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Court Reviews Bail conditions For Sowore, Bakare

Publicado el 21 oct. 2019 5.174 visualizaciones

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  • Iyobo Festus
    Iyobo Festus 1 месяц назад Truthful lawyer we love you
  • vera Holy
    vera Holy 1 месяц назад Apc channel how market???
  • PeoplesEyes
    PeoplesEyes 1 месяц назад (изменено) Let’s Sowore be free, there must be a revolution wether the oppressors like it or not
  • Bewise 9ja
    Bewise 9ja 1 месяц назад Channels TV and the Nigeria Government you work for, whether you like it or not revolution will come to past Nigeria and we will stand as one Nation no matter the differences in tribes or languages.
  • mikel lion
    mikel lion 1 месяц назад Buhari is the biggest kidnap kingpin in Nigeria history. Why wasn't he arraigned along those 81 suspects arrested lately? Fake country, useless rulers.