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Barcelona 2 x 3 Chelsea ● UCL 2012 Semi-final Extended Goals & Highlights HD

Publicado el 25 sept. 2019 3.007.849 visualizaciones

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Barcelona 2 x 3 Chelsea ● Semi-final UCL 2012 Resumen y Goles HD

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  • Sultan Mahmud
    Sultan Mahmud 2 months ago This was the revenge of 2009
  • Pavonator
    Pavonator 1 month ago Sultan Mahmud Not even close. 2009 was a gift from the referee to Barcelona.
  • William Fazo
    William Fazo 1 month ago Pavonator and this was a gift from god cuz clearly Barca should have won this game
  • McKay
    McKay 1 month ago @William Fazo karma returned to Barcelona
  • Los Blancos y nada mas
    Los Blancos y nada mas 1 month ago @William Fazo and???? So what if Barcelona dominated, ur team is so trash that u have to pay the refs to win a cl. Stfu kiddo
  • Emil Dessle
    Emil Dessle 1 month ago @William Fazo Cry mate
  • William Fazo
    William Fazo 1 month ago Los Blancos y nada mas oh no I’m a Chelsea fan mate check my profile pic ffs. I’m saying it must hurt for them lol that we stole the 2012 ucl from them cuz they were 10x better so we robbed them off it 😂😂
  • William Fazo
    William Fazo 1 month ago Emil Dessle ☝️☝️☝️
  • Emil Dessle
    Emil Dessle 1 month ago William Fazo yeah true that match was a disgrace in comparison to this match
  • Los Blancos y nada mas
    Los Blancos y nada mas 1 month ago @William Fazo oh sorry about that,
  • William Fazo
    William Fazo 1 month ago Emil Dessle without a doubt hands down that was the biggest Robery ever. What makes it a better is this tho this Barca losing to our ageing worse squad in that era🤣
  • psycocynical
    psycocynical 1 month ago 2009s robbery was so outrageous for this to count as a revenge
  • A3T3Z9E2
    A3T3Z9E2 1 month ago @William Fazo Well, the only reason why Chelsea WAS successfull is abramovich. Not with their own power, knowledge and money.
  • William Fazo
    William Fazo 1 month ago A3T3Z9E2 could say the same for Barca without Messi. They wouldn’t be near the club they are now without him
  • Alejandro Zapata Marcos
    Alejandro Zapata Marcos 1 month ago Only this time ia wasn't corrupted
  • Andreas Billyansa
    Andreas Billyansa 1 month ago Yeahh karma bitch
  • Wazza 10
    Wazza 10 1 month ago K A R M A!!!!
  • Dx knight
    Dx knight 1 month ago @Pavonator nobody talks about the 1st leg ... penaldo fan
  • Pro Adam
    Pro Adam 1 month ago Emil Dessle God gave luck to Chelsea
  • M. Radhifathi
    M. Radhifathi 1 month ago (edited) @A3T3Z9E2 dude if u commenting on 2008-2012 its still valid but its 2019 and looked who buy dembele and coutinho over 300m euro in total?🤣🤣🤣
  • suleiman sadiq
    suleiman sadiq 1 month ago Bana
  • Maakeru -
    Maakeru - 1 month ago 2009 is a gift from reff to BATAKLONA
  • Pemuda Netizen
    Pemuda Netizen 1 month ago And then win UCL
  • otniel manurung
    otniel manurung 1 month ago It's not revenge because we play fair football. In 2009, it was not football but corruption.
  • pat
    pat 3 weeks ago Sultan Mahmud yup
  • pat
    pat 3 weeks ago William Fazo and they didn’t kid
  • Бездельники
    Бездельники 3 weeks ago
  • Pablo Dansk
    Pablo Dansk 3 weeks ago @Pavonator true
  • Phúc Lý Official
    Phúc Lý Official 2 weeks ago Sultan Mahmud
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago 😂 Yeah that's why our team Barcelona would beat Chelsea. 2018 Round of 16: Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea. So not really revenge!
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago (edited) Beating Chelsea in Round of 16 in 2018 proved that 2012 was nothing but pure fluke and it also showed that 2009 "Scandal" thing was nothing but a pathetic excuse to victimize Chelsea, when in reality both sides were robbed, we were robbed at the Nou Camp in 1st leg, which means justice was served when Iniesta scored that amazing beautiful eye-catching goal to go to the Final and win the UEFA Champions League.
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago (edited) @Los Blancos y nada mas yeah so trash, that we still won another UEFA Champions League in 2011 and in 2015 and also won 2nd Treble in 2015, all done without refreeing controversies on both sides. So yes doesn't help your claim in saying our team Barcelona is trash when we still won without controversial refereeing from both sides. Another thing is that we are still 1st place in the La Liga even after drawing in the Clasico that your team Real Madrid clearly dominated and still couldn't beat us and the fact you even drew to Athletic Bilbao after shows who the real garbage team really is. 😂
  • Los Blancos y nada mas
    Los Blancos y nada mas 2 weeks ago @Jake Delhinski lmao Barcelona weren't robbed in the first leg, that was just wrong referee decisions against them unlike Chelsea in the second leg who were robbed on purpose. If u weren't an insecure assolona fangirl u would be able to accept the fact that Chelsea were clearly robbed
  • Rich y
    Rich y 2 weeks ago Yep. The footballing gods remembered how Barcelona cheated in their previous match. So this was their punishment.
  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 2 weeks ago Sultan Mahmud I was your 1k like
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago (edited) @Los Blancos y nada mas Dude we were robbed as well and I have proof of it, I could even show you links that explain both sides of the story, therefore according to the proof, what happened in 2nd leg was basically God's Karma for them. And insecure fangirl??? Yet says the insecure fangirl himself who yet jabs himself in an argument when things aren't currently in his favor and can only seem to make a smart argument once in a while, yeah so insecure we are in still in 1st place in La Liga even after we drew in the Clasico a game yet your team Real Madrid dominated and still couldn't score, to then again draw to Athletic Bilbao in your own home, only reason we are drawn back with the same points now is because we were simply unlucky against Espanyol, Thankfully Vidal saved the game yesterday for us yet again, I have always said this year Vidal should start more often as he gives our team fluidity and creates many scoring opportunities, Ernesto Valverde should consider starting him instead of making him start on the bench this being a super sub.
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago @Los Blancos y nada mas
  • Los Blancos y nada mas
    Los Blancos y nada mas 2 weeks ago @Jake Delhinski lmao robbed as which well. Didn't u read my comment u uneducated piece of trash. I said it was only wrong ref decisions, assolona was far from even getting robbed. It's so clear and obvious that u are an insecure Messi fangirl based on how easy it is to get u triggered by facts. U know u get backed into a corner by logic when u start to involve someone's else team in a debate lol. Also the last time I checked real Madrid made ur asswipe team looked like training cones at ur own backyard, pretty embarrassing from a Barca fan perspective if u ask me. At the moment u should be thanking God as well as the referees that real Madrid didn't score at least 3 goals lmfao. Also are u talking about the athletic Bilbao match lol? Dude that match was just pure voodoo, we hit the woodwork THREE times in that match, and in that match we performed better than Barca has ever performed since 2017/18 season. Also the last time I checked ur faeces team drew with a bottom league team who we easily trashed over a month ago. "We're still on top of la liga" but by how many point?....oh wait ur team isn't even leading by points lol.
  • Los Blancos y nada mas
    Los Blancos y nada mas 2 weeks ago @Jake Delhinski "only reason we are drawn back with points is bcoz we were simply unlucky" lmao what a pathetic excuse. Barca were no where near unlucky, u guys just got mostly half chances and has to rely on SUAREZ out of all players to save ur sewage pit club. Ur team played horrible and was struggling against ESPANYOL lol. Also real Madrid was way more unlucky than that against athletic bilbao, assolona fans should be glad that we aren't leading by at least 12 points in la liga. It's so clear that the la liga refs try to deny Madrid from going ahead of Barcelona in la liga and I have many proofs of the situation and can list many instances. Whether u like it or not tiki taka is dead.
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago (edited) @Los Blancos y nada mas So wrong decisions isn't robbery for us but wrong decisions is robbery for Chelsea??? 🤦🏻‍♂️, clearly with this you are showing your biased hatred here, and by you simply calling me piece of trash and calling my team "asselona" shows that you are doing nothing but showing your pure hatred, it shows you Madridista's can't simply seem to argue without insulting people, kind of like how Atheists debate Christians, they can't seem to debate without insulting and cursing. And dude we are still in 1st place in La Liga and that's what matters most, you guys had the chance to take 1st place and your team couldn't win against us being the better side on that day and blame referees all you want, but Bale was clearly offsides by a hair. And your team against Athletic Bilbao call it voodoo all you want, but the reality is that it was God's karma punishment against your team because of your fan base again being hateful and insulting people during arguments that currently aren't in their favor, so yes again because of this you haven't provided any good arguments why Chelsea were the only ones robbed and to why our team is trash when clearly things aren't looking that way, instead everything is looking the opposite of what you said, so try again pal because according to present time you still failed in your arguments.
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago (edited) @Los Blancos y nada mas And dude say Tiki Taka is dead all you want, but time has said otherwise by us simply winning La Liga over you guys the last 2 seasons and Pep Guardiola winning 2 Premier Leagues and winning a Donestic Treble. Maybe in 2014 and 2017 you were able to use that as your source of argument because of the fact we didn't win La Liga niether the Champions League in those years and Spain didn't even reach the knockout stages of the World Cup 2014, and niether did Pep Guardiola win anything those years either especially 2017 where he would go trophyless, but as of now in present day can't use that because Pep Guardiola made up for those years and so did our team made up for 2013-14 by winning 2nd Treble in 2014-15 season and made up for 2016-17 season winning La Liga in 2017-18 season and 2018-19 season. And as of now you won't be able to use that at all if your team doesn't get passed Manchester City in UCL Round of 16 this year, so yes come back to me with that "Tiki Taka is dead" nonsense when your team knocks out Pep Guardiola's Manchester City and your team wins the La Liga or any other big trophy over us this year, because as of now nothing you say is going your way, this making your argument fail yet again.
  • Los Blancos y nada mas
    Los Blancos y nada mas 2 weeks ago @Jake Delhinski lmfao is this supposed to be one of ur clown debut jokes u recently performed infront of ur audience? According to present time u still failed in ur arguments The last time I checked I was busy contradicting an insecure Messi fangirl sentiments with facts lol, which caused a triggered reaction on ur part. How have I failed to present any argument when I substantiated my arguments with facts while u on the other hand.......well didn't even have a valid argument in the first place. Also if u were even a true believer in God as u claim u are u wouldn't even use the term 'karma' since that's related to Hinduism. And also in the El clasico I wasn't talking about bale's offside, which by the way was another wrong decision that I should be highlighting, I was talking about the two clear penalties that were denied on real Madrid part. Anyways I don't really care since I know that my team is gonna win la liga anyways unless the magic man once again saves valverde's job this season
  • Los Blancos y nada mas
    Los Blancos y nada mas 2 weeks ago @Jake Delhinski lol there's a clear difference between robbery and wrong decisions in this case. Chelsea were denied 4-5 penalties overall, and yet still u are here spouting the same verbal diarrhea about how Barca were "robbed" when clearly they weren't. Now keep living off old clasico scores to endorse ur argument of Barca being better while we madridstas just show off our trophy cabinet to make u feel like trash as usual. PS. I have never insulted u since the commence of the debate, I simply stated facts which u failed to accept, same as what's currently occuring in this debate
  • Los Blancos y nada mas
    Los Blancos y nada mas 2 weeks ago @Jake Delhinski lol don't worry pal, real Madrid is gonna beat man city while Barcelona gets busy getting kicked out of cl against Napoli lol. Since we have the best defense in Europe atm, we are practically unstoppable except for when we face liverpool lol
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago @Los Blancos y nada mas Dude I wasn't one bit triggered for what you stated, the reason I even bother stating something here after you stated what you stated is because I find it very amusing on how easy it is to debunk your claims, you Madridista's are simply very easy to debunk and you say you substained your arguments with facts, but no you have not provided not one valid argument as of today in any of your comments, all you have used here as of now are wishful things you want to happen but did not happen, and speaking of the Clasicos, if those were penalties then God will decide that time in the near future to see which team was the bad one in that situation, to me they weren't penalties, but then again me saying "to me" isn't an argument either since it's clearly an opinion, but as of the Clasico your team being the better team is a fact in which is probably the only fact you used here, in which I haven't denied it one bit, but all the rest that you have said about Tiki Taka being dead when it's not, and Barcelona being trash are definitely not good valid arguments at all, considering it's just your opinion because of what's happening this season, since your team are still behind trailing behind us in La Liga drawn with the same points, plus the fact you guys even went trophyless last year while atleast we won La Liga last year which is 1 trophy better than having 0 trophies and that's a fact my friend, and Pep Guardiola won 2 Premier Leagues and Domestic Treble last year as well that's far better than your team not winning a single trophy last year, so I don't see how my arguments aren't valid at all, especially since they are things that happened close to most recently.
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago @Los Blancos y nada mas And you got Manchester City this year in UCL Round of 16, I wouldn't be too excited and confident there, since Pep Guardiola is much more better well prepared for your team about to not repeat the same mistakes in 2014 about to correct 2014 this year 2020 just like so far he corrected things between him and Carlo Ancelotti by beating him 2-1 recently who Ancelotti who was Real Madrid's coach in 2014.
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago @Los Blancos y nada mas And again we too were robbed, bad decisions are robberies. It's not ROCKET science!
  • Los Blancos y nada mas
    Los Blancos y nada mas 2 weeks ago @Jake Delhinski lol that wasn't the only fact I presented. Barca being trash atm was another fact I highlighted, and also that ur team robbed Chelsea lol. It's funny how u claim it's easy to debunk Madrid fans when u don't even have experience of doing so in the first place. At the stands now in this debate I am making u look like a clown and making u have a weeping session behind ur keyboard with facts lol. U haven't even demonstrated any facts, u just presented fangirl sentiments to endorse ur paradigm which is quite pathetic if u ask me. At the stands now I am making a mockery of u in the comments section with facts, just like what I did to you in our last meeting
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago (edited) @Los Blancos y nada mas Nope! My team being trash isn't an argument at all, since it's just clearly your opinion so what else you got, because you still did terrible, again the simple fact we are in first place and your team in 2nd shows it, and the fact your team even went trophyless last season too is another fact. If you think it's a fangirlish thing than you are way off pal.
  • Jake Delhinski
    Jake Delhinski 2 weeks ago (edited) @Los Blancos y nada mas And dude relax, you didn't destroy or make anyone look like a clown here, as the fact you haven't been able to even make a factual argument other than Real Madrid being better in the last Clasico. So let's not get excited here for no good reason.
  • Incognito
    Incognito 1 week ago Sure was
  • Nhay_nhay Mauridan
    Nhay_nhay Mauridan 1 week ago Bagus mainya
  • lorenzツ
    lorenzツ 9 hours ago William Fazo it’s not Fifa. Our defence was at our best, they were all on fire.... meanwhile your defence was.... questionable
  • Skydes
    Skydes 2 months ago "Barcelona had 70% of the possession, Chelsea had 100% of the goals."
  • Jack Tuama Barani
    Jack Tuama Barani 2 months ago you dont count how many times barca hit the post ?
  • Skydes
    Skydes 2 months ago @Jack Tuama Barani No.
  • Luis Gutiérrez Herrera
    Luis Gutiérrez Herrera 2 months ago Right, barcelona loose too many goal options
  • T Series Stan 😍
    T Series Stan 😍 2 months ago They had 60% you FOOL
  • AWP Mortis
    AWP Mortis 1 month ago (edited) @T Series Stan 😍 it was 73% actually. In the 2nd half of 2nd leg Barca had like 78%. Pardon my mistakes, Barcelona actually had 82% of ball possession in the second leg based on
  • Faiq Ahmad
    Faiq Ahmad 1 month ago To be exact it was 81% to 19% in the 2nd leg
  • Adolfo Ortega Salas
    Adolfo Ortega Salas 1 month ago @Jack Tuama Barani Then Barca had 100% of the post xd
  • Annie Chrisbendy
    Annie Chrisbendy 1 month ago @Jack Tuama Barani euro corrupt thives , losers , WE HATE YOU .... AND YOUR GERMAN , SPANISH , FRENCH .... LOSERS . We will CRUSH YOU ALL ..... DIE IN SHIT
  • david cul
    david cul 1 month ago that was messi iniesta xavi trio at their ultimate best
  • kebo Gaming
    kebo Gaming 2 weeks ago @Jack Tuama Barani kkkkkyay0
  • Legend of Nibbaheem
    Legend of Nibbaheem 1 week ago Luck FC
  • Sam Raab
    Sam Raab 5 days ago Annie Chrisbendy lol the best trio and you couldn’t beat a basic Chelsea 🤣🤣
  • marselinus rizky
    marselinus rizky 4 days ago Reyza Cakra is hit the post win the match?
  • Глеб Шаяхмедов
    Глеб Шаяхмедов 3 days ago Chlense
  • Andre Napitupulu
    Andre Napitupulu 1 day ago Me playing FIFA be like
  • Abdi Hassan
    Abdi Hassan 1 day ago Of the rt
  • Rahim Sooré
    Rahim Sooré 1 day ago Andre Napitupulu andrezapitupjlu
  • 姚明鉴
    姚明鉴 2 months ago After 10 years, still no one can tell me from where Torres run to there
  • The Complex
    The Complex 1 month ago 姚明鉴 hahahahaha
  • Pineapple Watch
    Pineapple Watch 1 month ago It 7 years
  • 姚明鉴
    姚明鉴 1 month ago @Pineapple Watch haha, misremebered with 2009,when Chelsea deserved to play in final.
  • Babatunde Somoye
    Babatunde Somoye 1 month ago 7 years actually.
  • Long Sugar daddy
    Long Sugar daddy 1 month ago Babatunde Somoye 2009 was 10 years ago
  • American Eagle
    American Eagle 1 month ago 姚明鉴
  • M. Garcia
    M. Garcia 1 month ago This games was on May 2012 !!!
  • M. Garcia
    M. Garcia 1 month ago 7 years ago !!!!
  • Lizzie's Lukas
    Lizzie's Lukas 3 weeks ago it's one of the slowest one-man counter-attack that leads to goal
  • Clivon Mwachola
    Clivon Mwachola 2 weeks ago He was in Chelsea's half when Ramirez cleared that ball.
  • Phúc Lý Official
    Phúc Lý Official 2 weeks ago 姚明鉴
  • simao cafala
    simao cafala 2 weeks ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • David
    David 2 weeks ago he hide underground like bean sprout and ascended from ground last minute he must be part beaver
  • Nameless
    Nameless 2 months ago 13:09 guy falling from building
  • Daniel Bayou
    Daniel Bayou 1 month ago ahahahaha
  • Víctor Macías
    Víctor Macías 1 month ago lOOOOOOL underrated comment!
  • Tush agustD
    Tush agustD 1 month ago Hahahahahaha you’re hilarious lmao
  • Leaks and Leaks
    Leaks and Leaks 1 month ago Bruh 🤣🤣🤣
  • SeguroQue PuedesLeerEsto
    SeguroQue PuedesLeerEsto 1 month ago guy falling on a orgasm
  • michael knight
    michael knight 4 weeks ago but he saved himself and he said, 13:17
  • Humble Dude
    Humble Dude 3 weeks ago LMAAAAAAAAO, love this comment ! well done mate
  • Kaysar Raven
    Kaysar Raven 2 weeks ago Jajajajajajaja
  • Joshua Gongro
    Joshua Gongro 1 week ago I dont get it
  • Илья Струментов
    Илья Струментов 3 days ago Ахахахаха
  • ChrisBills87
    ChrisBills87 1 month ago Not a Chelsea fan but I was right behind them in this after what happened with that corrupt ref
  • Avijit Biswas
    Avijit Biswas 2 months ago I would mention that Ramires is less-mentioned hero of this UCL tournament win. His passes were reason for Goals against Napoli. 1st for Drogba & the 4th & winning goal from Ivanovic(though Drogba was also involved). Next, 1st leg was because of Ramires assist to Drogba, & here again the hope was back because of his chipped & beautiful 1st goal. He is among the main heroes for the ucl win for Chelsea for the season.
  • magical football
    magical football 2 months ago But that pointless Torres goal took the headline
  • Y_EvilRegal_Snape
    Y_EvilRegal_Snape 1 month ago I always remember Ramirez
  • Egbule Esther
    Egbule Esther 1 month ago True. In that season as a whole, Ramirez was a revelation and a jewel. He also scored in the FA cup final. He was instrumental in all our triumphs that season
  • M. Radhifathi
    M. Radhifathi 1 month ago (edited) Cech, Drogba, Ramires, Cole, Lamps, Terry, and Cahill is the hero of our 2012 ucl trophy. Rami is a whole completion of midfielder tho, his dribbling, passing, shooting, crossing, speed and defense is balanced.
  • Devito 1993
    Devito 1993 1 month ago @magical football Torres goal wasn't pointless as it destroyed Barca. Had he missed that 1 on 1, Barca would have still fired bullets at Chelsea defence. That goal shattered Barcelona with 2 minutes to go. We all remember in 2009 with also 2 minutes of added time to go and Barca scored the equaliser which knocked Chelsea out. So Torres goal was very important
  • Zapayo Delsur
    Zapayo Delsur 3 weeks ago Yes Ramirez play a wonderfull match
  • Komang Pradnyana
    Komang Pradnyana 6 hours ago Right, after that, i bought ramires shirt rather than drogba or lampard, cause i know that this guy is unsung hero of chelsea!!
  • Audi RM 19
    Audi RM 19 2 months ago Como pueden decir que Dios no existe después de esto, esto compensó el tremendo robo del 2009
  • marcos nazaret
    marcos nazaret 2 months ago Merengue
  • Nikinho Gabrielson
    Nikinho Gabrielson 2 months ago Dios o el karma
  • Audi RM 19
    Audi RM 19 2 months ago Le voy al Chelsea y al Milan de Italia, cada quien es libre de creer en lo que quiera pero todo se paga en esta vida
  • John Brayan Guillén
    John Brayan Guillén 2 months ago @Audi RM 19jajajajaj pobre pendejo, esos equipos tambien roban a pequeños equipos,como el chelsea por ejemplo. Equipo chiquitito
  • josue Laz
    josue Laz 2 months ago El farselona desde tiempos inmemorables comiendose remontadas epicas jajajaja..
  • Richard Robles
    Richard Robles 2 months ago @John Brayan Guillén Claro, espera ¿Brayan? Un Brayan por aquí, jajajajajaja, el chiste se cuenta solo, vete a comentar vídeos que si entiendas, pobre imbécil
  • John Brayan Guillén
    John Brayan Guillén 2 months ago @Richard Robles típico, te quedas sin argumentos y te agarras con el nombre. Tipico de personas que no saben que decir
  • Richard Robles
    Richard Robles 2 months ago @John Brayan Guillén No, si quieres también te puedo criticar por esa pinche foto que tienes de perfil, tú dime, jajajaja.
  • César Restrepo
    César Restrepo 2 months ago En 2009 hubo una jugada clarísima de gol (se quedaba sólo) de Henry mal anulada en el Camp Nou, y en Stamford Bridge Ballack toca el balón con la mano en una jugada contra Messi, además de que la expulsión de Abidal (empezando el partido) fue en una falta inexistente. Si eres fan del Chelsea, puedes buscar el partido completo, yo lo vi tanto ida y vuelta a ver si fue "el robo de la historia" como la prensa de Madrid se encargó de pintar, y no amigo, no fue así. O hay un vídeo por ahí que muestra todas las jugadad polémicas de tanto ida como vuelta. Amigo, Dios o Karma fue el gol de Iniesta, al último minuto, no esta serie, que es lo típico que pasa en el fútbol, el equipo más rastrero y que menos propone, es el que gana.
  • Jorge Marin Alberto
    Jorge Marin Alberto 2 months ago @John Brayan Guillén equipo pequeño y aún así les dieron una patada por cul..con todo y mensi y luego te llamas Brayan el chiste se cuenta solo jajaja
  • John Brayan Guillén
    John Brayan Guillén 2 months ago @Jorge Marin Alberto Compara la historia del Chelsea y el Barza, el.Chelsea antes de la llegada del ruso, era solo un equipito de Londres. Barza, Madrid, Juventus, Bayern, Manchester, Liverpool, Milan, Ajax, esos si son equipos grandes. City, PSG, atlético de madrid, chelsea, etc equipos pequeños.
  • John Brayan Guillén
    John Brayan Guillén 2 months ago @Richard Robles jajajaja sigues sin dar un argumento. Se ve que pensar no es lo tuyo.
  • gtavc007
    gtavc007 2 months ago @César Restrepo etoo cometio una mano clarisima en el robo del 2009, ultimo tiro de esquina despues del "iniestazo" ballack le pega de volea y el obrevo se hace pato pero claramente etoo levanto el brazo impactando el balon en el tricep! clara falta y claro penal!
  • José Castellanos Fabián
    José Castellanos Fabián 2 months ago el barcemoda ha tenido solo su momento, de todos esos equipos que has mencionado todos a excepción del farza han llegado mínimo a dos finales consecutivas en Europa, no los pongas en el mismo plano
  • MA1D3N TM
    MA1D3N TM 1 month ago @John Brayan Guillén callese farselonista asqueroso Que se siente ser seguidor del equipo mas acefalo y rata de la historia
  • roberto bagio bagio
    roberto bagio bagio 1 month ago los eliminan y ponen la cancion del barza 😆
  • jameszousky x
    jameszousky x 1 month ago jajjajajajajajjaja
  • el mazizo 503 es
    el mazizo 503 es 1 month ago (edited) @MA1D3N TM rata son los madridistas de mierda siempre fingen penales(preguntale a cristiano,lucas vasques,etc) , roban partidos (o si no preguntale al arbitro) y son sucios para jugar a la defensa (o si no preguntale a ramos,pepe o casemiro)
  • MA1D3N TM
    MA1D3N TM 1 month ago @el mazizo 503 es 13 champions desde los 50s y sin ninguna ayuda economica El dinero vino a base de los titulos, unos de los mejores jugadores de la historia del Madrid y el mejor del mundo tiene las mismas champions que el barcelona en toda su historia Siempre sera el mejor equipo y sinonimo del futbol en toda la historia LARGA VIDA A LA REALEZA DE CAMPEONES Y HALA MADRID
  • MA1D3N TM
    MA1D3N TM 1 month ago @roberto bagio bagio por que estaban en el estadio de ellos
  • Alejandro Nicolay Mejía Pérez
    Alejandro Nicolay Mejía Pérez 1 month ago @MA1D3N TM jajaja hay que decir que algunas se las han regalado
  • MA1D3N TM
    MA1D3N TM 1 month ago @Alejandro Nicolay Mejía Pérez de donde saco que se las han regalado Digame quien p*tas le regala copas a un equipo que ya es el mayor campeon antes de que el farselona alla ganado la primera, cuando es el mejor y el mas sobrevalorado toda la gente le cae encima asi es con todas las cosas en este planeta
  • Alejandro Nicolay Mejía Pérez
    Alejandro Nicolay Mejía Pérez 1 month ago @MA1D3N TM no hace falta que te pongas asi cada uno tiene su opinion
  • MA1D3N TM
    MA1D3N TM 1 month ago @Alejandro Nicolay Mejía Pérez entonces no hable cosas que no sabe
  • Joseph Saldaña
    Joseph Saldaña 1 month ago (edited) @MA1D3N TM mandril de mierd el real madrid es el mayor ladron de la liga española ni hablar de europa joder, preguntale a la tumba de franco por que el madrid jugaba champión a pesar de perder la liga si no sabes una mierda imbecil no escribas ya que tu equipo contra el barcelona es un equipo chico escuchaste CHICO y ladron
  • Brandoski 99
    Brandoski 99 1 month ago @MA1D3N TM no sabes nada del futbol, te falta que futbol es un deporte y cada quien apoya el equipo que quiera y no criticar, por favor si todos los equipos han sido ladrones. Jogo bonito
  • MA1D3N TM
    MA1D3N TM 1 month ago @Brandoski 99 pero ninguno como el mencionado
  • Sektou Khayar
    Sektou Khayar 4 weeks ago Fok
  • Luis Aylas limaylla
    Luis Aylas limaylla 3 weeks ago @John Brayan Guillén y el barza es uma moda ........los reales grandes de europa ...milan .jueventus. real madrid .liverpool.bayer munich ..el barza ...antes ni existia ...hagenle un monumento a johan cruif y a pep guardioala ..........asi que no hables huevadas sin saaber ....ah me olvidaba y a ronaldiño ...el mas grande del barza .el si era es y sera um crack ...asu lado messi no existe ........lo malo que era un borracho de mierda .
  • John Brayan Guillén
    John Brayan Guillén 3 weeks ago @Luis Aylas limaylla que hablas,mamani de mrd? Decir que messi no es nada es ser un ignorante, anda alienta a tu sport huancayo nomas, pezuñento
  • Luis Aylas limaylla
    Luis Aylas limaylla 3 weeks ago @John Brayan Guillén jajajjajajajajaja como te duele la verdad no ? A ese equipo chiquito que dices .... chelsea ... Esta al nivel del farselona moda ya se acaba comio 2 remontadas epicas ...jajaj la roma y el liverpool ...con tu mesiidios jjjjj igual les ronpieron el orto ...ahe olvida el inter de mouriño ...tanbien le ronpio el orto a tu equipo chico ..........jajajjaja porke es la verdad barza no tiene historia como ladel milan ...el liverpool . el real madrid el bayer ....... Hasta el ajax .......el farselona es segundo plano .........asi te duela pero ea verda ............ Mamahuevo jjjjjjjjjjjj
  • artu2r schloss
    artu2r schloss 3 weeks ago @César Restrepo como sea pero fue un robo del barcelona y fue descarado
  • Cristianus08
    Cristianus08 9 hours ago Mucho hablar del partido de stamford Bridge de 2009 y poco hablar de la ida donde el Chelsea tuvo que tener más de un expulsado en el Camp Nou. Si hablas de Dios, habla de los 2 partidos
  • Audi RM 19
    Audi RM 19 3 hours ago y eso que no estamos hablando de la Champions de 2011 lo que pasó en el Bernabéu fue vergonzoso aunque sinceramente el Real Madrid también se la pasa robando partidos
  • Cristianus08
    Cristianus08 3 hours ago @Audi RM 19 No se robó absolutamente nada, por mucho que digáis sobre Pepe y bla bla bla. Y aunque el partido hubiese acabado 0-0 en el Bernábeu, se hubiese ganado en el Camp Nou tranquilamente
  • Audi RM 19
    Audi RM 19 3 hours ago @Cristianus08 en el Camp Nou quedó 1-1 con eso pasa el Real Madrid con el gol de visitante y ni de coña quedaba 0-0 el Real tenía sometido al Barsa
  • Cristianus08
    Cristianus08 2 hours ago @Audi RM 19 quedó 1-1 porque había ganado 0-2 en el partido de ida. ¿Sometido? Dios, menudos ojos tienes, por favor
  • Audi RM 19
    Audi RM 19 1 hour ago @Cristianus08 no tan sometido como lo dejó el Liverpool en 2019 pero si hubiera ganado el Madrid al menos 1-0
  • Cristianus08
    Cristianus08 25 minutes ago @Audi RM 19 Acabó de mirar las imágenes de los 2 partidos y yo de ti los vería otra vez y cambiaría un poco de opinión. A no ser que, claro, el intelecto brilla por su ausencia.
  • Jorge Segundo
    Jorge Segundo 2 months ago (edited) Justicia divina del 2009
  • facundo machado
    facundo machado 2 months ago PUTO
  • franck lima
    franck lima 2 months ago Puta
  • Keitar
    Keitar 2 months ago Pues aquí hubo robo del Chelsea también, como vi en un video creo que los 2 equipos ganaron su Champions donde no era su año.
  • Diegou Aguilar
    Diegou Aguilar 2 months ago Jaja el Chelsea paso de culo, y gano esa Champions con puro culo
  • marcos nazaret
    marcos nazaret 2 months ago Se le llama merengue
  • Grig Kom
    Grig Kom 2 months ago Not penalty Pique hand ball Abidal red card 1-1 of mistake ))) Clearly win on Barca
  • Fernando
    Fernando 2 months ago Ya ves, ese robo fue descarado
  • luis adrian
    luis adrian 2 months ago Justicia divina? Juego ratonero del chelsea en la ida se salvó de muchas solo tuvo suerte al igual que la vuelta con penal fallado de Messi incluido😂
  • AGC Kiros X4
    AGC Kiros X4 2 months ago @luis adrian che, cule ardido, no me vengas con esos cuentitos pa quedar bien parados, tienen mas champions que el chelsea, no le jodan por el unico que gano, ademas esos 3 penales no cobrados en el 2009.. vamos por favor, eso Fue karma.
  • luis adrian
    luis adrian 2 months ago @AGC Kiros X4 esta bien yo se ya el chelsea la gano y nadie se la quita pero porque cuando hablan de ese partido el robo de Stanford Bridge no hablan del robo de la ida en el camp nou hacia el barca? Ese partido no lo transmitieron?? O no hubo señal en ese partido casualmente??🤔
  • AGC Kiros X4
    AGC Kiros X4 2 months ago @luis adrian primero: me gusta como me devolviste el comentario sin insultos, eso es respetable, la verdad asi que perdon por lo de ardido. Segundo: no creo que haya robo en el camp nou, principalmente porque no tiene sentido decirlo, o que barca le pago al arbrito como venganza por la ida, por que ojo por ojo. Pues si asi es, creo que es una pendejada.
  • Renan Silva
    Renan Silva 2 months ago PUTO
  • Ángel CMα
    Ángel CMα 2 months ago @facundo machado putito
  • MA1D3N TM
    MA1D3N TM 1 month ago @Diegou Aguilar callese perra farselonista
  • Safter !
    Safter ! 1 month ago la gente que responde con insultos solo demuestran que realmente lo del 2009 fue un robo XD, justicia divina, aunque el barca jugo mejor en este partido del 2012 perdio.. no creo en la suerte pero se podria decir que el Karma vuelve
  • Benveniste
    Benveniste 2 weeks ago Si pero igual el Chelsea fue cogido por un sudamericano
  • Legend of Nibbaheem
    Legend of Nibbaheem 1 week ago Puto madrid vs bayern biggest robbery in sports history
  • Saiga Furinji
    Saiga Furinji 1 week ago El Barsa siempre ganó partidos importantes con expulsiones raras, penales inexistentes, offsides, y penales no cobrados en contra. Es el equipo con más "suerte" en el mundo. Es la verdad 😂😂😂
  • Sabudin Miya
    Sabudin Miya 2 months ago (edited) This is how Torres repaid 50 million euros that Chelsea bought him for...winning them their first ever CL in the process
  • Xia Jiayu
    Xia Jiayu 1 month ago Chelsea would get into final even without Torres's goal though. 2-2 was enough. No hate. Torres was a good striker just not as good as he was in Liverpool.
  • Mengxin Yang
    Mengxin Yang 1 month ago @Xia Jiayu yeah, but Chelsea's winning corner goal in the final was from Torres, without that corner, Chelsea might not have won
  • Ace Of Spades
    Ace Of Spades 2 months ago 9:16 looks like some mad Barca fan was ready to kill Ramires
  • Somali flame
    Somali flame 2 months ago (edited) GOAT Ramires was taunting them after making it look easy with his chip goal😂
    ZAGURA MASASI 1 month ago 🤣
  • Sa Dak
    Sa Dak 1 month ago May be
  • Nelson Fonseca
    Nelson Fonseca 1 week ago Petr Cech, dios mío que portero de otro mundo, de los mejores de la historia
  • DarkBerserker Gaming
    DarkBerserker Gaming 1 day ago Well deserved win, Barca robbed chelsea by bribing the refs in 2009 Uefa.
  • Black BuckChain
    Black BuckChain 2 months ago 4:20 - 4:30 He is savage
  • Ale 71
    Ale 71 2 weeks ago E depois perderam para o meu Corinthians no Mundial kkkkkk
    VASCO 1998 CRUZ DE MALTA 2 weeks ago Jogaram de ressaca kkkkk
  • Alexandre R.
    Alexandre R. 2 weeks ago @VASCO 1998 CRUZ DE MALTA problema deles!
  • Marcos Antonio
    Marcos Antonio 1 week ago Kkkkkkk o timão era outro nível
  • kunci kari
    kunci kari 2 months ago Cech best goakepeer ever
  • vax kegode
    vax kegode 1 month ago Just imagine it was courtois on goal
  • Ex’s number one supporter
    Ex’s number one supporter 1 month ago 😂😂
  • Fabrício Souza
    Fabrício Souza 3 weeks ago Easy for Barcelona
  • Legend of Nibbaheem
    Legend of Nibbaheem 1 week ago Victor Valdes is bigger player than Chelsea's history don't disrespect him like that it's just Torres is fantastic striker
  • serback1
    serback1 1 month ago That lady when Ramires scored lol, she got shocked that Barca was losing now.
  • otniel manurung
    otniel manurung 1 month ago (edited) Chelsea taught barca how to win a football game without uefa.
  • bello abideen
    bello abideen 1 month ago It was destined that Chelsea would win that years
  • H Segura Tolentino
    H Segura Tolentino 2 months ago Tenían a Cech una garantia.. Lampard q era un titán Drogba que todas las metia Y Terry un carnicero q todos temian.. Ese chelsea merecía salir campeón. El chelsea de ahora da risa.
  • Diego Fernandez
    Diego Fernandez 2 months ago Con poco paso la semifinal y con poco le gano al bayern, pero bueno despues pago factura a su mal juego, preguntale al atletico madrid o al Corintians entre otros 😅
  • Benjamín Placido
  • Diego Fernandez
    Diego Fernandez 2 months ago @Benjamín Placido si a vos se te dilató el ano cuando esa temporada los dejo fuera el bayern es cosa tuya. Si eliminan a mi equipo o sale campeon no me cambia nada . Salu2 ratita blanca 😅
  • Jorge Segundo
    Jorge Segundo 2 months ago Te equivocas este chelsea se ve con futuro al lado de Franki
  • Diego Fernandez
    Diego Fernandez 2 months ago @•EstiloFutbol• ??? Se mas educado ????? caballero como q no le entendi
  • cristian jaramillo
    cristian jaramillo 2 months ago (edited) @Diego Fernandez con poco paso a la final y salio campeón, y??? ganaron la champions, el titulo mas importante para un club europeo, lo demás importa poco, nadie le va quitar al chelsea su titulo de CAMPEON DE EUROPA, da igual si le fue mal con corinthians o atletico
  • Diego Fernandez
    Diego Fernandez 2 months ago @cristian jaramillo leiste el comentario inicial?????? Ahi habla de este chelsea como si fuera una maquina de jugar. En fin esto es futbol y no siempre gana el mejor. Y ojo este comentario no le quita ese titulo al chelsea... tranquila 😆
  • blin Carlos Trujillo
    blin Carlos Trujillo 2 months ago Después no importa lo importante es q se hizo justicia ganandole al barza en su casa, no cmo le robaron el partido del 2009. Y campeones de la UCL.
  • Benjja Coria
    Benjja Coria 2 months ago cristian jaramillo y ese año salio campeón sin robar no como otros clubes que la FIFA les regaló el arbitraje.
  • Jose Duartte
    Jose Duartte 2 months ago h segura tengo tiempo viendo futbol y tedire que anivel ese chelsea era el mas malo de todos por su juego esa champions se gano a pura garra
  • AGC Kiros X4
    AGC Kiros X4 2 months ago (edited) No se, ganaron la europa league del año pasado y estan en la 4 posicion de la premier, asi que mucha risa no da, no como su rival, el fulham, EL FULHAM degasto bocha de efectivo para ser una sorpresa en la liga, pero cayo en la posicion y decendio
  • kr tu
    kr tu 2 months ago Ese Chelsea de la 11-12 es de lejos el peor que yo he visto. Y mira que los he visto quedar decimos en Premier.
  • Willman Bermudez
    Willman Bermudez 2 months ago @kr tu Ese Chelsea gano la champions con Di Mateo, que era un DT interino, xq habian destituido al que estaba x lo mal que iban. Y aun asi gano la champions. Tiene su merito.
  • Rusbel Sulca
    Rusbel Sulca 3 weeks ago A los campeones no se les desmerece, la fortaleza de ese chelsea fue que se sabia que no era favorito ademas con un dt interino la peleo soporto y metio garra cuando debia, fue un equipo luchon quedo en deuda su juego pero ese chelsea no la pasaba nada bien y se bajo a los favoritos; el chelsea actual esta jugando bien y sin tener estrellas como antes demuestra buen futbol pero en este deporte no siempre gana el que juega mejor eso esta claro
  • Pablo
    Pablo 1 day ago Ojo con este chekdea de Lampard