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மரியாள் மூலம் ஜெபிக்கலாமா? Can we pray to mother Mary?

Publicado el 13 nov. 2017 45.960 visualizaciones

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Can you pray through Mary, the mother of Jesus? Message by Bro. Abraham David John, World Tamil Christian Fellowship, London, United Kingdom. For more information please log on to

  • Vimal Jeremiah
    Vimal Jeremiah 5 месяцев назад Hello pastor I have a doubt ...If she had other children then y Jesus told to John To take care of his mother at the time he was on the cross...pls answer
  • B K Surez
    B K Surez 3 месяца назад He said that to replace his position in that family
  • WorldTamilChristian
    WorldTamilChristian 1 месяц назад
  • jayasheelan L sheelan
    jayasheelan L sheelan 2 недели назад Image idols worshipers and beleivers are not accepted word of GOD
  • jayasheelan L sheelan
    jayasheelan L sheelan 2 недели назад Dont make image and idols
  • Saranvino Vino
    Saranvino Vino 2 месяца назад பரலோகத்திற்கு போக ஒரே வழி இயேசு மட்டுமே... பிதா குமாரன் பரிசுத்த ஆவி மூவரையும் மட்டுமே விசுவாசிக வேண்டும்....
  • dismal antony
    dismal antony 1 месяц назад ஏன இயேசு கிறிஸ்து் யோவான்னிடம் இதோ உன் தாய்ன்னு சொல்லணும்.
  • WorldTamilChristian
    WorldTamilChristian 1 месяц назад
  • Vanitha Kingston
    Vanitha Kingston 2 месяца назад If Jesus has his own brother then why he handed over Mother Mary to St. John
  • WorldTamilChristian
    WorldTamilChristian 2 месяца назад
  • Madhan S
    Madhan S 1 месяц назад Sir audio not clear
  • Alexander Selvan
    Alexander Selvan 2 месяца назад This audio IS NOT clearly hear TOO much disturbing importance WORDS. Alexander Bangalore India
  • Jayaraj Joseph
    Jayaraj Joseph 2 недели назад So many disturbance in the audio output ...i hope that happened purposefully not very clear ...but anyway its very important shearing...glory to God ...
    BENI JESUS 10 месяцев назад Please this video is not clear. Upload good quality video of the same please
    CÂLL ØF DÛTY GÂMÊR 6 месяцев назад அருமையான செய்தி இயேசுகிறிஸ்து உங்களை ஆசீர்வதிப்பாராக ஆமேன்
  • Rajali ar
    Rajali ar 1 месяц назад ஆடியோ நிறைய டிஸ்டப் ஆகுது .
  • Gilbert Berkmans
    Gilbert Berkmans 3 месяца назад Hi unka number kidaikuma
  • R. Magi
    R. Magi 3 дня назад Thayavu seithu intha msg clear aa irukum audio podunga please. .
  • WorldTamilChristian
    WorldTamilChristian 3 дня назад Use your headphone it will be clear
  • Esther Danny
    Esther Danny 3 месяца назад I want this book. How can I get?
  • WorldTamilChristian
    WorldTamilChristian 3 месяца назад All the notes are available below the video in the description
  • Esther Danny
    Esther Danny 2 месяца назад Thank you
  • Rachel Samuel
    Rachel Samuel 2 месяца назад Pl this video very disturbing upload new one pl
  • Selvadurai Chenthivel
    Selvadurai Chenthivel 2 недели назад Dear Brother Abraham You are 100%correct.In Matthew 11:27,28&30.and in John 10:9 our Father God explain verly,verily saying the truth.I could appreciate you Brother very much since the followers are innocent and how much they are diverted and exploited by the propagandist of RC.Thank you BrotherPraise the Lord JESUS
  • Star Plastic Craft
    Star Plastic Craft 4 месяца назад அன்பு பிரதர் வணக்கம் மரியன்னை மூலம் ஜெபிக்கலாமா என்ற காணொளியை கேட்டேன் மிகவும் நன்றாக இருந்தது எனக்கு சில கேள்விகள் கடவுள் வானதூதர்கள் எதற்காகப் படைத்தார் அவர்கள் ஏன் மரியாதை புகழவேண்டும் அருள் நிறைந்தவள் என்பதன் பொருள் என்ன
  • Lakshmi good disicion Rachel
    Lakshmi good disicion Rachel 1 месяц назад Super bro. God bless
  • anish john
    anish john 1 месяц назад I could understand something in it. If mary doesn't had other children, then whom were mentioned as brothers at Mathew 12:47. So I could understand Mary had more children's. Thank you pastor
  • Vanu Suresh
    Vanu Suresh 4 месяца назад Hi brother , i had this doubt in mind for long days...By watching your video i got answer for my doubt. Thank you so much for sharing question and answer session & bible words in such a clear and understandable way. Praise the Lord!!!
  • Sunita
    Sunita 2 недели назад Pastor, the audio is not clear & not able to recieve message asper, so please upload this again if possible
  • WorldTamilChristian
    WorldTamilChristian 2 недели назад Use headphones on this video
  • Anitha suresh
    Anitha suresh 3 месяца назад Hello uncle.. U r saying everything in a easiest way so that dis generation understands bible .. Thanks uncle for ur effort.. Glory to god.. Amen