 месяц назад @bikerjon1 All comments on this thread are true. Better than actual "debate".
  • Dave Coyle
    Dave Coyle 1 месяц назад @bikerjon1 snp = slavery to the EU !
  • Kurt Jappy
    Kurt Jappy 1 месяц назад Tories: our made up statistics make you look bad Labour: our made up statistics make you look worse
  • MrMaxlimit
    MrMaxlimit 1 месяц назад @Kurt Jappy Lib dems: how about we revoke article 50? Tories and labour: naww look at the cute baby
  • Kurt Jappy
    Kurt Jappy 1 месяц назад MrMaxlimit the DUP: how about we- Tories: imma stop you there chief
  • MrMaxlimit
    MrMaxlimit 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Kurt Jappy green party: coughs Entire house: blimey I thought you were dead
  • Scotty2Hotty 1
    Scotty2Hotty 1 1 месяц назад That's the mindless, stupid nonsense from lefties in every country, whether there are huge welfare states or smaller ones, like in the US.....the poor are always gonna die, unless spending is increased.
  • MrMaxlimit
    MrMaxlimit 1 месяц назад @Scotty2Hotty 1 increase spending in one sector and reduce it in another. I dont think labour have figured that out yet. "I know, let's overly tax the rich and big businesses to fund the NHS until they have no choice but to close or move thus losings 1000s of jobs and costing the state more meaning less money for the NHS". Genius plan Corbyn
  • Dan
    Dan 1 месяц назад When has high tax on corporations or people ever got them to move en masse? The answer is never.
  • MrMaxlimit
    MrMaxlimit 1 месяц назад @Dan lower wages and higher taxes on people and corporations play significant roles in the growth of any economy. They lower investment opportunities and hinder newer businesses from starting up thus keeping people in minimum wage jobs. In contrast, lower taxes promotes more investment and a larger growth in business. Even the Roman's figured out that the state does not benefit increasing taxes because it just promotes less opportunity and more personal savings which means less cash flow around the whole country. On of the biggest problems we have is billionaires, we can try to hit their earnings but the billions they have stored away are untouchable and will never be redistributed. That's the issue with increasing taxes. Oh and quite a few companies have already made plans to leave the uk post brexit as they are unsure whether the financial gains will be worth it so why do you assume they would stay of made ro pay higher taxes which would have the same effect.
  • Dan
    Dan 1 месяц назад So, no examples then. Leaving because of brexit doesn't count. As a little extra challenge, do you want to cite an example of a tax decrease in the past 40 years that has led to an increase in investment by businesses (I.E job growth, higher wages for employees ETC)
  • Scotty2Hotty 1
    Scotty2Hotty 1 1 месяц назад @MrMaxlimit true true
  • Harold Slick
    Harold Slick 1 месяц назад This is a joke thread! Stop fighting!
  • Bloodshot Eyes
    Bloodshot Eyes 1 месяц назад Tories: We're known as the nasty party. Labour: Nobody is disputing that.
  • Joes wheels
    Joes wheels 1 месяц назад Yep, irony is the right wing isn't as financially prudent, not on this side of the pond, or the other. Consistently outperformed for decades.
  • Ilove Cheer
    Ilove Cheer 1 месяц назад Harold Slick What about middle people !!!! No one ever looks out for them
  • Jake Henderson
    Jake Henderson 3 недели назад British politics for you.
  • Induxvideos
    Induxvideos 3 недели назад I think it's hopeless! Buffoon face and his cronies are only interested in lining their own pockets and the opposition never do or say the right things to secure a place in running the country properly.
  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt Неделю назад (изменено) THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES POWER And money and migrants who are above the law and our human rights
  • Mikê'e Stark
    Mikê'e Stark Неделю назад You know Socialism doesn't tax poor businesses either. Even Lenin (a Communist) believed Steve the 'Butcher' should own his shop until he can afford to not have to work anymore, while companies like Apple should be owned by the state so the billions the previous owner (who'd never need to work again) would've made in the next years would go to the government. Taxes also wouldn't be the same for Steve's business as it would for Apple because of the same reason.
  • J O R D A N
    J O R D A N Неделю назад Labour doesnt even care about poor people anymore..
  • Mitch Rynn
    Mitch Rynn Неделю назад @MrMaxlimit libertarians:
  • Umme Jannat
    Umme Jannat 1 день назад NO BREXIT
  • Umme Jannat
    Umme Jannat 1 день назад NHS IS NOT FOR SALE
  • provider cirilo
    provider cirilo 5 часов назад Boris Johnson is the one who dont care about the poor, because his the one wanting to sale the NHS labor
  • Umme Jannat
    Umme Jannat 2 часа назад @provider cirilo why u wrote "labor" at the end ??
  • BigNanFromUk
    BigNanFromUk Неделю назад Corbyn: says sad story Boris: bReXiT
  • Umme Jannat
    Umme Jannat 1 день назад NO BREXIT AND NHS IS NOT FOR SALE
  • Louise Richardson
    Louise Richardson 2 недели назад It'd be nice if parties on both sides stopped using cancer as a political tool.
  • i5m1thy
    i5m1thy Неделю назад It's a meaningful political issue and a meaningful statistic.
  • jack bearfox
    jack bearfox Неделю назад Be nice if boris got Cancer
  • Oh yeah yeah!
    Oh yeah yeah! Неделю назад @jack bearfox nice very mature wishing cancer on someone you disagree with. What are you a four year old?
  • Louise Richardson
    Louise Richardson Неделю назад @jack bearfox wow congratulations, you are literally an awful person
  • jack bearfox
    jack bearfox Неделю назад @Louise Richardson thanks for the accolade
  • Ben Jammin
    Ben Jammin 1 месяц назад Love how boris is just repeating his answers like a scripted NPC. And giving out of date facts, "we're building 40 hospitals!" Turns out its 6? Bit of a big difference between numbers there.
  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 4 недели назад But more money to the existing as well dont forget to a forever growing UK more population year after year
  • waine read
    waine read 3 недели назад and refugees/migrants etc
  • MacMason2k7
    MacMason2k7 3 недели назад its gone from 40 to 6 because he wants to buy the drugs we need and not store us in hospitals maybe lol but now we need more safe care homes for us all
  • Cxlestial
    Cxlestial 2 недели назад If u actually look into it at the minuite they are building 6 hospitals and when the funds increase they can increase the number of hospitals. And 6 hospitals is still an amazing achievement so far considering the Labour Party hasn’t done anything for the NHS. The only people that vote for labour are people that sit on their arses and are jealous of people that did something with their life and earn money so can afford private health care.
  • Ella Rose Pearson
    Ella Rose Pearson Неделю назад @Cxlestial the labour party started the NHS...
  • Cxlestial
    Cxlestial Неделю назад Ella Rose Pearson they started it but cannot support or uphold it
  • Sabba Mannan
    Sabba Mannan Неделю назад It's not even 6. Those 6 are getting refurbished and the other 34 are getting a 'bit' of money. There will not be any new hospitals built. Also the fact that he says that they will be bring 50,000 nurses in, in the next few years when there's actually already 18,000 nurses that they 'keeping' on in the NHS and then the whole getting 20,000 more police officers after getting rid of 21,000 previously. 🙄
  • Bradley Crowe
    Bradley Crowe Неделю назад @Cxlestial the town i live in got a hospital built about 10 years ago, its 4 or 5 story building has been cut from fully operational to having the A&E open and maybe 10 wards total
  • Warren G
    Warren G Неделю назад @Cxlestial Or pay for it no
  • i5m1thy
    i5m1thy Неделю назад @Cxlestial The NHS was internationally accepted as the greatest healthcare system in the world and functioned very well at a reasonable cost per capita. We're only seeing issues with it now because conservatives have been cutting public spending at every opportunity to the point where it can't hold its own weight or have effective administration.
  • 12tranoke
    12tranoke Неделю назад @Cxlestial How delusional you are. First Boris mentioned 40 hospital and then the number went to 6. How can you say it's still amazing after all this lies?
  • Umme Jannat
    Umme Jannat 1 день назад We don't want boris again. We want a real change
  • Umme Jannat
  • super natural
    super natural 19 часов назад Ella Rose Pearson erm, no they didn’t. But they’re doing a good job destroying it.
  • Umme Jannat
    Umme Jannat 18 часов назад @super natural are you a pro or anti boris
  • Reldasekul
    Reldasekul 3 недели назад If I have to start paying for Insulin I'm going for Borris' head
  • Harrison Gray
    Harrison Gray Неделю назад Reldasekul count me in
  • Seol Dobson-Allam
    Seol Dobson-Allam Неделю назад You can count on my help
  • Angrez
    Angrez Неделю назад I was saying that of the tories get in again and sell off the NHS we should all drive to parliament and throw them out. They've done nothing but wreck this countries economy and stature. The NHS is the best thing to ever happen to this country and all they want to do is sell it off to get a bit more profit for all their rich friends. Where I live in the north east, this area is very labour invested. And it should be. The tories will continue to ruin our country if we dont get them out.
  • Oli MitcheLL
    Oli MitcheLL Неделю назад It’s like a children’s classroom lol
  • My Channel Lacks Originality
    My Channel Lacks Originality 10 часов назад With the way they're interrupting each other, definitely looks like it
  • Steve R
    Steve R 1 месяц назад Is this the Jeremy Kyle show?
  • John A Doe
    John A Doe 1 месяц назад I think it might be the "Jeremy Corbyn show" it's like the Jeremy Kyle show, the difference being on JK's show it has people screwing a few people on it, where as the JC show has the tories who are screwing everyone.
  • Everything Cool
    Everything Cool 1 месяц назад And now this parliament will be shut down like the Jeremy Kyle show
  • jjjohniee
    jjjohniee 1 месяц назад Nope, they shut that down because somebody killed themselves, this is where you get killed if you have a disability or are extremely poor, but I expect this will get so much better if we remain where we have been for the last 40 years!
  • John A Doe
    John A Doe 1 месяц назад @jjjohniee how many thousands (tens of thousands) of people will the "brexit show" kill when it gets going?
  • jjjohniee
    jjjohniee 1 месяц назад ​Better to die fighting than asleep in your bed, snooze on @John A Doe in your little bubble behind your big wall, while the world turns around you, in your sleep, you too will fall!
  • John A Doe
    John A Doe 1 месяц назад @jjjohniee fighting what? your ability to live, work, and eat? you have confused me with a right wing supporter, you know like Trupists, who want to live behind a big wall, who don't mind playing in mine fields as long as they "feel safe"
  • jjjohniee
    jjjohniee 1 месяц назад [email protected] A Doe now you come to mention it, Trupist's, yes, pretty much how I see every remainer, as for what I'm fighting, nothing, it's a quote simply meaning rather than become one of the many thousands, (tens of thousands) who die at the hands of the EU, or likewise within the EU by our government, I will do my best for my family to avoid it. In this case, Leave! Though I have no doubt they will be fine either way. They're English through and through.
  • John A Doe
    John A Doe 1 месяц назад @jjjohniee you know that they are polar opposites right? I'm surprised leavers aren't chanting "build that wall" mind you, I guess the chant of "brexit means Brexit" is about the same, just not as catchy.
  • John A Doe
    John A Doe 1 месяц назад @Andrew Andy I've signed you up for "gold mining on the sun" your house, property and any future earnings are at extreme risk, but you're totally fine with that right, you know, as you are not adverse to extreme risk. isn't it the point that we don't have any freedoms? you know EU n all that lol and no I didn't die for the freedoms I have, and neither did you. but you could have your next of kin make a video of you dying for the freedoms we have, you might make a point then.
  • Bilal Khalid
    Bilal Khalid 1 месяц назад People on the Jeremy Kyle are actually way more civil compared to these people.
  • ImInAPlanet200
    ImInAPlanet200 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Steve R
    Steve R 1 месяц назад The sad fact about all of this is I have more notifications from this thread on my phone than friends hitting me up!
  • John Horsburgh
    John Horsburgh 3 недели назад 😂😂 It looks like it 😂😂😂
  • Warren G
    Warren G Неделю назад @John A Doe When they extend it for another 3-7 months
  • Warren G
    Warren G Неделю назад @John A Doe You copied what he said, about being behind a big wall
  • John A Doe
    John A Doe Неделю назад @Warren G well colour me shocked and chagrined, I did use the words behind, big, and wall, that the previous poster had also used. but we were talking about different things. it seems that the right wing morons have a lot in common with the morons across the pond, they are way more interested in kabuki theater that makes them feel safe, than things that would actually make life safer. you know likes Trumps all new and improved wall that mexico is going to pay for, which to date zero miles have been built. but they are setting about a land grab, in the name of the wall, right wingers are totally against the government owning any land, well unless it's to make them feel safe, then the government can take all the land it wants, unless it just so happens to be their land, then it's just those individuals that aren't happy about it.
  • Cqmmy 得
    Cqmmy 得 5 дней назад Steve R Its the Jeremy Corbyn show
  • Hahah Haha
    Hahah Haha 2 недели назад How can boris compare to the people when he’s probably grown up living a life most people can’t imagine. Joke
  • Jack Morley
    Jack Morley 2 недели назад Corbyn went to boarding school. Don't know many white collar workers who went to boarding school. The difference is that Corbyn tries to hide it and Johnson doesn't
  • Hahah Haha
    Hahah Haha 2 недели назад Jack Morley very different levels though let’s be honest Johnson was in the bullingdon club ahah
  • Khal Drogo
    Khal Drogo 2 дня назад @Jack Morley yes but Corbyn has a unconditional love and care for the country you can clearly see that
  • Newspaper 99
    Newspaper 99 2 дня назад (изменено) Khal Drogo no he really doesn’t all he really has is hatred for people richer than himself.
  • Khal Drogo
    Khal Drogo 1 день назад @Newspaper 99 😂😂😂 so stupid