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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. TOP 5 BEST SCOUT RIFLES!! (Exotic/Legendary 2019)

Publicado el 20 oct. 2019 56.058 visualizaciones

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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. TOP 5 BEST SCOUT RIFLES!! (Exotic/Legendary 2019) ✅ Help support the channel by becoming a member!
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CDK-Once Again

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  • Mesa Sean
    Mesa Sean 1 месяц назад #MadeItToTheEnd Squad!! What are your Top 5 Favorite Scout rifles and what are the rolls? If you'd like to further support my channel click here!
  • Stephen Fallon
    Stephen Fallon 1 месяц назад I have all the flavours of Mananan, so will definitely try them out this week. I'm using the Black Scorpion 4sr as well, give it a shot.
  • Mark Warnken
    Mark Warnken 1 месяц назад I'm back to Mida! And the year one Nameless Midnight with explosive rounds.
  • Ziekk
    Ziekk 1 месяц назад My Transfiguration with Outlaw / Explosive Rounds is doing well for me!
  • oxyman10
    oxyman10 1 месяц назад Been using Conspirator the Leviathan Raid scout, it’s fun to use.
  • Axel 21718
    Axel 21718 1 месяц назад I believe you can still get the Mananan from the collections tab.
  • sgt nutnut
    sgt nutnut 1 месяц назад #Madeittotheend😁👍👍👍
  • AJ Powell
    AJ Powell 1 месяц назад Randy's Throwing Knife... Cough cough
  • pmmcrobb
    pmmcrobb 1 месяц назад Mesa Sean I got my Night Watch from Reckoning. Flared Magwell/Accurized Rounds, Rapid Hit, and Explosive Rounds. Very good for staggering in Crucible.
  • SniperPanda
    SniperPanda 1 месяц назад the unique perk on the Oxygen SR3 is pronounced Mega-new-ra
  • CleetusVanDamme530
    CleetusVanDamme530 1 месяц назад I like Imperative w/ Subsistence and Rampage, beast for clearing adds from a distance
  • DrSleeperAgent
    DrSleeperAgent 3 недели назад That moment when he doesn't put a two tapping Transfiguration on the list...
  • cro_goco
    cro_goco 1 месяц назад I miss hung jury sr4. I used to use it all the time #MadeItToTheEnd
  • Aim Crazy
    Aim Crazy 1 месяц назад I usually jump back on destiny 1 to use my hung jury .
  • Mesa Sean
    Mesa Sean 1 месяц назад #Legend
  • Jason Durbin
    Jason Durbin 1 месяц назад Yup, still miss that gun. The Oxygen is the closest thing to it, imo.
  • tmacfan 213
    tmacfan 213 1 месяц назад Thats what the oxygen was supposed to be
  • Aim Crazy
    Aim Crazy 1 месяц назад @Jason Durbin ya I'm working on getting it now .
  • Cody Wells
    Cody Wells 1 месяц назад They do need more Omolon guns
  • Jared van Kell
    Jared van Kell 1 месяц назад @Jason Durbin If the Oxygen SR3 had Triple Tap folded into the Meganeura perk then yes, it would definitely be as close as you could get to it.
  • bascullas
    bascullas 1 месяц назад Hung Jury was the best!
  • MrTRS86
    MrTRS86 1 месяц назад Hung Jury is life.
  • Gothic Sin
    Gothic Sin 1 месяц назад We all did man we all did
  • Gothic Sin
    Gothic Sin 1 месяц назад @tmacfan 213 I feel like the oxygen is a good feel to it honestly now scouts have there buff I don't feel it's any different there is even a skin for it that makes it resemble the jury slap the trials shader and it does black and white :)
  • Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers 1 месяц назад true story hung jury is the goat
  • LoneWulfMcQuade
    LoneWulfMcQuade 1 месяц назад 1. Randy 2. Polaris 3. Mida 4. Cut and Run 5. Erentil
  • Darin Brown
    Darin Brown 1 месяц назад
  • tmacfan 213
    tmacfan 213 1 месяц назад You need more likes for this! Erentil lmao!!
    FROSTY2K 1 месяц назад Im always getting wrecked by the erentil in pvp lol the bygones aswell
  • Richard Pettigrew
    Richard Pettigrew 1 месяц назад LoneWulfMcQuade erentil?
  • Jared van Kell
    Jared van Kell 1 месяц назад @Richard Pettigrew Best energy scout in the game with the right roll. :P
  • Antonius625
    Antonius625 1 месяц назад BuT EreNTiL iS a FuSioN RiFLe
  • Charlie Hunter
    Charlie Hunter 1 месяц назад you forgot hammerhead :)
  • Rogue115
    Rogue115 1 месяц назад Should be number 1 tbh
  • Jose Enrico Marquez
    Jose Enrico Marquez 1 месяц назад Black Scorpion 4SR smokes everything on your list
  • Daniel Aguila
    Daniel Aguila 1 месяц назад Am I the only person who watched this to hear Mesa say, “Mananan?” #MadeItToTheEnd
  • Mesa Sean
    Mesa Sean 1 месяц назад #Legend 🤣🤣
  • Samuel Gomez
    Samuel Gomez 1 месяц назад Nope I tried mananan i been outgunning Midas and outgunning or trading with randys
  • oxyman10
    oxyman10 1 месяц назад Samuel Gomez I’ve been seeing a lot of people with that, looks like I need to pull it from collections.
  • Miscedez Shaw
    Miscedez Shaw 1 месяц назад You forgot the "Nameless Midnight!"
  • Mesa Sean
    Mesa Sean 1 месяц назад It was almost in there!
  • How to be a Voidwalker
    How to be a Voidwalker 1 месяц назад 150s are my favorites. Polaris lance is just a beast. Even the Breytect version is good. Imperative is basically a copy of garden progeny from CoO but with random rolls. My imperative has subsistence and explosive payload. Subsistence makes it so I can go through entire lost sectors and only have to reload maybe 3 or 4 times, not counting the sector boss cause any primary would take forever to kill them. I use to love nameless midnight but I come to love 150s over 180s
  • Michael Cantu
    Michael Cantu 1 месяц назад Meganeura is a prehistoric dragonfly of immense size. A fitting name for a much larger version of the dragonfly perk
  • Urazz
    Urazz 1 месяц назад I put in the mod that improves dragonfly so Oxygen SR3 is a freaking beast when you get those precision kills.
  • Jared van Kell
    Jared van Kell 1 месяц назад @Urazz I still think if they folded Triple Tap or Rapid Hit into the Meganeura perk it would be worth its place as a pinnacle weapon.
  • Zack Miller
    Zack Miller 1 месяц назад I hope one day streamers like yourself hold Bungie accountable for there mistreatment of consumers. Izanagi’s quest has been glitched for awhile now and instead of providing a fix they add another ornament for it. The weapon is usually a raid requirement, so no weapon means lower raid team options. If streamers like your self use your fallowing for good and call them out that’s when these things actually get fixed and 99% of the time in a very faster time frame. We have eyes to watch, but y’all have the voice to speak that will be actually heard.
  • YourPalChris
    YourPalChris 1 месяц назад my current favorite is Randy's Throwing Knife
  • cheese
    cheese 1 месяц назад Just got mine today
  • Ghoul Slays
    Ghoul Slays 1 месяц назад 1. Night Watch 2. Polaris Lance 3. No Feelings 4. Nameless Midnight 5. Mida I dont have mananan (however you spell that guns name lol)
  • starglider13
    starglider13 1 месяц назад I still got the right tone, with each element in my vault . In my opinion a good legendary alternative to the polaris lance.
  • Dan
    Dan 1 месяц назад Honestly the only reason i ever used skyburners oath is because of it going through cabal shields but now you can just put an anti shield mod to do that
  • D C
    D C 1 месяц назад Don't forget the Blue version of the Mananan ,can't remember the name ,but It's almost as good .
  • Kareem Gallegos
    Kareem Gallegos 1 месяц назад I think my number 1 is Randy's , it is such a beast and even out guns outlast and bygones and mida and even night watch. #MadeItToTheEnd
  • Mesa Sean
    Mesa Sean 1 месяц назад #Legend
  • Mister Linguini
    Mister Linguini 1 месяц назад You CAN get Night Watch from reckoning, farming a one two punch shotgun got me mine with Outlaw and Rampage, great for PVE.
  • BonChance
    BonChance 1 месяц назад Yes, you can get Night Watch from the Reckoning
  • Ethan Markel
    Ethan Markel 1 месяц назад (изменено) Hey Mesa Sean I've been kicking ass in the crusibal with my Cut and Run Dusk sight D1 High-caliber round Moving target Dragonfly With a targeting adjuster and a range masterwork. It's stats are Impact 67 Range 76 Stability 45 Handling 42 Zoom 21 Aim assistance 42 Recoil direction 80 R.P.M.150 It's a three tap to the head in crusibal. Sean try it out you'll love it.
  • Universal Biztal
    Universal Biztal 1 месяц назад Mag - Nur - Rah That's how you say Oxygen SR3's special perk
  • Brother Dragon00
    Brother Dragon00 1 месяц назад My talon has snap and explosive