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Top 5 Elegant Shoes For Fall

Publicado el 20 oct. 2019 185.524 visualizaciones

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Must have shoes for fall from over-the-knee boots to lace-up shoes! In this video you’ll find out, which fall shoes you should invest in to always look elegant and NOT cheap. Also, download my FREE Cheatsheet: How To Look Expensive (regardless of budget!)

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  • Hande İpek Hoşbay
    Hande İpek Hoşbay 3 тижні тому (змінено) 'My dear elegant ladies...' This is the most elegant and iconic opening speach in youtube :)
  • Olga Pogozheva
    Olga Pogozheva 3 тижні тому Love it too :)
  • solarlola 9
    solarlola 9 3 тижні тому Makes me feel elegant😌☕️
  • Nad’s CR7
    Nad’s CR7 3 тижні тому True..! In fact whenever I look in the mirror, instead of saying hello to myself I say ‘My dear elegant ladies’ Makes me smile
  • Jade Raven
    Jade Raven 3 тижні тому It makes me smile because I don't think "Hi, You" in the morning. I now think "Hello, Lady of Elegance." 😉
  • kety faina
    kety faina 3 тижні тому I love it too! It's the elegant way she says it
  • Andrea Pirringer
    Andrea Pirringer 2 тижні тому @solarlola 9 She hopes that we are already elegant ;-)
  • Nikki AN
    Nikki AN 2 тижні тому Sounds superficial and obnoxious... like she really means it how silly
  • DoeEyedFaun
    DoeEyedFaun 3 тижні тому (змінено) I would love a video on what you wear when you are feeling lazy and will not be leaving the house. Do you ever just lay around the house in comfy, clothes and what do those clothes look like? Also what are thoughts on the “Capsule Wardrobe” trend? A video on this would be amazing. What to buy to have a basic elegant wardrobe with pieces that can be used interchangeably for variety of looks without having a ton of clothing.
  • Erika Bardere
    Erika Bardere 3 тижні тому Lounge wear is covered in a previous video. Sorry I can't remember which one. Basically cashmere or silk sets. Full cotton if it looks not too lazy (read: careless)
  • Victoria Lester
    Victoria Lester 3 тижні тому Yes please !!!
  • jas9233
    jas9233 3 тижні тому I like to wear nice leggings (should be thick enough that they are not see through, with a long top). If it's cold, I'' throw on a nice long cardigan. In the summer I'll wear cropped trousers (something that is from lululemon that is made of stretchy fabric but cut like a trouser) with a nice t-shirt
  • sassynottrashy
    sassynottrashy 2 тижні тому I just wear flats with a nice Blouse and some jeans
  • Liz bth
    Liz bth 1 тиждень тому That's not comfy at all you lay around in Jean's??
  • alex noviprofil
    alex noviprofil 3 тижні тому I wish I wasn't so poor so i could afford school of affluence
  • DoeEyedFaun
    DoeEyedFaun 3 тижні тому Just watching her videos will get your on the right track then you can “level up” as you have the money to do so.
  • My YT
    My YT 3 тижні тому Same 😒
  • Nedega Dolma
    Nedega Dolma 3 тижні тому alex noviprofil She addresses this in her previous video, ”How Do Single Girls Afford Luxury...”
  • alex noviprofil
    alex noviprofil 3 тижні тому Nedega Dolma Honey, I love Anna but that video has a meaning behind that...
  • John Constable
    John Constable 3 тижні тому sell your body too girl!
  • Nad’s CR7
    Nad’s CR7 3 тижні тому She mentioned - some single women work double shift to be able to afford this lifestyle. She once had several jobs at some point. Think of an option, a job =) Lots of love..
  • alice kariuki
    alice kariuki 3 тижні тому Health is your first wealthy. If you are, you are on point.
  • alex noviprofil
    alex noviprofil 3 тижні тому John Constable You got the point. But I'm just not that type od girl. That price is to high... and im disgusted by it :/
  • alex noviprofil
    alex noviprofil 3 тижні тому Nad’s CR7 I'm a full time student. That just doesn't apply to me.
  • alex noviprofil
    alex noviprofil 3 тижні тому alice kariuki THE BEST ANSWER! Thank you, I have some health isuess and i'm working on it . Thank you for your beautiful answer♥️
  • Jackie Thomas
    Jackie Thomas 3 тижні тому alex noviprofil you are rich because you looked at this video! Have the rich mindset not poor. Just watch these videos! Affluence is a mindset! You can do it!
  • Gabrielle Carstensen
    Gabrielle Carstensen 2 тижні тому Samw here
  • Maimuna May
    Maimuna May 2 тижні тому There are plenty of beautiful clothes you can find which are affordable! All the best clothes I had were from sales and from charity shops!
  • Thomas Ebert
    Thomas Ebert 2 тижні тому How much is her school?
  • Lola B
    Lola B 2 тижні тому I'm not willing the dough myself, but I keep a log of the things I want and will buy when I can afford. Also, the largest and most important part of leveling up is changing your mindset. Focus on changing that (which takes a while) and by the time you start feeling very comfortable, you may begin having the money to afford better things.
  • Ojilazbabe1
    Ojilazbabe1 1 тиждень тому @alice kariuki kumbe kuna fellow mkenya huku? 🙌🏿
  • alice kariuki
    alice kariuki 1 тиждень тому @Ojilazbabe1 I'm BOARDING on this. I mean being an elegance lady.😊😊
  • Noel Merry
    Noel Merry 1 тиждень тому Poshmark.
  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 1 тиждень тому John Constable not an elegant guy here.
  • Ojilazbabe1
    Ojilazbabe1 1 тиждень тому @alice kariuki lazima! Elegant all the way!
  • Lilly Steele
    Lilly Steele 3 тижні тому The other day when I was at the DSW I saw a pair of Ralph Lauren shoes. they were $200 but because I’m 14 and cannot afford Ralph Lauren I went into the clearance section to take a peek and behold are Ralph Lauren riding boots in my size the. best day ever
  • Addison-Nicole Adams
    Addison-Nicole Adams 2 тижні тому Im 15 and a good place to find nice shoes like that is also Nordstrom rack
  • Heidi Thomas
    Heidi Thomas 4 дні тому I'm an adult and shop dsw. I'm very satisfied with the selection and the prices.
  • marilena bmk
    marilena bmk 3 тижні тому I am petite (160) and I always struggle with my clothing . please do a video about how to look elegant and what to avoid .❤️
  • Fridaber
    Fridaber 3 тижні тому I'm your height! I think one thing that helps is to wear high-waisted items and tuck your shirt inside. It really elongates your legs. At work, I wear a lot of paperbag trousers with a shirt or blouse tucked in. Another tip is to dress fully in one colour. Also, long and midi-length skirts and dresses actually make you look taller as the longer length of the fabric makes a longer line for the eye to follow.
  • Maria M
    Maria M 3 тижні тому ExtraPetite is a blog that is 100% dedicated to petite women who want to look classy. Not to take anything away from Anna, but she's 5 ft 7 I believe, so her advice may not be applicable to your situation. I hope you get a chance to check it out and find what you're looking for. 😁
  • shalom modupe
    shalom modupe 3 тижні тому she has lots of videos already
  • Angie Quispe-Salcedo
    Angie Quispe-Salcedo 3 тижні тому I’m 4’11” send help here
  • Maria M
    Maria M 3 тижні тому @Angie Quispe-Salcedo Extrapetite dot com
  • marilena bmk
    marilena bmk 3 тижні тому Fridaber thank you !
  • marilena bmk
    marilena bmk 3 тижні тому Maria M thank you !
  • Brittany Grillo
    Brittany Grillo 3 тижні тому I'm 5'2". My advice is buy clothes that fit at the shoulders and hips and have your pieces tailored. Yes, I have a very small wardrobe because it adds up.
    DEWI GAMER 3 тижні тому Im 5 😂
  • calilooya
    calilooya 3 тижні тому Extrapetite is extra skinny and I feel like it doesn’t work with people who are short and slim but pear-shaped. I like dearbethany. She gives lots of tips about how to look taller just by adjusting how you dress
  • Dear Lady
    Dear Lady 3 тижні тому I'm one Meter and 64 cm XD
  • marilena bmk
    marilena bmk 3 тижні тому calilooya I follow her over a year and she helped me a lot but more advices the better 😂
  • M X
    M X 2 тижні тому Also make sure your clothes really fit. Especially your pants. If they are bunched up around the ankle you will actually look smaller because the pants seem “too big/long”. same goes for long dresses.
  • Heather Vazquez
    Heather Vazquez 3 тижні тому Not everyone can pull off over the knee boots.
  • isobel64
    isobel64 3 тижні тому agreed. some need to have heels with them
  • Lea Green
    Lea Green 1 день тому Agreed. I am 5-4 if gravity is not too strong and a curvy 128-130. So OTK boots don’t leave a lot of room between boot top and skirt bottom. Lol. (Not to mention, sometimes I simply can’t bend my knees because a tall shaft boot is too tall. Luckily, I have a shoe repair shop that can cut off about an inch for me..)
  • Brittany Ro3e
    Brittany Ro3e 3 тижні тому I hate that I’m so short because I love the over the knee boot 😩
  • Amy P and Dirty too
    Amy P and Dirty too 3 тижні тому You can look for "knee high" suede boots that lace up. They could be over the knee on you! Also, the lace up and the suede material will allow you to make it fitted to your leg so that it doesnt appear to be a knee high boot that is just too high in you, know what I mean? 😘😘😘 Good luck on your search!!! OH! I almost forgot!! If you are shorter and also have a smaller show size, many good quality brands realize that a lady with an Amer. size 5 foot is not going to be as tall as a lady with an Amer. size 9 and the length of the boot is created accordingly!!
  • Momo Lee
    Momo Lee 3 тижні тому Keep searching! I'm short and I have thick thighs but I found a couple pairs that work for me. If you shop online look for the boots that just cover the model's knee, just barely touching her thigh. These should be perfect.
  • Maria M
    Maria M 3 тижні тому Check out the blog ExtraPetite. She's under 5 ft tall and has a whole blog dedicated to petite fashion, including over knee boots. Enjoy!
  • Brittany Ro3e
    Brittany Ro3e 3 тижні тому Thank you ladies great advice
  • shalom modupe
    shalom modupe 3 тижні тому over the knee works with any height! it makes your leg look long.
  • Assia Assia
    Assia Assia 3 тижні тому @shalom modupe I agree with you
  • Lazarus Live
    Lazarus Live 3 тижні тому I'm 5'2 and i still wear them. I found they key is to find a pair that is form fitting (not too form fitting..) And doesn't have bunches or slouches around the ankles or calves. Also, Higher over the knee is better than lower, be bold.
  • Avril Maiu
    Avril Maiu 3 тижні тому Hah! I hear you! I stand 4'11" and I loooove over-the knee-boots. I have 1 right now, slouch style so I can pull it down a lil bit so it doesn't look like I'm drowning in them 😂
  • isobel64
    isobel64 3 тижні тому get the one with a heel. doesnt have to be a very high heel
  • isobel64
    isobel64 3 тижні тому @shalom modupe not all. the flat ones can make a short person stumpy unless they'e thin
  • shalom modupe
    shalom modupe 3 тижні тому @isobel64 i don't wear heels, i am 5'3. it makes my legs look super long. yes i am slim but lots of weight will make anyone look "wide".
  • isobel64
    isobel64 3 тижні тому @shalom modupe I said stumpy, never said wide. there's a difference. you dont have to have lots of weight to have stumpy legs.
  • shalom modupe
    shalom modupe 3 тижні тому @isobel64 what are stumpy legs? the leg only is stumpy ?never seen that
  • Shanice Smith
    Shanice Smith 3 тижні тому Brittany Ro3e same here and I have big calves.. 😢🥺
  • Beat AusObien
    Beat AusObien 2 тижні тому It wont fit you dear. You'll look too small for that. Try the short ones or the chuck boots. I bet you'll look taller
  • Yana Wonderla
    Yana Wonderla 3 тижні тому Notification bell hit School of Affluence posted can't resist myself to watch even though tomorrow is my exam 😁 Sending love from India 🇮🇳
  • Okparaeke Mirabel
    Okparaeke Mirabel 3 тижні тому Success to you... I have an exam tomorrow too
  • Gargee Sarma
    Gargee Sarma 3 тижні тому Didn't the Jodhpurs attract you?
  • clidre vandijk
    clidre vandijk 3 тижні тому Where is your shirt from? 😍
  • Yesmean
    Yesmean 3 тижні тому Thank you for this! Each year I'm struggeling. My times with chucks and sneakers and flat boots are over! Kisses from Germany! 😘
  • Aurora Ann
    Aurora Ann 3 тижні тому I feel the same. Thx and also best wishes from germany.
  • Ivan Horvat
    Ivan Horvat 3 тижні тому That shirt is so beautiful! Where is it from?
  • Keto Lifestyle & Vlogs with Alvina Rayne
    Keto Lifestyle & Vlogs with Alvina Rayne 3 тижні тому (змінено) I don't usually comment but here goes, fellow YouTuber myself, and here a long time, since you had about a thousand-ish subs! I would love to see an updated "how I got this hair color" video since you went a lot lighter, can you tell us how the stylist got you that look? What to ask for at the salon, were those baby hilights or what type of hilights, foil pattern around the face if it's something special etc, all the hair nerd facts? Hehe would love it if you could have her talk about it as you have it done if possible! I love how multidimensional it looks, not just flat, that's what I always go for too. Can you do a video about elegant hair styles for all occasions and easy ways to do them? That would be fun! 👌 Ladies, like this comment if you want to see her updated hair color and a video about classy hair styles for all occasions and easiest ways to do the looks yourself. PS. I am happily married to the man of my dreams, not looking to bag anyone lol I just watch you for the girly stuff and the fashion videos and other fun stuff, you just have a really good head on your shoulders and you are really classy lady with a great sense of style! You are appreciated Anna. 💇🏼
  • Shortcake07
    Shortcake07 3 тижні тому (змінено) Anna, what do you think of leopard-print shoes or ankle-boots? I’m seeing them everywhere these days. I find Stuart Weitzman makes the best over-the-knee boots. Marc Jacobs makes the coolest ankle boots. You can’t go wrong with Hunter rain boots. Børn and La Canadienne makes surprisingly affordable equestrian-style boots.
  • Diana Anderson
    Diana Anderson 3 тижні тому The color of your blouse makes you shine!
  • Zee Jamz
    Zee Jamz 1 тиждень тому Hi dear Anna, would you please make a video on chic dressing curvy women? I really love your taste and elegance, but I need more choices for larger women. Thank you 😊
  • Elizabeth Blanford
    Elizabeth Blanford 1 день тому What are your guys favorite over the knee boot brands? Every pair I've tried on have been too uncomfortable
  • AndreaO
    AndreaO 2 дні тому I would just like to get the advice from you, elegant ladies, on Jodhpur style boots and trousers. I love that style of boots and I actually own many of them in different colors and heel height. I'm mostly in skinny jeans (and for now I feel like these particular style of boots only work with them) but I want to switch to trousers and suits more. I keep on replaying everything I've learned until now (for example to kick out skinny style jeans/trousers) but for this particular style of shoes I can't imagine them on bootcut jeans or flared trousers.. I feel like I won't look elegant and be completely 'eaten' by that outfit. Even if I wear 7/8 length of jeans/trousers, where trousers end and boots start (around my ankles) I usually have plenty of room, boots and trousers usually 'clash' and when that happens, my already petite, curvy body loses its shape. That's why I usually wear skinny jeans with these boots. I'm 5 ft 3 and pear-shaped with slender calves. Constructive advices on elegant style are appreciated 😊
  • Aleksandra K
    Aleksandra K 5 днів тому (змінено) As someone who has had a classic (timeless) style from young age, I am obsessed with your channel and I am absorbing everything you say. I would never ever ever buy over the knee boots, I thought they just look Vulgar. After watching this video, I finally decided to just try few of them and I noticed some of them looked better then others. I went to Stuart Weitzman and tried the ones featured at 1:14. I got them and I feel really elegant wearing them! They are so classy for a everyday boot!! So thank you for teaching us different ways to look classy and adjusting it to this modern age! 💓💓💓
  • Mon Vici
    Mon Vici 3 тижні тому Thank you for reading my mind. Black riding boots are my favorites! I like aswell heeled ankle boots.
  • MillefoliumArt
    MillefoliumArt 3 тижні тому I would like to add that when buying rain boots, make sure that they are made of real rubber!! There are so many synthetic boots out there that may have a pretty design and be cheaper, but they will only last you a year or two before they crack. Real rubber can last for many years and it is more environmentally friendly. To give an example, i recently got returned to me some rubber boots that were mine when i was a kid. My brother and sister have used them, my cousins have used them, and now my daughers are using them. Not a single Hole or crack, the colour has faded but they are still in great condition!
  • kierra w
    kierra w 2 тижні тому What brands would you suggest?
  • AmerHousewife
    AmerHousewife 1 тиждень тому @kierra w Hunter are priced within reason.